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  1. Very blursed comic! On one hand, there's Resplendent Lyn! On the other hand, there's Nifl Gharnef. Nifl Surtr is radiating the vibes of My Hero Academia's All Might and Black Knight just looks funny for having clothes on TOP of his armor. Guess the comic explains why Roy got the Nifl-themed outfit (and I guess Eliwood joined in to support him). And a few Lyn stans are making a few memes out of Lyn in the last panel.
  2. It's been 2 hours and no rewards yet from Resonant Battles.
  3. I dislike Resonant Battles mostly because of its going to alternate with Allegiance Battles (while it's a small reduction in orb income, it's still a reduction nonetheless), that it tries to do whatever it takes to prevent players from using specific strategies (namely Galeforce), and gives very little room to experiment with strategies since there's a limited number of attempts per season. I could only be glad that it's not based on Arena scoring, that you can use AA items, and that Harmonized Heroes are pretty much dead, whalebait content. I liked Limited Hero Battles until Legend Ryoma arrived. Ryoma felt like an unfair challenge, especially since I didn't get specific units (like Brave Hector) or made specific investment decisions (like 5+10ing Nino and Eliwood). Ryoma, IIRC, already felt like a tougher Abyssal map and that's with the ReinLyn+2 dancers combo especially with how crowded the map can be with Ryoma teleporting in units (including the fridge) with Guidance. The time limit didn't really help matters, either. It's probably only going to get worse, especially if IS were to make players use 3H or TMS characters in LHBs.
  4. Although it does not use Arena scoring, I dislike the gamemode overall, mostly because of the hamfisted way it tries to ban Galeforce (b/c of CD count +1 on KO) and soft-ban Desperation, Escape Route, and Wings of Mercy (b/c of heal on KO), especially when we effectively have a turn limit of 3 to kill all the thieves. It may seem easy to rank high now but that's only because everybody has to start from Interval 1. Thankfully, the main draw is Divine Codes which, once again, is not a huge reward given how IS doesn't seem interested in adding new code paths. Also, enemy units are set and don't change between difficulties aside from stats, meaning somebody could try to put together (F2P) guide videos though the limited attempts per season really puts a damper on that. Worse off is after this season, Resonant Battles is to alternate with Allegiance Battles, meaning a decrease in orb income (although Resonant Battle quest in the weekly Coliseum quests gives 1 orb as a reward, Allegiance Battles' 5 orbs will be on every 6th week rather than on every 3rd week). RIP Harmonized Heroes -- easily dead/whale content, perhaps moreso than even Duo Heroes (Harmonized Heroes are pretty specific for Resonant Battles while Duo Heroes at least can not only be used for Arena scoring if merged enough but can also find some use in AR depending on the Duo and team comp).
  5. @TheSilentChloey Worth noting that Summoners exist in different Outrealms (well, versions of Askr) as stated in Book 3 of the main story as well as by friend units visiting your castle. The Everyday Life of Heroes manga Kiran is simply one version of the Summoner character who is capable of being an idiot for comedic purposes (heck, I'm sure we've all made decisions we've regretted and encountered units belonging to players with more money than common sense).
  6. Sorcery Blade is a lot better as a seal than as an A-slot skill. Can be interesting, especially if the player has Delthea or Linde (because of Dark Aura's effect) to work with the Sorcery Blade seal user. Brazen Spd/Res is nothing special. But hey, another filler seal if there's a unit who really needs it! Summer Rhys has an interesting staff though I find it kind of conflicting with Physic (the AoE debuff would be great to use if he's standing next to the tanking unit; however his default heal assist is Physic, which requires him to stand 1 tile away from the tanking unit, who would likely be hurt after the encounter -- kind of sucks if the tank wants to sit on a defense tile/chokepoint).
  7. Not a lot of info. Summer 2020 Part 1 banner: Kind of a waste of time because of the banner trailer being released separately (not to mention that said banner trailer got released prematurely several hours ago). Harmonized Heroes: A cool idea that builds on the concept of Fire Emblem Heroes being a series crossover spinoff game. Alas, it's largely whalebait for those Coliseum players if Duo Heroes were of any indication. Call of the Sea: The free orbs are certainly welcome. And oh dear, another random 5* free summon event. Welp, I'm gonna hope at least 1 blue shows up -- wouldn't turn down Lyn, Cordelia, or Laegjarn. Resonant Battles: Oh god, not ANOTHER Coliseum mode! That pretty much implies Coliseum scoring, making mobility skills be limited to B/C/S-skills and Prf weapons/assists. Sure, Pivot may seem like a cool skill for Resonant Battles but it's not-optimal for scoring well unless it's absolutely worth dropping 300-400 SP for a 150-SP for a better chance at killing a far-off thief. Heavily merged Galeforcers and refreshers with Prf assists (Legend Azura, Peony, Mirabilis) are going to be really useful here. The Divine Code reward is nice but there isn't really much of a good selection there. Auto-Dispatch (AR): It's nice. There is some talk about it being used for the leftover Aether (since playing and winning every match while getting every possible Aether pot leaves you like 30 Aether leftover) but it only works depending on how much time is left on the season and how much doing an auto-dispatch costs (Feh is either a newb or is smurfing in the presentation video).
  8. I dunno the answer either. I would suspect that IS owns Fire Emblem for the most part, especially since Nintendo doesn't really have much of a direct hand in actually developing them most of the time (take this with a grain of salt, though). If IS were to ever split from Nintendo, we could be seeing another Rare situation with Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo and Kazooie was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo; Microsoft ended up acquiring the rights to Banjo and Kazooie along when it acquired Rare). On the other hand, though probably not the most fair of comparisons, journalists working for a newspaper/magazine company typically don't own the stories they write -- the stories they write belong to the company, not the journalist. It comes down to contracts, policies, etc. We can sort of see this with Shouzou Kaga's attempt at making Emblem Saga for the Playstation after leaving IS with Kaga receiving legal pressure from Nintendo which led to the game being known as Tear Ring Saga.
  9. Flustered Plumeria is so fun as an exploitable to me. Relatable Plumeria Plumeria after she learns about the state of affairs in Kiran's world in 2019-2020 (warning: foul language): @Some Jerk Here it is!
  10. Here's a quick edit that pretty much sums up the comic (warning: foul language):
  11. Finally got the last merge on Bride Cordelia! Cost me 84 orbs (and snagged an off-focus +HP/-Res Nina)!
  12. So they basically implied that Triandra has the better matchup against the Summoner in a 1v1 situation when compared to Plumeria vs. Summoner. Nice. Also love the implications that Kiran's world is just as messed up as ours is (like it isn't just an idealized version of our world).
  13. The questionable or bad: Duo skills are pretty much dead content to anybody who isn't a fan of a specific Duo unit and/or isn't a whale (since they're seasonal units but made with the incentive to be overly competitive for Coliseum-style modes). While there may be some very annoying ones (Duo Ephraim, Duo Micaiah, and Duo Alm are ones I personally loathe fighting against when they're +10 in Arena (Assault).), they're not going to be used a lot by the average F2P (aside from perhaps Duo Ephraim when he becomes available for sparking next month). While powercreep is inevitable, the rate at which powercreep takes place is pretty concerning in Book 4 -- it feels like there's so much powercreep going on in book 4 thus far alone than in Books 1, 2, and 3 combined. The feeling is compounded by IS trying their damn hardest to make the Speed stat (more than) relevant with units starting at 45+ Spd at +0 and base kit and skills that take advantage of having high Speed like Close Call and Repel. On top of that, infantry units have gotten very strong overall to the point that having an infantrykiller weapon that's better than the Poison Dagger+ wouldn't feel out of place today than in 2017. Though we can't forget that older units are struggling to keep up and nowadays, armored units are probably the weakest movement type overall (there may be a few standouts like Edelgard and Sothis but mobility issues can still rear its head and stats typically don't do enough in the face of a rampant number of units with armorkiller or armor-piercing weapons especially when combined with statcreep of said units). If Story mode doesn't give you an idea of how annoying some of these units are, then Hall of Forms likely will. IS hasn't really done much with the Divine Codes mechanic despite how much IS hyped it up when it was first revealed. No new paths have been introduced since the introduction of the Compile Manual menu (about 3 months ago) and the rate of gathering Divine Codes still feels like a trickle (not unlike Heroic Grails) despite improvements to acquisition rate. The compilation of manuals only avoided being dead content because of events handing out Ephemera for limited-release manuals (enough to get, at most, both 5* manuals and a 4* manual every month). There may be a lot of different gamemodes but a lot of them end up feeling the same (Grand Conquests is just competitive Rival Domains, Mjolnir's Strike is just Relay Defense with Coliseum scoring that heavily favors Mythic Heroes). Few specific gamemodes stand out on their own like Hall of Forms, which gives you potentially a lot of room to experiment with unit builds though it also gives you a good look at how overpowered some of the newer units are, especially when combined with higher stats. Tap Battles, while unengaging, can be a treat for those who enjoyed specific music tracks. Staff units are largely stagnant as a unit type because the Weapon Refinery update in late 2017 made them too good -- Wrathful Staff and Dazzling Staff are a powerful skill combination, especially when combined with post-battle damage and/or movement debuffs or a myriad of other effects. Sure, there may be counters to them, but they're generally expensive (Null C-Disrupt) to get or replace (Mystic Boost). Good: Although the speed at which story chapters get introduced has not improved, the story writing at least has, especially for the characters' characters. Book 4, at the very least, seems to be doing a lot to make the characters interesting beyond character design. It's also interesting to note that they're having a celebration for reaching the Midpoint of Book 4 at the release of Chapter 8, which could imply that Book 4 may be longest book in FEH's story mode (Books 1, 2, and 3 are 13 chapters long each; Book 4 could be 15 or 16 chapters long). At the very least, we could hope that IS doesn't rush and end up putting together a cop-out ending to Book 4. There is a greater variety of games being represented in FEH, even including characters from fellow FE spinoff, Tokyo Mirage Sessions#FE. However, this does come pretty much hand-in-hand with powercreep, especially with the aforementioned rampant powercreep that's been going on in Book 4 (which feels much more blatant with the Judgral units...). With Fire Emblem Cipher ending this year, perhaps the original characters from the Cipher TCG (ie. Emma, Shade, Yuzu, Randal), Warriors (ie. Rowan, Lianna), and the Hasha no Tsurugi manga (ie. Al, Tiena) may find themselves a new home in Askr.
  14. Cleared out Abyssal Mila yesterday using StarBlaze's Cordelia solo clear strategy (though I had to improvise due to differing AI movements): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm8nDc3KgpM
  15. According to the poll, I would be considered "competitive" (I generally maintain tier 20 as tier 20.5 is no longer feasible most of the time for me without making major changes to my priorities due to scorecreep). As such, I tend to focus primarily on the enemy phase and would only player phase if it is necessary and safe to do so in Arena (ie. a buffed bonus Anna can double and KO Legend Alm with MCorrin support). Much of my Arena core (since I don't really invest into monthly-exclusives) are pretty much hold-overs from 2018 so my playstyle reflects this.
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