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Rate the DLC Unit Day #11: Celica


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By request. . .Catria gets a 4.4 unbiased and 5.0 biased. I don't know what day it is, so. . .

EDIT: Carter - your bias score was reduced to 6, since 1 bias point can be added/subtracted, max.


You want a rallybot? This is your gal! She gets Rally Strength, and can pick up whatever else your heart desires (including Rally Heart). Catria is dodgier than Palla. . .and Palla beats the crap out of her in everything else. I think it should be obvious which sister I prefer~!

6/10 (+1 bias included because Palla~!)

EDIT THE SECOND: 24-hour extension on Palla - after that, MY SCORE IS THE ONLY SCORE. BWAHAHAHAHAHA~!

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