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  1. I forget what it was about too but based on context of later posts it looks like it was originally an Integrity hate thread!! \o/ I wish the image of the bird would generate tho........
  2. you already know this story but it makes me so happy so I'm saying it anyway our kuvasz when he plays with toys usually likes to carry them into special places away from other people because he loves his toys and wants to keep them to himself (not that he minds us playfully trying to take them away from him, but we don't often do that with him because he's a kuvasz so he's a bit too large for rough play and boy does he play rough) but one evening he's playing with his toy in the hallway in view of the couch I'm sitting on and he starts walking back down the hallway with toy in mouth and he notices me watching him fondly because he's a dog so of fucking course I'm watching him fondly and as he enters the room he continues walking straight toward me because he saw me watching him and then he delicately places his beloved toy right on my lap ;~; and also gives me some greeting kisses while he's at it I was so touched, I've never seen him give his toy to somebody before I felt like I had just been Blessed.... (but also it broke my heart because he was so cute and gentle about it)
  3. while I have reached the end of the game, even I still haven't beaten the final boss. I've infiltrated the castle and everything, but I still haven't entered the final room. Part of me is just like... I love this open world, and don't want to feel like it should be ending. But another part of me feels very disappointed about the idea that "I'll face this boss, but it won't save beyond that point anyway and there's no non-corrupted version of this world" and I think it'd make fighting ganon feel kind of pointless to me I think what I love about this game is you have the freedom to play it however you want. Exploring is lots of fun to me and that's largely what I do, so I absolutely don't blame you for only feeling like exploring I think I've got ONE argument for going through the dungeons, though. Each dungeon gives you an ability, which can make exploring more convenient. The Dragon Roost dungeon (I know it's not Dragon Roost but I forget what the Rito place is called and I always call it dragon roost because of the theme lol) gives you the ability to launch yourself up with an airdraft and then glide further distances or reach higher points of land (part of its use can be to reach higher on a wall to climb and it'll cost less stamina to reach that height through the draft than through climbing). The other dungeons give you combat related skills so if you wanted to make combat easier on yourself then that could be a reason to go through those dungeons. The game sort of lightly nudges you into going to the Zora folk first because they're closest once you unlock that part of the story, but I was dead set on finding the Rito because I loved the Rito tribe in the wind waker. I think I ended up lucky in that sense, because I think that gave me the ability to fly up for dungeons and areas that I think weren't intended to be tackled by the flying ability yet lol
  4. I LOVE RHEA SHE'S SO PRETTY SHE CAN USE ME ALL SHE WANTS she also got voted pretty high in cyl 4!
  5. I love garlic as long as it isn't too much garlic because too much garlic is very painful for me but just the right amount of garlic is heaven I guess I'm not very picky on sauces (though the kind of sauce I like is dependent on what I'm eating it with and also on how spicy it is because I have such a low spice tolerance), but my overall favorite is probably bbq
  6. I follow it casually too because I find stuff like that fun! I don't really put stock into them though. Taurus's defining trait is stubbornness, and I am not particularly stubborn... I of course have my stubborn moments, but for the most part I'm a pushover and don't have much faith in my own judgement
  7. as one counter I've seen before has said: in that tweet he had to censor one of those words and not the other.
  8. he lies to you he's always keeping me up until like midnight basically every night and so I end up sleep deprived basically every day he sux
  9. hell yeah I'm ready to look like an old witch lady who lives in an old cottage in the middle of a forest that will sell you questionable potions
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