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  1. I picked Cecilia, even though Byleth is likely going to be the obvious winner. I wouldn't read too into it about the possibility of a Special Heroes banner -- 7 feels too many for a Special Heroes event (unless there's that possibility of a Hero winning multiple categories) when they normally feature up to 6 characters (1 Tempest Trials reward unit, a Duo Hero, and 3 singular banner units that are to be featured alongside the Duo) unless they were to include a second Duo Hero somewhere. For now, I just see this as some silly community event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of FE with an incentive for RTing the Twitter post about the event -- it's pretty similar to having the student body vote for stuff like best-dressed student for the school yearbook photos. Pretty certain that this is the first time a FE franchise anniversary got officially publicized to international audiences (normally, the franchise anniversaries were directed to the Japanese audience).
  2. Finally done it!!! OG Lyn is finally +10! Took 117 orbs on the Weekly Revival banner to get the final 2 merges. Now to pull Lif to finish the build at some point.
  3. Eh, they had to give him the Warriors treatment since actual pantsless Marth would be too powerful for FEH.
  4. So my thoughts: GHB revival: If they give out additional free copies, then damn, Oliver, Garon, and Aversa are really cheap (to the players who haven't tried to merge/build them yet). Special maps: More free orbs are always welcome! Fire Emblem Leads: Based on the layout, we could be getting 2 banners (1 for males, 1 for females). Green > Blue > Red > Colorless (Fire Emblem Anniversary Special Heroes banner): Cute banner -- would love to pull for Caeda though I have no idea if I would have the orbs to get her since I want to get Lyn from her weekly revival banner, especially since I can't spark on either banner. Limited Hero Battles: Honestly not looking forward to this because of how tough Infernal difficulty can be when stuck with non-invested units. Hero Filter: A welcome addition since we can only really currently sort rather than filter. Lost Lore Spoils: Upon closer inspection, there's no major change from what I can tell aside from requiring less than half as many Lore Lines to get all the main rewards. (From 550 in the regular Lost Lore events to 250 in Lost Lore Spoils.) AR-O Fortress balancing: Nice for the players new to AR. Demotions: Poor Altena -- she will be the sole remaining regular 4-5* unit if the information presented stands. Journey Begins banner: Forrest fans are going to be very happy that Forrest is the 4-5* Focus unit and therefore the 3-4* demote. Yay, Lilith is in the game but she's another blue dragon. I know there are some Rinkah fans out there are happy and she seems to have DC or a DC Prf, a Breath passive, and possibly Wrath or Slaying Prf. Midori appears to have CC or a CC Prf. Looks like an interesting banner though I'm more looking forward to the attached Forging Bonds event. Sparking: Very nice if there's a one-off pull you want from a New Heroes banner (especially since New Heroes banners are typically paired with a Forging Bonds event, so a player gets 5 summons out of the 40 needed without using orbs and therefore can spark for as few as 135 orbs if the player doesn't snipe at all). Otherwise, it's not a major gamechanger (can only be done once per summoning event and can only be done on New Heroes banners -- sparking is unavailable on monthly banners, Special Heroes banners, and reruns). At least you can use it on a brand-new CYL banner like CYL4. Otherwise, it's clearly an attempt by IS to get more players to pull on New Heroes banners rather than hoard for Special Heroes or monthly banners.. Overall: Once I got out of the initial hype phase and looked over all the stuff more carefully, it's not an overly gamechanging Feh Channel. It seems like IS is trying to play it safe for the 30th anniversary and not rock the boat too much after the controversial Feh Pass subscription service.
  5. I really hope that FE Cipher ending means that FEH would become a better game, especially since FEH is free-to-start and has an international audience. Right now, FEH feels like it's stagnating or on a decline. With Cipher no longer being an FE-related activity for in-between main series releases, FEH better step up its game, especially since it now has the Feh Pass subscription service. Regardless, it's so sad to see FE Cipher ending -- while in the midst of the 30th anniversary of the franchise, no less! There is so much great artwork that I wish I could see in full outside of an artbook and there are a few Lyn cards I'm missing and wish I could have if they weren't so expensive. On top of that, what would become of the Cipher OCs, especially Alice, Valjean, Poe, and Niamh?
  6. Xander, Loki, Catria, or Palla... I'm going with Catria -- my fave out of the 4 I have.
  7. Men: Ike, Eliwood Ike became a lot more interesting as a unit after hie refine update -- while he may have gotten possibly powercreeped by Duo Alm, he's still a bulky unit and is available at least for 4 total weeks a year thanks to the weekly revivals (on top of having pull rates that are superior than those of Hero Fest banners). Eliwood has a Prf that has both dragonkiller and beastkiller effects. I won't mind having another solid counterpick unit if I pull him. Women: Lyn, Lucina, Micaiah Lyn is my most used CYL unit by far (no surprise there since she's my favorite) and is the only one I +10'd. She is also the first 5*-exclusive unit I +10'd. Used her in a lot of content such as Tempest Trials, Rival Domains, Grand Conquests, Arena Assault, daily Arena quests, Aether Raids, and Abyssal maps. I would be more interested in using Lucina once I invested more into her and Ike. Micaiah's artwork is lovely and she has armorkiller and horsekiller effects on her Prf.
  8. Pretty easy final map depending on spawns -- as many as 3 units can be taken out on the first turn when using ranged cavaliers and 1 dancer. Whew -- OG Idunn is slow but is really bulky with TT bonuses! Handy for shutting down Caineghis quickly. Since Spring Bartre is a bonus unit for this TT, you could just level him up using the TT stages -- get increased EXP and SP for Bartre and get more TT score -- kill 2 birds with one stone.
  9. Finished Hall of Forms a few days ago. Levels and skills upon finishing Chamber 25: Leif (lv. 30): eff. Light Brand, Swift Sparrow 3 Finn (lv. 40+1): Silver Lance+, Rally Spd/Def+, Ruptured Sky, Distant Ward, Lull Atk/Spd 3, Atk/Res Gap 3, Spd Smoke 3 Reinhardt (lv. 37+1): Meisterschwert, Reposition, Quick Riposte 3, Def Smoke 3 Olwen (lv. 40+10): eff. Thunderhead, Draw Back, Glimmer, Grani's Shield, Desperation 3, Joint Hone Spd, Quickened Pulse
  10. Given how long it's been since the last MS event (and it's recently announced that the next MS event is next week), I wouldn't be surprised that the reason for the hiatus is that Thorr and her troops got quarantined for getting infected by the coronavirus.
  11. Oh great, Death Blow seal. Cue Reinhardt, Lilina, Cherche, Kiria, and Lysithea. Bartre is... extremely disappointing. Another sword infantry unit (and a downgrade from Astram and Itsuki due to not having a Prf weapon) and his only fodder options are Carrot Cudgel+ and Odd Atk Wave 3 (WTH, Obstruct on a TT unit in 2020 -- why?!). I guess I now have something in case I ever decide to put more investment into OG Nino. In other news, got lucky and pulled +Atk/-HP Idunn from the TT banner.
  12. I really need to put together a new Arena core team -- MCorrin, Sheena, and Gwendolyn no longer seem to be doing well -- Legend Chrom seems to be the "straw that broke the camel's back" -- his weapon having armorkiller makes him much worse to fight than Legend Lucina is. At least during Water season (which seems to be the hardest season now because of the highest amount of units getting extra actions per turn -- Chrom, Azura, Leif), it no longer seems possible for me to get into tier 21 and even staying in tier 20 is becoming a struggle if I try to take it easy on myself. Not to mention the increasing amount of duel crests needed to fish and win fights. I'm aware that Legendary units are required for scoring well nowadays but alas, I want to be building my favorite units and I do not have the best of luck pulling on monthly banners.
  13. Only remotely annoying in an AR-O team since Duo skills can only be used by the player, not the AI. Plus, it only works for 1 turn (unless they bring in that Duo building that allows for multiple uses of a Duo skill) and Duo Idunn takes up a limited unit slot so it's very likely that she's not going to see a lot of play once her bonus season ends. And yeah, as a few others have mentioned, Brave Ike is ridiculous as a tank with basically no weakness aside from red color (a soft counter at best) and AoEs. In the hands of the player, I can see Duo Idunn being useful as a support unit for fellow dragons with dragonkiller weapons that are going to enemy phase enemy dragons with dragonkiller weapons. (ie. Tiki vs Tiki)
  14. By far, the most interesting unit on the banner to me is Fir. Not only is she cute but she also has a sweet Prf weapon (Slaying Axe with armorkiller and NFU3)! I can't believe that I'm saying that I want Fir to come home soon (OG Fir comes home very often to me when I pull red). That said, I hope she comes home soon since I'm trying to save orbs for Lyn's return. Fir can run a nasty Windsweep/Watersweep set. Est having Chill Atk/Res... welp, dual Chill skills are going to be a thing and this one can easily mess up Light AR tanks... though that would probably just make more players use Brave Ike or some Close Call/Repel tank. There's also Duo Idunn's Duo skill granting null armor/dragonkiller effect for dragon/armored units though she is an armored unit and is still a unit that takes up a slot so she may not be used very often once the bonus season ends, especially since she's a red unit on a standard 4-unit banner. Assuming Bartre is a sword infantry unit, he's kind of an oof... since we do already have Astram and Itsuki. I hope he has interesting fodder though given what Narcian has, I'm not too crazy about the seasonal inheritable weapons.
  15. As well as the GHB rerun and Petra showing up on a skills banner.
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