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So, after much contemplation on how I'd go about this, I'm starting a new art thread. :3

I draw mostly FE fanart (of course, lol), but I also have some Pokemon and Zelda related pieces. I'll show some of my FE related works first though.

First off, I have a character gallery for my FE fic, Fire Emblem: Dawn of Darkness. I've drawn these characters so far:














You can easily tell which pieces are older lol. I may redraw Marc's face and redraw Leona completely sometime in the future, but I want to draw a different character next first. xP

Here's some other art related to my fanfic:

Lancers in Love - Bryan and Faline are one of the pairings in my fic, and one of my favorite pairs so far, so I couldn't resist drawing a love scene between them lol. If you want to know about the bedroom that they're in though, PM me, cause it involves major spoilers. xP

Dad is Awesome... - This piece is actually related to what happens AFTER my fanfic rather than during it. This boy is the future son of two Dawn of Darkness characters. If you've looked at my other art, you should easily be able to guess who his parents are. :P:

Ike's Dying Request - This is a piece I did quite sometime ago, hence why it doesn't look as good as my more recent stuff. Ike falls gravely ill in my story and just in case he doesn't make it, he convinces Elincia to carry out his death wish for him.

Bryan and Faline Chibis - Just something I did for fun lol. Chibi Bryan acting confident while chibi Faline is showing her huge crush on him. XD

The Continent of Altarais - An old map I made of Altarais, the continent my fic takes place in. I plan to remake it though.

Lastly, here's something unrelated to the fic, but is completely random FE fanart. It's a sort of comic I drew awhile back that's teasing at Ike's love for food, which is something I love doing lol. Uses Radiant Dawn character models.

Ike Has the Munchies

I'm too lazy to post anymore links to separate pieces, so here's the gallery containing my Zelda art, which is related to my Zelda fanfiction, The Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Power. xP

And here's my generic fanart gallery, which includes my fan-made legendary Pokemon, Regasus!

There's other works in my Deviantart gallery that I did not link here, so if you're interested, feel free to keep browsing. :3

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Ah, right. I remember Klokinator suggested I have you make character art for my game.

One thing, though ('n only one. I'm not an artist..)

Your lines seem rough. Like, there's white on the outside of your black outlines or something. I dunno... What program do you use?

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Bryan's art is just amazing. Like, its definitely my favorite.

On a lot of them they have face shape issues but their bodies are really good!

Wow, thanks. Bryan's art happens to be the only one of those character concept artworks that I did not sketch on paper first (I didn't feel like sketching it because I was actually redoing an old Bryan artwork). That's right, he was done completely from scratch on the computer in Photoshop. And, I don't have a tablet, so I do all my PS work with my mouse.

And yeah, the older character artworks do have face-issues. xP That's why I'd like to redo some of those faces (mainly Marc's).

Ah, right. I remember Klokinator suggested I have you make character art for my game.

One thing, though ('n only one. I'm not an artist..)

Your lines seem rough. Like, there's white on the outside of your black outlines or something. I dunno... What program do you use?

Wow, really? Someone recommended me? I'm so flattered. ^^

I'm afraid I'm too tied up doing art for my fanfiction though.

As for my lines, well, I'm working on that. xP I use Photoshop Elements 7. I really do wish I had a better PS. The lack of a pen tool sucks.

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You might try Paint Tool SAI for linework. The English version, at least, is free, and you can ink with vectors which makes things hella prettier than any Photoshop brush can manage if you're going for sharp, crisp lines. It's also really easy to use, and you can futz with line weight/pressure after drawing the lines.

EDIT: I had the dumbs and it's not actually free, that was a trial version. It's what I'd call "cheap" if I actually had money. Now how do I get this file aaa.

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I like Bryan!

I wanna steal that print you used on those curtains!! >=D

And awwwwwwwwww the chibiiiiiiisssssssssssss X3

*sees link for link TLoZ pics* =o *clicky* I actually like LoZ more than FE =] But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Also fire type pokemon=YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite is Ninetales =3

Although next to Ninetales is Dragonair... not fire type but I still love him he's cute =I

And after them (but in no particular order) comes Flareon, Quilava, Articuno (also stands out from fire type), Starly (for epic cuteness), Growlithe, Altaria (another dragon =o), Flygon (and another)..............

...... I have a lot of favorites. That's not all of them. =I

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Heh, my favorite fire types are Infernape and Rapidash (I'm a sucker for horses lol. Infernape, I just think he's plain epic. I'm not usually a monkey fan though, so this is saying something). Reshiram is a close second though. x3

And thanks, Freohr! :]

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I have to wonder, did you make those electric Zebra pokemon before or after Black and White came out?

(also, Arcanine and Volcarona are my favorite fire types)

Edit: *derp If I would have just read that comment on deviantart I would have seen you made them before gen 5 lol. Well theyre still really cool anyways, I like the wings.

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lol I made those zebra Pokemon before Black and White were even announced lol. I really wanted an electric zebra Pokemon line, so I designed one. I was ever so happy when I first saw Blitzle! Zebstrika, imo, looks even better than my own design, though I still would've loved to see wings on it. xP

Going back to the thread topic, here's a new piece! :]


I didn't think I had enough Ike or IkexElincia fanart, so I decided to do this one. It's based on what happens after my FE fanfic ends. Ike and Elincia are married and expecting a baby! ^^

Read more here. :]

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I haven't updated this in awhile. xP

Well, the only art I did recently was some My Little Pony art lol. I Ponyfied four characters from my FE fic. Azura, Bryan, Leyon, and Faline. Here's the pic! :3


Bryan is the green Pony, Azura is the blue one, Leyon the red one, and Faline the pinkish purple one. I also have individual images of each Pony in my DA gallery. :]

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Yes Team Fortress 2. People have pony sprays that they put all over (sometimes over mine how rude), and some of the bosses in the Saxton Hale Mode (a server where one person is a boss and everyone else fights them) are ponies. It's really weird.

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Alright, after not having drawn any FE fic characters in awhile, I've finally finished sketching one. ^^


This is Kye, Skye's younger brother. He is of the Rogue class from Radiant Dawn, as you can see. I think I need to make his lower body a bit bigger (should've paid more attention to RD Rolf's proportions...). I also didn't mean to not leave enough room for the rest of the scarf. I'll be fixing that when I color this in Photoshop, though. :3

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