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  1. We know -- I've already done the setup needed to fix it, but I have to wait for the service we're using to approve our account before the e-mails will start being sent again.
  2. I've updated the first post with the current status. If you want to join the server, just click the invite link and follow the instructions in the #validation channel.
  3. They are pretty intentionally designed to evoke big thinkums because that is the typical stuff the moderator team here deals with on a day-to-day basis. Also, just want to reinforce that having discord is Very Good™️ because it's an easy, convenient medium for us to have detailed conversations in as a staff.
  4. Okay, I'm going to preempt this from escalating any further and address this myself: First of all, moving threads to a more appropriate location isn't really a form of reprimanding. You're not in trouble for having your thread moved, so there's no reason to feel slighted or get defensive about it. That is also certainly no reason to throw shade at the staff for simply doing their job. The only way someone could actually get in any kind of trouble for putting a thread in the wrong forum is if they continually do it over and over. Other than that, it's just a simple maintenance task to move stuff around to the right place. All eclipse did was let you know why it was being moved. There was no hostility. As for eclipse, I feel this is an overreaction, but I also agree with the sentiment. To be frank, "so and so is friendlier than you guys blah blah blah" is, in general, a really shitty way to complain about it. If you genuinely felt the need to voice a concern, you should first take the time to verify the intent of the person who seemingly offended you. A private message is a good way to accomplish that and this is better precisely because it is sometimes hard to read intent through written English and, here, you kinda talked shit about us for no real reason at all. You weren't even in trouble!!
  5. Jyosua

    RIP iTunes

    This headline is highly inaccurate. I watched the presentation by Apple today. They are not killing iTunes, they are spinning it off into 3 separate applications. One for music, one for podcasts, one for video. Shouldn't affect your music library for the most part, it's just that the old application was getting really bloated and they recognized that fact.
  6. No, the way it works is like this: the server spins up multiple processes that listen for people who request pages. With every request, the process may allocate more memory for a variety of things: caching, space needed to manipulate things in memory, etc. If all the processes are busy, the server may spin up new ones to keep up with more incoming requests, but if it can't it just has to wait for the existing processes to finish what they are doing before they can respond. Over time, the amount of RAM that has been allocated to each of these process may grow if the allocations are not cleaned up; this is called a memory leak. We had some settings on our old server that helped mitigate that issue and, just this morning, I realized those hadn't been enabled on this new one. So I enabled those and tried to tweak some other things; hopefully that will keep it stable. The size of server we are using is also different than what it was before, so we can't just copy and paste the old config -- that won't work. As far as the ads, I've reported some of them to our ad provider, but if you can give us some information about exactly what device and ISP you are using, as well as what the ad displays at first and where it takes you, that would be appreciated.
  7. We migrated to a different server and it's going to take a while to figure out exactly what settings we need to keep things stable. Be patient. I've been working on this for over 60 hours in the past couple weeks. I also work full time; this isn't my job.
  8. Just a heads up; this integration has broken during the migration and upgrade, so you'll have to wait to join. Once we get our server performance issues figured out, I can work on fixing this.
  9. We migrated to a different server for the forums and also did an upgrade. The server migration is the reason for any connectivity issues and the upgrade broke a number of things in our skins. Among those were the member badges. Those also had been implemented in a way that was hard to maintain in the long term, so I took the opportunity to rewrite the code for them, since it had needed to be fixed to make them work again anyhow. Things may be a bit slow in the near term future, too, because the upgrade means that we have to rebuild some indices and caches.
  10. i realize this is late, but no, this was actually caused from some connection issues with our new ad provider. It's not a hack or anything bad.
  11. Yeah, that's probably it. It shows up for me on the latest version of chrome. Well, it's not an important widget anyhow, so no big deal.
  12. To the op: no, you don't get any decision in when we update. We don't get any decision in it either. I already intentionally delay larger ones that affect the user interface, because it always fucks things up. As you can see, it did this time too. But these updates are 100% necessary because we need to keep the site secure and running smoothly. Those updates always have security patches and backend improvements that we need. They also tend to have bug fixes for some of the issues you guys complain about. So while it sucks that Invision Power only releases patches in the form of major breaking changes, that's how they roll, and it'll never change. We could use a different forum software, but to be quite honest, there aren't many good ones. Given how much trouble they give us at times, I hate to admit it, but this software does pretty much everything we need it to do and with the newer IPS4, adding special shit is far easier. That's actually the primary reason I updated, no joke lol I'm trying to figure out a way to for that thing to not suck. IPB decided, in their ever infinite wisdom, that "advertisements" in the sidebar should be shown on ALL pages, not just pages where the sidebar has at least 1 widget added to it. The end result, since we used the advertisement placing feature to add the discord box, was that the stupid thing appeared on topics too and stretched the page. I put it where it is now as an intermediate step, since at least it will resize properly with the pages and not show up on topics where it is. Even if it's wide as fuck for no reason. Are you blocking iframes?
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