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  1. Since I don't have Mila, Echoes vs. Legendary Azura was a hard fight, especially on Abyssal difficulty. I did clear it, however. +3+0 +Atk Celica: eff. Ragnarok, Draw Back, Blazing Light, Fury 3, Desperation, Spur Def, Brazen Atk/Spd +1+0 +Spd Legendary Celica: Saintly Seraphim, Draw Back, Moonbow, Swift Sparrow, Soul of Zofia, Atk/Spd Oath, Swift Sparrow 5*+0+0 Dancer Rinea: Spd Silver Goblet+, Dance, Escape Route 2, Hone Spd 3, Steady Stance +1+0 +Spd Legendary Alm: Luna Arc, Draw Back, Lunar Flash, Darting Blow, Null Follow-Up, Odd Atk Wave, Flashing Blade
  2. Jugdral vs. Klein+Clarine is an easy one for me: 5*+10+7 +Atk Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Reposition, Moonbow, Death Blow 4, Lancebreaker, Hone Cavalry, Quickened Pulse 5*+10+9 +Atk Ares: Dark Mystletainn, Bonfire, Distant Counter, Vantage, Def Smoke 5*+10+8 +Atk Nanna: Gravity+, Restore+, Atk/Spd Solo 3, Wrathful Staff +1+0 Green Olwen: Thunderhead, Draw Back, Blazing Wind, Swift Sparrow 2, Fortify Cavalry, Spd +1
  3. FE7 (female leads) vs. Death Knight wasn't too bad. 5*+10+15 +Atk Nifl Lyn: Spd Carrot Cudgel+, Noontime, Distant Counter, Null Follow-Up, Pulse Smoke, Atk/Def Solo +2+5 +HP Duo Lyn: Tailwind Shuriken, Reposition, Ruptured Sky, Swift Sparrow, Spd/Def Rein Bride Ninian: Fresh Bouquet, Dance, Atk Tactic, Gale Dance 1 5*+9+5 +Def Florina: eff. Florina's Lance, Reposition, Distant Ward, Quick Riposte, Atk/Def Rein
  4. 1/12: New Power banner (Lewyn, Hinoka, Genny) 1/14: Hot Springs rerun banner (Ryoma, Hinoka, Sakura, Elise) 1/16: Tanya+Osian BHB banner 1/17: TT banner 1/18: Special Heroes banner 1/19: TT 1/20: Combat boosts 1/22: New Heroes + Forging Bonds Rerun (Ike, Julia, Corrin, Lyon) 1/24: Iago GHB rerun 1/28: Mythic Heroes banner 1/30: Wrath banner 2/2: (something could happen during the anniversary celebration) 2/5: Valentines 2021 banner; Tempest Trials 2/9: New Power banner So this month's season: could be another Hot Spring banner or some other one-off theme not unlike the aforementioned Hot Springs theme, or the picnic, pirates, or ninja themes. Finally a date on the Fallen Heroes 2020 rerun. Will definitely pull since I need a Fallen Ike for Repel.
  5. FE8 vs. Kronya: 5*+8+3 +Res Tethys: Res Temari+, Dance, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy, Drive Res, Def/Res 2 +2+0 +Spd Mage Eirika: eff. Gleipnir, Reposition, Luna, Swift Sparrow 2, Desperation, Savage Blow, Chill Res Duo Ephraim: Reginleif, Reposition, Galeforce, Heavy Blade, Lull Atk/Def, Odd Atk Wave, Even Atk Wave +Spd/-Def Innes: Nidhogg, Draw Back, Growing Wind, Life and Death 3, Poison Strike, Savage Blow FE13 vs. Ike+Soren: 5*+10+0 +Res Donnel: Res Casa Blanca, Reposition, Sol, Distant Counter, Atk Smoke, Quick Riposte +2+0 CYL Lucina: eff. Geirskogul, Shove, Sol, Spd/Def Link, Drive Spd, Distant Guard 5*+10+6 Aversa: Aversa's Night, Reposition, Moonbow, HP +5, Drive Res, HP +5 5*+1+0 +Atk ATiki: +Res Lightning Breath, Reposition
  6. Is it me, or is the AI for this map kind of pepega? The generic mooks had every opportunity to move and break the blocks to reach my units but nope, they don't even try. Duo Lyn and 3 WoM flier dancers swept the map.
  7. I'm a bit annoyed that he is yet another red tome unit with a status tome but at the same time, I can rest assured that I'm not really missing out on him by not dumping resources other than level-up crystals. And there are other things to complain about like availability of skills (ie. tier 3 Solo A-skills, first released in late 2018, are still premium skills).
  8. Got Beruka, Titania, Echidna, Ced, and Sheena from the free summons on the new banner. Oh, the irony. Tried to get the student but pulled his teacher instead. I see this as a win, either way.
  9. I'd say that Oboro is too busy working on a Resplendent outfit offscreen (unseen by Bernadetta here) in addition to her usual work -- she does come from a family that sells kimonos, after all!
  10. Pretty fodder heavy banner for the most part. Asbel has Fury 4 which is something I would want for Eir though FByleth would be better value to me since Eir could use Ruptured Sky whereas foddering Asbel to her would be a waste of NFU. Ronan seems neat but he is rather similar to Jorge and Jeorge. Miranda's cute and Raudrserpent and Spd/Res Gap are finally going to be non-premium (though who would use them anyways?). Sara's staff is alright but it doesn't seem too crazy compared to Flayn's staff; it just seems more there to let Sara still do some duties of being a healer while acting more as a Reposition bot. A healer version of Reposition is kind of nuts on a Gravity+ healer built explicitly for cheesing AA teams, though. Veld being the GHB is expected though what he'd be doing is another question entirely -- given that he's a Dark Bishop in his home game, his being yet another F2P infantry red mage seems already too likely going to happen. However, given that he has a spell called Stone (which does play a part in FE5's story) in his home game and that Sara does have the Kia Staff (in FE5, the Kia Staff is the only way to restore a unit petrified by the Stone spell), there's a possibility that we could have our first F2P colorless mage, which would be nice for Pawns of Loki in addition to Arena modes given that the recent mages can hit 170 BST without needing Duel skills.
  11. 6 free summons and 90 orbs into the Omega banner. The results are kind of blursed. CYL Camilla (+Spd/-Def, new to me) Leila (+Atk/-Spd, new to me) 2x 4* New Year's Kaden Also 5*+9+3'd Reyson and can make Tethys 5*+9+3 and +HP. Wish I have another Spring Palla or a Larum with crap traits to throw at Leila. I also have completed the Camillity Gauntlet.
  12. Aw man, Omega Special Heroes banners (the apparent name for these type of banners -- Double Special Heroes with 6% 5* Focus rate and 2% off-Focus 5* rate) are going to suck. If this is supposed to be the answer for having too many banners for a specific seasonal theme, this ain't it, chief. RIP to those who randomly pull a garbage off-focus unit like Adrift Camilla, Adrift Mikoto, or Ylgr. Keaton being the TT reward unit -- welp, GG, TT reward unit with interesting/good fodder since Keaton is a beast unit (beast units will always have a Prf weapon and therefore no interesting inheritable seasonal weapon though then again, all of the 2021 New Year's units have Prf weapons). Plumeria's Close Ward is going to be a huge meme since it's mainly going to be useful for mages and dagger units with dragonslayer weapons. At least Atk/Def Rein is nice. Peony is going to be dumb since she's a dancer that can dance twice in one turn. And since she's a Duo unit with at least 190 BST, better prepare red ranged units for her since she's likely going to be appear quite a bit in Arena modes. Velouria looks pretty spicy -- DC+NFU for fodder and her weapon makes herself kind of like a refined CYL Lucina. She looks like another unit made for AR-O tanking. Don't really care too much about Kaden though he is seemingly poised to be yet another red Galeforce cav, especially with the Spd based effects.
  13. Ninja Duo Lyn destroys the map with 3 dancers -- she can ORKO any unit on the Abyssal map that isn't a walking refrigerator. It does come down to making sure that the armored units don't group up for Armor March and Lyn KOing a lot of things per turn until the fridges get isolated. +2+5 +HP Ninja Duo Lyn: Tailwind Shuriken, Reposition, Ruptured Sky, Fury 4, Desperation, Spd/Def Rein, Savage Blow 3 flier dancers with Wings of Mercy and buffing skills (I used Legendary Azura, New Year's Azura, and Plumeria) Fury is chosen over Swift Sparrow so that the dancers can actually use Wings of Mercy for more mobility in general since the map can get crowded very quickly. There's also that Lyn kills things so easily that without Fury, she'd be taking no damage at all, which could make it harder for the dancers to support her.
  14. Archanea vs. Hrid took a few tries and some skill inheritance. 5*+10+9 +Atk Resplendent Caeda: eff. Wing Sword, Reposition, Galeforce, Distant Counter, Desperation, Spd/Def Rein, Death Blow +Spd/-Res Phina: Dance, Spd/Def Form, Wings of Mercy, Hone Atk 3 +HP/-Atk Harmonic Tiki: Frostfire Breath, Reposition, Glimmer, Atk/Spd Push, Escape Route, With Everyone!, Atk +1 5*+10 Young Minerva: Dragoon Axe, Reposition, Galeforce, Wings of Mercy, Spd Smoke, Atk/Spd 2
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