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[FE5] Draft V

General Horace

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I missed the other one by minutes... And I've a craving to play FE5.

also I suck at FE5


1. This draft is for 4 players.

2. Leaf, Evayle and Sety/Cyas are free for all to use.

3. The game will be played on Elite Mode.


1. Undrafted units may recruit characters; rescue undrafted units and NPCs; trade; visit Shops, Armories and Storage houses; and Escape.

2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: Meatshielding and Capturing or getting Captured.

3. Warp is banned until Chapter 21, excluding Chapter 16B (The Dark Forest). Warp and Rescue may never be used on Leaf, or on any unit actively rescuing Leaf.

4. All Gaiden chapters except Chapter 24x are required to be visited, and do not count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken per chapter.

5. NPCs may do as they please without penalty.


1. Undrafted characters have a 4 turn penalty per unit per chapter.

2. Skipping a Gaiden chapter other than 24x results in a 20 turn penalty.


1. Two undrafted, non-Lifis units are free for the Manster escape (Chapters 4 - 7).

2. Dagda and Tanya are free for Chapter 8x.

3. Glade and his knights are free for Chapter 13.

4. Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary Master Proofs.

5. Undrafted characters may visit villages for special items (i.e, Halvan's brave axe)

6. Undrafted units may visit the chapter 3 villages.

[spoiler=Units Remaining...]


Second Pronoun - Karin, Lifis, Machua, Olwen, Salem, Hicks, Marty, Kain, Selfina, Delmud, Galzus, Dalshin

Refa - Othin, Brighton, Mareeta, Carrion, Dean, Linoan, Shiva, Sara, Miranda, Conomore, Misha, Shanam

Horace - Fin, Lara, Dagda, Safy, Eda, Glade, Homeros, Tina, Alva, Ronan, Trewd, Xavier

Baldrick - Fergus, Asvel, Havan, Nanna, Pahn, Fred, Sleuf, Eyrios, Robert, Tanya, Ralph, Amalda

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If you still need a last spot, I'm in.

Only if you want to get the drafting started fast.

Because compared to my skills.

You guys are masters.

And, I'm still learning the ropes of snes FEs.

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If you need a last player, I'll join. It might even be possible for me to finish FE5 drafting. I'll have to go dig out my list of "what I like" units though.

Not just hitting "yes" because I have some time issues. Not as bad as before, I can easily take time off LoL to do a chapter a day or something (can't do that in FE4 and this year's easier anyway).

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The Manster chapters, the fatigue system, and the general difficulty make Thracia completely unsuitable for drafting; overall, FE5 drafts are a terrible idea.

I love terrible ideas. Count me in.

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I'm sorry Refa, but I'm going to have to move this forward, you've been online plenty of times to pick.

I'm drafting you Brighton, if you get here before Second Pronoun picks, feel free to change it.

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