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  1. On the same boat here. On the bright side, got Summer Wolt in the first session so yay! My OG Lyn's going to be even stronger.
  2. I'm leaning towards using my freebies on colorless; blue if there's no colorless present. Colorless > blue > green > red.
  3. Getting a merge for Altina can still be a benefit for AR, Coliseum, and MS, though that's only if you're willing to commit to merging her. Or running 2 Altina in a AR-O team can be fun for a Vantage sweeper assuming you don't have Naga.
  4. At the very least, it's nice for the Lyn fans, especially those who are struggling to get merges for her since she is, after all, a book 1 5* exclusive red unit (getting a Resplendent Hero does imply that you get an actual 5* copy of that unit so that you can actually use the reskin -- screw RNG given summoning's current state). Realistically though, IS would just keep throwing in more and more powerful sword units anyways in future banners and who knows which older sword units would get the Resplendent Hero treatment (could be Lucina, could be Ryoma, could be Athena, could even be Ayra). Given how the Summoner Support works, I would assume that the last 2 supports would be reset to "no support". After all, it takes half as many maps to regain an old S-rank summoner support than to get a new S-rank summoner support and the game does remember the highest summoner support rank you got with that unit. It's not a big issue anyways since having extra summoner support slots mainly saves you stamina potions.
  5. Nice, Altina at the top of the rankings. Hope she wins the VG portion. Seeing Legend Ike among the top 20 is a bit concerning... I'm just gonna see it as players misreading Ike's being hero who gets tapped on the most on the home menu as Ike having the most votes or players just being lazy when looking through the red list.
  6. The obvious reason would be because of Alm. However, seeing Faye and Silque as part of the same seasonal theme does make sense to anybody who's played SoV and got their support conversations. We'd probably know a bit more once the paralogue becomes available.
  7. The 4* Focus -- on a seasonal banner, no less -- is a pretty interesting concept. Is the 4* Focus no longer available once the banner expires and we have to wait until next year for another chance? Or would the 4* Focus become part of the regular summoning pool? Expecting the former but won't mind the latter as much. That said, this banner is a skip to me. None of the units are that interesting so I most likely am going to use the free summon on green in hopes of Duo Alm -- he does get Lunar Flash, Bonus Doubler, and Lull Atk/Spd after all so he could be useful, not to mention that I just don't have orbs to throw around right now especially with this month's banner coming up and my wanting Lif from the current monthly banner. I just wonder what his Duo skill is. Valentines Silque being F2P is nice though I can't imagine her being used very often aside from Silque fans given her stats spread (slow and bulky troubadour) and because Ethlyn, Nanna, Veronica, and Camilla exist. As for the OP's post... I wonder if anybody remembers the times that young children handed out Valentines cards and candies to their classmates during Valentines Day. Silque being included is pretty similar to that, at least to me. And Valentines Day can also be about friendship in general and Faye is the only other female unit in Alm's party (not to mention Silque's sole support conversation partner for the entire game) until Alm reunites with Celica in Act 5. Also hey, if you don't like the banner, just save orbs. Easy.
  8. Got a blue stone in the seasonal pull. Alas, I got the worst possible outcome for pulling blue -- a Picnic Lukas. (Insert a very long string of curse words here) Essentially got an inheritable Sturdy Stance 2 lance and the lame AR-O Atk/Def skill.
  9. Generally speaking, it takes 5-7 months for a new 5-star exclusive unit to show up on a monthly banner. It could very well be the case here or may be not (since double seasonal focus was a thing back in Dec. 2019 and monthly banners becoming increasingly loaded with monthly-exclusives).
  10. It also feels like a circular argument, too. Given the current state of the game, banners that aren't the monthly aren't worth pulling on and Divine Codes are pretty much meant to be a way to throw a bone for those players skipping banners in order to hoard orbs for Mythic/Legendary merges to be used for gamemodes including Mjolnir's Strike. Ugh. After looking over Feh Pass some more, it's mainly the QoL features that are a huge issue (since those QoL features could easily be free for everybody and be easily replaced on the Pass with additional timegated resources like codes or grails for the paying players). The reskins are fine for now (who knows how long it's going to last before IS goes ham with it given the state of the game since the start of Book 4) since the player who buys the Pass gets 2 (3 if the player is smart and sneaky enough to wait a few days) guaranteed units (including 5-star exclusives) per month. 10 USD to effectively dodge RNG which could be a huge deal for players who want to get and/or are working on specific characters, especially given how pricey Orbs themselves are and the generally crappy state of the summoning mechanic (no major change that improves the summoning experience).
  11. The thing is that we kind of already have at least 1 good free unit for each color. Red: Ike (who's outdated at this point), Xander (also outdated) Blue: Reinhardt, Peony, Fjorm, CYL Eliwood (for now) Green: CYL Ike (sure, he's harder to get but he's well worth the effort given how powerful and bulky he is and it's going to be tough to find a superior option), CYL Micaiah (for now) Colorless: Eir, CYL Veronica (for now), CYL Camilla (for now) To me, Altina is arguably the strongest choice overall since she has sheer power, mobility, and relevance. F2P currently has 0 free options for Astral AR (whereas Light AR has 2 free options) so Altina would very much be a welcome addition to their barracks, not to mention being a powerful option for Astral MS and general PvE. As for Duo Heroes... Hector and Marth: since F2P only has Armored Boots and Guidance seals, Peony, and 0 free/cheap sources of Armor March, they're going to be harder to use for general content due to poor/inconsistent mobility Hector: mostly dead weight once he uses his Duo skill, limited to specific team comps and AA Ephraim: largely invalidated by Galeforce cavaliers and beast fliers Marth: mostly dead weight once he uses his Duo skill; limited to specific team comps Alfonse: arguably the best of the Duo Heroes but still restricted to specific team comps if the player wants to make the most out of his Duo skill BST for Coliseum modes means nothing if you can't merge them anyways and so far, none of the Duo Heroes have seen a rerun yet (granted, it's not March-May 2020 yet for the first expected reappearance, if any, for any of them). And given the current state of the game, Duo Heroes are not worth investing into unless you absolutely love the character to begin with (if not including favorites: Mythics > Pair-Up Legendaries > Legendaries > almost everything else).
  12. Picked Summer Lyn for day 1 but will probably vote Altina for the next several days.
  13. Overall, this Feh Channel is a disappointment. CYL winners: pretty much expected since the interim results and already knew ahead time due to the data getting leaked Hero Fest banners: nice that we're getting freebie tickets but eh. Year 3 seasonal pull: ugh, disgusting with how many seasonal banners were released that year -- enough that there was a banner for almost every month on average BHB reruns: quest orbs and free summons I guess A Hero Rises: was glad to see it come back... until I saw that a VG event (that ultimately determines which unit gets distributed) is attached to it. Ugh... It's about as scummy as how some Halloween TF2 maps determine the winning team during a round (main combat phase and then minigame phase -- winning the combat phase only grants some small advantage to the team during the minigame phase while the minigame phase ultimately determines which wins/loses the full round). Valentines 2020: Oh no. Duo Alm has Lunar Flash, Bonus Doubler, and Lull Atk/Spd. He's going to be a headache. Divine Codes: kind of meh since you don't really get a lot of freedom on what manuals you get. And it kind of sucks for players who want to merge but don't have an existing unit (let alone one with the desired Asset). I guess it's nice for those who want premium/seasonal fodder but the item is time-gated and locked behind a P2W gamemode and a subscription service. Feh Pass: saving the ugly for last. Bunch of QoL stuff locked behind a paywall when it's already free on other gacha games like Dragalia Lost. Reskins that come with a permanent stat boost is nice but I can see it going out of control or IS is just going to continue ramping up powercreep like they're already doing with Duo Alm and such.
  14. I've pretty much joined the "IDC" list mainly due to the current state of summoning and the game. Lately, summoning hasn't been updated in a meaningful way recently and generally speaking, any banner that isn't the monthly banner is typically not worth pulling on. If the player doesn't care about the fodder or the characters themselves, then it's reasonable to assume that the Farfetched banner would be tossed into the Skip bin anyways.
  15. RIP Randal, Emma, Shade, and Yuzu -- they STILL cannot be voted on for this poll. Meanwhile, TMS#FE and 3H characters can now be voted on. Pretty much picking my faves until I see the midterm results. Day 1 goes to Eirika!
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