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I googled myself :P

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When I google myself, I get a game template maker (ugh), a bunch of ugly things they put in their templates (ugggggh...), and then about half of my deviantart gallery (uguu....).

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Looking up Nestling, I've already posted it like, 20 times. Pictures of baby birds and bird websites.

Searching for my actual name. . .A bunch of old white men. Then like, one picture of that school that Roxas goes to. Then more old white men.

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i don't get a single picture that's remotely me. my name's so common :(:

Looking up myself as a user, I get a bunch of forum profiles, Rienfleche, my FE5 LP, old debates I kind of laughed at, and "Did you mean: Rienfleche?" from google. Fuck you google.

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