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  1. Banner's an easy skip, especially as I'm overall not too interested in Three Houses and it's a 4-Focus banner with 1 unit per color. Planning to spend my freebies on blue in hopes of getting Dmitri for Death Blow 4. Not expecting any demotions from this banner.
  2. Witch Mia trivializes this map as in a single hit, she can reset the special cooldowns of the entire enemy team except MMorgan as well as put the Guard status condition on them. Combined with Aversa Panicking and debuffing 2 of the enemy units at the start, half of the enemy team falls easily to a Hone Fliers buffed Bath Camilla on the first enemy phase. Team used: +Res/-Spd Witch Mia (Dazzling Witchy Wand+, Ward Fliers) 5+10+1 Aversa (Aversa's Night, Moonbow, HP +5, Axebreaker 3, Fortify Fliers, HP +5) 5+8+5 Bath Camilla (Def Barb Shuriken+, Reposition, Noontime, Close Counter, Mystic Boost 3, Atk Smoke 3, Iote's Shield, Summoner support, ally support with New Years Azura) +Spd/-Atk New Years Azura (Spd Hagoita+, Sing, Flier Formation 3, Hone Fliers, Drive Atk 2, ally support with Bath Camilla)
  3. Should've mentioned this but it's actually the 2nd time I summoned a +Spd/-Res Lucina, lol. (Still have my first copy of her)
  4. Today's free summons: BHB: 4* Subaki Weekly Revival: OG Lucina (+Spd/-Res) Oh boy... merge or save her for Aether fodder...
  5. I'm currently using Summer Lyn, Flier Nino, Summer Fiora, and New Years Azura as my main TT comp. May switch to Gwen, Draug, Sheena, and Winter Eirika if I feel like autoing.
  6. That comic is really meta due to it being an actual superstition among fan artists of gacha games - a fun one, though! Making the effort to draw an image of that heavily desired 5* exclusive or seasonal unit can make you feel like it pays off when you do pull that unit!
  7. What kind of bugs me with this event calendar is that Nohrian Summer and Sketchy Summer rerun banners aren't listed. 7/14: BHB banner (both Morgans and probably MRobin or MGrima) 7/15: New Power (Raigh, Luke, Roderick, Matthew) 7/22: New Heroes (Three Houses themed; includes MByleth) 7/27: Close Def banner (candidates: Brave Ephraim, Sigurd, Velouria, Sumia) 7/31: Mythic Heroes banner (Ike, Marth, Azura, Fjorm, Hector, Alm, Eir) 8/3: New GHB 8/5: Savage Blow banner (Camilla, Leo, Rhajat) 8/7: New Heroes Nothing really catches my eye and even if they do, I'm tight on orbs ATM since Summer Lyn's up and would like to merge her up.
  8. Got lucky and pulled a neutral Summer Lyn in 27 orbs along with my first Thea. OG Cordelia now at 5+10+5 and Summer Lyn at 5+0+1.
  9. This BHB is really easy - trivialized it with this fliers team. 5+7+5 Bath Camilla: Def Kagami Mochi+, Reposition, Noontime, Close Counter, Mystic Boost 3, Atk Smoke 3, Iote's Shield, S-rank ally support with New Years Azura +Spd/-Atk New Years Azura: Spd Hagoita, Sing, Iote's Shield, Flier Formation 3, Hone Fliers, Drive Atk 2, S-rank ally support with Bath Camilla 5+10+1 Aversa: Aversa's Night, Reposition, Moonbow, Red Duel Flying 3, Fortify Fliers, HP +5 +Res/-Spd Halloween Mia: Dazzling Witchy Wand+, Ward Fliers
  10. I know that 300 of my 700+ coins are going to be used during this TT! Fiora doesn't look bad in terms of artwork and stats - she could easily be made into a Firesweep unit though I don't have the 40K feathers to spend on her right now (20K to get her to 5+1; another 20K to 5* a Soleil for the weapon).
  11. Looks like I'll need to save up for this banner. Lyn looks great, has stats expected of her, and has a damn good weapon - she's basically a blue bow HInoka. Looks like I'd have to put Summer Helbindi on hold until this December/January.
  12. Based on how the free Byleth would be available until mid-2020, IS basically implied that they've at least started planning out book 4. Also, inb4 Byleth gets powercreeped. 🤔
  13. It took me several tries but I cleared it using Brave Lyn and 3 Azuras. +Spd 5+10+5 Brave Lyn: Brave Bow+, Reposition, Luna, Swift Sparrow 2, Desperation 3, Savage Blow 3, Brash Assault 3 +Spd/-Atk New Years Azura: Spd Hagoita+, Sing, Iote's Shield, Wings of Mercy 3, Atk Tactic 3, Drive Atk 2 +Atk +3 Performing Arts Azura: Urdr, Sing, Triangle Adept 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Drive Res 2, Res +1 +HP/-Atk Legend Azura: Prayer Wheel, Gray Waves, B Duel Flying 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Atk Tactic 3, Torrent Dance 3
  14. Hoo... Mia, Sue, or Olivia... This is going to be a tough choice. And Tibarn being a Focus unit on one of the two VG banners is not making this summer any easier (and we haven't even seen the Summer 2019 Part 2 banner yet!).
  15. Wow, seems that my defense team went ham this season - 12:4 win-loss ratio with a winstreak of 9.
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