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which Students will you be recruiting from the other houses?

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Which Students Will You be recruiting and why?

Idk how many students you can recruit from the other houses so...


Marianne(to try and save her from her curse)

Lysithea(So she won't die)

Hilda(She's so pretty and adorable)

Caspar: His timeskip design is kinda hot.

Mercedes(reminds me of someone)

Annette(Can't have Mercie Without Ann)

Possibly Sylvain for my black eagles playthrough because of the disowned brother here i come special boss dialogue😂

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Going Blue Lions so if it's 2 I'll probably pick one from each other house.

From Black Eagles I'll probably pick either Petra or Caspar; or maybe Ferdinand.

From Golden Deer I'd say Lysithea or Marianne.

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I am choosing the Black Eagles, it seems not to be much space for recruiting so far, so I think 2 would be likely. 

Blue Lions: Felix, maybe Ashe if 3 students are possible

Golden Deers: Lysithea

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I probably wont recruit students on my first run of each house however on subsequent runs I would like to recruit:

Black Eagle-Casper, Linhardt

Blue Lions-Sylvain, Ingrid

Golden Deer-Lysithea, Marianne

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Black Eagles: Casper. 

I've a fondness for characters that fight for JUSTICE so I think I'll like Casper just fine. I also like his design and how it visibly matures after the timeskip. 

Blue Lions: Ashe. 

So far he seems to be my favorite outside of the lord trio. Being the new Azelle tends to does that to a character.

Golden Deers: Red haired girl. 
If she's supposed to be Byleth's little sister then it just makes sense for her to end up on team Byleth. 

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I'll prioritise a couple per house. And I think I'll try to not just always recruit the same characters (ie. Petra, Lysithea, and Sylvain on every route).

Black Eagles

  1. Ashe - His personal ability is very handy, and I'll need to get him quickly if I'm going to turn him into a Bow Paladin (so that the AI doesn't "waste" experience into Axes).
  2. Sylvain - A potential Paladin to keep up with Ferdinand and create a sort-of Christmas Cavaliers situation. One of my favourite designs. 
  3. Leonie - Another potential Bow Paladin/Armour or dedicated Sniper (depending on what I do with Bernadetta). I like her gumption. 

Blue Lions

  1. Lysithea - To me, the Lions only really need some more magic, and she's my priority to get it.
  2. Ferdinand - I really like what we've seen of him, he's a monster skill wise, and I might make Sylvain a Warrior so Ferdinand can sub in for Cavalier.
  3. Marianne - Second choice for magic boost. Seems to be a very interesting character.

Golden Deer

  1. Caspar - I really like what I've seen of him, and I'll need to rescue him before the AI puts too much into Fighting (if I run him as a Hero).
  2. Petra - Could help with any potential Flying force. Also has good starting levels and useful strengths. And is among my favourite designs. 
  3. Ingrid - The Deer could do with another Cavalier, and Ingrid seems pretty awesome.
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I'll be picking Blue Lions first, and I really don't care for the Golden Deer at all except for Claude (but he's not an option for recruitment), so from Black Eagles I'll be hoping to take Petra and Dorothea. 

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im going blue lions, so im planning to take marianne, for sure, bc animal lover is prolly gonna synergize well with sylvain and also i find her attractive. i may also take dorothea, bc songstress will also synergize well with sylvain, even if he doesnt get a bonus from every girl nearby by virtue of ladies man, songstress will pick up the slack. plus, if gambits are strengthened by nearby allied units, which i feel like ive heard somewhere but i dunno if its true, then ingrids lady knight will synergize well with sylvains having a fuking harem ladies man ability.

if more than two units allowed, i may take ferdinand, also for christmas cavs between him and sylvain.

can you tell who my favorite character is so far

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Blue Lions: Dorothy, Leonie

Black Eagles: Mercedes, Sylvain (Could change)

Golden Deer: Petra and probably Ashe.

If I believe that certain characters have a kind of sync I will change it.

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I want confirmation on the number we can recruit. But I'm going to go with 3, because that seems like a reasonable cap.

Black Eagles Playthrough: Ashe (best boy), Felix (love a sword master), Ingrid (love her design).

Blue Lions Playthrough: Marianne (love her design too), Petra (see Felix reasons), Lysinthia (I love me some mages)

Golden Deers Playthrough: Ashe, Felix, Petra.

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My priorities are Caspar & Ferdinand from Black Eagles and Marianne & Lysithea from Golden Deer.

When playing those routes, it's gonna be a harder choice because I would also want Ashe, Mercedes, Ingrid and Sylvain from Blue Lions.

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For Black Eagles, I'll recruit Mercedes because she's originally from the Empire and maybe Annette? So they at least have a support since I'm unsure if they'll have any if they get recruited to another house.

For Blue Lions, I'll recruit Lorenz because he allegedly knows Mercedes? I hope they would have a support. I may recruit Leonie as well to ensure a support with Lorenz (getting Virion and Sully vibes) and I feel like she'll fit in with the whole knighthood aspect. 

For Golden Deer, I'm not sure yet. I'll get 2 Black Eagle students, so maybe Petra and Dorothea? I do like Caspar a lot and I can see it being in-character for him since he's trying to earn a name for himself. But it only works if he finds that the Empire is no longer upholding his idea of justice. Petra and Dorothea have the loosest ties with the Empire; I can see Briggid revolt against the Empire. Dorothea is a commoner and I doubt she'll have much story importance, so she's an easy switch.

But I'm not too sure if I'll do this for my first playthrough. If anything, I'll probably end up recruiting someone by accident.

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I honestly haven’t settled on which house I want to run at first, so instead I’ll choose a couple of stealable picks from each house.

Black Eagles- Ferdinand; I wasn’t sure about him at first but he seems like a solid character and a somewhat solid unit choice, and he’s probably my current favorite of the cast. I think I’ll probably try to get him no matter which house I end up on. Aside from him— maybe Linhardt or Petra? They’ve caught my eye a little, and I’m interesting in seeing where they go.

Blue Lions- Knee jerk reaction says Ashe because I’m partial to thieves. Felix also looks very good, though I have a sinking feeling he might not be the most useful. Mercedes is also definitely in the consideration since she seems like an interesting character and a strong unit. I really hope you get some kind of bonus paralogue if you recruit her into Black Eagles.

Golden Deer- Aside from Leonie, I’m not particularly attached to any of the other Deer students. Maybe Marianne, just because I’m curious about her? Hard to say.

I’m probably going to let recruits happen a little more organically for my first playthrough though, since I kind of want to do a run for each house if it isn’t too much of a hassle.

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I’m going Golden Deer first.

I don’t know how many we’ll be able to recruit but my priorities are Linhardt, Caspar, and Petra.

If we can recruit more than three then Felix, Dorothea, and Dedue are also students I’d like to have (although Dedue seems unlikely being a retainer of sorts to Dimitri)

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I'm going Blue Lions! I'll probably get whoever the gay/bi male option is (cause all the boys in blue lions seem to be straight) and then Marianne. If I have room I'd like to get Bernadetta and then maybe one more boy? Either Caspar, Lindhart or Raphael? I'm kinda leaning towards Raphael cause I don't wanna spit up Caspar and Lindhart

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I'm going Blue Lions for my first and main playthrough (unless something drastic happens in-game that changes my perception of the entire cast), and my first priority of other students to recruit is Lorenz, followed by Hilda (if possible).

If I can recruit anymore from other Houses, it'll be Linhardt and Caspar, but only if I can get both because I don't want to separate them.

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The ones i can.... I mean, if i go with strenght builds i doubt i can get Lysithea, for example.... So....

I would get Felix tho no matter what skill he needs, i would get it.

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