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  1. False Start is such a powerful status effect in AR since it prevents several units' effects from working. Elimine can also work as a nice counterpick unit for AA. -Bride Catria's Flier Formation + Aerobatics + Triangle Attack combo from her Prf weapon -Legendary Sigurd's movement boost from Holy Knight Aura -Yuri's movement boost from his Prf weapon -CYL Alm's movement boost from his Prf weapon -Time's Pulse, Recovery, Armored Stride, Ground Orders, and Tempest skills -Legendary FByleth's teleport effect from her Prf C-skill -Legendary Hector's Time's Pulse Tactic and Def/Res Tactic from his Prf C-skill -CYL/Legendary Marth's free stat bonuses from Shining Emblem -CYL Edelgard's teleport effect from her Prf weapon -Young L'Arachel's Res debuff and Flash effect -Duma's Upheaval -MMorgan's, Hrid's, Aversa's, Riev's, Veld's, Solon's, and Gunnthra's debuffs As for the banner itself, green and colorless are stacked. Would love to pull but at the same time, I want to spark for Desert Azura and score a few copies of Desert Xane in the process.
  2. I'm voting Cordelia until at least the midterms. I wonder how many votes are going to go to the TMS characters since TMS hasn't had any new characters introduced to the game for 2 years now.
  3. Desert Azura looks disgusting as a support unit. Easy +6 to all stats to 1-4 allies upon dancing, extra action to potentially another (albeit only PoR/Fates) dancer, Gray Waves, and cavalry mobility. Desert Xane's Serpentine Staff is pretty much a direct upgrade over the Pain staff -- while the post-combat damage is lessened, the Fatal Smoke effect more than makes up for it. The fact that he's a 4* Focus means that we can expect AR-D teams using staff units to potentially run Serpentine Staff+ (likely to contribute to the arms race against Fallen Edelgard, lol). Desert Deen is automatically the best F2P-friendly colorless dagger cavalier in the game (since the only other is Merlinus).
  4. Binding Blade vs. Arete: used Guinivere, Brunnya, Larum, and Lilina. Three Houses vs. Tanya+Osian: used Fallen Edelgard and Flayn (with CYL Marianne and Yuri brought along for the ride). Tellius vs. Legendary Celica: used CYL Micaiah, Dancer Nephenee, Halloween Mia, and Winter Altina.
  5. Echoes vs. Fernand: Cheesed with Valentine's Lif, Summer Caeda, Reginn, and New Year's Peony Fates vs. Lyon+Eirika: Cleared with Bow Hinoka, Camilla, Xander, and Velouria
  6. It's a skip banner that seems to be baiting players building dagger units -- especially with the additions of Rennac, Colm, and Ascended Joshua. Rennac is probably going to be the fodder pick especially since Yuri users can get both Atk/Spd Solo 4 and Disarm Trap if they have Atk/Spd Solo 3 fodder laying around. Other dagger units can get the Vicious Dagger, which at this point is pretty much the most desirable inheritable dagger since Broadleaf Fan isn't exactly too amazing these days. Colm brings in a couple skills that were previously grails locked (Quick Dagger/Ouch Pouch, and Atk/Spd). Yes, it took over 4 years for the basic Atk/Spd A-skill to be 3-4* gacha availability. I wouldn't be surprised if Colm were to be built as an AoE nuke unit. Joshua has LnD4 and NFU which could be nice for players building some unit that has multiple builds including an AoE nuke build. However, he is a good player phase dagger unit since he does have the conditional Firesweep effect and could choose either that or true damage that scales off of his target's Atk stat (which is almost always going to deal 7-10 damage). Green Feud is probably mainly for those who hate Ascended Fjorm and the several variants of Edelgard.
  7. I've been playing the gamemode on-and-off (was generally too busy to sit down and play through multiple matches until my finals were done). I've actually recorded a couple of replays if something significant enough happened.
  8. Hmm... I don't think I'll be able to clear the Infernal Awakening vs. Hubert+Bernadetta map -- every available tank unit I have instantly dies on turn 1 and it's really difficult to approach the enemy team especially without a dancer. EDIT: got the clear though I had to invest a bit into Yen'fay.
  9. Whew, got 4 Focus units in 122 orbs! +Atk/-Def Thorr Neutral Legendary Sigurd +Spd/-Atk Bramimond +Res/-Def Dagr
  10. Units I used for this month's LHBs: Fates vs. Dithorba: Bow Hinoka, Bath Camilla, New Year's Azura, Legendary Corrin FE6 vs. Forsyth+Python: Winter Cecilia, Brunnya, Lilina, Legendary Roy 3H vs. Solon: Fallen Edelgard, CYL Dimitri, Legendary Claude, Flayn Tellius vs. Ranulf+Lethe: Winter Altina, Micaiah, Shinon (and CYL Ike, I guess, but he did nothing) Archanea vs. Legendary Leif: Legendary Marth, Legendary Tiki, Phina, Halloween Tiki
  11. Finally did it -- +10'd Ninja Lyn! Unloaded 523 orbs into the banner and got: 4x Ninja Lyn, including a +Atk copy 2x Ninja Zihark +Atk/-Def FE8 Selena Ranulf +Atk/-Def Yuri 2x Mist
  12. That Prf special basically turns Fae into a wannabe JRPG boss (since she effectively has at least 2 health bars). However, counters do exist for that special: Fatal Smoke (it wouldn't stop the Miracle effect but it will stop the full HP recovery) Pulse Smoke Witchy Wand/Melancholy Even Pulse Tie (if user can beat Fae in the HP check; a +0+0 neutral Fae with no Mythic buffs has 40 HP).
  13. While I am likely going to be disappointed at another month of Lyn not getting a Tempest Trials alt, at least this is looking to be another skip banner unless the characters have something I would want. Need to save for Ninja Lyn's rerun and possibly Marianne spark opportunity.
  14. My Limited Hero Battles clears for September: Nemesis: Brunnya, Cecilia, Larum, Lilina Ryoma+Sakura: CYL Dimitri, Legendary Claude, Flayn, Fallen Edelgard Galle: Sothe, Micaiah, Fallen Ashnard, Reyson MGrima+Fallen FCorrin: Halloween Tiki, Caeda, Wrys, Naga Legendary Julia: CYL Eirika, Tethys, Duo Ephraim, Young Innes
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