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Let me draw your avatar!


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I'm still waiting for my copy of Fates to arrive, and since I don't know what to do with myself and I haven't been drawing enough lately, I'm offering to draw people's Avatars, just for fun.

So please post an image of your Kamui or the settings for the customizer (yeah that one) if you'd like me to draw them! FEA Robins are also welcome. I'm not really up for drawing other characters for now though.

For example, here is my BR Kamui, Kaede:


...and my friend's Robin, Rona:


I know it's not much, but it's just for fun! Little doodles in different styles. Feel free to request specifics, like expressions or poses or whatever. I'll see what I can do! I'm also doing this because I enjoy seeing other people's Kamuis and hearing about them.

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Can I request my Awakening Avatar? Basically my profile image. Most preferably including the Dark Knight armour in place of the shirt and trousers (keep the coat though). If I can request a specific pose, I'd quite like the Thunder Charging animation Robin has in Smash Bros. and if I could request specific details, I'd like the Book of Naga for the tome and Mercurius for the Sword.

If you want the recipe in the Character creator for better reference it's:

Build 1

Face 4

Hair 4

Hair Colour 9

Thanks. =)

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Sounds like fun!
I would love to see my avatar being drawn... :^_^:

Here is an image of my avatar's build:

Should I give my avatar some backstory?
I'm currently finishing up my Birthright savefile, his name is Tijl and right now he is a very skillfull dread fighter. My unit mainly uses swords/katanas, unlike his daughter Kana who specializes into dragonstones. Oh, and my unit is married to Anna, so I guess he values his shiny appearance? While very composed in normal situations, he is quite the terror on the battlefield.

Thanks in advance!

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This sounds like it could be fun.
Can I make a request for my awakening avatar (same as my profile pic).

If you need a larger image then here


As for pose could I request that he be reading a tome and have a bow strapped to his back instead of having a sword if that's not to much of a hassle

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Let my join the fun, is a great idea here is my Avatar.

Male build 1.

Face 2.

Hair color 20.

Facial 7.

Name: Sieghart.

Class: Norh noble.

Pose: i would like grandmaster victory pose.

And my family:

Wife: Selena, class: swordmaster.

Daughter: Kanna class: Norh noble.

Thanks =)

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Here is my avatar. I'm just gonna copy-paste his info if any are interested in reading it. As for a request, all I ask is that he is drawn with a deep scowl on his face—seldom is he seen with a look of genuine joy on his face.

It should be noted that most in the spoiler section is for a head!canon AU Kamui. Still, I use the model for when I'm playing the game.

EDIT: If not too much trouble, I'd like to request he be in the Malig Knight costume (w/ a red shawl if colored) as well.

[spoiler=Character Info]Name: Canicus (Nohrian name); Kagutsuchi (Real name)

Birthday: August 12
Age: 19 years old
Retainer(s): Jakob, Silas and Shura
Significant Other(s): N/A
Class: Malig Knight
Route: Nohr
Canicus is described to be an unsociable and aloof individual, often seen with a sharp, sneering scowl marring his features. When not staved off by his searing glares, he deters those brave enough to speak to him with curt, blunt words, full of condescension and scorn. Despite this, Canicus is noted to have an indescribable magnetic charm that can captivate many—but he is more than likely to drive off anyone foolish enough to approach him.
He can be a rather impatient young man that often has trouble recognizing the smaller aspects, sometimes making quick, shallow decisions based on a moment. As well, he is ill-tempered and domineering, taking distinct glee from seeing another broken before him. Combined with his competitive and vengeful nature, it makes for a rather unrelenting person that will become fixated on a problem or slight until it is rectified in a way that he prefers.
Canicus is a surprisingly deliberate individual, manipulative and intent when he has his sights set. He is knowledgeable on many subjects due to studying, observing and his draconic heritage amplifying his comprehension and understanding. While he is not as tactically or strategically inclined, he prides himself on his martial strength and physical abilities. When leading his troops into battle, he takes on a more level-headed and composed persona, demanding absolute obedience from his subordinates. However, when in the midst of chaotic battle, he becomes consumed in the fighting, growing savage and uncontrollable—focused on proving his superiority and prowess over his peers and enemies alike.
Beneath his cruel and seemingly conceited mask, Canicus is a rather fragile, insecure and lonely person, afraid of being tossed away or betrayed by those close to his heart—mainly his three retainers. He clings to them desperately, attached to them with severe possessiveness and dependency. He grows agitated when they are too far from his side and is often plagued by thoughts of being separated from them in any manner; Canicus struggles with abandonment and often has trouble expressing exactly how thankful is of their presence. Despite seldom being able to say the words he wishes to say, their bond is adamantine, unbreakable by any.
-He is voiced by Crispin Freeman.
-His Nohrian name is of Latin origins and means "born of fire."
-His favorite fruit are peaches. Once a year, he sends Shura on a journey to secure a crate of them from Hoshido.
-He knows how to play the shamisen from his time in Hoshido. While in Nohr, he learned to play the piano.
-The only people within Nohr that know his true name are his retainers and Garon.
-He has an aversion to women due to the childless concubines of Garon attempting to use him for their own gain during the ongoing Concubine Wars.
-He has canines that are longer than the average person's. His fingernails and toenails grow at an abnormal rate.
-He still cries at night for his mother.

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Well, I'm not sure whether to add my more "OC" Avatar or my Self-Insert Avatar...

Eh screw it. Let's go with the OC. I'll draw my own eventually anyways.


She doesn't actually have a name. I went with Corn when I made her but didn't expect to like her as much as I did.

[spoiler=Characterization Stuff]

Corn, or whatever her name will be, is an extremely angry person. She gets peeved by just about anything. Felicia attempted to make breakfast? Things get broken.

She was supposed to marry Laslow, although I had to marry her to Keaton for gameplay reasons. Damn you Selena, you made Laslow look worthless compared to you!

As for a pose... I'm not really sure. Perhaps bringing the Axe down on her foes as she tends to do.

Would you be up to drawing her in the Blacksmith class from Fates? I have some reference pictures from in-game.

The class itself is symmetrical aside from the Katanas at the back. The things at her waist are a hammer and tongs on each side.



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Here's my currently-used one, Cavvy. Not much else to say.


EDIT: Oh, wait, I should mention, I mainly use Dark Knight, so try to draw him using that class if possible.

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Today is turning out to be a lot busier than I originally thought, so I'm not being as productive as I'd like to, but I'll make a few more later.

@Light Strategist !!



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Can I request my Awakening Avatar too?

She's a Grandmaster, with Mjolnir and Alm's blade, and if I can request a pose i'd like Male Morgan's concept pose (Attachment to help) with Mjolnir hanging on her hip?

If you want the recipe in the Character creator for better reference it's:


Build 3

Face 1

Hair 2

Hair Colour 3

Thank you in advance! ^^


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Today is turning out to be a lot busier than I originally thought, so I'm not being as productive as I'd like to, but I'll make a few more later.

@Light Strategist !!



Oh! Wow! That's incredible! Thank you! ^-^ You have my gratitude!

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If you would care to do one more (it's fine if you don't want to - it's a lot of work for all of these)


This is my PMU Corrin - "Bob". She ended up becoming a Strategist, so a mounted sorceror. I don't mind if it is in colour or not, because again that'd be a lot of work if you'd want to do this one. :D I don't mind about the pose either, but maybe in the Strategist clothes? :O

I know how it feels to work as an artist - except I can't draw, only write.

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Not sure if you're still taking this, but my Fates' Avatar:


Favored Class: Dark Knight, from his Mage talent

Male Build 2 (more mature male)

Face 1

Hair 10

Hair Color 30 (brown)

Default Expression

He most commonly is a Dark Knight, preferentially using Tomes, with swords (Omega Yato in particular) as a back-up weapon.

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Thank you all!! I'll try to make as many as I can, first come first serve order, for the next few days. I think there's plenty for me to do already, s for the time being I won't be accepting any new requests!

@Masterthunderblade: here is a dad & daughter family portrait :)


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You don't have to do my avatar if the workload is too much for you, but here's a description of her.


Build 1

Face 1

Hair 10

Hair Colour 30

Butterfly hair clip

Class: Nohr Noble

Hubby: Leo (of course XD)

EDIT: Nevermind. You totally ninja'd me there. Didn't see your post till after I posted. :/

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Nice drawing and all, but wouldn't this topic belong in the Creative section instead of here? Just saying...

I thought of that as well, but I asked around I was told it could also go here (since I'm mostly focusing on Kamuis.) The corresponding creative section was not very active and I'm kind of relying on user requests here, so I need people to actually see the thread before I can post anything. I was also aiming for it to be a thread for people to share their Avatars and discuss them.

I'm happy to relocate if I'm breaking forum guidelines, though. Can a thread be moved without deleting it?

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Here's mine, Dakota Waterstone Vendelgate of Nohr, from Dakota's War Journal, my LP/Rewrite of fates.

One thing though... her personality is... visibly different from that of the canon protagonist. She's far more intelligent but also a little bit insane. She's flamboyant, blunt and very cunning. Basically, the reason why I'm bringing this up is that none of the default facial expressions in the game apply to her. But honestly her character is complicated to describe and I wouldn't want to burden you at all, so honestly I'd be happy with just a picture of her in the Nohr Noble class, wielding the Shadow Yato and looking like she means business.

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I guess could you draw mine?

The builds are:

Female Build 2

Face 1

Hair 3

Hair Color 27



Oh, and if possible, could you do it with her as the Nohr Noble class?

And I guess holding the Omega Yato.

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I'm starting to worry that you've got too many requests already, but in case you finish the others with your hands intact, feel free to draw my Awakening avatar.


Tactician class+ Tome, or Priest/Sage/War Monk+ Staff would be awesome.

Thank you! :Nino:

Edit: Oh wait I didn't read your earlier post. Sorry! I'll just leave this here in case you do find time.

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I'm going to wait until everyone's done to even think requesting a draw. besides I see you had requests closed anyway at the time.

You have a really cute style, it looks familiar. Do you have a Tumblr?

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