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The Ultimate Unit for each class


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Hello,Serenes Forest Community

I decided to replay Revalations again due to me accidentally deleting my first save and then I decide to use 1 unit from each class!

Here is the list:

The Samurai's:





The Flyer's:








The Healer's:










The Ninja's:





The Archer's:



Reina{I personally dislike reina}







The Cavalier's:




Gunter is horrible



The Spear Masters:



The Mages:








The Armored Knight's:




The Mercanaries:




The Beast's:





The Fighter/Oni Savage




Your Friend,Zahr/Sera

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Samurai: Ryoma

Flier: Subaki

Healer: Azama

Ninja: Saizo

Archer: Kiragi

Cavalier: Xander

Spear Master: Shiro (personally better as Swordmaster)

Mage: Leo

Armoured Knight: Ignatius

Mercenary: Laslow

Beast: Selkie


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Ryoma (or Hisame depending on his mom and you really don't want to use Ryoma)

Felicia (With that Mag stat, of course!)

Saizo (Too well rounded to not use)




Leo (other mages I found to fell behind in my game.... Then again Leo is currently the only unit with stats that add up to 200+)



Selkie or Velouria

Arthur or Charlotte (Arthur because defences are better, but I do have a good build on Charlotte)

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I put them into devisions because i want to use their default classes,this will make my pair ups a little harder because I want be doing optimal pairings but I will have to adjust.

Arthur I'm sorry you can't hit even if your life depended on it, Charlotte on the other hand CRITS FOR DAYS MAKE IT RAIN CRITS...

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Arthur I'm sorry you can't hit even if your life depended on it, Charlotte on the other hand CRITS FOR DAYS MAKE IT RAIN CRITS...

Funny you say that, because Charlotte also can't hit the broad side of a barn. She'll make it rain, all right... Unfortunately, it won't be what you want it to rain.

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I put them into devisions because i want to use their default classes,this will make my pair ups a little harder because I want be doing optimal pairings but I will have to adjust.

Arthur I'm sorry you can't hit even if your life depended on it, Charlotte on the other hand CRITS FOR DAYS MAKE IT RAIN CRITS...

lol its raining men XD

.... and crits...

My charlotte build currently has: Pavise, Aegis, Quixotic, Lifetaker and Tomebreaker. She has a Berserker's Axe, Killer Axe and Aurgelmir. I'm trying to raise her resistance by making her Dread fighter for a bit.

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This list doesn't take the 2nd Gen into account, as there's just way too much variance in how different kids perform based on their mother. I'm also assuming little to no grinding (I.E. DLC or Challenges), since if you do allow it, everyone is viable. Finally, this is primarily focused on the main game, as PVP is an entirely different ballgame.

Samurai: Ryoma (Ougi/10.)
Flier: Camilla (Basically no contest here. However, running only 1 Flyer isn't super recommended, as most of them are quite good.)
Healer: Sakura/Elise (Really depends on how much availability matters to you. I prefer Elise's personal though)
Ninja: Saizo/Kaze (Saizo turns out better, Kaze has an availability lead)
Archer: Takumi (No real contest unless you go with Archer!Mozu)
Cavalier: Xander (Though Rev Silas isn't bad)
Spear Master: Oboro (though she is the only one)
Mage: Leo/Hayato (Both turn out well. Hayato has great bases on Rev and makes a killer Oni Chieftain, while Leo has a mount, DV Access and his prf Tome)
Knight: Benny (He's immediately usable in Rev w/o Grinding. Effie? Not so much.)
Mercenary: Selena
Beast: Keaton
Fighter: Rinkah/Charlotte (You basically pick one, have them buddy the other and run Deathblow and Gamble as a Berserker. Pretty fun.)

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Besides the fact Mozu wins in all categories...

-Ryoma, even without the Raijinto.

-Camilla/Hinoka, both are really good.

-Sakura/Elise, both are very good, they fill different niches.

-Kagero, Kaze has meh damage output and Saizo is a bit too average for me.

-Takumi, even without the Fujin Yumi.

-Peri, she has the most potential, especially with Galeforce. Xander has Speed issues way too often to be good without Siegfried.

-Oboro (Is there even a doubt about this one?)

-Ophelia, since even without bias she's broken as hell.

-Benny. I've fallen in love with this massive wall recently, and he single-handedly exterminated the entire Kitsune race with just a Spear with a shield on it and a red fleshrending stick.

-Selena, because bias. Although, even with 55% Defense in her base class, she gets RNG screwed pretty often in the stat from my experiences.

-Velouria, because jesus she completely outclasses her dad once she gets going.

-Rinkah because I have an opinion, and it's that she's actually really good.

Also imo Arthur is meh at best, while Charlotte is Pair-Up fodder for Xander.

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Samurai: Ryoma

Flier: Hinoka

Healer: Sakura

Archer: Takumi (I don't have a Hoshido bias I swear! The game, on the other hand...)

Ninja: Saizo

Cavalier: Xander

Spear Fighter: Shiro (overall pretty much Ryoma 2.0 but no need for regalia to be such)

Mage: Rhajat

Knight: Ignatius

Mercenary: Soleil

Beast: Keaton

Fighter: Charlotte

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If you wanna have Arthur hit, Either Certain Blow or, like I said, Vangaurd him as soon as you can.

...Or you could Cavalier him, and BTW, his boon is skill, so as a Vanguard/Hero/Padalin he'll hit more often. Much more.

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So I have decided the final squad is going to include:

Saizo {Kaze is too weak,Kagero is really good but if gets hit will immediatly die}

Hinoka{She is a great tank with guard naginata and is a back up physic to heal anybody

Elise {although she is my main healer in every Rev run she won't need the flying mobilty as physic exists and her magic is good so she will reach}

Takumi no regrets there

Benny{Ignatius's growths are bad compared to benny with only having 15% more spd which is still bad and more luck}

Oboro{Much better than Shiro interms of growths}

Silas{Alot earlier has speed only 5% str away from xander not bad}

Ophelia{I personally have a bias towards Ophelia she is really good}

Selena{Personally afraid to use her}

Velouria{outclasses Keaton}

Charlotte[Death Blow,Gamble,Killer Axe With Rinkah Plus being a berserker as Avalanche suggested}

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[spoiler=The Samurai's]

Ryoma - very good, Raijinto makes him even better

Hinata - bad spd growth, not my favorite swordmaster

Hana - very good, high spd, giver her a sunrise katana(and maybe a breaker or two) and you have a great dodger

Hisame - haven't used much, so no opinion yet


Hinoka - decent, I find her better as a spear master, but just my preference.

Subaki - pretty good, good def growth for a sky knight.

Caeldori - better than Subaki, very good

Shigure - haven't used him a lot, but i know he is a good rally bot.

Camilla - Camilla is just OP. early recruit, a prepromote with good stats and growths, so she is really good.

Beruka - beruka gets decent def, so she is decent

Percy - Percy can be a tank, depends on is mother, but he can be good


Sakura - very good healer, you get her early, so she works great.

Azama - better as a fighter unit, his mag growth is low

Felicia - very good. You get her(or Jakob is female) early on, so she has a lot of room to grow, and good magic growth.

Flora - haven't used much, so no opinion.

Elise - very good, another early unit that has a lot of mag growth.

Dwyer - haven't used much yet, but depending on parent he is a better fighter or healer.

Mitama - haven't used much as a healer, i've reclassed her because she inherited dad's high str

Forrest - haven't used much, but should be a good healer

Jakob - better fighter with his higher str over mag


Kaze - high spd and res, so a really good mag killer

Saizo - high def and skl, so he is bulky and strong. I really liked using him, it was fun using a tanky ninja.

Kagero - did not use much, but she had a high str, so a good attacker.

Asugi - haven't used much, but depends on mother to determine role.


Takumi - high skl and str, and Fujin Yumi, so he is OP

Setsuna - high Spd and Skl, so she is one of my favorite archers

Reina{I personally dislike reina} - haven't used much, so no opinion(i don't use corrin-sexuals in main game)

Midori - haven't used much, but she can be very powerful because of her PS. little miss money maker.

Anna - haven't used much

Shura - don't use

Kiragi - haven't used much, but depends on parent.

Nina - pretty good, high mag, spd, and res, a great Shining Bow user

Niles - high Res and Spd, in Conquest he is my mage killer with a Dual Yumi, he can also make a great sniper


Xander - low sod, high def. if he did not have Siegfried, not sure how good he would be.

Silas - a very good mounted unit, more balanced stats all around, so he is decent.

Siegbert - haven't used much, but depends on parent

Gunter is horrible - agreed, he is bad.

Sophie - sophie is very good, depends on parent, but she is great.

Peri - peri starts out weak(low def) but making her a GK fixes that mostly.

[spoiler=Spear Masters]

Oboro - Oboro has a high def, so she does quite well.

Shiro - depends on parent, haven't used him much


Hayato - Hayato gets pretty good if you work on him for a while

Orochi - Very high mag, so she can become very powerful.

leo - I really like Leo, Brynhildr does a lot of killing with Leo

Odin - one of my favorite charcters, he may not seem like that good, but as a Grandmaster or a Dark Knight he does great.

Nyx - a solid glass cannon, high Mag but super weak Def. She can attack but not take an hits

Rhajat - haven't used much, but typically has a high Mag and Res.

Ophelia - Very good, almost OP. Depends on mother, but she can excel very well!


Effie - high Str, i personally did not like her as a knight, so i reclassed her to a Berserker. I felt that Berserker fit her better

Benny - very good, he gets really high Def, so he does amazing work for me.

Ignatius - haven't used much, depends on parent.


Soleil - haven't used much

Laslow - decent, he can work well as a rally bot because of PS

Selena - decent, she has high Skl, so she could proc skills left and right.


Kaden - high spd and res, good against mages

Keaton - high def and Str, good tank

Selkie - better that Kaden, super high spd. giver her breakers and you can dodge for days.

Velouria - better than Keaton, super Def and Str with decent Spd. She is powerful!

[spoiler=Fighters (Base axe classes)]

Rinkah - didn't use much

Arthur - can become very good if you train him, high skl with decent Str and Def.

Charlotte - Did not use much due to her lower skl and hit rate, but I know she can become a Crit machine.

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It said somewhere that Laslow is better in Str, Skl, Spd, and Lck. Selena is only better is Def and Res, and Mag, not too bad though if with a true crit master *cough* Ryoma *cough*.

I agree with this except Selena is most definitely better in speed. She has 60% speed growth and Laslow has 45%. Both of them are pretty much required for the ideal Mercenary experience (so are Hana and Hinata for Samurai until Ryoma comes around), which is why I chose Soleil as my best Mercenary. She also has great strength growths, the highest all children pre-inheritance I think.

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