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Best/Worst in the Series: Round 131


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Please vote for what YOU think is the best AND worst in the series for this round. Failure to vote for both will result in your vote not being counted. The round will last for about a week or so, after which I will tally the votes, and will add the top three to a list in the opening post of the next topic.

It would be nice if you nominate ideas for when I'm out of them. I'll keep track of the nominations. Please nominate only once a round. You may nominate for idea that have already been nominated.

Please remember to nominate. Also, if your vote is not for one person/thing/etc, it will be thrown out. Your vote will also be thrown out if the FE game it is from is not stated if it is needed. This is mainly to avoid confusion.

If you excessively complain about the results of previous rounds, you will not be allowed to vote in these topics for a period of time that will be determined later. A list will be kept of those who will not be allowed to vote, and how many rounds until they can vote again.

Previous winners (Best)

Best NPC: 1st- 3-13 Archer ; 2nd- FE10 Daein Army ; 3rd- Eltshan

Best Swordmaster: 1st- Rutger ; 2nd- Lakche ; 3rd- Shanan

Best Hair: 1st- Titania ; 2nd- Heath and Stefan (tie)

Best Non-Final Boss: 1st- Black Knight ; 2nd- Alvis and Trabant (tie)

Best Thief: 1st- Pahn ; 2nd- Matthew ; 3rd- Lifis, Volke, and Sothe (tie, FE10 Sothe can only be assumed)

Best Personal Weapon: 1st- Graphcalibur and Pugi (tie) ; 3rd - Wolf Beil

Best Chapter: 1st- FE10 2-E and FE5 chapter 14 (tie) ; 3rd- FE6 Chapter 21, FE5 chapter 24x, FE5 chapter 13, FE4 chapter 5, FE5 chapter 22, FE9 chapter 13, FE9 chapter 26, FE8 Ephraim's Route chapter 11, FE10 4-5, FE9 chapter 17, and FE10 3-E (tie)

Best Final Chapter- 1st- FE9 ; 2nd- FE4 ; 3rd- FE5

Best Final Boss Weapon- 1st- Judge ; 2nd- Flametongue and Loputousu (tie)

Best Personality: 1st- Levin and Kieran (tie) ; 3rd- Wallace

Best Rapist or Attempted Rapist: 1st- Narshen ; 2nd- Oliver ; 3rd- FE10 opening movie soldiers

Best Tactician: 1st- Mark ; 2nd- Soren ; 3rd- Jeigan Book 2

Best Est Archetype: 1st- Nino ; 2nd- Sara ; 3rd- Zeiss and Pelleas (tie)

Best GBA Critical animation- 1st- Lyn (Sol Katti) ; 2nd- Warrior (Axe) ; 3rd- Hector (Armads)

Best Console Critical animation- 1st- Celice 1st attack ; 2nd- FE4 Swordmaster/FE10 Black Knight (tie)

Best Epilogue- 1st- FE4 ; 2nd- FE10 ; 3rd- FE9

Best Gato Archetype- 1st- Athos/FE5 Sety (tie) ; 3rd- Galzus

Best DS critical animation- 1st- Hero (2nd attack), Swordmaster (2nd attack), Mage, Lord, Berserker (1st attack) (tie)

Best Form of Abuse- 1st-Favoritism; 2nd-FE9 BEXP Abuse; 3rd-Arena Abuse

Best FE- 1st- FE4 ; 2nd- FE5 ; 3rd- FE7 and 10 (tie)

Best Ruler: 1st- Alvis ; 2nd- Ashnard, Naesala, Caineghis, Dheginsea, Sanaki (tie)

Best Gaiden chapter: 1st- FE7 19x(HM) and FE5 21x (tie); 3rd- FE7 19xx(HM)

Best Unit: 1st- Levin!Arthur; 2nd- Ike (O_O); 3rd- Seth

Best Merc/Hero: 1st- Dieck ; 2nd- FE3 Oguma ; 3rd- Skasaher

Best Paladin (Anything that promotes into it as well): 1st- Seth and Aless (tie) ; 3rd- Titania

Best Peg Knight: 1st- FE10 Elincia ; 2nd- FE4 Fee and FE3 Book 2 Paola (tie)

Best Defense Chapter: 1st- FE10 3-13 ; 2nd- FE9 C8, FE10 2-E (tie)

Best Archer/Sniper/Marksmen: 1st- FE10 Shinon ; 2nd- FE4 Jamka, FE7 Rebecca (O_O) (tie)

Best Desert Chapter: 1st FE8 Scorched Sand ; 2nd FE10 4-3 ; 3rd FE7 Living Legend

Most Hyped: 1st Lilina ; 2nd FE10 Haar ; 3rd Nino

Best Addition to the Game Series: 1st Capture ; 2nd Weapon Triangle ; 3rd Rescue and Skills (tie)

Best Lord Unit: 1st Sigurd ; 2nd FE10 Ike ; 3rd Arum and FE9 Ike (tie)

Most Generic Playable Character: 1st Ralph ; 2nd Aran ; 3rd Vika (she got exactly 1 vote)

Best Castle: 1st Crimea Castle and Grado Keep (tie) ; 2nd Daein Keep

Best Dragonkid: 1st Fa ; 2nd Chiki ; 3rd Al

Best Staff: 1st Again ; 2nd Physic and Warp (tie)

Best Knight/General: 1st FE10 Gatrie ; 2nd Oswin ; 3rd Wallace and Amelia (tie)

Best Priest/Cleric/Bishop: 1st Sapy ; 2nd Moulder, Natasha and Serra (tie)

Best Glass Cannon: 1st Sara ; 2nd Micaiah ; 3rd Lucius

Best Wyvernrider: 1st FE10!Haar ; 2nd Miledy ; 3rd FE3Book2!Paola and Altenna (tie)

Best Chapter Goal: 1st Rout ; 2nd Escape and Defend (tie)

Best First Boss: 1st Lawrence ; 2nd O'Neill ; 3rd Greil

Most Important Stat: 1st Speed ; 2nd Defence ; 3rd Strength

Best Red/Green Knight: 1st Sain ; 2nd Abel ; 3rd FE9!Kieran and Lance (tie)

Best Healer (primary use is healing): 1st Priscilla and Saphy (tie) ; 3rd Laura

Best Prologue Chapter: 1st FE4 Prologue ; 2nd FEDS Prologue ; 3rd FE10 2-P

Best Weapon Type: 1st Swords ; 2nd Axes and Wind Magic (tie)

Best Generic Weapon: 1st Javelin ; 2nd Killing Edge ; 3rd FE10!Hand Axe and Steel Sword (tie)

Best Female Physical Fighting Unit: 1st Paola (FE3 Book 2) ; FE9!Titania ; 3rd Lakche

Best Jeigen (Seth and FE9!Titania excluded): 1st FE7!Marcus ; 2nd Sothe ; 3rd FE6!Marcus

Best Player Phase Battle Music: 1st The Devoted ; 2nd FE5!Attack, On Glory's Wings (tie)

Best Support Unit: 1st Saphy and FE10!Reyson (tie) ; 3rd FEDS!Lena

Best Terrain Type: 1st Forest ; 2nd FE4!Road ; 3rd Wardwood tile, FE10!Heal Hedge and FE5!Mountain (tie)

Best Facial Hair: 1st Nolan ; 2nd Tauroneo ; 3rd Oifaye

Best Skill: 1st Pursuit ; 2nd Galdrar ; 3rd FE5!Wrath

Best Unlockable Character: 1st Ashnard ; 2nd Lyon ; 3rd Farina

Best Non-recruitable Female Boss (Excluding Ashera): 1st Ishtar ; 2nd Selena ; 3rd Brenya

Best Green-haired Archer: 1st Rebecca ; 2nd FE12!Ryan ; FE10!Rolf

Best Offense: 1st Levin!Sety ; 2nd FE10!Ike ; 3rd Othin

Best Recruitment Theme: 1st FE10 ; 2nd FE4 and FE8 (tie)

Best Character Name: 1st Sirius ; 2nd Skasasher; 3rd L'Arachel

Best Support Coversation: Volke/Bastian C (FE9); 2nd Kieran/Rhys A (FE9) and Bartre/Renault A (tie)

Best Enemy Recruit: 1st FE9!Jill and Ayra (tie) ; 3rd Rutger

Best Weapon Name: 1st Tyrfing ; 2nd Alondite and Florete (tie)

Best Artwork: 1st FE11!Minerva ; 2nd FE10!Boyd and FE12!Sirius (tie)

Best Canon Couple: 1st HectorXLyn; 2nd SigurdXDiadora ; 3rd SethXEirika

Best Crack Pairing: 1st SigurdXAyra ; 2nd SainXFlorina ; 3rd JillXMist

Best Japanese Name: 1st Soanvalcke ; 2nd Tiamat ; 3rd Zaggaro

Best Princess: 1st Ayra ; 2nd Minerva ; 3rd FE9!Elincia

Best Prince: 1st Joshua ; 2nd Marth ; 3rd Jamka

Best FE Soundtrack: 1st FE4 ; 2nd FE10 ; 3rd FE8

Best Fighter or Warrior: 1st FE9!Boyd and Othin (tie) ; 3rd Nolan

Best Country Name: 1st Crimea and Thracia (tie) ; 3rd Agustria

Best Twins: 1st Lakche/Shasaher ; 2nd Jorge/Daniel, Briggid/Aideen and Ephraim/Eirika (tie)

Best Story: 1st FE4 ; 2nd FE10 ; 3rd FE7

Best Legendary Hero: 1st Sety ; 2nd Iote and Anri (tie)

Best Quote: 1st Sylvia: "Good little gi-- You ever see a little girl with THESE before?" ; 2nd Micaiah: "Right. Lord Ike, hero of the Crimean Liberation, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children... " ; 3rd Schaeffer: Gwaar... Haaaarr... Haaaaaa... Shoulda brought... more priests... Or some...babies... Dang...", Haar: "The world could flip upside down and you'd be trying to boss around gravity.", Wil: "Huh? W-Why? Nonsense. I'm normal! I might as well be Normal Archer number three!" (tie)

Best Generic Boss: 1st Gomez ; 2nd Schaeffer ; 3rd Denning and Carlyle (tie)

Most Depressing Ending: 1st FE4 Gen 1 ; 2nd FE8 ; 3rd FE7, FE9, FE11 and FE12 (tie)

Best Reference to plant life: 1st Shinon: "You'd hit on a tree if I dressed it in a skirt. Tell me I'm wrong!" ; 2nd Soren: "What do you say, rose of Tellius? O goddess of desire?" ; 3rd Dandelion Gang

Best Red-haired Unit: 1st FE9!Titania; 2nd Seth ; 3rd FE11!Cain

Best Map Theme: 1st Light and Dark ; 2nd Eternal Bond ; 3rd Bearer of Hope

Best Non-Jeigan Prepromote: 1st Pent ; 2nd FE12!Sirius and Levin!Sety (tie)

Best Brother: 1st Sigurd ; 2nd Oscar ; 3rd Ike, Uther, Marth and Eltoshan (tie)

Best In-game Nickname: 1st Fireman ; 2nd Pookums ; 3rd The Shield of Thracia and Hurricane (tie)

Best Bro: 1st Nolan ; 2nd Hector, Seth, Cuan, Gerik and Levail (tie)

Best Fog of War map: 1st FE10 Chapter 3-6 ; 2nd FE7 Chapter 26E/28H and FE6 Chapter 14 (tie)

Best Feminine-looking Male except Lucius: 1st Midir ; 2nd Xane ; 3rd Soren

Easiest Boss: 1st Batta ; 2nd Lorenz ; 3rd Greil

Best Written Character: 1st Sigurd ; 2nd Trabant ; 3rd Jill

Best Version of the FE Theme: 1st FE3, FE4, FE7 and FE11 (tie)

Most Underrated FE: 1st FE5 and FE11 (tie) ; 3rd FE2

Best Masculing-looking Female: 1st Echidna ; 2nd Tanith ; 3rd Nailah

Best Boss Quote: 1st Ashnard ; 2nd Ishtar, Caellach, Schaeffer and Septimus (tie)

Best Special Battle Theme: 1st Tearing Shadows ; 2nd Unstoppable Destiny ; 3rd Beauty is a Mad Mistress, Dark Emporer, FE3!Medeus, Wheeling Corby and Alvis' Theme (tie)

Best Tiny Miniskirt: 1st Arthur ; 2nd Ilyana ; 3rd Marth and Lara (tie)

Most Attractive: 1st Micaiah ; 2nd Shiida ; 3rd Ishtar, Sigrun, Reyson and Geoffrey (tie)

Best Holy/Legendary Weapon: 1st Holsety ; 2nd Sword of Seals ; 3rd Gradivus

Best Verbal Tic: 1st Denning ; 2nd Bertram and Chiki (tie)

Best Looking Male Unit: 1st Tibarn, Cuan and Camus (tie)

Best Recruit Convo: 1st Marcia/Haar ; 2nd Rifis/Pahn ; 3rd FE11!Shiida/Roger

Best Plot Twist: 1st Battle of Baraha ; 2nd Pelleas is working for the Begnion Senate and Lyon is really evil (tie)

Best Parent: 1st Bartre ; 2nd Brom, Greil, Tiltyu and Evayle (tie)

Most Deranged Character: 1st Ashnard ; 2nd Izuka ; 3rd Lehran

Best Looking Female Character: 1st Ishtar ; 2nd Mist, FE10!Jill, Ayra and Shiida (tie)

Best Troll: 1st Cyas and IS (tie) ; 3rd RNG

Best Headgear: 1st Camus ; 2nd Joshua ; 3rd Nephenee

Best Refresher Unit: 1st FE10!Reyson ; 2nd Leen ; 3rd Sylvia

Best Balanced FE: 1st FE7 ; 2nd FE10 ; 3rd FE9

Best Female Axe User - no reclass: 1st FE9!Titania ; 2nd FE10!Jill ; 3rd Makua

Best Chapter Name: 1st Birth of a Holy Knight ; 2nd Doors of Destiny ; 3rd From Pain, Awakening and The Last Holy War (tie)

Most Realistic FE Character: 1st Noah ; 2nd Wil ; 3rd Dorothy

Most Potential to be an Assist Trophy in the next Smash Bros: 1st Lyn ; 2nd Sigurd ; 3rd Micaiah and Roy (tie)

Best Dressed: 1st Machuya and Leaf (tie) ; 3rd Cecilia, Micaiah, Limstella, Isadora, FE10!Tanith and Sigurd (tie)

Best Incestuous Pairing: 1st AlvisXDiadora and AltennaXArion (tie) ; 3rd CeliceXYuria

Best Boss Battle Theme: 1st Tearing Shadows ; 2nd Versus Alvis and Clash Of two Virtues (tie)

Best Late Non-Final Boss: 1st Alvis ; 2nd Ishtar ; 3rd FE9!Black Knight and Denning (tie)

Most honourable Villain: 1st Camus ; 2nd Levail, Ishtar and Trabant (tie)

Best Ogma Archetype: 1st Ogma ; 2nd Holyn and Fergus (tie)

Best Drama Queen: 1st Innes ; 2nd Serra ; 3rd L'Arachel and Oliver (tie)

Best NPC (redux): 1st FE5!Sety ; 2nd Pent ; 3rd Eltshan and the 3-13 Archer

Best Yuri Pairing: NepheneeXHeather ; 2nd JillXMist ; 3rd HeatherXIlyana

Most Disappointing character - stats: 1st Cecilia and Wendy (tie); 3rd Amelia#

Most Difficult Chapter: 1st FE11 Ch.1 (H5) ; 2nd FE6 Ch.7 ; 3rd Battle Before Dawn

Best Death Quote: 1st Aran ; 2nd Jarod, Jaffar, Johan, FE11!Cain and Fergus (tie)

Best Yaoi Pairing: 1st Raven X Lucius ; 2nd Marty X Dagda and Ogma X Navarre (tie)

Best Way to get a Game Over: 1st Dorcas kills Nataile ; 2nd Devil Axe Backfire ; 3rd Death by Wall

Best Manakete/Laguz: 1st FE10!Tibarn ; 2nd FE3!Bantu ; 3rd Nailah

Best Innocent-looking Character: 1st Fa ; 2nd Leanne ; 3rd Rolf and Nino (tie)

Best Swordsmaster (Redux): 1st Rutger ; 2nd FE10!Mia and Lakche (tie)

Previous winners (Worst)

Worst NPC: 1st- The three generic Caelin soldiers in FE7 ; 2nd- Lachesis' 3 Pallies and FE8 Chapter 19 Armor Knights (tie)

Worst Swordmaster: 1st- Karla ; 2nd- Shanam ; 3rd- Lucia

Worst Hair: 1st- Vaida ; 2nd- Gheb, Lowen, and Makalov (tie)

Worst Non-Final Boss: 1st- Aion ; 2nd- Toras ; 3rd Batta the Beast

Worst Thief: 1st- Cath ; 2nd- Daisy ; 3rd- Ricardo

Worst Personal Weapon: 1st- FE9 Rolf's Bow ; 2nd- Sol Katti ; 3rd- Daim Thunder, Ettard, Amiti of FE9, and Caldabolg (tied)

Worst Chapter: 1st- Lyn's prologue normal mode ; 2nd- FE6 chapter 14 ; 3rd- FE7 Chapter 11 (Eliwood's tale), FE10 4-1, FE10 1-5, FE4 chapter 7, and FE7 16x/17x (tie)

Worst Final chapter: 1st- FE6 ; 2nd- FE10 ; 3rd- FE8

Worst Final Boss Weapon: 1st- Dark breath ; 2nd- Nightmare ; 3rd- Ravager

Worst Personality: 1st- Aran and Vika (tie) ; 3rd- Soren, Florina, Horace and Clarine (tie)

Worst Rapist or Attempted Rapist: 1st- Gheb ; 2nd- Oliver ; 3rd- General Lang, Eliot, Garnef, and Narshen (tie)

Worst Tactician: 1st- Malledus ; 2nd- Mark ; 3rd- Soren

Worst Est archetype: 1st- Sophia ; 2nd- Est and Fiona (Tie)

Worst GBA critical animation: 1st- Great Knight ; 2nd- Thief ; 3rd- Mage, Bishop, Pirate, Soldier, and Ewan (tie)

Worst Console critical animation; 1st- FE10 Sword Armor ; 2nd- FE4 Mage Knight ; 3rd- FE4 Bow Users

Worst Epilogue: 1st- FE9 ; 2nd- FE11 ; 3rd- FE8 and FE4 (tie)

Worst Gato Archetype: 1st- Karel ; 2nd- Gato/Gotoh ; 3rd- Lehran

Worst DS critical animation: 1st- Sorceror, General (Bow), Mage (tie)

Worst Form of Abuse: 1st-Battle Save Abuse; 2nd-Arena Abuse; 3rd-RNG Stat Abuse

Worst FE: 1st- FE1 ; 2nd- FE7 and 8 (tie)

Worst Ruler: 1st- Desmond; 2nd- Dheginsea; 3rd- Mordred, Alvis, Darin, Talis, Nailah, Micaiah, Victor (7 way tie )

Worst Gaiden chapter: 1st- FE5 24x; 2nd- FE7 19xx(HM); 3rd- FE5 14x, FE6 22x, FE7 31x(HM), FE11 16x (tie)

Worst Unit: 1st- Bantu; 2nd- Yuno and Lyre (tie)

Worst Merc/Hero: 1st- FEDS Samson ; 2nd- Oujay ; 3rd- FE3 Samson

Worst Paladin (Anything that promotes into it as well): 1st- Arran ; 2nd- Zealot ; 3rd- Vyland

Worst Peg Knight: 1st- FEDS Est ; 2nd- FE6 Yuno ; 3rd- Sigrun, FE9 Elincia, Florina and Syrene (tie)

Worst Defense Chapter: 1st- FE7 C15 ; 2nd- FE9 C13 ; 3rd- FE7 C18 (HM), FE7 C28 (HM), FE9 C8, FE10 1-5, FE10 3-5 (tie)

Worst Archer/Sniper/Marksmen: FE6 Wolt ; 2nd- FE5 Ronan, FE9 Rolf (tie)

Worst Desert Chapter: 1st FE6 Arcadia ; 2nd FE9 Chapter 15 ; 3rd FE10 4-3

Least Hyped: 1st Thomas ; 2nd FE10 Aran ; 3rd Eliwood ; Arum and Syrene (Tied)

Worst Addition to the Game Series: 1st Reclass ; 2nd GBA support system ; 3rd Fatigue

Worst Lord Unit: 1st Lyn ; 2nd Roy ; 3rd Micaiah

Least Generic Playable Character: 1st Levin ; 2nd Oliver ; 3rd Ardan

Worst Castle: 1st Nados Castle ; 2nd Laus (yes, a territory was voted as the second worst castle) ; 3rd Araphen Castle, Jehanna Hall, Castle Nox and Castle Goldoa

Worst Dragonkid: 1st Al ; 2nd Myrrh ; 3rd Chiki

Worst Staff: 1st Silence ; 2nd Berserk ; 3rd Again

Worst Knight/General: 1st Wendy ; 2nd Meg ; 3rd Ardan

Worst Priest/Cleric/Bishop: 1st Corple ; 2nd Wrys ; 3rd Renault

Worst Glass Cannon: 1st Lilina ; 2nd Diadora, Micaiah, Sophia (3 way tie)

Worst Wyvernrider: 1st Eda ; 2nd FEDS!Est ; 3rd Zeiss

Worst Chapter Goal: 1st Seize ; 2nd Rout ; 3rd Survive and Escape (tie)

Worst First Boss: 1st O'Neill ; 2nd Greil ; 3rd Lawrence

Least Important Stat: 1st Resistance ; 2nd Luck ; 3rd Skill

Worst Red/Green Knight: 1st Alec ; 2nd Noish ; 3rd Alva

Worst Healer (primary use is healing): 1st Renault ; 2nd FE10!Oliver and Wrys (tie)

Worst Prologue Chapter: 1st FE7 (Lyn's Mode) ; 2nd FE8 Prologue ; 3rd FE9 Prologue and FE10 3-P (tie)

Worst Weapon Type: 1st Knives ; 2nd Dark Magic ; 3rd Axes

Worst Generic Weapon: 1st FE10!Longbows ; 2nd Slim Sword ; 3rd Hammer

Worst Female Physical Fighting Unit: 1st Wendy ; 2nd Lyre ; 3rd Yunno

Worst Jeigen (Seth and FE9!Titania excluded): 1st Arran; 2nd Eyevel ; FEDS!Jeigan

Worst Player Phase Battle Music: 1st FE8 Attack ; 2nd Clash, March, FE6!Attack and FE7!Strike (four way tie)

Worst Support Unit: 1st FEDS!Rickard ; 2nd Cath ; 3rd FE9!Sothe

Worst Terrain Type: 1st Desert, 2nd Peak ; 3rd FE5!Throne

Worst Facial Hair: 1st FE9!Lekain ; 2nd FE6!Bartre ; 3rd Dozla

Worst Skill: 1st Shriek ; 2nd Sure Strike ; 3rd Mercy

Worst Unlockable Character: 1st FE9!Oliver ; 2nd Valter and Lyon (tie)

Worst Non-recruitable Female Boss (Excluding Ashera): 1st Hilda ; 2nd Sonia ; 3rd Petrine

Worst Green-haired Archer: 1st FE11!Tomas ; 2nd Wolt ; 3rd FE9!Rolf

Worst Offense: 1st FE9!Sothe ; 2nd Sylvia ; 3rd Lara

Worst Recruitment Theme: 1st FE2 ; 2nd FE6 ; 3rd FE8

Worst Character Name: 1st Dorcas ; 2nd Erk ; 3rd Carrion

Worst Support Conversation: 1st Hector/Florina C ; 2nd Lance/Alan C ; 3rd Vaida/Dorcas C

Worst Enemy Recruit: 1st Oliver; 2nd Cath ; 3rd FE11!Rickard

Worst Weapon Name: 1st Double Bow ; 2nd Lughnasdh ; 3rd Laundry Pole

Worst Artwork: FE1!Dolph ; 2nd Lance ; 3rd FE9!Tormod

Worst Canon Couple: 1st MicaiahXSothe and AstridXMakalov (tie) ; 3rd AbelXEst

Worst Crack pairing: 1st IkeXMia ; 2nd MarcusXMerlinus and IkeXSoren (tie)

Worst Japanese Name: 1st Tomth, Asseray and Xyst (tie)

Worst Princess: 1st Almedha ; 2nd Eirika ; 3rd Clarine

Worst Prince: 1st Zephiel ; 2nd Marth ; 3rd Levin

Worst Soundtrack: 1st FE6 ; 2nd FE7 ; 3rd FE8

Worst Fighter or Warrior: 1st FE7!Bartre ; 2nd FE11!Cord ; 3rd Wade

Worst Country Name: 1st Gra ; 2nd Carcino ; 3rd Dolhr

Worst Twins: 1st Lethe/Lyre ; 2nd Yumina/Yubello ; 3rd Ephraim/Eirika

Worst Story: 1st FE6 ; 2nd FE11 ; 3rd FE8

Worst Legendary Hero: 1st Dheginsea ; 2nd Bramimond and St. Elimine (tie)

Worst Quote: 1st Ranulf: "It's General Zelgius. Next time you see him, Ike, use caution. He's your enemy. He's the one. He's the Black Knight.", Soldier: "Altea and Aurelis and Akaneia...The League of A's, you might say!" (tie) ; 3rd Greil: "Ike? Stay back!", Pelleas: You're going to pay! You're going to BLARGHHHH! (tie)

Worst Generic Boss: 1st Gheb ; 2nd Norris ; 3rd Batta

Least Depressing Ending: 1st FE10 ; 2nd FE6 ; 3rd FE9 and FE11 (tie)

Worst Reference to Plant life: 1st Lyn's "Ocean of grass" ; 2nd Dandelion Gang ; 3rd Sue's "Sound of the wind, smell of the grass"

Worst Red-haired Unit: 1st Ewan ; 2nd FE11!Vyland ; 3rd Roy

Worst Map Theme: 1st Wind Across the Plains ; 2nd Change of Scenery ; 3rd A Gathering of Storms

Worst Non-Jeigan Prepromote: 1st Wallace and Shanam (tie) ; 3rd Hannibal

Worst Brother: 1st Makalov ; 2nd Matthis ; 3rd Michalis and Karel (tie)

Worst In-game Nickname: 1st Rave ; 2nd Pookums and Raven (tie)

Worst Bro: 1st Lekain ; 2nd Eltshan, Karel, Leonardo and Izuka (tie)

Worst Fog of War map: 1st FE7 Chapter 26E/28H ; 2nd FE6 Chapter 14 ; 3rd FE10 Chapter 1-9

Worst Feminine-looking Male except Lucius: 1st Valtome ; 2nd Soren ; 3rd Arthur

Most Difficult Boss: 1st FE12!Medeus ; 2nd FE9!Black Knight ; 3rd Gomez

Worst Written Character: 1st Micaiah ; 2nd Roy ; 3rd Lyn and Eirika (tie)

Worst Version of the FE theme: 1st FE6 ; 2nd FE7 ; 3rd FE8

Most Overrate FE: 1st FE4 ; 2nd FE7 ; 3rd FE10

Worst Masculine-looking Female: 1st Vaida ; 2nd Est and Dorothy (tie)

Worst Boss Quote: 1st Pugo and FE7 Morphs (tie) ; 3rd Djur

Worst Special Battle Theme: 1st In the Name of Bern ; 2nd King of the Sky ; 3rd Origins End

Worst Tiny Miniskirt: 1st Vaida ; 2nd Asvel, Arthur and Marth (tie)

Leat Attractive: 1st Gheb ; 2nd Valtome ; 3rd Vaida, Gonzales and Dorothy (tie)

Best Holy/Legendary Weapon: 1st Gleipnir ; 2nd FE7!Durandal ; 3rd Holsety

Worst Verbal Tic: 1st Valtome ; 2nd Fa ; 3rd Denning, Chiki and Sophia (tie)

Worst Looking Male Unit: 1st Gheb ; 2nd Izuka ; 3rd Gharnef and Valtome (tie)

Worst Recruit Convo: 1st FE11!Wrys; 2nd Matthew/Guy and Beowulf (tie)

Worst Plot Twist: 1st Identity of the Black Knight ; 2nd Ninian's resurrection ; 3rd Micaiah's identity and Lyon is really evil (tie)

Worst Parent: 1st Desmond ; 2nd Levin and Ashnard (tie)

Least Deranged Character: 1st Leanne ; 2nd Soren ; 3rd Eliwood and Laura (tie)

Worst Looking Female Character: 1st Vaida ; 2nd Dorothy ; 3rd Niime

Worst Troll: 1st IS ; 2nd RNG ; 3rd Fiona

Worst Headgear: 1st Est ; 2nd Ranulf ; 3rd Marth

Worst Refresher Unit: 1st Elphin ; 2nd Lalum and Tethys (tie)

Least Balanced FE: 1st FE4 ; 2nd FE10 ; 3rd FE8 and FE12 (tie)

Worst Female Axe User - no reclass: 1st Wendy ; 2nd Meg ; 3rd Amelia and FE11!Est (tie)

Worst Chapter Name: 1st Solo ; 2nd It's A Trap! ; 3rd Training

Least Realistic FE Character: 1st Micaiah ; 2nd Forde, Florina and Gareth (tie)

Least Potential to be an Assist Trophy in the next Smash Bros: 1st Marth ; 2nd Laura, Clarine and Ronan (tie)

Worst Dressed: 1st FE10!Sothe ; 2nd Gonzales ; 3rd Arthur

Worst Incestuous Pairing: 1st EphraimXEirika ; 2nd RavenXPriscilla ; 3rd LachesisXEltoshan

Worst Boss Battle Theme: 1st In The Nname Of Bern ; 2nd Staltwart Opposition and Return Of The Demon King (tie)

Worst Late Non-Final Boss: 1st FE9!Black Knight and Denning (tie) ; 3rd FE11!Michalis and Hilda (tie)

Least Honourable Villain: 1st Schaeffer, Erik and Manfroy (tie)

Worst Ogma Archetype: 1st Raven ; 2nd Holyn ; 3rd Gerik, Dieck and Ogma (tie)

Worst Drama Queen: 1st Serra ; 2nd Clarine and L'Arachel (tie)

Worst NPC (redux): 1st Lachesis' Paladins ; 2nd Rausten Knights ; 3rd Fiona and Caelin Soldiers

Worst Yuri Pairing: 1st FlorinaXLyn ; 2nd HeatherXVika, LuciaXElincia, HeatherXIlyana and HeatherXNephenee (tie)

Least Disappointing character - stats: 1st Seth ; 2nd Galzus ; 3rd FE5!Sety, Sigurd and FE10!Tibarn (tie)

Least Difficult Chapter: 1st FE7 Prologue ; 2nd FE7 Ch.31x ; 3rd FE9 Prologue

Worst Death Quote: 1st Norne, 2nd FE11!Tomas ; 3rd FE9!Ilyana and Rutger (tie)

Worst Yaoi Pairing: 1st Gheb X Izuka ; 2nd Ike X Soren ; 3rd Ike X Ranulf

Worst Way to get a Game Over: 1st Lord dies ; 2nd Suicidal NPC's ; 3rd Unexpected Reinforcments

Worst Manakete/Laguz: 1st FE11!Bantu ; 2nd Lyre ; 3rd Gareth

Worst Innocent-looking Character: 1st Florina ; 2nd Meg and Fa (tie)

Worst Swordsmaster (Redux): 1st Karla ; 2nd Shanam ; 3rd FE9!Lucia


Best/Worst Pink-haired Unit

Best/Worst Green-haired Unit (2)

Best/Worst Dressed Redux

Most/Least Badass Unit (2)

Best/Worst Healing Items - inc. staves

Best/Worst Comic/Funny Moment

Best/Worst Win Condition (7)

Best/Worst Dodge Animation (3)

Best Worst Mount Name

Best/Worst Hardcore Character

Best/Worst Deceased Character (4)

Most/Least Masculine Male

Most/Least Interesting Character (2)

Best/Worst Protective Item

Best/Worst Use of the Fire Emblem in the Story (2)

Most/Least Conclusive Ending

Best/Worst Final Boss Battle Music (2)

Most/Least Likely to be in the next Smash Bros. game - Marth and Ike excluded (4)

Best/Worst Mount

Best/Worst Chapter Map

Bets/Worst End Credits Theme

Least/Most Ugliest Generic Boss (2)

Best/Worst Death Theme

Best/Worst Enemy Phase Battle Theme

Most/Least Funny Character (2)

Best/Worst Character Theme (3)

Best/Worst World Map Theme (2)

Best/Worst Rout Map (3)

Best/Worst Footwear

Best/Worst Battle Convo

Best/Worst Unit with realistic hair colour

Best/Worst Anna (6)

Best/Worst Playable class

Best/Worst Sister

Best/Worst Nabarl Archetype (4)

Most/Least Changed FE Character (2)

Best/Worst Sound Effect

Most/Least Funniest Looking Character

Most/Least Smartest Character

Best/Worst Masculine Male

Best/Worst Weapon Icon

Best/Worst Maps Per Game

Best/Worst Mage (3)

Best/Worst Version of Wrath

Best/Worst Flying Unit (3)

Best/Worst Member Badge (2)

Best/Worst Base Preparation Music

Best/Worst Endgame Music

Best/Worst Preparation Screen Music (3)

Best/Worst Skills Combo (4)

Best/Worst Bald Unit

Best/Worst Spell Animation (3)

Best/Worst Way to recruit a character

Best/Worst Tragic Moment (2)

Best/Worst Defence (2)

Best/Worst Character Design (4)

Best/Worst Text Sound

Best/Worst Triangle Attack (2)

Best/Worst Style Transition Between Consoles

Best/Worst Epilogue Title

Best/Worst Son

Best/Worst Captor

Best/Worst Tank Unit

Most/Least Informative Support

Best/Worst Comedic Boss (3)

Most/Least Silly Character

Most/Least Useful Unit in Drafts - Lords and free units not included (7)

Best/Worst Endgame Quote

Most/Least Saddest Death Quote

Best/Worst Hair Redux

Most/Least Depressing Character

Best/Worst Unit recruited by directly paying them (5)

Best/Worst Thief

Best/Worst Parent of a Lord

Best/Worst Ham

Best/Worst Final Boss

Most/Least Useful Unit in Drafts - Lords and free units not included

Best: I don't draft, so...

Worst: ...

Nominate: B/W Win Condition

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Worst: I'm not a drafter, but I'll still say Wendy.

Best: RD Haar. Considering that some RD drafts went so far as to ban him...

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Best: Haar (fe10 since I guess I have to include this even though it's probably blatantly obvious)

Worst: Xavier

Nom: Best Worst Hair 2

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Best: FE10 Haar, obviously.

Worst: FE12 Wolf. A terrible prepromote in a game who's second half is filled with terrible prepromotes, and he almost certainly costs turns to boot.

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best: Haar

worst: Wendy :)


You better specify which Haar, or else your vote's getting DQed.

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For the games I draft. . .

Best: Franz. Unless I draft him, and then he turns out terrible.

Worst: I could name half the FE12 cast, or I can be nice and say Wallace. He's not being recruited on HM, and is a pain to recruit on EM.

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I'm not a drafter, but...

Best: FE9 Jill. All she needs is BEXP and she can go to work. Honorable mention goes to FE7 Marcus, FE9 Marcia, and FE4 Leif.

Worst: Sophia. From what I'd imagine, Wendy would be easier to use in a draft than her. Joins at an inopportune time, gets weighed down by the most basic dark tome, and is utterly frail and needs a lot of effort and resources pumped in. And even then, her growths in her most important areas are shaky. Dishonorable mention goes to Nino, Karla, every incarnation of Est.

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Best: Seth, he breaks the game way more than Haar does. If we're only including draftable characters (so no Haar), Franz.

Worst: Wendy. At least Sophia can deal damage if she hits. Maybe.

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Best: FE10 Haar, obviously.

Nope, it's not so obvious as alot of you think.

Haar can't beat other draft teams by like 20 turns, unlike FE9 Jill and Marcia against other teams that don't have them. Haar can be countered well with Titania, a team reliable GM (like Boyd, Gatrie and maybe Oscar), etc. And by "matched" I mean "doesn't really match him, but won't lose over 10 turns against him either".

Best: Seth, he breaks the game way more than Haar does. If we're only including draftable characters (so no Haar), Franz.


Of course we're counting draftable characters. Why on Earth would you vote for a banned character that costs you 8 turns of penalty of use?

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Best: Seth, he breaks the game way more than Haar does.

I'll just second what Soul said and ask... Why in the name of Yune are you voting for a banned character?

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Best: FE9!Jill (FE10!Haar is banned so he shouldn't be counted)

Honorable Mentions: FE9!Marcia, Tiltyu (for Levin!Arthur), Fury (and her kids), FE10!Jill, Sain, Florina, Vanessa, Franz, Lex, All of the Refreshers (whenever not free)

Worst: Asaello

Dishonorable Mentions: Bartre/Karla, Wallace, Wendy, Amelia, Ewan, Jamka

Nominate: Best/Worst Unit Recruited by Directly Paying Them

Edited by Octavian
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(FE10!Haar is banned so he shouldn't be counted)

Well, I'm sure he's currently banned, but he wasn't always banned...

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I've only drafted for FE7 and FE8, so I'll only vote for characters there.

Best: Florina (her combat is a joke, but she shows up early and can fly, so she should help shave off turn counts. She should at least have decent strength and be a dodge-bot on average if trained.)

Worst: Renault (let's see ... he shows up two chapters before the game ends and has poor magic. Sure, his durability is good and he has A staves, but you'll either have superior magic/staff users, or you've gone on so long without healing that you don't even NEED staves until Athos at endgame)

Ironically, I've never drafted Florina. I -- almost -- drafted Renault in an EXP draft, before I decided that was a stupid idea and switched to Karel. Any more healing by the time Renault shows up is superfluous.

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I highly believe that Karla, requiring you to train a slower unit beyond what you might want to, deserves the pinnacle of Worse Draftable Unit.

As for the Best Draftable Unit? I would have to argue that any early flier, such as :Florina: would lead the pack, as a typically available unit. Vanessa isn't quite up to par in a route-heavy game, Haar is right there on the Ban line, to the point where he is banned from time to time, and I don't know enough about FE9 to justify Jill.

:Florina: <3

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Of course we're counting draftable characters. Why on Earth would you vote for a banned character that costs you 8 turns of penalty of use?

Seth isn't always banned.

I highly believe that Karla, requiring you to train a slower unit beyond what you might want to, deserves the pinnacle of Worse Draftable Unit.

But many drafts merge her with Bartre such that she's free for anyone who drafts Bartre. Or that Bartre is free for anyone who drafts Karla. And while Bartre isn't great shakes or anything, getting him free with Karla should elevate her out of the "worst" position.

Edited by Anouleth
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Most: FE4 Leaf. The rescue staff is fucking nuts on him.

Least: Faval. He doesn't exist, and his personal weapon costs turns too!

Edited by Darros
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Best: Leaf. The rescue staff is fucking nuts on him.

Worst: Faval. He doesn't exist, and his personal weapon costs turns too!

Leaf and Faval can't be ranked, since you can't draft them (they come free with other characters).

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