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I don't hate my parents


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Nope i love my parents, even if they can aggravate me at times eough to say i do not like them. Like that time my dad called me a nerd and told me i should go out more make some friends etc. :/

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I hated my parents for things they have apologized for. It helps that we have similar disorders.

Or maybe it doesn't

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My mom's usually okay, but she has so many flaws (bigotry, really?) that she just won't let go.

I've always disdained my other parents.

We are, actually.

How many teenagers don't hate their parents? :awesome:

This was before and is ongoing after being a teenager. I do not think that age means what you think it means.

Also, you are not special just because your parents are. If anything you're the opposite because you're a spoiled little brat who is incapable of love.

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Pff. My parents split when I was 3. I saw my father maybe 2 times a year up until 5 years ago, and I haven't seen him since.

I'm on a course learning about policing law, and last year my father got banged up for reactivating deactivated firearms, and presumably selling them. It's ironic because a few months prior to that, I was learning about the laws in relation to the offences he'd committed.

Hate's a strong word, but I can easily say I don't give a fuck what he does, as long as he doesn't affect my life and my chances of getting into the police.

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Mine are fine.

Old fashioned, but fine.

I mean.

Dad:I bought these when you were 5, they looked like those pokemon or w/e characters you watch, but they were too delicate for you to handle them.

Turns out it was a set of Love Hina swimsuit figures.


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