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  1. Well.... I think that was the year my dad got me tickets to the warped tour where I could see my favorite band ever (well, at the time at least!) as a gift for my 16th birthday after he had been really opposed to the idea initially, so I wasn't expecting to be able to go. That was certainly one of the highlights of my entire life!
  2. Figured I could at least pop in to say that I have let Integrity know that you guys have still been having issues despite his solution. I don't think he's been able to check up on this thread for a while since he had just recently gotten a new job and is still working on his phd at the same time so he's gonna be suuuuuuuuuuper busy But now he knows, so perhaps once he's got some free time that means he'll be able to poke around a bit again and figure out why you're still getting issues!
  3. the thunderbird seems so neat and pretty!! (but I also find lizard man of scape ore swamp hilarious so I think he deserves an honorable mention)
  4. hmmmmm top 10 topics I think I'd like or dislike are Like: A place you’d like to visit Cute accessories Exploring the monastery Fashion Favorite sweets Gardening mishaps Ghost stories Heart-racing memories Monastery mysteries The view from the bridge Dislike: Equipment upkeep Evaluating allies Fodlan’s future I heard some gossip I’m counting on you Mighty weapons Plans for the future Potential training partners The last battle Things that bother you some of the likes I took I'm pretty sure are exclusive to certain characters, but I decided to be lazy and not research and instead just include whatever I found that I felt applied best! maybe I'll have to come up with my own exclusive favored topic too
  5. Dave An average man, but a pretty cool dude
  6. I don't think anybody here knows who that is silly
  7. looks like it's basically "how american are you" on whether they're treated as a different thing or not~! otherwise, I think they're technically all just sauces
  8. hmmmm I'd PROBABLY go with bbq sauce (that's my go-to for fried chicken, at least)
  9. yeah! we even met through sf (although we mostly didn't start bonding until we both needed a monster hunter buddy to play with...) I didn't even like him back when he joined YEAH although tbf I wouldn't have wanted the "venue" to be that enormous although, as for the lots of people, crowds don't bother me! Weirdly I'm the one (well ok, not the only one) introvert and person with social anxiety that feels more comfortable in crowds than in small groups... Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I don't have that many friends 😛
  10. yeah my wedding already happened! I guess I'd say my dream wedding would be outdoors in perfect sunny weather that isn't too hot but ESPECIALLY not too humid and just surrounded by pretty trees and/or flowers. Just very mystical and elven-forest-princess style (edit: shit like THIS) it's just... the reason it's a "dream" is because I'd also feel too stressed holding such a huge and expensive event and enjoy small and homey events for myself, so our wedding was much more practical and affordable and was placed in somewhere that was meaningful for us and hey, that was that brewery's first wedding! and another wedding took place there after us and given that our pictures were posted to facebook after our wedding we think we may have inspired another couple to do the same thing lol
  11. yay qotw! lately I've been between three colors: brown, burgundy, and dark teal I haven't decided with myself yet which I actually prefer the most
  12. I KNOW I FEEL LIKE I'M DREAMING I thought fallen berkut was the only way I would be able to get her in the game... but they're not only giving me a PRETTY RINEA WITH PRETTY ART they're also just handing her straight to me.... I'm so happy oh and also the fact that her and berkut's art dance together is so precious
  13. once, it fell back... I think like 2 pages in fftf? it's very much a graveyard now... it had a great life though o7
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