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I am sorry


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Greeting humans, I am SSL01, and before anything I must make a reintroduction and an apology...

For the past months I have been thinking about my last thread and post here and my actions there, I regret everything what I've said. I would like for the admins if they have the power to, for them to please delete those posts and my previous ones ever since the beginning. I would like to start fresh here, and for no one to think ill of me anymore. I have 0 intentions of hurting anyone and their mothers, as well as to throw temper tantrums on videos of whatever duration, you are all free to think what you want of something and that is fine, more power to you.

That being said, I am SuperSonicLucario01, real name John, age 16, currently on high school and my Fire Emblem experience is only lacking on Fates, Thracia 776 and Genealogy of the Holy War Gen 2. I have played at least once every single game besides those 3 and I also have other interests like Pokemon, Megaman, Kirby, Final Fntasy and Zelda mostly.

Hope to enjoy my time here and to get along well.

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