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Mafia Headquarters V4


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On 12/19/2017 at 6:41 AM, Euklyd said:

SUP NERDS (and maflords, but mostly nerds)

Why do you still play mafia on Serenes Forest Dot Net™? Is it for the community? The shitposts? The dank memes? The incredible role balance? Is it simply that everyone else fucking sucks at the game? Or, as I have increasingly come to suspect, is it because thanks to the site update nearly a year ago, it's impossible to ISO anyone on the latest versions of Invision """Power""" Boards™?


In the interest of killing SF NOC forum mafia once and for all, the @Makaze@Euklyd@fak_ename AXIS OF MAFLORDS is — with the guidance of our great and venerable teacher Lord "Five-Star Hero" Gaius-chan-san-sama-senpai-san-sama-san-chan-san-sempai-chan (he deserves all the credit tbqh) — removing the last and greatest of these reasons! No more can you coast on lack of ability to ISO in order to avoid thoroughly casing obvious scum! Let a new golden age of wallposts dawn on this godforsaken forum game!!!


  Reveal hidden contents


  Reveal hidden contents


Full process:

  Reveal hidden contents




  Reveal hidden contents

"Well, there goes my evil plan to ruin SF forever and save mafia." —Jyosua

"Well, there goes my evil plan to ruin SF forever and rule mafia forever with my cum meta." — Big Bad "Hitler" Marshmallow

"this is some slick stuff" — rukluf

"but makaze is it possible to do this other improvement" — Lord "Five-Star Hero" Gaius

"tired of sf being total shit? try this!" — whalemer

"god fuck javascript and ipb" — everyone involved

Script: https://gist.github.com/Makaze/e4c7fd43e0d3dcffd46043e2eae553b5

(Use TamperMonkey, like for previous MakazeScripts.)

New update takes you to the first post of the page after navigating to a new page or adding a new player to the ISO (instead of staying at your current scroll on a different page).

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