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Awakening Birthday Thread!


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It seems like this is a thing that isn't going to die, so I'm going to officialize it! Essentially, I think you guys would be better served by a single fire-and-forget place to put HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKI I GOT A LOG etc posts in.

SO in this thread we wish people happy birthdays and yell about what happy things we got for peoples' birthdays!

I might put a schedule of birthdays for people to celebrate in here later but for now, be HAPPY.

btw in case you're confused "be happy" means "negativity is literally outlawed as of 11.12.13"

2    January    Gaius
11   January    Say'ri
21   January    Severa
27   January    Gregor
9    February   Priam
12   February   Miriel
22   February   Brady
28   February   Tiki
6    March      Lissa
14   March      Yarne
16   March      Gangrel
29   March      Nah
2    April      Tharja
14   April      Maribelle
20   April      Lucina
25   April      Laurent
5    May        Morgan
14   May        Cynthia
23   May        Ricken
27   May        Chrom
4    June       Donnel
11   June       Anna
16   June       Stahl
24   June       Kellam
1    July       Libra
7    July       Cordelia
15   July       Owain
23   July       Yen'fay
7    August     Inigo
13   August     Basilio
20   August     Olivia
26   August     Frederick
1    September  Gerome
14   September  Walhart
21   September  Nowi
29   September  Kjelle
7    October    Noire
10   October    Lon'qu
17   October    Cherche
28   October    Flavia
3    November   Aversa
13   November   Henry
18   November   Panne
24   November   Sumia
5    December   Sully
10   December   Virion
23   December   Emmeryn
26   December   Vaike
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Wow, I have the same birthday as Priam blink.gif

And I'm NOT wishing a good birthday to Gangrel, hell no!

I wished him a happy birthday and still hate him. :D okay, maybe 'dislike' is more the word since he DID get knocked off his high horse and fell into the pit.

Well he DID give me an Eliwood's Blade after all...

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