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[FE11] The most Generic FE11 draft ever.


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Emphasis on Generic. You got it. Its a Generics draft. On NM.

-Marth is free for all. Julian is free for thieving. EDIT: Nagi is free. Gotoh is banned.

-Everyone gets 6 Generics. And their reincarnations. Last name is usable as Curate/Cleric to Bishop or Dark Mage to Sorcerer for all.

-Forge is limited to +3 Mt and -2 Wt.

-No warp.

-No use of Face units sans Marth, Jagen in C1-C3, and Julian for thieving.

-Gaidens mandatory and count after 20 turns. Prologue is also free for 20 turns per.

General Horace: Trim/Ossa, Wieklin/Lyrkia, Wladis/Lakomos, Owend/Delos, Lucer/Gramos, Pinkley/Skarfa

CR-SO1: Penvos/Athos, Aurelius/Kofinas, Duadexa/Movri, Justinian/Kypariss, Augustus/Parnon, Julius/Merenta

13th: Xestu/Kerkis, Wymp/Dirfys, Dexa/Divri, Sawyer/Cholomon, Hendexa/Voras, Antony/Pindus

Vicious Sal: Dua/Ida, Unil/Zas, Hepto/Foloi, Octu/Giona, Auffle/Chasia, Jiminez/Pelion - 159 turns

Eclipse: Laim/Verno, Rejek/Ithome, Quatro/Aenos, Naunu/Kalon, Jeffers/Orthrys, Vladek/Kythnas

Lever/Cynthus is free for everyone.

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Horace, your first. Then CR, then me, then Sal, then clipsey.

EDIT: This is basically pick your favorite names and see who gets angry about it. Marth is going to rock for everyone, I hope.

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