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[FE11] The most Generic FE11 draft ever.


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Question: is arena allowed?

Chapter 1: 7/7 turns


Why can't this happen in drafts where I'm actually going to use him? I recruited Wrys for some reason but I didn't use him. (he died anyway) Jagen used a vulnerary to stay healthy and dodged that previous hit from a pirate. Then he killed the boss in one round so Marth could seize. Jagen traded a fresher iron sword to Marth because his has a measly 1 use left. It would've been 8 turns anyhow whether I'd recruited Wrys or not, but I'm pretty sure I could've gotten 7. See below. Edit: Nevermind turns out I actually got 7. I think I could've gotten 5-6 though gee_wiz_emoticon.gif I needed better placement of Jagen.

Chapter 2: 5/12 turns


Weirdest Marth I've ever gotten. Dat defense. Solo'd prologue like a boss thanks to that. And then he killed the boss and then some and got a level up.



All face units sans Jagen stripped naked to distract enemies. Shiida got Castor and he saved just in case something goes wrong. Jagen killed Darros because he's a BAMF like that. Marth looted from a village.

Chapter 3: 6/18 turns


Nothing very noteworthy here. Again, faceful units stripped to distract and die. Barst, Caeda, Cord, Bord and Frey died so I can get moar generics and go to the gaidens. I got Navarre's Killing Edge and then Caeda got sniped by an archer gee_wiz_emoticon.gif Fun. Marth critkilled the boss on enemy phase, but Jagen was there to finish him off so it wasn't necessary.

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As I said, i'll take the top one every time, but i'll throw you a bone and not take quatro, but hepto, or the one after him. It's 13th turn rite?Also, marths first two lv ups in the prologue has str, spd & RES. xD Lv 2 marth, 2 res Ftw.

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Wait, whose turn is it? 13th, could you please put the list of players with the picks in order of drafting? I think that would make it easier. If it's my turn, I'd like Augustus.

Chapter 4: 8/26 turns

I recruited Merric for his Excalibur which is he immediately stripped. I think I could've done seven if I'd drafted an earlier generic because right now it was a Marth solo and he had to take out everything by himself.

Chapter 5: 5/31

This chapter was. an. ass. I had one other generic I could use, Penvo the pegasus knight, who helped a lot. Penvo, Roshea, Hardin, and Vyland all unequipped their weapons and formed a guard of some sort so the enemies wouldn't clog up and block Marth's way. Roshea and Hardin somehow survived, but Vyland died a horrible death. The only face units that are still alive are: Jagen, Wolf, Sedgar, Roshea, Hardin and Ogma. The former 3 are for raising the levels of the generics and the latter 3 are just lucky because the enemies couldn't kill them fast enough. And there's Julian, of course. Roshea, Hardin and Ogma will be killed off next chapter asap.

Edit: fixed turns

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Okay. First, I'm reordering the list in the OP so that it reflects the draft order:

General Horace: Trim/Ossa, Wieklin/Lyrkia, Wladis/Lakomos, Owend/Delos, Lucer/Gramos, Pinkley/Skarfa

CR-SO1: Penvos/Athos, Aurelius/Kofinas, Duadexa/Movri, Justinian/Kypariss, Augustus/Parnon, Julius/Merenta

13th: Xestu/Kerkis, Wymp/Dirfys, Dexa/Divri, Sawyer/Cholomon, Hendexa/Voras, Antony/Pindus

Vicious Sal: Dua/Ida, Unil/Zas, Hepto/Foloi, Octu/Giona, Auffle/Chasia, Jiminez/Pelion

Eclipse: Laim/Verno, Rejek/Ithome, Quatro/Aenos, Naunu/Kalon, Jeffers/Orthrys, Vladek/Kythnas

RNG gave 13th Auffle/Chasia (but thanks to RNG shenanigans, I'm giving him Sawyer instead).

CR-SO1, you're up!

EDIT: Free units:



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Just a shout at all 5 drafts i'm in, I barely have any internet acces in my new Wwoof place, so here, keep giving me the top one.

For the others (not enough time to post everywhere)

Expect no updates from me whatsoever. Do know that I have started them.

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RNG. It's generics.

Also, started

Chapter 1 - 5/5 Turns

Jeigan god levelled. Between his two levels, he's got HP, Str, Skl, 2 Lck, and Defence.

Marth is alright too, I guess.

Marth  Lord         08.75    23   8    6    12   12   9    0   C Sword
Jeigan Paladin   ??/03.24    22   8   11     9    3  10    6   B Lance D Sword

Chapter 2 - 5/10 Turns

Could have gotten 4, but I'm lazy.

Chapter 3 - 6/16 Turns

Sacrificed people to the killing edge. Generics inbound!

Marth     Lord         10.45    25   9    8    12   13   9    0   B Sword
Ossa 1.0  Mercenary    08.00    21   7    8    11    0   5    0   E Sword

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RNG gave 13th Hendexa/Voras.

Followed Sal's instructions and gave him Auffle/Chasia.

I chose Jeffers/Orthrys and Vladek/Kythnas.

Followed Sal's instructions and gave him Jiminez/Pelion.

RNG gave 13th Antony/Pindus.

Two things:

1. CR-S01, your turn!

2. We're gonna have two names left over. They're free under his restrictions.

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