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Share Your Desktop Backgrounds!


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The first thread was very very old, and this made me not amused, as I wanted to share my background but then found I couldn't due to the first thread being on page 5(!!!). So I decided to make another thread with this, as the first one was successful until it well, died. Spoiler your images to avoid page stretch!

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Did you make that yourself? Because that's awesome.

Oh, I really wish I did. I'm not that artistically talented, or graphically talented if you want to call it that instead.

It was made from a guy called RETROnoob on DeviantArt.

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Oh hai Windows XP. I haven't seen you in a while :D

[spoiler=Image for this desktop was taken while I was driving through the Black Belt areas of Alabama]20i87l.png

The image was supposed to be 1680 x 1050, but TinyPic scaled it down >_>

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Some of you may recognize this wallpaper:


Notice the edits:


Heehee yup and I wanted to use it too~

I have a slideshow thingy for mine and also set it to shuffle. So I have multiple pics to post!

I actually only just found this one this morning~



I still think my signature's just too cute x3 So I tried cutting it down to mainly that part of the huge huge image so it wouldn't look too weird~


At first I was just trying to find a picture where I could see all their outfits and weapons at once! But then I decided it would be a nice wallpaper as well =3


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