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Fixing your least favorite/ favorite Character


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I'm not sure if it's been done here but basically, fix your favorite/ least favorite character.

With me, Fates has so much potential and no one shows this off better to me than Anthony.


So basically Chapter 19 plays out like it did originally, but you gain him as a green unit and he's actually got some really good stats for him being an umpromoted unit and can be promoted right away since he's about Level 15. Chapter 19 ends like usual but Chapter 20 is a lot different. Chapters 20 and 21 shorten the Parent arc down and the Nohrian siblings get a moment with Garon. Chapter 22 is Chapter 20, and afterwards Anthony explains what happens with Scarlet and is actually more help than he was in the original and is shown more to be a guide than someone who wants you dead. The rest of the game minus 25 and 26 is more world building. The whole Scarlet thing is in 25 and 26 is the real kicker.

Anthony attempts to try and kill all of you at the same time, and then reveals he was Anankos diguised in order to kill the group and Anthony had been long dead like the parents and he goes through a transformation like Berkut did in Echoes. Whatever stats Anthony had before have been capped and he has Luna, Sol and whatever offensive skills he had. Basically if you gave him Lethality, that's kind of a bad idea. After the battle, Anthony is reverted back and he apologizes for doing that, and wishes he could be of more help. With his final breath, he manages to weaken Anankos who's at an insane level of difficulty to a more manageable fight and gives Corrin the Omega Yato.


This ended more as a rewrite of Fates but I think Anthony being such a crud character was due to fates story.

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i feel like most people's favorite characters won't really need "fixing"

maybe "improving" would be a better word

since I doubt most people would have really major issues with their favorite characters

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12 minutes ago, unique said:

i feel like most people's favorite characters won't really need "fixing"

maybe "improving" would be a better word

since I doubt most people would have really major issues with their favorite characters

The favorite characters was a last minute add on because I like Anthony, but he has a lot of flaws that could've been fixed with better writing 

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For me I suppose the easy answer would be to make Corrin a villain. I mean, Conquest has plenty of infuriating moments that could easily be fixed. But even so, what would the story even be about? Even ignoring all the things that makes Corrin utterly repulsive, all this does is to leave a story where Corrin is forced to do bad things. He would just be a victim.

I think the Hoshidian side of Conquest's story would make for much better drama: The lost son coming back as an enemy. I mean, just look at it from Hinoka's perspective: Your baby sibling gets kidnapped when you are just a child. This event shapes your entire life as you try to gain the strength necessary to bring him back. Then one day your hard earned strength is called upon to protect your country... from the very person you dedicated your life to. The love for your brother vs the responsibilities of your status. The guilt of allowing things to come to this point vs the need of your people. I think that would be good stuff.

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I kinda wish they fleshed out more on the fact that Owain is a prince. He kinda just gets tossed around for his theatrics. Hell he even has the brand of Naga.

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I think Florina might benefit from having a reason for her fear of men to allude to. As it is, she's just naturally shy, which, while I can accept it (as a shy person myself), is perhaps not quite as realistic as having a catalyst- naturally shy people don't really try to hide the way she does.

Tana... she's childish and that's something I like about her, but maybe if she was more confident?

Clair... I'm tempted to say 'pair her with Alm', but Gray's not that bad a match... maybe make her early supports with him not so standoffish?

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Fixing least favorites: 

Peri: Remove her as Xander's retainer and instead make her join the retainer team of Garon. Her biggest problem is that she drags down Corrin and Xander who don't mind her behavior while condemning the same behavior in Iago and Hans. The obvious solution is to take her away from those two and make her join her fellow mass murderers. Only once those two are dealt with do Corrin and Xander see that Peri is a terribly raised  and traumatized little girl, and decide to take care of her. Then lots of support rewritings where they actually do try to raise Peri properly. 

Garon: Either have real Garon be an activate participant in the plot who is killed and replaced much later so we can see him chance or have Gooron actually pretend to be Garon for once. 

Panne: Give more detail about the Tagual extermination. As of now its only brought up once and resolved in the same scene. Thanks to this extremely low detail Panne lacks the justification of a character like Lethe and as such Panne's hostility just comes off as her being a jerk. 

Improving favorites:

Azelle: More screentime in general would do him good but he especially needs to have a scene with his brother. Azelle's death should also have more of an impact on Arvis because him honestly loving the ones he loves very much is his main redeeming factor. 

Tormod: Either have him do something during the big war between his best friend and the people he devoted his life to or give a very good reason for him not to do anything.

Hardin: I think it would have been better if Hardin got some of the scenes Malledus had as Marth's adviser. He is introduced as very capable, someone who would have been just as likely a leader as Marth and New mystery implied he indeed had a lot of prominence in the war. Having him advise and guide rookie Marth would be a good way to get this across. It would also make Hardin's fall more meaningful.

Pent: Have him appear in binding blade as an archsage. 

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Least liked:

Camilla: tone down the Corrin worship, expand on the whole mistresses killing each other thing and its effect on her mental state.  And fix her wardrobe

Tharja: Get rid of the whole "used her kid as a guinea pig" thing, and make her less obsessed with Robin for no real reason. And fix her wardrobe

Peri: Make her not Xander's retainer.  It's completely out of character for him to hire a psycho to protect him.  Actually, just get rid of her, her behavior shouldn't fly anywhere in the army.  I can't think of a way that she could fit in without a huge moral disconnect.

Robin/Kris/Ike: Make them less worshipped and perfect.  And remove Ike from FE10 entirely so the whole game can be a Micaiah show.

Corrin: Actually make note of their flaws as flaws, and have him/her develop out of them.  That is the basic gist, but in all honesty we're all aware that to truly fix Corrin we need to tear the entrity of the plot down to the root and make it not-stupid.



Wolt: Expand more on his childhood with Roy.  

Roy: Expand more on how the stress he's under is affecting him, in a show way.  We know he's a bit depressed (he says as much to Shanna in their support, and Sue could pretty much tell just by looking at him), but not much really comes of it anywhere.

Micaiah: Bye bye Blood Pact, don't force her to fight.  Also, make the entire game about her, don't let her get overshadowed by Gary Ike and Yune.

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Least favourite:

1. Gonzales: Fix his skill growth..dude can be a pain to use for a long time. Of course, Axe users in general have a hard time in FE6 so I guess that counts as well.

2. Arden: Unfortunately, fixing him is pointless since FE4 has huge maps and generals have very poor movement. However, giving good skill inheritance might compensate for his flaws.

3. Guy: Guy is...alright but nothing awesome like Rutger or even Lon'qu. Only thing needs to be fixed is his overall character I guess.

4. Roy: Fix his late promotion and his lame personality. Also, fix his promotion as well(Seriously, why can't this guy ride a horse?)

5. Wolt: Fix his terrible base stats..and his supports as well.

Favourite character:

1. Lyn: Should get good base stats at lv 1 like nearly any lord.

2. Raven: Needs support conversations with Hector.

3. Lillina: Needs higher skill, speed and resistance growth. An item that can level up her staff rank faster can also help as that 30 magic rescue and warp can be so fun and rewarding.

4. Rutger: A support that needs him to stop being anti-sociable.


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least liked:
Peri: I'd just remove her entirely or change her personality completely, but then Peri would't be Peri anymore. So instead my solution would be to change everyone around her. Xander did't make her his retainer because of her skill, but rather because he felt bad for her. Xander employs Peri so he can help her become a normal person and he holds her on a very tight leash. Both he and Corrin give her a strict no killing innocents/allies ultimatum and Peri actually does her best to keep that promise. 

Awakening Trio:I'd have Anakos actually mention why a larper, a mood swinger and a flirt where summoned to go on a world saving adventure. I have no reason to believe those 3 where the best choice for the job since the game never gives us a good reason. They're fine soldiers, but they lack Kjelle's strenght, Laurent's intelligence or Lucina's leadership skills so why did Anakos not just call them?

I'd also not make them retainers of the Nohr siblings. Only Lazwald  worked, but I think it was still a waste to turn them into retainers. They have no history with the siblings or the other retainers so there's nothing to expand upon. Just make them mercenaries working in secret at the task Anakos gave them.

Roy: Roy does a good job at being a competent lord, but the bare bones, by the book story doesn't spend much time with Roy as a person. Eliwood is now more then a plot devise so why not use him? Roy not being around while his father is very ill and might be at risk of dying could have its effect on Roy. Giving Wolt and Lilina similar roles as Grey/Tobin or Boey/Mae could also work since that gives him plenty of time to talk with his friends.

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Least favorite - Kris. Make him/her less relevant to the plot (this applies to almost all of the MU characters), let them play a more minor role and just let the main lord do their thing. Kris has a tendency to steal the spotlight from Marth a lot and the game tries way too hard to make him/her perfect, no more of that. Same with Robin and Corrin and any future MUs.

Favorite - Elincia. Let her be more involed in PoR, she barely does anything. She should have been playable much earlier and I wish we could have gotten to see more of the game through her point of view as well. I really want to see her grow as a character throughout the game, rather then just wait until Part 2 of RD. Also make her more playable in RD. She's playable for 4 fucking chapters in that game, WTF! (Not counting the Endgame)

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I'll do one from each game I've played...  And I'll encourage everyone else to try to do the same.

Fix the Leasts

  • Matthis (SD): Okay, he's an easy target, but he's more an example.  There's a lot of characters in this game, so a good chunk of the cast are technically "leasts".  Two remedies: either get rid of a good chunk of the cast as they're redundant as hell or make it so you have to use them (e.g. multiple armies a la Sacred Stones, Gaiden, or Fates).  Then we can talk about improving individual characters.
  • Marisha (Mystery): I count Mystery Book 2/New Mystery's new characters separately from Shadow Dragon's roster.  I don't really hate any characters Mystery added, but I liked Marisha the least.  She just wasn't as appealing as some of the newbie knights or the orphans.  The way to improve Marisha would be to give her a bit more personality, primarily by making her supports not so dominated by her crushing on Marth.
  • Faye (Echoes): Big surprise, eh?  She's worse than Marisha, almost insufferably so.  Marisha's crush comes across as cute, while with Faye I'm worried for Celica's safety.  I've talked tons about what I think of her, so let's get to what I think could improve her... literally do anything else besides make her a cliche trope.
  • Vaike ('Wakening): I'm sure he's got his fans, but as part of the Awakening cast, he leaves something to be desired for me.  The best way I can think of to improve him is make him more like other fighters in the series, like Bartre.  The original formula just isn't cutting it for me.
  • Xander (Fates: CQ): Holy shit, I'm gonna piss people off here.  Yes, there are characters that are worse than Xander in Fates, and he's good in supports, but he's a main character and has fatal flaws in the story.  The only way to fix him would require massive rewrites in the whole story.  Either let's not pretend Xander's as virtuous as the narrative claims, or change how the story plays out so Xander literally has no choice but to obey his father.
  • 2nd gen 'Wakening Trio (Fates: BR): Rhajat's the only one I even remotely liked, and it's only because she's an improvement over her predecessor while the other two aren't.  They should have done more to differentiate these three.  Change their appearances, change the personalities of the two I didn't mention by name, get rid of Rhajat's stalker shit, and change their names.  They don't have to be big changes, but changes enough where it isn't so obvious what their "inspirations" were.
  • Azura (Fates: General): You thought it'd be Corrin, but jokes on you; Corrin's unsalvageable (also, if I included avatars, they'd take up every space available on the negative side of this list).  Anyway, I really just don't care for Azure, and I don't understand what's appealing about her.  The biggest improvements for her would be to get rid of that BS plot device Valla curse and give her some goddamn individuality.

Improve Faves

  • Hardin (SD): You might've thought I'd say Catria, but she's perfect.  But really though, I picked him because he's a major character who, while he's fairly good, could stand to improve.  For example, we know he is made evil because the Darksphere took advantage of his broken heart, but it would've been nice if we could actually see the cracks in his personality beforehand.  A lot of his improvements would boil down to introducing supports in SD.  Of course, I haven't seen the supplementary material such as the anime or manga or what-have-you, but regardless him receiving supports couldn't hurt.
  • Katrina/Eine (New Mystery): Apart from Luke, she's one of my favorites introduced in the second half of Marth's story.  All I could really think of that could improve her character would be to see her in happier times with her foster siblings, particularly Kleine.  Of course, I never acquired any of New Mystery's DLC, so I never got to see anything outside the base game...
  • Mycen/Clair (Echoes): I lumped these two together because they have the same solution to their problems; they ought to be more present.  Aside from that, the narrative might be letting Mycen off a little too much for not intervening with Alm killing Rudolf (or being more informative to Alm beforehand), and Clair may be... I dunno, I guess the best thing would be for her to crush a little less on Alm?  I can't think of much else for Clair, really...
  • Lucina (do I really need to say which game?): Lots of good characters to choose from, but I think Lucina is the one that could be improved the most (and the game as a whole would benefit most from her improvement).  In the main story, she essentially takes on the role of foreseer, but it would've been nice if she could've been a little more involved than that.  Maybe we could have gotten some chapters where we'd specifically have to use the kids.  Not quite like Future Past, but more like Heirs of Fate, except the 2nd gen units you use keep the stats.  Then we could've seen Lucina as a leader instead of as the bearer of bad future news.  You know, outside the capacity of DLC.
  • Ophelia (Fates: CQ): I would've liked if she stood in Odin's place.  Really.  That's it.  Cut Odin out, put her in his place.  Odin's so irrelevant in Fates, and his presence hurts an otherwise decent character.  After you cut him out and replace him with Ophelia, do some tweaks to her personality/background so that she actually is different.
  • Oboro (Fates: BR): Make her the main character.  The end, best story in the entire series.  No need for more games when you have this glorious, regal, dopey-faced fashionista at the helm ヽRGaYS2c.png
  • Takumi (Fates: BR): That last one was a joke.  The biggest improvement that could be done to our memey pineapple headed friend here is make his hostility towards Corrin in CQ his own instead of a product of him being possessed.  Then he'd be sort of like a Hardin you could actually get to know, which is perfect.  Otherwise, I'd ask for them to play up his strengths more in the story.  Like Leo, he's apparently quite smart, as he is fond of reading books on history and playing strategy games (and Ryoma said as much, suggesting that Takumi study government).
  • Kaze (Fates: General): Don't force me to get a fuggin' A support just to keep him alive in Birthright, and don't delay Midori's paralogue until after that point.
  • Mozu (Fates: General): That last one was a joke as well.  If you want to improve her, give her that cockney accent she has in the Japanese translations.
  • Corrinsexuals (Fates: General): Sorry, that was a joke also; no more jokes, I promise.  Here, I'm primarily referring to Shura, but this goes for everyone who can only support Corrin and maybe a few others.  And of course, the improvement is this: give them some more supports with people who aren't stupid Gary Stu's.  Shura could've especially benefited from this, what with his vast knowledge of various international secrets and trivia, as well as his own past as the sole survivor of a destroyed nation gone rogue.
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I'll start small and predictably with Hinata. He's a character I'm fond of, though not my absolute favorite.

Hinata often feels a lot like an afterthought—or, even more bluntly, a third wheel—as a member of Team Takumi. He comes off as rather generic and boring when compared to his partner and lord, who are gifted with a slightly more fleshed out backstory and plot relevance respectively. Though it pains me that he is frequently eclipsed by them, I can't say it's surprising, given that the only thing we really know about him is that he's from a samurai family that has served the Hoshidan royal family for generations and that Oboro has been Takumi's retainer longer than him.

So, my "fix" is quite simple: reveal more of his character and flesh out his backstory through his supports. This applies to a lot of character, to be honest.

I don't want to get off topic, but I feel like a lot of supports are "filler" and wasted more opportunities than anything. It perplexes me that characters like Shura and Flora have more characterization than Hinata despite having only one support, while Hinata has, like, over ten.

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5 minutes ago, saisymbolic said:

I don't want to get off topic, but I feel like a lot of supports are "filler" and wasted more opportunities than anything. It perplexes me that characters like Shura and Flora have more characterization than Hinata despite having only one support, while Hinata has, like, over ten.

It's not really off topic since it would fix a lot of problems some characters have.

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I have thought about this for a while, she isnt one of my favorites as far as story goes but definitely is for gameplay. Peri. Everyone knows just how bad this character is in Fates. Psychotic serial killer who kills innocents and has no redeeming qualities. Its bad. So how would I go about fixing it?

First off, her murdering tendencies are gone. Obviously. Second, her design gets a bit of a revamp. Gone is the two toned hair in pig tails and the general Deviant Art OC do not steal look. Her childish personality is also gone, the constant crying, the spoiled brat I want what I want attitude, all of it. Gone. Get to that later. So what is kept? The only thing really kept is her back story, and trauma from that event.

So how does it change. First off, her new look. Again, instead of the Heterochromia, she has two green eyes, and instead of two toned hair she has the same shade of blue hair. No pig tails either, her hair is in a pony tail instead. So similar, but not as crazy as the original.

Second, her backstory changes a bit. She is a tad bit older at the time of her mother's death. Enough to understand a bit more of what happened. Same thing, her mother dies, but instead she is around 6-8 at the time of it rather than 3 or so when it occurred originally. Also, it wasnt a butler who did it, or rather it was, but was actually someone in hiding. It was a ninja that was hiding as a butler for months before killing his target, who was her mother. Peri wouldn't know the reasons why, but knows who did it. How does it effect her? In some ways similar to the original concept, in some ways not. First off, she is mute. From that day onward, she stopped talking. Along with that, from that day forward she started training. Training with any weapon she could get a hold of.

She ends up in Xander's service due to her sheer tenacity in combat. Even though she eventually lost the battle, she lasted way longer than she should of for being a mostly untrained lesser noble of Nohr, and kept fighting through hit after hit. Xander, seeing this in her, ultimately chose her as his retainer over the one who won. Her base class stays as Xander takes it upon himself to train her.

How do her supports change and overall personality? Peri goes from a childish spoiled brat to a more calm, dedicated person. Her passion for cooking still stays, becoming a large part of quite a few of her supports, along with her dedication to trying at something even if she fails. On a bit more of a humurous side, her hand writing is impeccable. Possibly due to her being mute, as the main way she communicates would be through writing.  In her interactions with Hoshidans, she has a disdain for them similar to that of Oboro, but to a tad bit smaller of an extent. Which would be one of her new supports, Oboro.

Her supports with all of the butlers change. She has a bit of a trust issue with Jakob at first, but gets along with Felicia just fine. In her support with Felicia its shown that her maids got her through her problems more than her father did, as he just ended up becoming a shell of a person. The maid's of the household, especially the head maid, ended up becoming a bit of a mother figure for her, so she instantly is fond of Felicia. As far as Jakob goes, her support with him would be her staying away from him at first, not trusting him at all, especially after knowing his combat prowess with a dagger. In the end she would get over it slowly by bonding through cooking with Jakob.

That is how I would go about changing arguably one of the worst characters in Fates, and one of my favorites as far as gameplay goes.


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Fixing least favourites:

  • Make Matthis more useful instead of being a character who will get doubled or hit by a critical attack. How? By improving his starting luck stat and a couple level up growth improvements.
  • Isadora having a better defense growth, because damn, 20% chance to increase isn't good. and given my strong dislike of a good portion of pre:@promotes, she won't be doing much that your other paladins can.

Improving faves:

  • Give Sophia some better stats to start off with! It's a real shame that she was cursed with very low stats, is underleveled, and her level up growths could also use some improvements too.
  • Lyn feels like in the past few years, RNG seems to dictate whether she'll be great or not. A couple tweaks to level up growths could benefit her as well.
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Camilla: Talk more about her past and make her unhealthy possessiveness towards Corrin more noted by other characters. Go full incest subtext or go home.

Azama: Don't make him Hinoka's retainer, make him less overtly dickish.

Corrin/Azura/Xander: There is really no fixing these three without drastically altering the story they appear in. But if I could rewrite the story at all, I'd make more reasonable at first which inspires loyalty for Xander but over time the cracks begin to show and Corrin and crew stage a rebellion to stop him. Cut Valla so Azura doesn't have to be arbitrarily mysterious.

On 7/16/2017 at 4:09 AM, Etrurian emperor said:

Peri: Remove her as Xander's retainer and instead make her join the retainer team of Garon. Her biggest problem is that she drags down Corrin and Xander who don't mind her behavior while condemning the same behavior in Iago and Hans. The obvious solution is to take her away from those two and make her join her fellow mass murderers. Only once those two are dealt with do Corrin and Xander see that Peri is a terribly raised  and traumatized little girl, and decide to take care of her. Then lots of support rewritings where they actually do try to raise Peri properly. 

Also this.


For good characters:

Micaiah: Give her more screen time have have her express more doubts about Pellias' leadership.

Lyn: More screen time and better tie her into Eliwood/Hector's story.  


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Fixing Least Favorites:

  • Corrin: Make them less loved by the cast of Fates.  It's no surprise to anyone who has played Fates that they know that a lot of the characters practically bend over backwards for Corrin.  It'd be better if Corrin wasn't liked by some of the cast and then they grow to either tolerate or like them.  In Conquest, make Corrin have more of a conflicted personality of wanting to save people, yet they have to harm others.  Corrin's personality is too one-noted that I honestly can't see myself being Corrin which causes the dissonance of myself and the MU.
  • Tharja: I get that they wanted to go for that abusive mother thing when it came to Noire, but you didn't quite see that when Noire and Tharja interacted with each other.  It's hinted and talked about, but not something we get to really see.  Not that I want to see Noire get abused because she's precious, but her backstory would make more sense if we got at least a glimpse of it.  And also make her less stalker-ish towards Robin because it really doesn't make sense to me as to why she's obsessed with Robin.  If anything, I feel like she should've been more stalker-ish towards Chrom.
  • Est: Her ending with Abel is just sad and just the general way she treats Abel is just so wrong.  I get she's mad at him for fighting against Marth for a while, but her immature personality makes it painful to see as she just leaves him in the end.  Seriously, he only fights against Marth just so Est's life is still safe because, surprise-surprise, she gets captured.  I don't mind the outgoing, energetic personality Est has, but her interactions with anyone that isn't her sisters just rub me the wrong way.
  • Alm: Just...fix people's perception of this guy.  So many of the characters, pretty much all of them, are so quick to defend Alm whenever something happens that it ruins Alm's character for me.  It's okay to make mistakes, but having everyone basically say he didn't do anything wrong is what's wrong in my opinion.  Only when certain conditions are met do we see somebody telling Alm that he messed up and even then the whole defending thing kicks in.

Improving the Favorites:

  • Ike: I don't mind his inclusion in RD, but I will admit that he becomes a little involved with the plot.  I would keep him in FE10, but only have him serve a lesser purpose than he did.  He can still be a pretty important character, but maybe we hear about what him and the Greil Mercenaries are doing for most of the game and then we get him way later.  However, if they want to keep Ike as one of the main focal points of the story of RD, then at least have Micaiah compete with him in the spotlight.  Also, fix his ending.  I find it extremely out of character for him to leave everyone to go on a journey by himself or with Ranulf/Soren.
  • Lyn: Have her be more important to the story of Blazing Sword.  After her part of the story/prologue, she's just kinda there with Eliwood and Hector and she doesn't quite have a presence that I think she should.  As one of the three lords, I feel she does deserve to have more importance.
  • Elincia/Pelleas: The improvement I want for these two are basically the same, as they share similar story elements and roles.  Basically, have both of them play a more prominent role in their respective stories and games.  Not only could Elincia have joined earlier in PoR, but she could've had more screen time.  RD does Elincia more justice though and I'm glad for that.  Pelleas kinda needs more to him in RD as he gives control of the army to Micaiah and he's in some story bits, but kinda disappears then you have the choice to kill him and whatnot.  Again, both could benefit with stronger roles.
  • Lilina: I've honestly seen Lilina as an unofficial lord in Binding Blade.  She's pretty important to the story, while her importance does kinda die off later, but she's still relevant.  Basically make her a mage lord or something and have her shine just as important as Roy.
  • Aran: This goes for pretty much all of the Dawn Brigade..GIVE HIM A PERSONALITY AND A STORY.  Aran's such a simple enigma that I feel like they just lost a good opportunity to make a really cool character.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Azura: I really like Azura, but she's not quite a favorite of mine.  Regardless, fix her role in the story of Fates.  They tried to make her mysterious, but they kind of failed to do so.  Her endings just don't make sense to me considering she's supposed to play a critical role in the story.  I also feel that Corrin kinda steals the spotlight from Azura.  Sure, Azura even tells the siblings to pay more attention to Corrin, but Azura could've prevented so many things if only she would've talked to the siblings or y'know SHOW THEM VALLA.
  • Camilla: Similar to Azura, I like her, but she's not quite a favorite.  If we could understand why she's obsessed with Corrin, it'd be great.  She has so much potential for her story that just didn't happen which is sad.  Give us a reason to understand Camilla's character rather than rely on her design/looks to garner fans.
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22 hours ago, Ertrick36 said:

Marisha's crush comes across as cute, while with Faye I'm worried for Celica's safety.

Personally I'd be more worried for Alm's safety. Its funny to imagine him to be spending some time chained up in Faye's basement when she finally snaps. 

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Fixing favorites

  • Azura. Basically, make her role in the story better (which requires a rewrite of Fates' story)
  • Faye. An unpopular choice, i feel that Faye's obsession with Alm was pretty well handled. She doesn't stalk or curse him like Tharja, nor does she try to kill him as an act of love like Birthright!Camilla. She actually confesses and when she's rejected, she accepts it reasonably. Really, what Faye needed was just some more screen time where she talks about things that don't involve Alm. She mentions in Heroes how she likes to make flower bracelets. Why didn't she talk about that in the actual game? She only has two Supports, one being with Alm and the other being with Silque. I don't see why Faye can't Support with the rest of the Ram Villagers (and by that same token, why is Faye the only one of the Ram Villagers to be able to Support with Alm?). In addition, after reading Faye's quote if Celica recruits her

Oh, Celica! You're back! Gosh, how long has it been? I've missed you so much! Alm left Ram. Did you know that? Just up and LEFT! I'm so desperately lonely... Anyway, I thought about going after him just to teach him a lesson, but I didn't. I'd probably get killed by some foul beast out there on my own, you know? Hey, wait... Are you on a journey or quest or whatever? Then maybe I could go with you!

        I really wanted Faye to be able to Support with Celica. That quote clearly shows that the two of them are friends (amazing, i know), but it doesn't go anywhere because cross-route Supports aren't a thing (and by that same token, Kliff should also be able to Support with Celica. After all, he and Faye are the only two Ram Villagers Celica can recruit). So tl;dr, Faye more Supports that don't necessarily involve Alm. Heck, give her a Memory Prism to explain why she loves Alm in the first place. Also, change her ending. At least tell us who she married and remove the "occasionally disappears" part.

  • Roy. Cecilia's Supports with Lilina show that Roy has a bit of an inferiority complex, but we don't really get to see it. Glaceon Sage mentioned above about how Roy gets depressed during the story, but again, we don't really see it. So seeing more of Roy's flaws would be great. Also, from a gameplay standpoint, make him promote at the end of Ch.16/16x.
  • Lilina. Make her more relevant to the plot. She's Roy's love interest, but she doesn't do anything past Ch.8x. Even Caeda had a bit more relevancy.
  • Sophia. Purely a gameplay fix, make Dark Magic not suck and fix her base stats.
  • Corrin. Make people actually point out his flaws. Also, make it so that Conquest!Corrin actually kills Hoshidian soldiers. This is war. People die in war, that's a fact.

Fixing least favorites

Behold, the only four characters in the entire series that i despise, some more than others.

Sigurd. My issue with Sigurd is that, aside from getting roasted at the end of his life, he's basically perfect. Alm is arguably more perfect than Sigurd, but at least Alm makes up for it with his very likable personality. The best way to fix Sigurd is to make him like he is in the manga: a kinda reckless guy. Sigurd's manga personality is more memorable than his game personality.

Tharja. By default, i don't mind stalker characters, it just depends on how far they go. But when Tharja curses Robin just so that she has an excuse to take care of him, that's when the problems start to happen. When Tharja tells her husband to save Robin instead (see Henry x Tharja), that's another problem. When Tharja abuses her own daughter by testing hexes on her without her consent, that's when the line is drawn. Yes, it was Future Tharja who abused Noire, and Present Tharja promised to not do that.......but that still means that Tharja did it, and the only reason she's not this time is because her own daughter went back in time and told her not to. Keep the stalker part toned down a bit and remove everything i mentioned. That's how you fix Tharja.

Rhajat. She's better Tharja but not by much. Fixing her is simple: don't make her a Tharja clone.

Peri. Banish her to the Shadow Realm. Ok, in all honesty, the best way to fix Peri is to completely re-write her character. Tolvir's version of Peri is one that i would've much preferred.


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Added another fix for Faye
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Rather than listing too many characters and making my post bloated, I'll just pick two characters from the top and two from the bottom that will most likely not draw as much attention.

Fixing what's broken

Nergal - The main problem with Nergal is that he's not only boring, but also woefully incompetent. Remove the scenes where he lets the trio escape, don't have him stock up on his magical energy which allows him to do whatever the story needs him to do at any time by killing people off screen, but have it make more sense, and have the supply of quintessence be a more measurable quantity. It would also help if his past played a bigger role and helped humanized him somewhat, and if he didn't rely on henchmen who have no emotion, thus making it impossible to care about them.

Alm - The story of Echoes demands that Alm is flawed. He is not. His perfection renders Celica far less important in the grand scheme of things, and he throws both the main themes out of balance. If Alm were a more aggressive lord, we'd not only get the added bonus of having a more different protagonist than we're used to, but Celica would also need to influence him and teach him compassion, just as he teaches her about believing in mankind's strength and all that. It would also be helpful if he were allowed to make mistakes and if the game didn't worship the ground he walked on all the time.

Improving upon awesomeness

Soren - Remove the scene where he needlessly taunts the Laguz during their first meeting in Path of Radiance. His distaste for them can be manifested in ways that make more sense for his character. I'd also want to see more attention being brought to his heritage.

Shiro - Have him be the Hoshidan royal family's cousin or something, rather than a throwaway second generation unit. Shiro is by far the best written child character and one of the best written characters in Fates in general, so him having a role in the story would be a welcome change. Hell, I'd much rather have him as the Hoshidan older brother than Ryouma. Of course, in Fates, it might be a blessing in disguise to not have much of a role in the story, but I suppose that's a discussion for another time. 

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Least favorites:

Camilla - Change most of her design to actually fit her personality and not look forcibly and blatantly sexualized. Tone down the Corrin worship too. She should care for all her siblings equally, not be so obsessed with just one of them. Also, take away her need to kill anyone that so much as says one little bad thing about Corrin.

Tharja - Change her design to be more practical and make her something better than just a generic stalker. And take away the child abuse thing.

Micaiah - Either expand her role a little more and give the Daeins better reasons to blindly worship her and or remove her from RD entirely (as it wouldn't make sense to remove Ike, the widely respected hero of Crimea). As is she's seen as too perfect and amazing by others and is badly written. The laguz don't even dislike her at first and they're honestly supposed to. They can sense Branded and typically ignore them. But they don't do this to Micaiah. Ever. And she just gets overshadowed by Yune later. If you didn't want her to be that important, and have Ike still be the main lead instead, why bother trying?

Lucina - Make her less boring in general. Also fix her design. It looks ridiculous. Also make her (as well as Chrom) less unreasonably hypocritical. Remove her Marth charade too, as it's dumb to me. Have her disguise herself some other way.


Ike - Change his dumb RD ending entirely so he doesn't leave, or at least say that he explored some nearby new lands but returned every now and then. Right now it makes no sense with his character. Also give him an ending with Elincia (doesn't have to be romantic, though that would be preferred) and give him some more development in RD. He didn't grow anymore as a character for some reason.

Frederick - Remove his S supports with Tharja, Lissa, Maribelle, Nowi, and Sully. I cannot realistically see Frederick ever falling for or marrying any of them. Sully doesn't seem like his type, I feel like he would feel Lissa is above him as one of the royals he serves and she's far too young for him anyway, Maribelle is also too young for him, Nowi would also feel like he's marrying a child instead of an adult even though he does consider Nowi an adult, and Tharja just does too many things I'm sure Frederick would find terrible and undesirable. Also, I'd add some stuff on the distrust in his support with Robin instead of making it all about bear meat and all. His support with Sumia is also pretty boring except for the S support, so add a little meat to that one too (figuratively, not literally).

Kieran - Show us some of his background! He's one of the few Tellius characters whose history we know nothing about.

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Fixing Favorites:

Ryoma - Remove Corrin being able to marry any of the siblings. There's some character inconsistencies created by his S rank support that was completely unaddressed in all other parts of the story and because of the complete lack of acknowledgement it feels a lot more like an oversight and writing teams not communicating properly than something intended for his character. Also change his Camilla support---which would be good for Camilla as well--there's plenty of shit they could've gone with given what they have been characterized with, and they chose to go the "we have nothing in common" approach despite being blatantly false. That kind of support would've been a lot more meta and even amusing, were it weren't on two characters that have a lot more options of how their supports could go. 

More in-depth characterization for the Hoshido side in general in Conquest would've also helped. 

Scarlet - Don't kill her in Revelation and let her marry Ryoma goddammit

Echidna - More varied supports than Lalum + 4 different ones all centered around rebuilding would be good. Her Lalum support is good and there's some level of characterization to her within those supports to complement her awesome design, but she doesn't need 4 different supports that basically center around the same thing. 

Ayra - make the leg ring her prf

Navarre - The man has a ton of backstory potential with the lines he kinda let on. Please actually let us know them.

Fixing Least Favorites:

Est - Either don't leave Abel, or give a much better reason to, or at least show some more complexities with her decision to do so. I have a very difficult time sympathizing with her decision given Abel has been shown as nothing but a model husband and her action just feels like a complete dick move. Now, I don't expect player characters to be all perfect and shit, but a decision like this I would at least like to be better handled than just "oh and then she left him"

Kris - Give Marth and Jagen their lines back.

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Least favorite: None. Cause I don't care enough of them to want fix them outside of rewrite them but I feel more pointless doing so.



Xander: Just delete story!xander and everyone will be more happy. Except for one support.

Peri: I disagree with the change mentioned. Rewriting a character is not fixing anymore and the way you make it, it's not very realistic.

Return to how fix her: I believe just make her not spoiled is enough. A twisted child personality as result of trauma yet a reasonable decision making more adult-like. A contrast between how she appear and how she really is.(and I very like have such kind of contrast).

Also her past with Xander will be:

-She managed to run away from her mother's killer(butler/maid)

-Xander found her and decide to shelter her without telling anyone(use his authority to silence the few witness).

- Peri was charmed by Xander's training and decided to train as well.

- A curious butlet entered to the room where Peri was shelter. Peri paniced because her trauma and killed him(the butlet didn't expected so small child attack him).

- Xander tried help her get passed of her trauma but Peri's father arrived and took her back.

- Few years later Xander found Peri again. Her father was dead for some unknown reason(killed by Peri).

- Xander decide to make her as his retainer to keep her on check and help cure her trauma which seems worse than the last time they meet.

- Peri-Xander C support will be about their first meeting and Xander will say that she was like one of her sister (not Camilla neither Elise) so he decide to shelter her but failed to do so. Peri will say sorry about the butlet killed.

-B support will be about the reunion. Xander will say that because his position, he can only take her as retainer and he do so to try help her.

Peri will say it doesn't matter, she was forced to kill her father who was planning to kill her and she was happy to found him again.

-A support Xander will tell to Peri that he didn't expected that she was more reliable that he thought. At end he didn't manage to cure the her trauma. From the start was unnecessary, she had already a proper judgement. Even with so much shit throw against her, she still growth a relative fine woman.(by deleting the spoiled part, still seems like a psycho but more reasonable)


I think this as proper Peri-Xander supports. It show Peri's trauma, Peri-Xander long relationship(Peri is less child with him), Xander's hardship(it's speculation at moment but whatever) and led to a credible S-marriage

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Favorite - Canas:

  • More con
  • More speed
  • No death by random blizzard
  • Perhaps have his wife be playable
  • Remove the Vaida support
  • Give him more to talk about him in his supports. Pent and Canas fanboying over each other, and Canas and Bartre helping each other by using their interests is fun, but it'd be nice if Canas had like, one more area of interest.

Least favorite - Gaius:

  • A noose
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