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How to insert a wav file?

Mikey Séregon

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Inserting wav's would take too long to explain but supposedly there's some way to do it with Sappy the details of which I don't know because I never bothered to figure it out--use Sappy Mod 15 if the normal version doesn't work (which it probably won't) and be sure to get all the relevant DLL's and whatever

as for how to use them in spell animations there should be a code like SXXXX or CXXXX48 or something which does the sound (I can't remember what's for what right now, too tired)--FEditor Adv's doc should include info on how to do it

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there's a button that says "insert .wav"

i was going to have a post consisting of nothing but a screenshot but apparently i don't have the right dependencies on this computer and i'm too lazy to boot up my old one

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blazer inserting wavs is easy >:c

I never said it was hard, all I said was that it would take too long to explain and requires Sappy

and quite frankly it would because I don't have time to go get Sappy running and figure out exactly what to do and write a mini-tutorial nor do I have time to explain my method (I actually like to be thorough in my tutorials but that's 10 minutes I don't want to spend on something like this) but if it really is so easy they should be able to figure it out on their own without any guidance besides what program to use

fucking everyone has to be a smartass nowadays

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