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  1. Woot, MByleth in 61 orbs! Looks like my Lyn is getting DC as a bonus along with Ruptured Sky!
  2. Ah, so overall, Ruptured Sky has a higher damage floor with all of the high Atk units running around while Moonbow has a slightly higher damage ceiling but greater variance. That works out since I managed to get a hold of Byleth this morning.
  3. It's more in the sense in how COPPA can be abused. And COPPA is a federal policy, implying that the federal government enacted it and is enforcing it via the FTC. Though really, the root of the entire issue is private companies collecting and selling private data, including those from children below legal age. The problem mainly became apparent with parents not wanting to parent and are just giving their kids iPads to use as their personal babysitters.
  4. Some of my thoughts: COPPA can end up violating the First Amendment (freedom of expression). There are many videos (such as animations created for the purpose of satire or parody) posted online about controversial topics, including American law and regulations. The First Amendment does NOT allow the curtailing of discussion/criticism of the American government and its policies outside of wartime. This could become a slippery slope that could affect other American video sharing sites or other sites (such as here) or possibly lead into situations similar to the passing of Article 13 that took place in the European Union months ago or the Chinese government impeding the spreading and discussion of the Hong Kong protests. Language used in COPPA is vague which makes it hard for content creators to decide whether or not their videos are "made for kids". I will be laughing if a hentai video gets uploaded onto YouTube and gets marked "made for kids" due to its use of animated characters and colorful graphics, especially since Google still relies on faulty algorithms. With the way YouTube is reacting to COPPA being enforced, Google seems to be bowing to the whims of lazy/careless/negligent parents who don't monitor what their kids watch. Heck, I'm certain that there are many American parents who knowingly create accounts on the main YouTube site for their underaged children to use even knowing that the main YouTube site is explicitly intended for users aged 13 and older. In other words, Google is excusing poor parenting and is using the content creators as scapegoats for not babysitting their kids well. COPPA seems to be trying to solve a symptom of the problem rather than try to solve the root of the problem (companies collecting, using, and selling private information).
  5. Only got Raigh to work with until I get Brunnya. Got more than enough coins to upgrade all 3 seals - after I get the TT coins and upgrade all 3 seals, I'll have enough coins to upgrade an additional 2 seals twice (so 300). Now that I think about it, it was only a matter of time before Flier Guidance became a seal - it's a pretty lame C-slot nowadays since Goad or Ward Fliers are so strong when stacked and it's expensive for what it offers when Flier Formation is a strong alternative with it taking up the B-slot.
  6. Gah, only 1 red spawned in first session and that free summon was an Ares. ... I guess my Ares is now 5+6+5 after months of being stuck at 5+5+5. Xenologue's a bit lame since FE6 music but no FE6 units. Guess I'd have to rely on the PvP modes before in order to see the units in-game.
  7. Sounds like upgrading to Brazen Atk/Spd 4 is a go once I get a hold of Summer Wolt. Sticking with Wrath for B - I'm mainly aiming for high damage output in both raw numbers and special damage. Pulling for Sothis is a go - would love to pull for more Lyn merges but Sothis is coming up. May need numbers for Ruptured Sky - specifically in how it compares to Moonbow.
  8. Finally got a +Atk Lyn! So, with the many skill releases since the last post on this thread, I wonder what nuke build is the best (in terms of beating other units while 75% HP or having consistently high damage output), assuming max investment (10 merges and 10 dragonflower boosts). +Atk Sol Katti (Brash Assault) N/A (Reposition) Moonbow/Luna/Dragon Fang Brazen Atk/Spd 4/Flashing Blade 4 Wrath 3 Time's Pulse 3 Brazen Atk/Spd 3 seal Current progress:
  9. Igrene is pretty much my hope from this banner since I really want Pulse Smoke. Roy's harem is finally complete with Larum getting added.
  10. Dropped 77 orbs so far into this weekly revival banner. Got... +Spd Mia on free summon. +HP/-Spd Saber +Atk OG Lyn!!! Huzzah - my OG Lyn is +6 with Atk asset now!
  11. Managed to pull off my first perfect AR-O win using a Galeforce team! The opposing team was running Brave Alm, Legend Azura, Legend Lucina, Legend Leif, Legend Eilwood, and Duma. So nerve wracking to pull off since so many things could go wrong.
  12. Upcoming freebies besides weekly revivals: 11/9: New Power (Athena, Subaki, FKana, Gordin) 11/11: Cormag GHB 11/19: New Heroes 11/19: TT banner 11/20: DC banner (candidates: MByleth, Nailah, Hector, Nagi) 11/22: TT 11/25: VG banner 11/27: Haar GHB rerun 11/28: Mythic banner 11/30: Link banner (5* exclusive candidates: Laevatein, Sumia, Nina, Adrift Camilla, Kaden) 12/4: BHB (Eirika, Innes, most likely Tana) 12/6: New Heroes Oh boy. Choices to make...
  13. Worth noting that Duo Heroes are practically seasonal units as it's stated in the trailer that Ephraim+Lyon are not available to be summoned on most banners after Desert Mercenaries end. With that in mind, my tickets are spoken for - I'll be dropping them onto blue stones. Ephraim+Lyon > Gerik > Tethys > Ewan Ephraim+Lyon gets first priority given his limited availability and his having a broken weapon and a powerful Duo effect. Gerik is a fodder treasure chest - Firesweep Axe (LOL), Sudden Panic, and Infanty Pulse? Yes, please! Tethys seems to be the obvious demote if only 1 unit gets demoted - always useful to have another dancer option. Ewan is a snooze fest. Fodder isn't too interesting and there's already a lot of 3-4* red mages. Ross has stiff competition - Hawkeye, Raven, and Linus aren't going to make it easy for him, especially since Ross doesn't have a Prf weapon (he is shown with Brave Axe in the trailer).
  14. Uh, no. We already have to deal with the blessings system giving out points in Arena Assault (you get 1 point per unit whose element/blessing matches that of the current season; meaning to maximize Arena Assault score, you want no fewer than 3 Arena Assault lead teams, each built for a specific season and ideally with at least one heavily or fully merged Legendary Hero that would boost the team's score and have a further 24 units for each season though you can reduce the total number by having units with AR blessings). Having a "use all unique units you have until you drop" system is easily asking for Arena Assault to become even more P2W than it already is since there are currently 440 unique units in the game at the time of writing this post. That's up to 110 battles. And most, if not all F2Pers don't have a copy of every unit in the game and even whales can likely agree that 110 battles is more than excessive and a huge waste of time (just 7 matches is already tiresome for a lot of players). A reasonable compromise would be that the first 7 matches in the run count for scoring while any subsequent matches (so match 8 and onwards) would add 0 points to your total score, which means that scoring would not change at all while players like you, @Jotari, get the option to keep on doing more battles in a single run to your heart's content (though chances are that this would likely go unused by the majority of the playerbase).
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