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Awakening Birthday Thread!


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He's like 3 days before my own birthday?! But pre happy birthday to Nah! In my file, your daddy is Lon'qu!

I was gonna ask an off-topic question of how you guys got their birthdays, but then I just found it on the site... hah... How were the birthdays obtained anyway?

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Nah, why did you gain +30 EXP when you had 89 EXP this always happens. "OTL At least I got a Katarina's Bolt to make up for it.

It's probably the same reason why folks get a critical when they don't need it. XD

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im not sure if anyone has done it today but....


sorry Nowi gave you such a stupid name...

*gets a Tree Branch*

on second thought... maybe that name suits you.....

"Nah, you ain't gettin no good items from me brah"

Me: dammit why u troll me Nah!? D:

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I got a reeking Box in my first MU file. :facepalm:

Now, to recruit her in my current file.

Ephraim's Lance in the other one. Better.

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Today I spent all day capping all of Nah's stats in every class. Aptitude helps.

She also ended up getting married ((sorta)).

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