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  1. While I am likely going to be disappointed at another month of Lyn not getting a Tempest Trials alt, at least this is looking to be another skip banner unless the characters have something I would want. Need to save for Ninja Lyn's rerun and possibly Marianne spark opportunity.
  2. My Limited Hero Battles clears for September: Nemesis: Brunnya, Cecilia, Larum, Lilina Ryoma+Sakura: CYL Dimitri, Legendary Claude, Flayn, Fallen Edelgard Galle: Sothe, Micaiah, Fallen Ashnard, Reyson MGrima+Fallen FCorrin: Halloween Tiki, Caeda, Wrys, Naga Legendary Julia: CYL Eirika, Tethys, Duo Ephraim, Young Innes
  3. I initially was considering Yuri as my free ticket hope pull but then I remembered that I'm really in need of Dagr since I already have CYL Eirika. I've decided to shoot red and hope for a free Muspell since he can provide some nice true damage support. Hapi's cool but I already have CYL Eirika and CYL Eliwood built so Hapi feels a little excessive. Though Ruptured Sky on Hapi is going to be hilarious. I don't know what to do with Constance should I get her.
  4. Scion Nanna's base kit: Staff of Twelve+ (12 Mt; Sparkling Boost) Recover+ Heavenly Light Spd/Res Form Atk Tactic Yeah, nothing amazing for her base skills -- pretty bog standard for a TT unit. Staff of Twelve is neat for PvE content.
  5. So we got the Scion units. Glad that it isn't another Dancer banner -- we don't need another Dancer Sigurd or some other BS like that. Scion Larcei literally has the axe version of Byleth's Creator Sword with combat stat boosts. So it's only a matter of time before the Creator Sword itself gets powercreeped by an actual sword weapon. If Legendary Leif is bad to fight against, then Scion Leif is probably worse -- gets Miracle and Canto 1 in his weapon in addition to what's basically Ranged Galeforce. And since Scion Leif is a pair, he works with Duo Hindrance in AR-D. It's worth noting that this is the first male-only Harmonic pair (for first male-only pair, we already have Ephraim+Lyon). Scion Julia is cute and has a neat inheritable tome -- Renewal 4 and free +5 Atk/Spd for both phases for just existing. Scion Lewyn has the blue version of that tome. Very curious to see Scion Nanna since she's the F2P staff flier!
  6. My video clear of Fates vs. Abyssal Sothis feat. my scuffed Fates team including a -Atk Ophelia.
  7. Haven't had trouble with this month's LHBs... until Fates vs. Sothis came along. Currently, I have yet to figure out how to clear the Abyssal map (Infernal took a LOT of tries). EDIT: managed to get the Abyssal clear with this... sus team. 5*+4+0 Xander: eff. Siegfried, Reposition, Bonfire, Triangle Adept, Quick Riposte +HP/-Atk +0 Legendary Azura: Prayer Wheel, Gray Waves, Aerobatics, Atk Tactic, Torrent Dance +Spd/-Atk +0 Ophelia: Missiletain, Reposition, Blazing Wind, Life and Death 3, Chill Res. Savage Blow, Flashing Blade +Res/-HP +0 Legendary Corrin: Primordial Breath, Reposition, Negating Fang, Distant Counter, Shield Pulse, Joint Drive Atk, Mystic Boost
  8. Saw the video myself. A good number of CYL Marianne's detractors are likely the same sort of players who prefer using BEEG DPS or EXTRA THICC pl0nk units. Galeforce strategies, while effective (especially on cancerous AR-D maps that require 1-turn action to avoid using up the Escape Ladder), are known to be quite difficult to execute especially without any practice and even then would require having some amount of luck with the gacha (since Galeforce becomes easier to execute when you have a 6th unit ready to attack or proc Galeforce itself in AR-O). I personally don't have Dagr or Ullr so chances are that I will be unable to make effective use out of Galeforce during Light season in situations in which having a Galeforce team would be critical.
  9. Got CYL Eirika and sparked a merge for her. Also got: +HP/-Atk Rinkah +Res/-Spd Fallen Dimitri +Res/-HP Claude +Def/-HP Ninian (merged) Noteworthy: +Atk/-Spd Orochi.
  10. She already gets Time's Pulse at base, so it's technically at 2CD (helps that this is a special that activates after combat, meaning she'll get Time's Pulse effect again on the next turn). As long as she doubles and doesn't fight something while Guard status is in effect, she gets the special off, which shouldn't be very hard since she gets Lull Spd/Res on steroids in her Prf weapon as well as Atk/Spd Unity and NFU in her base kit. If NFU isn't needed, then she could be using WoM to act like a WoM dancer. There is also the fact that Marianne's special inflicts the Gravity status on her refreshed ally but the point against it is... that penalty didn't stop Legendary Leif from being a menace, did it?
  11. CYL Marth is a snooze fest of a unit but he can be good with the right teammates -- Legendary Eliwood and Ashera are obvious teammates for him. CYL Eirika looks gorgeous -- she's the unit I'm planning to pick up since I did vote for her during CYL4. CYL Gatekeeper is definitely looking to be trouble -- bulky even as a one-off and passive effects that interferes with mobility are inherently not fun to play against (has Obstruct on steroids that even interferes against Wings of Mercy). He'd likely be a huge troll unit when Save units are involved. CYL Marianne is pretty unique, to say the least -- she is the first colorless tome unit to finally hit the regular gacha pool. Interesting choice of making her a pseudo-dancer. (Interesting maneuver meme intensifies) Also ridiculous fodder all around: Marth brings in Distant Pressure -- I don't imagine this being too popular because of it basically being DC with a Spd Push effect. He also brings in Spurn (lol) and Even Tempest (no longer Mythic exclusive). Eirika has Surge Sparrow -- RIP Swift Sparrow 3. She also has Atk/Spd Menace (no longer Mythic exclusive). Gatekeeper has Close Reversal (sidegrade of Close Foil -- drops the Atk buff to counter dragon units) and Joint Drive Def. Marianne has Fallen Ike's most wanted toy: Atk/Spd Unity. She also brings in NFU and Time's Pulse. Pelleas is... interesting to say the least. Wonder what they're gonna do with him. Overall rankings of grail CYL units: CYL1: Joshua (rank 34; TT, tied to Farfetched Heroes) CYL2: Aversa (41; GHB, tied to Brave Redux) CYL3: Sigrun (205) CYL4: Jorge (27) CYL5: Pelleas (99)
  12. Does anybody have any tips for tackling this week's AB map? We got Legendary Claude on the infamous giant cracked wall map so on top of having to play on a terrible map, we have to deal with a bunch of extremely annoying Three Houses units. A lot of enemy units have some form of guaranteed follow-up, Firesweep, Lull, and/or Null Follow-Up effect. Annette, Petra, and Flayn boost mobility via their skill effects on an already cramped map, which is only exacerbated by the fact that all units start on the east/west sides of the map (less distance to cover before enemy contact). Dedue spawning in a gamemode that heavily promotes using melee units (especially those with Galeforce) and on a map that gets crowded very quickly, so in a lot of cases, several units would be protected by him via Near Save. This is quite easily one of the worst AB weeks ever.
  13. As the Safety Fence currently is, it's useless most of the time. When it does become useful, you're pretty much required to have some Galeforce cavalry unit that can snipe an enemy unit, get Galeforce off, and retreat to safety -- all on turn 1 (so Eliwood with Galeforce and Escape Route or Yarne could work for this role). You may potentially be screwed if the Safety Fence gets caught out by Duma/catapult. Separate question: Is this Forma Nino worth keeping? I got her Pact Blooms, Ruptured Sky, Distant Def 4, Vengeful Fighter (couldn't get Slick Fighter or Crafty Fighter on her in HoF), and A/R Far Save. I've done some calcs but it's looking like I may possibly skip since without Crafty Fighter and additional Mythic Heroes (for Light season, I only have Freyja and the F2P ones meaning there are seasons I could only use 2 of them rather than all 3), it's very much possible for her to die to Valentine's Lif.
  14. I only joined Caspar's team since I was going feather merc (due to no bonus unit) and saw that Caspar had the lowest score after the first hour of round 1. Didn't think it'd work out THIS well!
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