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  1. I only joined Caspar's team since I was going feather merc (due to no bonus unit) and saw that Caspar had the lowest score after the first hour of round 1. Didn't think it'd work out THIS well!
  2. Datamine information: I wouldn't be surprised if the PoR one would just be Sanaki and her guardians (Winter Sephiran and the bride variants of Sanaki, Tanith, and Sigrun) given how IS pretty much groups up characters within a game based on seasonal theme and some event or character relationship whenever possible.
  3. Stall Ploy is cool on paper -- it appears to be blatantly marketed as an answer for Legendary Sigurd in AR. However, counters to Stall Ploy already exist: Odd Recovery Even Recovery Sara Restore+ Harsh Command+ It also doesn't prevent use of Pathfinder. Sure, Stall Ploy can help shut down the Sigurd+Nott AR-D archetype if it's not prepared for it but it's pretty much a huge bait. Similarly, Pirate Hinoka's Duo skill is already shut down by Duo Hindrance (oppressive AR-D teams use Valentine's Lif, New Year's Peony, or Dancer Sigurd). Pirate Hinoka is also likely going to be fairly underwhelming in the hands of the player (since CYL Hector exists and it's not uncommon for him to be using Mystic Boost seal, rendering 2 of Pirate Hinoka's bow's effects useless) and more obnoxious in the hands of AI (since chances are that you'd fight Pirate Hinoka in Arena modes since she is sporting 190 BST for being a Duo Hero and has a Prf weapon that has armorkiller, adaptive damage, AND easy potential to quad attack).
  4. All 11 free summons and 78 orbs (I was targeting every red and blue I see): +Spd/-HP Valentines Henriette +HP/-Def Valentines Henriette +Atk/-Res Flier Olivia +Spd/-Res Guinivere +Def/-HP Guinivere
  5. Mmm... more grails and flowers are welcome along with the 10 tickets for pretty stacked and meta relevant Hero Fest. Pirate Vika looks very beautiful and the voiceover suits her! Pirate Hinoka looks decently stacked as a unit and will surely be a major nuisance in Arena (she's the latest Duo Hero so she'll have at least 190 BST) due to her having armorkiller, adaptive damage, and a (possibly conditional) extra attack effect. Her Duo skill appears to boost team movement range as well as nerf enemy movement range, making apparently marketed as a possible counter to the Sigurd+Nott AR-D archetype. Wouldn't mind randomly pulling Vika and/or Hinoka in the first session once the banner goes live. However, I don't think I could do much more than that with CYL5 around the corner and Hero Fest taking place. Pirate Lifis isn't crazy as a unit (he'll likely be powercrept in a couple of months by some post-CYL5 3-4*/grail axe unit). However, he is another source of Windsweep for F2Pers (one that would be much appreciated by the Joshua fans). Yay for more units being added to the 4* Special/weekly revival pool. And it will take 39 weeks to complete a weekly revival rotation with the new additions. Those QoL updates to Arena will be welcome -- Tactical Retreat is pretty much an extra life for the chain and Reset button means no longer having to spend a Dueling Sword to lose a battle to reset the chain. Heroes Journey looks like a decently simple event. Could be fun.
  6. Bramimond is the first genderless character to be added to FEH. They also have the most voice actors out of any characters, having Eliwood's, Hector's, Lyn's, and Alfonse's in both voice language settings. Mark is the only player-insert character to not be playable in FEH at the time of writing. The most he got are references in dialogue from characters such as Lyn, Eliwood, and Erk. Wrys is the only character to be explicitly listed as being from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Faye has always appeared as an archer in FEH; in her home game, she never uses bows as the archer class is male-exclusive. She also has the distinction not unlike that of FE6's Roy -- her first video game appearance is in FEH (released on April 14, 2017) before her home game (released on April 20, 2017) got launched. Female Byleth as well as Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude is in a similar situation with FEH and Three Houses. Male Byleth is the only character whose voice actor got recasted for the English dub of FEH if ignoring character alts or reskins -- and to do so prior to his release. Halloween Nowi is the first flier unit to be added to the game to not use a traditional mount, riding a broomstick instead of a wyvern or a pegasus into combat. Meanwhile, Myrrh is the first playable flier unit to be added to the game and not use a mount at all, flying under her own power. Dancer Sigurd is the first and so far the only refresher cavalier in the game. Nifl is the first and so far the only breath cavalier in the game. Female Corrin, male Corrin, Camilla, Ike, Dimitri, Edelgard, and Tiki (if you consider both ages) each have 3 variants in the regular pool. Eirika will join this group once her CYL variant gets released. Say'ri is the only character whose English voice was not implemented in time with her release due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. The current damaged artwork of Tiki: Summering Scion: The original damaged artwork of Tiki: Summering Scion: Some more useless facts: Out of the characters initially encountered as enemy units in the game's Main Story chapters available at launch (so up to Book 1, Chapter 9), Camus took the longest time to be made playable; his Grand Hero Battle became available on June 2017 -- a full 4 months since launch when he first appeared in the main story. Larum is (probably) the only unit in the game who could not be encountered in a PvE gamemode. Players who like filling out the Pokedex could only meet her in a PvP gamemode (including mock AR battles) or via summoning her. Fallen Edelgard and Fallen Dimitri are the first regular units to be preemptively banned (banned before release) from appearing as random enemies in PvE modes -- this sort of status is normally reserved for CYL units post-CYL1 and post-Ninian dancer units. CYL1 units, Olivia, Azura, and Ninian (as well as Surtr) got banned from appearing as random PvE enemies post-release.
  8. Fallen Edelgard is the first beast unit to be added who didn't come from Awakening, Fates, or Tellius games. She is also the 1st beast armored unit to be added to the game since Caineghis. Nailah is the last infantry unit to be able to receive the maximum amount of dragonflower boosts (15 in the current game). Duo Ephraim is the only paired Hero to not debut on a seasonal banner -- this puts him in an extremely awkward position when availability and reruns are concerned. The damaged artwork for Summer adult TIki was a little too spicy on release; it was replaced 2 days later to be less revealing. Among all Valor skills currently available in the game, only Sword, Bow, Beast, and Dragon are available in the regular summoning pool. Only Colorless Tome Valor doesn't exist in the current game at all. Currently, at least 1 unit for every color of bow except red is available in the 3-4*/grail pool; red bow is currently 5*-locked. Currently, at least 1 unit for every color of dagger except blue is available in the 3-4*/grail pool; blue dagger is currently 5*-locked. Currently, at least 1 unit for every color of tome except colorless is available in the 3-4*/grail pool if you ignore Kiran's existence; colorless tome is currently locked to seasonal/monthly banners. The Solo passive skill family made its debut with the release of Legendary Eirika with Atk/Spd Solo 3 on October 2018. None of the Solo skills would be available in the 3-4*/grail pool until April 2021 with the release of Erk, who has Spd/Res Solo 3, more than 2 years later. The Swift Sparrow passive skill made its debut with the release of Spring Lucina on March 2017. It then became available in the 5* pool with the release of Katarina on June 2017. Then on January 2019, it became available in the grail pool with the release of Naesala. Finally, on June 2021, Swift Sparrow finally became available in the 3-4* pool with Luthier's release -- over 4 years after the skill's debut. Quick Riposte is notorious for being a launch-day passive skill (probably the only one for that matter) that is available in the 3-4* pool to still not have a single, 3-4*/grail available unit who can learn the full Quick Riposte 3 chain at 4* rarity. The game was originally intended to be released in the summer of 2016; when the game finally launched on Feb. 2017, artwork for Winter Robin and Winter Tharja could be found via datamining before they got patched out, implying that they may have been planned to be released on December 2016 prior to the delay.
  9. Datamine-related info in spoilers.
  10. At this point, I'd like to see Nyna in FEH -- she is one of the few major characters in a FE game who's still not in FEH (and she's not in alt hell). I'd also like to see Scarlet be playable as well. But, I really want to see other spinoff characters be added to FEH. Emma and Shade (Cipher), Al and Tiena (Hasha no Tsurugi), and Rowan and Lianna (Warriors) are some examples.
  11. In my eyes, I see Frenzy as the Fury+Desperation combo but premium and likely exclusive to sword/lance/axe infantry units. Damage reduction is pretty overrated IMHO as it's only really good on units who have the stats to back it up or units who are actively stacking damage reduction effects (like using Flayn or the soon-to-be-released Nifl). Not helping matters is that there are units who reduce the effectiveness of or actually remove damage reduction effects during combat, units with guaranteed follow-ups, and newer units having generally higher power ceilings (looking at you, Duo Lif). Orochi looks cool as a green mage infantry -- Pulse Smoke could combo nicely with her tome though Lysithea and Duo Lif are still going to be major issues for her. Based on trailer footage, Benny has Steadfast Lance+, Pavise, Bracing Stance 2, and likely Wary Fighter in his base kit. He's going to be a commonly foddered unit (since he has Steadfast Lance) or beeg Arena stat stick armor (so like a lance version of Flame Emperor but released in 2021). Arete being a F2P red mage cavalier is cool -- it's a unit type that's even rarer than axe cavaliers at this point, especially for F2P players (there's just Titania (2019) and Eirika (2018) and Eirika is difficult to merge up and doesn't see frequent usage in F2P guides). However, it's been shown that she has the non-seasonal clone (Raudrrabbit) of Summer Lorenz's Conch Bouquet weapon so as per GHB standards, she doesn't come with a unique/interesting weapon.
  12. Yeah, even though it's significantly cheaper compared to another turn-1 clear posted in the thread, it doesn't change the fact that Abyssal Eliwood is costly to clear. Olivia: Assuming she's not +Res, she needs to be 5*+3, run Res-refined weapon, and run Fortress Res 3 A-skill (I gave her Fortress Res 3 since it's available on 4* Forrest and I wouldn't need to spend as many feathers on merging). (80K feathers if you don't already have Olivia at 5*) Cordelia: since mine is already 5*+10+10 to begin with, I had to actually use the unrefined version of her Prf weapon since, with the refined weapon, she kills the archer in 3 hits rather than 4. She still needs Def Smoke 1 since without it and Goad Fliers on Naga, the sword infantry wouldn't die when initiating on Cordelia (20K feathers + 200 Divine Dew if following the video). Naga: pains me to spend some dragonflowers (though assuming neutral Atk/Spd stats and starting from +0 boost, she only needs 120 blue dragonflowers; otherwise, she misses the double on the manakete). Panne: if not heavily merged and flower boosted, she has to have Sturdy Blow 2 A-skill since she'd die to Eliwood otherwise after she gets the kill on the axe cavalier. (60K total feathers if you haven't already 5*'d Panne and following the video) Yeah, ouch: 160K feathers, 120 blue dragonflowers, 50 refining stones, and 200 Divine Dew.
  13. I do and it works, thanks. The main thing I don't like about the clear (though it's the fault of the map being Eliwood and being locked to Awakening characters, not the player) is how overly precise the clear requirements are when using that team.
  14. After looking over these clears, it's becoming increasingly obvious that completing the Abyssal map is impossible for me with my current roster. 1. I don't have Legendary Grima. Male Grima meanwhile is too frail to handle the map even with refined Expiration (he's +Def/-Spd, +0+0). 2. I haven't built any of the manaketes beforehand (I am likely one of the very few players who never built Nowi in 2017-2018). I merged up adult Tiki to +9 but her performance was a miserable struggle on Infernal difficulty. 3. Pretty much my only powerhouse unit, Cordelia, needs to have enough Atk to ORKO the sword fighter if she doesn't want to be OHKO'd on retaliation. Even then, the map is flooded with cavalry and ranged units so her mobility advantage is largely nullified. 4. Tried using Panic Staff+ Maribelle but I can't get the AI to move in such a way I wanted (melee units kept breaking the walls, etc.)
  15. The Awakening vs. Legendary Eliwood fight can go to hell. Infernal was already extremely difficult to me with the units I have; Abyssal may be impossible for me.
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