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  1. f take solace in the fact that you're already better than Integrity, who farts on the cat intentionally to assert his dominance
  2. alrighty, I think I've finally made this submittable enough! I am a little busy with an art commission right now so I'm making slow progress on the portrait thing, but I will get around to it!! Character Name: Eithne Istalri Forum Name: Freohr Datia Class: Archer/Sniper (depending on when she joins) Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: Probably in chapter 16 since that one has no character associated with it yet. If we have a lord then she can be recruited by speaking to the lord. But if there’s no lord, then I guess either speak to an applicable character or just get recruited upon chapter completion? Recruitment Time: Act 3 96 x 96 Face Portrait: [pending] I am still (re)designing her outfit, and once I’ve got that settled I will draw her and/or make a gba sprite of her~! Other Notes: assets / flaws: +spd / -def Personality: Eithne is cheerful, friendly, and compassionate, but at the same time naïve, dependent, and can make snap judgements. She is a young noble who was drawn to the bow during her training growing up, but has no actual wish to fight as she dislikes violence. But the state of Serenia has given her the resolve to take action to help out the people of the country. She’s had her hand held a lot growing up which is what caused her to become quite dependent on others, which she felt really bad about once she realized it. This is an additional reason she wants to start fighting for Serenia. All of the destruction she witnessed was very eye-opening for her. As a note, I’m flexible on when she’s recruited, like if an archer is needed sooner than act 3 I’m fine with it being bumped up! I can reword her motivation for fighting just based on what’s going on in the story at the time (like I could make the ~disaster~ more personal to her like some attack on her town/city or family or something).
  3. now that I've reached the recruitment part of the application I am realizing, if there's no "lord" then how should recruitment be handled? For now I can at least put down what chapter I'm thinking, but I'm not sure if we're all supposed to just become more specific about recruitment conditions or if there's some other option
  4. Alrighty, archer it is!! I will try come up with her story and submit the application~
  5. I am willing to flex into whatever position is most convenient! Whether that's a regular later-recruitable archer or a lord archer (though rapiers are usually a royalty thing so sword/bow could maybe work too?) or a sort of secondary lord who's an archer! I'm likely going to throw in my go-to fire emblem oc so her personality is already really well developed in my head, but I think I should be able to flex her personality between any role as needed Soooooooooo whatever Sire thinks would work best, I can work with!
  6. HMMMMMM I suppose I could afford to abandon my thirst in order to use my precious child to represent myself~ I'll probably have to redesign her outfit for this game though, because she's a pegasus knight (and a princess) and as far as I can tell pegasus knight isn't a class in this project. That's ok!! Designing new outfits is fun!!!
  7. hmmmmmm I think I'm seeing a lack of an archer on the protagonists team and I love bow classes, I'll have to see what I can come up with!! And I'll try to brush up on all the helpful game/story information that's been provided while I'm at it wow it's been a while since i've been dragged out of fftf! I've been paying no attention to the ~outside world~ if I had noticed serenes emblem had a successor I would have been making a character sooner 😄
  8. " - Submitted character must somehow relate to your forum persona. (i.e. players should be able to recognize the character as the forum member.) " awwwww so I can't just recycle my go-to fe oc I'll have to see what I can come up with!! I'm happy serenes emblem is getting a successor wow the protagonists don't have a single archer maybe I'll have to change that shh don't tell anon
  9. I approve of this game doing well, it's been years since I've thoroughly enjoyed a new fe this much and I had gradually been just dropping out of the series I'm also so happy the english voice actors have been participating and interacting with their fanbase so much, I think that made a wonderful change for the series and also the fanbase itself as well!
  10. my mighty heccin post could not be contained and there had to be a whole new page made just for that single word
  11. F E A R T H E D E E R it looks pretty great considering you had to make up for the inner parts of the symbol that wouldn't have been able to stand up on their own!!
  12. idgi so far all that these examples are telling me is that we live in a blessed timeline
  13. Well.... I think that was the year my dad got me tickets to the warped tour where I could see my favorite band ever (well, at the time at least!) as a gift for my 16th birthday after he had been really opposed to the idea initially, so I wasn't expecting to be able to go. That was certainly one of the highlights of my entire life!
  14. Figured I could at least pop in to say that I have let Integrity know that you guys have still been having issues despite his solution. I don't think he's been able to check up on this thread for a while since he had just recently gotten a new job and is still working on his phd at the same time so he's gonna be suuuuuuuuuuper busy But now he knows, so perhaps once he's got some free time that means he'll be able to poke around a bit again and figure out why you're still getting issues!
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