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Anybody got any music they would like to recommend?

Luis Liberato

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been listening to this waaay too much recently. The original rolling girl is already a masterpiece but this piano arrange really does capture the essence of the song in a way that needs to be heard to fully understand. (Also side note if anyone is curious as to why I love Severa so much this song is a pretty good explanation for that)

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Not sure if you're into 80s type music, but 'Beautiful' (remixed) by Stella Jang and 'I Can't Stop The Listening Loneliness' by Anri are good.

Any song from Carly Rae Jepsen's EP 'Emotion' for modern 80s type music.


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On 3/18/2019 at 9:54 PM, Light Strategist said:

One for open-minded Dragon Ball fans that enjoy a what-if once in a while is this:


Hey, I like that stuff, too!

Anyways, here is my share:

I don’t know if you know the meme, but the song used for it is real nice.

And then there is a band my dad is a part of. First song of their second album:


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On 18.03.2019 at 1:09 PM, ~ Yuri ~ said:

I don't know if you're into rap


I am! And when someone asks what kind of rap I like, I post this:

terribly underrated album: 


Been brought up by late '90/early '00 hip-hop and the progress Evidence has made since the first Dilated album is insane. Def my favourite rapper right now. Please also check out his latest solo album while you're at it:


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In the 80s a bunch of pulp material was made into movies and people forget they even exist because of the "B-movie" stigma. But whatever you think of their plots and special effects... one thing that definitely shouldn't be forgotten is their music.



For that matter, Basil Poledouris just deserves to be recovered in general. 

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