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  1. They're no longer using World of Binding and World of Blazing now in favor of World of Blades. Went with Valentines Lyn and Bride Lyn for the first scouting mission.
  2. Had lousy luck with the first session: just a bunch of 3-4* units I already have with the best pull of that bunch being the 4* Cain. I don't have the orbs to realistically pursue any of the Focus units so I'll just sit this one out at least until the Mythic Hero banner arrives.
  3. OK, so no new TT banner. Instead, the TT banner is a seasonal rerun. All set to go in terms of bonus units - I already have all of the Performing Arts units. And Rinea means more HM and another dancer. Will upgrade all 3 seals. Atk Feint is going to have a hard time finding a home since all of my Coliseum units already use other seals and I'm personally not too big of a fan of using Rallies outside of Arena. I guess I could give it to Effie so that somebody else could use the Drive Spd seal. Didn't get any of the new dancers in the first session so looks like I'll be going without them.
  4. Nephenee > Ishtar = Reinhardt > Berkut Though really, dancers are always welcome though right now, I'm largely tapped out of orbs thanks to Legend Julia's banner.
  5. I generally run Lyn Emblem during Tap Battles.
  6. Good news: Got Kaden, meaning supertank Eirika could be a thing once I get another Nailah Lots of premium fodder (I can upgrade my AA lead team's score, my AB team now has a base score of 740 or 744, and I do have a major part to a flierball AR-D team though that's likely not going to happen unless I get loads of Flier Formation fodder) Legend Tiki is now +Spd +1 128 cavalry dragonflowers 24K feathers Bad news: Will still be unable to score more than 100 pts. per match in AR-O during Astral season until January of 2020 at the earliest unless a new Astral Mythic Hero gets introduced.
  7. Damnit, looks like I can’t get Naga (still couldn’t get even 1!) until 2020. 260 orbs into the Legendary banner with it being stingy with blue stones. Got: 3x Valentines Mist (best is +Spd/-HP) 1x Gunnthra (+Def/-Spd) 1x Kaden (+Res/-Def) 1x Legend Tiki (+Spd/-Atk) 1x Bath Elise (+HP/-Spd)
  8. Got an errant OG Ephraim from my free summon on the BHB banner. Welp, I now have a +4 +Def Ephraim... all from off-focus pulls.
  9. Abyssal Julia wasn't too bad thanks to the ReinLyn + 2 flier dancers combo. 5+10+5 +Spd Brave Lyn: Brave Bow+, Reposition, Blazing Wind, Swift Sparrow 2, Desperation 3, Savage Blow 3, Savage Blow 3 5+10+2 +Atk Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Reposition, Blazing Thunder, Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker 3, Hone Cavalry, Sturdy Blow 2 +HP/-Atk Flier Olivia: Skuld, Dance, Moonbow, Bracing Stance 2, Wings of Mercy 3, Spur Atk 3, Aerobatics 3 +HP/-Atk Legend Azura: Prayer Wheel, Gray Waves, Moonbow, Aerobatics, Atk Tactic 3, Torrent Dance 3 As for the banner, so far only got a Jagen and a Merric. Will do more pulls later once more orbs come in.
  10. Ah, I see. I've largely forgotten that skill even exists since my Brave Lyn has Firesweep Bow and Sacaen Blessing is extremely situational, especially in PvE situations. Mulagir shutting down Null C-Disrupt still isn't going to be too crazy since a lot of Null C-Disrupt units are manaketes, who are already unaffected by Sacae's Blessing to begin with. Sacae's Blessing also has no effect on beast units like Nailah or Velouria.
  11. Pointless since Mulagir isn't a Firesweep Prf to begin with (unless they change the entire weapon concept via refinery). The only Firesweep prf in the game is Roderick's Steady Lance and that weapon gets Darting Blow 3 as its eff. refine.
  12. Pretty excited about this update. Mulagir definitely needs something to make itself more applicable nowadays since all it has is Spd +3 and Dull Tome 3, the latter of which has been already been long powercreeped by Dull Ranged 3 and Distant Defense 4, meaning Lyn's best sets are Brave Bow and Firesweep Bow. Brave Lucina definitely needs to give out stronger support options. Brave Roy mainly wants more Spd but Eliwood has an easier time being faster than him.
  13. Blue is first priority (Naga). Green only during first session and if no blues are present but greens are (Kaden).
  14. This Rokkr Sieges is cancer - the only armored Rokkr is a ranged one (Winter Cecilia) and Beruka has Lunge, which pretty much invalidates the Witchy Wand/Guard strategy. And of course, the usual random spawns of Rokkrs (so far have only seen Nowi and Beruka and nobody else though it is early in the round).
  15. You can rewatch the ending by clearing the Strike stage again. Still worth doing Lost Lore given that it's low effort and you still get free goodies that are easily more useful than Arena medals.
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