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The Inflated Holy War


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This RP will basicly be a retelling of 2nd generation with both children characters and their subs. The enemies will seen like cannon fodder but the bosses will be like gods but so will we. These readme translations will give you a basic idea for this RP.

Now,for the template!








Destined Lover:

Holy Blood:

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Name: Zak

Age: 18

Class: Swordmaster

Skills: Nihil, Holy Sword, Continue, Pursuit, Wrath

Weapons: Vorpal Sword (personal weapon), Fire Sword

Personality: I'll PM it to you later.

Bio: Same as above.

Destined Lover: Tinny, although that should be obvious.

Holy bloods: Minor Tordo, Minor Baldo, and if I can use custom ones, Minor Jeigan.

Also, the link to the readme doesn't work.

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Name: Pat

Age: 17

Class: Wizard Knight

Skills: Prayer,Pursuit,Sun Sword,Continue and Nihil.

Weapons: Tornado and Elthunder

Personality: So random you'd think he's bipolar

Destined Lover: Mana

Holy Blood: Minor Holsety and Tordo.

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Name: Wyatt

Age: 15

Class: Axe Knight -> Great Knight

Skills: Pursuit, Elite, Ambush

Weapons: initially, just an Iron Axe

Personality: Rude to people he doesnt know, but opens up to those he befriends.

Destined Lover: None

Holy Blood: Major Neir

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I don't know. I didn't think it out. And if someone can repair the link to the topic page where the readmes are that would be great.

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Sounds interesting.

Name: Doku

Age: 25 (Fear the oldie!)

Class: Sage

Skills: Pursuit, Nihil, Critical, (Continue)

Weapons: Thunder, Reserve, Rescue Staff

Personality: Rather lighthearted and approachable. However, serious when it matters and dedicated to those he cares for. Doesn't think much of his lineage or the Blaggi church. Although very close to his father.

Bio: Born in 751. Son of a Verdane archer and a foreign priestess. Born and lived in Verdane during his early years, however fled with his father during Granbell's invasion to Freege. He remained there until he was drafted and positioned at Alster. However, Ishtar sent him to Isaac with children gathered from the hunts. He agreed to it under the condition his elderly father was cared for. At the beginning of the second generation, he had just passed the Yield Desert.

Destined Lover: Nobody?

Holy Blood: Minor Blaggi - his mother was a distant relative of Claude.

I'd recommend having Celice and the other canon characters only be used as story devices, able to be mentioned or carry out tasks during the RP.

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I'd recommend having Celice and the other canon characters only be used as story devices, able to be mentioned or carry out tasks during the RP.

I agree with this, but what about the destined lovers thing. If you were to have original chars fall in love with cannon chars (like the first sign up and Tinny) you'd need the cannon char to actually be fairly active and in that same group.

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I agree with this, but what about the destined lovers thing. If you were to have original chars fall in love with cannon chars (like the first sign up and Tinny) you'd need the cannon char to actually be fairly active and in that same group.

I can see the problem there. However, with a little cooperation between RPers and keeping them in character, I'm sure we can weave them into the story enough. I'm guessing crashman's pieces are going to include more on Tinny than, say, mine, so it's likely he'll be the one steering her most of the time.

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I might as well, I've got enough background to start alone. Feel free to have any of your guys jump in if you feel like it.

"Mr Doku! My bottom hurts! Are we almost there?"

Doku wiped his forehead with his sleeve, the children had every right to complain. The Yied Desert wasn't pleasant by any means - especially for a child. The sun blazed overhead, its heat distorting the horizon. They had met the border of the desert over a week ago, it didn't seem that they'd see the other side soon. Thankfully, Lady Ishtar had sent them by horse and cart - only an idiot would try to make the journey by foot. The Yied Shrine stood menacingly in the distance, it would be the last place they'd seek refuge in.

"I'm sorry about this kids, I can't make old May go any faster. Don't worry, I'll get you to Tinalogue safely. Rumours are that there's been an uprising and they've taken the castle. Hopefully they'll be able to protect you better than I can."

A particularly fiery boy stood up in the cart, known by the others as Perseus. He'd always make sure that he didn't go unheard.

"No way, Mr Doku! You could take Isaac by yourself if you wanted! You'd zap them with your Thunder spell then we'd finish them off for you!"

Doku laughed. As grave as the situation was, their willpower was astounding, if not amusing. He had gotten to know the dozen or so children over the space of the last month. Each of them had their quirks but they had become a second family. Getting past all the soldiers unnoticed had been tricky, he even had to resort to rescuing the entire cart at Darna. That had been no easy task at all.

"I'm not that good, Percy. I might get in a quick attack or a lucky hit but I'm no Holy Knight."

Violet, potentially Doku's greatest admirer, pipped up as well. She usually kept quiet in the group, but would come to Doku alone when she needed support.

"But Mr Doku, you've got the Blaggy. When you're done you can Vall-keary all the good people back to life!"

Their innocence was touching. He may have been of Blaggi descent, but a staff as legendary as the Valkerie Staff was definitely out of reach. He had no idea where it was, let alone how to use it. He knew his mother was a distant relative of Father Claude, so his lineage was probably fairly weak. Not that he cared too much for it. He had a knack for staves but that's all it meant to him, he wasn't interested in churches or duchies. What mattered now was getting the children to safety.

"Wait, quiet down guys." Doku whispered. He has spotted a band of Lopt mages ahead. With a bit of luck, he could get passed them. However, they were a clever bunch. They'd surely suspect a single Sage heading north by cart. He'd either have to find another way, which could add days to the journey, or risk it. Food supplies were running low, but risking the children was another dangerous tactic...

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Pat ran quickly from the dark mage patrols. He had to get away. He didn't go a month of planing and being forced to be in the Child Hunts for nothing. Desprate and weary he thought he saw a group of people so he ran in that general direction.

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Zak and his friend Mike were on a journey to the Yied Shrine because they had heard that a powerful sword, the Balmung, is there. Surely, it could make them rich.

They were at Melgan taking a short rest. Right as they were about to leave, Mike noticed the arena. "Hey, I'm gonna stay for a bit and get some extra money."

Zak sighed and shook his head. "Fine, I'm going ahead to the shrine."

Zak couldn't get close to the shrine thanks to the dark mages. Zak saw a group in the distance and decided to follow it.

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The Lopt mages were an interesting group. Some had joined out of sheer loyalty, others out of fear. However, those stationed near Yied itself were serious business. Their dark magic was scary enough by itself, Doku had witnessed their Yotsmung spells in action. Truly a terrifying sight. However, there were rumours that they harboured even more diabolical spells. Ones which could strike at a distance, or even bring even the strongest of fighters to the brink of death. Doku didn't like his odds. Basic magic theory dictated he'd be at a significant disadvantage to start. The fact that there were about a dozen of them tipped things even more heavily in their favour. He could see two figures far in the distance, but there was nothing to say that they weren't Lopt mages themselves. Backing the cart behind a rock, Doku turned to the children.

"Kids." Doku whispered. "We need to keep really quiet. I don't think they've noticed us so hopefully we can wait until they go."

The children nodded silently. Despite their hero-worship, they knew that when he was serious, he was serious.

Suddenly, the mages all turned. A blue blur rushed through them. Doku could just about make out the figure of a Swordmaster. Five of the mages suddenly collapsed. Whoever he was, he had to be pretty skilled to pull that one off.

"Fools! Kill him! If he gets to Yied, we're dead meat!" shouted what appeared to be their captain. Apparently, this man was serious business. The Swordmaster continued his assault. There were only so many blasts he could avoid before getting hit. Doku decided to go in and help. He turned again to the children.

"Guys, I'm going to help that fellow out. If he's against the Lopt mages, he's no enemy of ours. Dorian, your father was a knight, yes? If things get out of hand, run. If things turn sour, I'll buy you guys as much time as possible."

There was an outcry from the troop, although Dorian, the eldest, knew what he had to do. Doku leaped from the cart, firing away with his Thunder tome. It wasn't that powerful, but it was enough. He quickly fired at one of the mages. Not a fatal hit by any means but he'd caused some damage. Yotsmung blasts were flying in all directions, creating pits in the sand where they hit. Doku's ally was doing well, he had already eliminated another three of them. It was annoying how resistant the mages were.

"Argh!" cried the stranger. He had been hit by a blast, the wound was clearly visible on his chest. He

clutched it in pain. Another good shot could probably finish him off. Doku quickly pulled out his Reserve staff, he usually cast this on small battalions but it would work on one.

"Reserve!" proclaimed Doku, thrusting his staff into the air. A brilliant light engulfed him for a brief moment. It had taken years to be able to use it, but it had certainly paid off. The mages stopped momentarily, stunned by the use of such magic. Doku took the opportunity to fire another thunderbolt. He scored a lucky hit on the captain, his body twitching even as it hit the floor. That was the nasty thing about Thunder magic, he wasn't quite sure what the Freeges saw in it. The Lopt mages were terror struck, perhaps even ready to surrender. Doku lowered his hand, he could probably reason with them.

However, his partner didn't feel the same way. He proceeded to finish off the remaining mages. Before Doku could say anything;

"You can't trust Lopt mages, they're quite happy to blast you when your back's turned. You don't seem to be from around here, why are you heading to Isaac at a time like this?" He lectured cooly.

"I have to get these children somewhere safe. I've heard about the uprising in Tinalogue. If Isaac gets liberated, it'll be the last place the empire will strike. The garrisons' probably strong too." Doku replied.

The stranger's eyes widened for a second, then returning to their cool state.

"Celice, what have you gotten yourself into..." he murmured. "You're not from Edda by any chance?"

"No." Doku answered. "Although my mother was."

"Well, that explains the Reserve staff. I was hoping you were Father Claude's son. No matter, I am Shannan, Prince of Isaac."

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"Leaf, Nanna, Wyatt, I need you all to escape." said the Duke Knight.

"But Father! I'm not leaving your side!" exclaimed Nanna.

"Fin.." said Leaf. There was great sorrow in his eyes.

"Leaf.. Nanna.. I'm afraid the may get the best of me here, and if they do, they won't have mercy on you. Nanna, you still have to find Delmud.. Leaf, you can't stay back for me, Thracia needs you." said Fin.

"Fin, you've gone through the trouble of raising us, only to abandon us now?" asked the Axe Knight named Wyatt.

"Wyatt... you don't understand..." started Fin.

"No Fin, you don't understand. We're toughing it out here. For Leaf's sake."

"Wyatt... you really-" started Leaf.

"Yes, I do." said Wyatt.

"We'll keep defending the castle." said Fin. "Together."

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Eventually, Zak ended up in Rivough. As soon as he arrived, he sent a messenger to tell Mike not to go to Yied Shrine.

About a day later, he met Skasaher, who said "Hey, wanna join the Liberation army? We need all the help we can get."

Zak was a bit surprised. "Ok, I guess. I'm wating for a friend though."

Skasaher calmly said "We'll be here for a couple more days. By the way, what are you capable of?"

"Well, I have this," Zak said, pointing to his Vorpal Sword.

Skasaher said "Great, you're definately in!"

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Uh, this is the first time in a while, so...hope I don't fuck up too badly.

Name: Niall

Age: 26

Class: Bowfighter

Skills: Wrath

Weapons: A yew bow with green cloth wrapped around the centre. It looks worn, but serviceable. Niall's a passable fletcher, and crafts his arrows himself on the road.

Personality: To call Niall irritable would be a waste of an opportunity to use the word 'volatile'. He doesn't tolerate foolishness or incompetence. Niall is, however, something of an alcoholic. This hasn't particularly dented his aim yet, but it doesn't help his rather unpleasant personality. Niall, for all his faults, abhors the child hunting, and holds that above all others as a motive.

Bio: A youth from Connacht, Niall picked up the bow mostly to escape his father, who was a knight and expected him to follow in his path. He rarely reveals his past beyond this, but has occasionally let slip that a woman featured prominently in the last year or two.

Destined Lover: Ah...what?

Holy Blood: None

I...guess I'll wait for a proper thread to start?

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I dont mean to intrude but... are you guys seriously RP'ing in a signup thread?

Don't look at me, I just kind of followed suit.

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...it's usually customary to wait until the OP posts a new topic. @~@

:P. We'll call this a prologue then ^^. I'm guessing a few of us are new to this (including myself). I await the next thread.

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