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  1. sure have! WELL thanks for the re-interview guys! I had fun with it~! I think I'll also have to vote Mr. @Dr. Tarrasque since he had secured my spot and may as well throw in an @Integrity while I'm here~!
  2. Honestly..... I'm not sure I've even had one before!! Looking at it, I probably wouldn't do too much for it?? hmmmm probably not! Probably a couple months ago? Sometime around early this year. I had a period in my life where I very rarely got sick, but maybe at this point I'm becoming too old for that~ I miss that period...
  3. I'm boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing but for realsies I think not only has fftf been getting quieter lately, but I've also been much quieter lately so not many people know me! Which is why I'm a little amazed that I got voted into this interview! But I guess the voting has gotten smaller and smaller lately Yeah!!! 1. he's a fucking monster in FEH. While that is partially me dedicating so much of my time to him (because he was already my favorite unit in echoes, although.... I still haven't finished echoes yet... I really DO have a huge backlog) I still think he's just... a very monsterable unit, so not only is he a character I like but FEH made it easy to enjoy using him (also I feel blessed that Tobi did his art, Tobi does such wonderful art...) 2. Because at this point I'm not sure what my favorite game is! 3. Mainly just English. But I have been studying Korean for reasons people can probably guess >u> 4. Anywhere closer to the equator. I really haven't been able to see much of the world so all I really know is the american midwest. I kind of want to live somewhere with more stable weather... especially more stably warm. That's probably why somewhere like Hawaii is ideal for me. But New Zealand sounds like a very pretty place...... But certainly I could pick places that aren't volcanoes??? I... really love volcanoes... I should just probably consider not living on them. The funny thing is that Integrity could potentially get a job there, but if it's going to be anywhere it'll be on Big Island, so we'd of course be moving onto the active volcano~! But I trust the shield/hotspot volcanoes more than the more explosive volcanoes, at least, even if they can still be dangerous 5. I feel like I remember thinking you seemed to be a silly person. Certainly a history person. The history anarchy person?? These days you are still very much the history/anarchy person to me I guess, since I don't see much of that from other people so it feels unique and easy to remember, and probably also because I guess we haven't interacted especially much! But on top of that, at least, I've added "a very dedicated person" because you've run this thread for so long 6. It's kinda been a while, but I have watched some anime! I'm not entirely sure what I'd call my favorite at this point, but my badge probably gives an idea (Madoka Magica, in case I end up changing my badge at some point). I really enjoyed watching Madoka and Steins;gate, I'd say. 7. oh man. I dunno if I could narrow down to any specific one, so maybe I'll just say that I always really love the wholesome ones. Those ones are super cute and make me happy 8. I have certainly heard of it! I haven't really had the most interest though, they look like the kind of games I'd be awful at... 9. Yes I have certainly heard of that too! But I also haven't had any interest because I think it's something I would be awful at~! Mostly because I can't do improv to save myself (though mostly especially in-person, I stand a better chance through typing) 10. Weeeeeeeeeell he has carried me before, yes. He probably still could, but I've been gaining a lot of weight lately (well, maybe not a lot but it still kind of feels like a lot because I exaggerate it to myself). Partially because I got lazy for a while, but now it's a mix of still being kinda chubby (less than I used to be at least!) but also from muscle-building. I have faith in him tho.....
  4. 4. I listen to some jpop! Some of it's of course not my speed and some of it is really pretty sounding and music I wish I heard more of over in the west. The two main artists I listen to are Kalafina and Kanon Wakeshima 5. Kliff and that's probably largely fe heroes' fault 6. It's always super strange to think about. But like... I just can't break the habit of typing the url even when I don't talk so much, so like... it's probably just going to keep going on longer and longer! 1. I feel awful saying this, I know your name and I've seen you a lot. But my memories on you are just so hazy at this point??? I wanna be more helpful on the time you've made an exception in asking this question ;u; From now on I'm going to have to pay extra special attention to posts made by you in particular 2. I'm pretty confident I have ADD (I just can't say "I have ADD because I'm not diagnosed). My backlog on everything is enormous. But I especially want to stop forgetting that Skyrim exists, because I love love love open world games so I can explore all the pretty scenery and whatnot but I just keep getting distracted by Guild Wars 2 instead it's been.... like 3-4 years since I had briefly played it.... I want to stop neglecting it BUT I WANNA GET A SKYSCALE IN GUILD WARS OR I WANNA DRAW SOME MORE OR- 3. By next month it'll be 2 years 4. I don't think I've ever had any "strange" experiences! Although I think most would call me eating hawaiian pizza strange because of the pineapple, but it's not something that I mind. The main strange experience was mostly just a kind of icky one when I got to experience what reheated leftover pizza that had dough that wasn't fully cooked the first time felt/tasted like. It was very unpleasant... also ok people can complain about the forum/ip board updates all they want but we just had a power surge when I almost finished typing this post and I would have lost all my progress had this forum stuck to older versions of ip board thank you sf
  5. 1. I'm not sure that I've seen much from you! All I remember is learning that you watch shadowofchaos and nominated him for an interview, so, uh... "somebody around that knows of shadowofchaos" \o/? 2. I do not mind! Ima narrow it down by just grabbing the FE related ones Yune (for a FE Compendium project!): https://66.media.tumblr.com/3b55e685f5ce7fcb64925fd66eba4c1f/tumblr_ovomf3NKG91satc1qo1_1280.png Cynthia: https://puu.sh/DHPsH.png Leo: https://66.media.tumblr.com/6675a14d72c2dd7e8a2abc72d6b23591/tumblr_p65fbnKR3a1x3uav4o1_1280.png Ninian: https://66.media.tumblr.com/e58e11b9ff868c47d6fe3888231fa670/tumblr_p4izxkEd5c1x3uav4o1_1280.png But I've also had an art style change since those, so here's a bonus fe oc of mine~! https://66.media.tumblr.com/071c1655434c0ae40457f581fa599f93/tumblr_pq6p293DcJ1x3uav4o1_1280.png I have another FE character drawing in progress that will probably be finished by tomorrow! 3. Integrity and Specta did! Yes it is kpop. I didn't especially get into it until I discovered BTS though, they just so consistently fit my music tastes compared to other kpop groups 4. Just a month short of 2 years now 5. When I first made the name as a young edgy little 14 year old, I thought the name meant Shadow Mists. But Christopher Paolini is not the most consistent with his made up language, and what various sources on the internet seem to tell me is that it actually means Death Mists. Oops. But yeah it's been a handle I've been using for ~11 years now, and the name is never taken ^o^ So I just always use it now!
  6. 1. Weeeeell I don't really have to miss her because I get to talk to her on discord! Although, I guess even then she isn't around that often, but that's expected tbh~ 2. I do still wear it! Although I can't as much as I used to, I still try to occasionally 3. It's been pretty fantastic! We're both dumb idiots so we're perfect for each other. We've been having great times and some tough and upsetting times (not relationship-wise but life-wise) and I think all of that has just stood to bring us even closer. But also I hyphenated my last name so my name is just EXTRA HUGE when it was already kinda long to begin with and I like that
  7. 1. I don't really remember what my first impressions were, probably doesn't help that you joined around the time that I started becoming less active here with my life drawing my attention elsewhere. But I just know current impressions are that you have cute kids and that you're a great mother who really loves her kids and I respect that 2. My current aspiration is probably to establish myself as an artist and do commissions for people. Getting your foot out there and building a reputation is just the toughest part, but I sure will keep trying! 3. Kids are adorable and great. I'm a little worried about my patience around the ones who haven't learned about not being mean and selfish, though. Integrity definitely wants kids in the future and I'd be willing to try, I just wish I would trust myself as a parent better. I'm probably not as bad as I think I'd be but it'd still be nice to be able to convince myself. I'll be sure to do all the studying I can for it when the time comes! 4. Oh I have a lot of those. I have awful taste! The biggest one is probably that I enjoyed the Twilight books (although not quite as much the movies) and also my name comes from Eragon, which I also hear everybody hates! 5. That one, on the other hand, I'm not sure that I have? But I think the closest I have to that is that I ended up losing interest when I was trying to watch The Legend of Korra. Maybe it's just because I missed the AtLA cast too much? It's been a while since I had tried watching it so I don't actually entirely remember my reason of losing interest in it!
  8. 1. Hmmmm ima go with nothing. Life's about everything! 2. You probably do, because I remember you! In my more active days I was probably mostly seen around FE4 Thread and HHH (aside from the even earlier days, when I was all over fftf) 3. I never really saw it as either in particular, I think it just is. But I guess if I had to choose, I'd lean a bit more towards innately good 4. I don't believe I have enough knowledge on that to have any thoughts! The pictures of it that I saw just from searching just now are adorable though. It has lots of legs, so I'd say it'd do great in a leg contest 5. Mochi. Precious and soft and sweet.
  9. gud hbu oh wait you're not being interviewed haha loser really though how did this happen? especially before the now-admin got reinterviewed
  10. PoR was what the first FE game I ever bought (probably in like 2006?) and I loved it so clearly I bought RD as soon as I could afford a wii (though technically I only currently own both through Integrity, since my copies are back with my family and now I live with Integrity and his copies instead of the ones I bought)
  11. wow I didn't think there'd actually be few enough voters for that to work 1. HOW HAVE YOU TWO BEEN?! 2. Does it even feel real, finally being married? 3. What music have you been into lately? 4. What's the best insult you can give me in japanese? 5. Are your lucid dreams still bullying you?
  12. oh no worries I understood why :b but I still can't imagine why I'd be nominated, I don't participate much in this forum nowadays and yes, those are my nominations~
  13. hmm I keep getting summoned in here, wonder why but I saw a certain name which reminded me that @shadowofchaos and @Bindi did get married quite recently, sooooooooo (as long as either of the two aren't TOO BUSY for us) ..... do the "kids these days" actually still know rey? edit: aw man I keep forgetting my font applies to the pings and makes them annoying to read
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