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Japanese language option for the audio?

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In case anyone is curious, the Japanese language version of the latest trailer can be found here, which can give you a bit of an idea of the Japanese voices so far. 



So with that said, this looks to be the first Fire Emblem game with full voice acting, or at least it appears that way from the trailer. This has me wondering whether or not the game will have a Japanese audio option. The (limited voices) 3DS games had that at least, right?

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When they show Dragon Quest 11 off they went out of their way to mention that you can play with Japanese or English voices so I don't think we're going to get the option here in Fire Emblem 3H. Awakening was also the only game were we got the option.

Of course they could always give us free DLC in the same way XB2 got free Japanese language pack dlc if there's enough people who want it. Personally, if the game has voice directing as good as Echoes it really wouldn't bother me to play the game in English.

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