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  1. I flubbed on writing out that part. Anywho, Young Innes: Bow of Frelia: CDR, anti-fliers, +6 Atk/Spd during combat for basically free; +7 true damage and neutralization of non-special damage reduction skills on in-combat Special procs. Glimmer Swift Sparrow 2 Distant Guard 3 Fodder is nothing amazing though I doubt most players would be interested in foddering Innes when his bow has Deadeye's unique effect built in. The only archer in the game who wouldn't need to run the Deadeye special at all and would rather prefer other specials (ie. Ruptured Sky or Blue Flame in Arena modes).
  2. Known statlines: Young Tana: 40/39/41/29/23 Young L'Arachel: 36/37/38/16/30 Duo Eirika: 40/36/43/30/28 Welp, the Trace skills are the closest thing we'd have for inheritable Canto skills for the time being. Duo Eirika is just plain disgusting: -Defense penetration effect (though it's a lesser version of Alm's). -NFU on its own is annoying but Duo Eirika also gets a refreshable Dodge effect as her Duo skill. I'd love to get Duo Eirika but I don't really have the orbs for her. L'Arachel is going to be annoying as well since her Prf weapon has a passive Flash effect at the start of her turn. And since staff units almost always initiate combat anyways, she gets more free damage. Effectively 64-70 Atk on initiating once you include the Res penalty. Lyon's Prf weapon is kind of similar to the refined version of OG Lyon's tome. May as well see what Innes got but one thing is almost certain: he most likely would not have a Prf weapon.
  3. Shut down Three Houses vs. Yune pretty handily. +1+0 +HP Legendary Claude: Failnaught, Reposition, Aether (forgot to change his special), Atk/Spd Catch, Fallen Star, Spd/Def Rein CYL Dimitri: base kit, Reposition, Spd/Res Bond +HP/-Def CYL Edelgard: base kit, Swap Flayn: base kit, Atk +3
  4. Binding Blade vs. Marth+Caeda wasn't too hard of a fight though a bit close at the start since Brunnya had to eat a lot of damage. 5*+10+10 +Spd Brunnya: Fimbulvetr, Sol, Atk/Spd Solo 3, Null Follow-Up, Pulse Smoke, Atk/Spd Bond (forgot to switch seals but it worked out) 5*+6+5 Winter Cecilia: Res Barb Shuriken+, Swap, Atk Smoke 5*+10+10 +Atk Gwendolyn: eff. Weighted Lance, Rally Atk/Spd+, Quick Riposte, Armor March, Panic Ploy 5*+0+0 +Spd/-HP Clarine: Gravity+, Atk +3, Rehabilitate+
  5. Fates vs. Travant is another easy fight thanks to the princesses. +1+0 +Spd Bow Hinoka: eff. Warrior Princess, Reposition, Moonbow, Fury 3, Desperation, Goad Fliers, Atk +1 5* +Spd/-HP Camilla: eff. Camilla's Axe, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Ward Fliers +Spd/-Def CYL Camilla: Sanngridr, Atk/Spd Push, Wrathful Staff, Savage Blow, Close Guard +Spd/-Atk New Year's Azura: Hagoita+, Sing, Flier Formation, Hone Fliers, Fortify Def 1
  6. Echoes vs. Kempf was rather tough due to much of the map being a huge chokepoint. +1+0 +Spd Legendary Alm: base kit, Draw Back, Mirror Strike +1+0 +Spd Legendary Celica: Saintly Seraphim, Draw Back, Moonbow, Swift Sparrow, Soul of Zofia, Atk/Spd Oath, Death Blow +HP/-Def Genny: base kit, Atk +3, Atk +1 Dancer Rinea: Spd Silver Goblet+, Dance, Fireflood Dance, Hone Spd 3, Drive Def Freyja pretty much trivializes FEH vs. Leif+Nanna. +Res/-Def Freyja: Nightmare Horn, Reposition, Noontime, Atk/Spd Solo, Binding Necklace, Pulse Smoke, Spd/Res Solo +1+0 +Atk Reginn: base kit, Reposition, Swift Sparrow +Atk/-Spd Hel: Reposition
  7. I dunno what to expect from the seasonal banner. However, it is pretty telling that it's to go live just before the franchise anniversary day (4/20). I hope my free summon pulls through on the Gap skills banner -- I could use a Larum for Disarm Trap.
  8. Out of this Forging Bonds event, I enjoy Farina's supports the most -- her seeing the sorts of new Pegasus fliers is kind of like introducing a player who only played pre-Awakening games to the modern FE games. Yeah, Serra and Priscilla only get a few lines; the main character Erk interacts with is Peony. Guinevere only appears in the C-support but the effects of her conversation with Erk is felt in the support line. Louise's support is a fun one, too, as it involves her telling the story of her marriage... to female archers who apparently have that special someone in their lives. The event overall involves a lot about learning about the future world introduced in Binding Blade, which makes sense, though it is quite a different take compared to how Three Houses characters acted when met with the concept of their future selves (along with versions from alternate worlds).
  9. Out of the banner units, the one I would want most is Pent in case Legendary Lyn's Laws of Sacae II were to be trash. Farina: WTF is that design choice? I get that it's supposed to reference her recruitment cost in FE7 but being rewarded with +7 to all stats during combat on top of Dulling all enemy stats just for receiving 5 dragonflower boosts (a cost of only 600 blue dragonflowers) is so dumb -- can't be healthy for the game. Pent: Great fodder for Arena players (Green Duel Infantry 4; can get a value pack if the player also has Helbindi available for foddering) as well as AR players (Lull Atk/Res, Time's Pulse). Will likely be a common unit in Pulse AR-D teams. Louise: another colorless archer, though Ideal skills can be pretty nasty in Arena since everybody starts at full HP (unless Duma is present) and Rallies are practically a requirement for scoring well. Erk: another 3-4* red infantry mage unit. At least Solo skills finally arrive to the 3-4* pool though that took way too long (more than 2 years since Solo skills were first introduced to the game). Sonia: she's likely going to be Brunnya in 2021 (blue infantry mage with Fimbulvetr); if that were to be the case, then she could be a viable investment option for AR.
  10. Thing is that lances, swords, and axes are functionally the same thing: melee (1-range) weapons that simply deal physical damage (targets Defense); the main difference in FEH is that they occupy different parts of the color triangle. No need to complicate things further. Bows and daggers are somewhat different since they're ranged (2-range) weapons that deal physical damage; with the main difference between bows and daggers is that the former deals effective damage against an entire movement type while the latter leaves debuffs after combat. While colored variants may exist, availability of them and the variety of them is pretty lacking, especially for F2P players, not to mention that a lot of players generally don't consider them worthwhile since being colorless means having neutral matchups against all 4 colors outside of very specific matchups (ie. vs. Raventome units).
  11. As long as they output at least 700 Ephemera each month -- the bare minimum to get both 5* manuals and the grails manual. Some neat stuff from the limited manuals though the 5* manuals kind of suck for this month -- Kana is pretty much just merge fodder and Picnic Lukas only has a Sturdy Stance lance and AR-O A-skill (AR-O A-skills aren't as good as AR-D A-skills due to a certain AR-D map archetype). Celestial Stones are a pretty big update though it's basically just another reason for players to spark on New Heroes and Legendary Hero Remix banners. Kind of I wish that I had picked up Bride Fjorm or Spring Palla since players will be able to choose to get a free Forma Soul every half year if they spark 3 times but oh well.
  12. It took me a few tries but I managed to complete the Abyssal map using Ninja Lyn and a bunch of flier dancers. Since I didn't use any melee DPS units, the Near Save armored unit was hardly much of a concern. I'd be more annoyed to see Far Save armors, even if they don't have Distant Counter equipped.
  13. https://twitter.com/FE_Heroes_EN/status/1377085765218369541 The summoner being his usual dumb self.
  14. I would pick Silque out of favoritism but the problem is that she's the only unit in the gauntlet whom I have yet to pull, let alone currently possess in my barracks. Looks like I'd be joining Team Flayn.
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