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Weekly Special Map Preference Poll

Grand Hero Battle or Bond Hero Battle  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you all prefer Grand Hero Battle and its reruns, or the Bond Hero Battle?

    • I'd prefer a guaranteed good unit than rerolling from the summon pool , so I'd prefer Grand Hero Battle.
    • Orbs are versatile, so I prefer the Bond Hero Battle
    • Why can't we have both?

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Seems a bit soon to assume they're replacing them entirely, don't you think?

I'm fine with them so long as the reruns go back into rotation eventually. Love me some orbs. Also love me some heroes. maybe it can be an every other GHB thing. GHB, rerun, GHB, BHB etc etc

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I don't think we're supposed to "prefer" Bound Hero Battles. It's just a weekly filler for when they run out of GHB units to give us. Similar to how GHB re-runs buy them the time they need to get good artwork, good voicework, and a balanced character concept ready to distribute. As for what I'd prefer: 8 orbs or a new character, I definitely prefer the new character. The 3 star pool of characters is not increasing, and may never increase so far as we know. So it feels good to have a guarantee of something new to play with every so often. Even re-runs add to my pool of skills to distribute. 

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To be honest I think this was the worst time to introduce BHBs.  The first month long summer banner and no GHBs means we only get 1 new hero after the newest banner for a whole month.  

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10 minutes ago, JSND said:

Need more Ursula



More Ursla and Lloyd so I can get them to +10 for my four fangs team.


I also just don't think 9 orbs is better than GHBs.  I mean, that's literally two summons.  The odds of having 5* from 2 summons at 6.00% chance of getting a 5* is like 10%.  The odds of getting a good 5* are obviously much lower.  Additionally, with GHBs we now get 2,000 hero feathers for infernal which is pretty significant.  Considering how much game content can be done just with the 'free units', I'd rather have GHBs.

edit:  And actually, at 2,000 hero feathers ten GHBs is a guaranteed 5* through promotions.  

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Both are good, and to be honest I'd prefer if IS keeps the BHB when the Tempest Trials take place, last time the Zephiel GHB re-run annoyed me to no end because it was a waste of stamina when I was trying to keep a consistent score. With the BHB I'd only lose a few orbs if I don't do them, with the GHB I lose a good unit.


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