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  1. Made some pretty good progress for this one so far. Reached Chamber 16 and got useful positionals for the entire team. And it seems like the game wants me to buy Forma Lucina -- she's only missing Fury 4 at this point! lv. 35 Chrom: Sealed Falchion, Reposition, Death Blow 4, Rouse Atk/Def, Fierce Stance lv. 33+3 Lucina: Geirskogul, Reposition, Ruptured Sky, Sturdy Impact, Chill Spd, Joint Drive Spd lv. 30 Grima: Flametongue+, Draw Back lv. 33 Walhart: Wolf Berg, Swap, Lull Spd/Def, Atk Tactic
  2. I favor Spd/Def Rein on them because Caeda and Clair do not rely on Atk checks (Heavy Blade) for speeding up specials; they rely on the Flashing Blade (Spd check) effect of their Prf weapons. The Def part means that they'll do a bit more damage (-4 Def on foe basically means an extra 4 Atk for the user). Atk/Spd Rein would be good on fliers that are speedy tanks or are Galeforce units relying on Heavy Blade (especially Cordelia). And Atk/Def Rein (once it exists), would be the preferred option for tank fliers in general, especially slower ones (ie. Florina, Ashnard). Atk/Def Rein is also great for Arena support fliers.
  3. Haven't used any of them yet since new resource scarcity. If I were to use them, I'd use them on a unit I know for certain would make great use out of the new trait and would use often. Basically, I want to make my decision count since who knows how long it would be until I could get another 100 fruits.
  4. Shinon's got Time's Pulse but if I were to spark for something, I'd more likely spark for Jill, especially since Lysithea can be guaranteed on November. Jill, meanwhile, has Spd/Def Rein, which is a skill Caeda, Clair, (and possibly my Summer Lyn) would want. Of course, if I were to get Shinon randomly, I won't turn down what's at least good fodder. Wouldn't spark for Gatrie but wouldn't turn down one if he were to show up randomly. I want to pull for Yarne from next month's Galeforce banner though I should be able to have enough orbs for at least a 75% chance to pull for him after dropping 135 orbs sparking for something on the new banner.
  5. Gharnef GHB with Echoes units was easy; used Rinea, Legend Alm, Legend Celica, and OG Celica. Seliph+Julia BHB with Heroes units without a dancer took a couple tries but cleared it with Fjorm, Surtr, CYL Veronica, and New Years Gunnthra. +0+0 neutral Fjorm can clear out Seliph, Julia, and the cleric in 1 enemy phase in Infernal difficulty if she can have enough support buffs (Fjorm has Atk/Spd Bond seal, Gunnthra has Joint Hone Spd and Spur Def/Res 2 seal, Veronica has Spur Atk 3 seal, and Surtr has Distant Guard 3 seal).
  6. Not surprising that Harmony Amid Chaos won -- not only are the 3 smol 3H girls popular, but 2 of them also have premium fodder to offer (Bernadetta has Lull Spd/Def and Atk/Spd Push 4; Lysithea has Lull Spd/Res and Time's Pulse). As for the revival banner, aside from sparking for Ced and then dropping about another 50 orbs for a 2nd copy of Ced, I didn't get any Focus units. Did get quite a few off-focus 5*s, however: Helbindi, Fallen Mareeta, CYL Lysithea, and Julian.
  7. Got an OG Celica from one of the free tickets. Better than nothing.
  8. Tiki+Nowi BHB with Jugdral units with no dancer isn't too bad. +1 +Atk Deirdre: eff. Divine Naga, Draw Back, Glacies, Fury 3, Quick Riposte, Spd Ploy, Res Ploy 5*+10+7 +Atk Reinhardt: Dire Thunder, Reposition, Moonbow, Death Blow 4, Hone Cavalry, Quickened Pulse 5*+10+8 +Atk Ares: Dark Mystletainn, Reposition, Bonfire, Distant Counter, Vantage, Def Smoke, Brazen Atk/Def 5*+10+5 +Atk Nanna: Dazzling Gravity+, Restore+. Atk/Spd
  9. Extremely easy LHB... if only because I have some heavily invested units. Team used: +10+15 +Atk Lyn: Atk Wo Dao+, Reposition, Noontime, Distant Counter, Null Follow-Up, Pulse Smoke, Spd/Res Solo 5*+9+5 +Def Florina: eff. Florina's Lance, Reposition, Aether, Distant Counter, Quick Riposte, Sturdy Stance +1 +HP Bride Ninian: +Spd Fresh Bouquet+, Dance, Chill Atk, Atk Tactic, Gale Dance 1 +8+10 Summer Lyn: Deep-Blue Bow, Reposition, Luna, Sturdy Impact, Atk/Def
  10. 9/11: New Power (CYL2) 9/12: 2019 Dancer banner rerun (Berkut, Ishtar, Reinhardt, Nephenee) 9/16: Rally+ banner (limited to Atk/Spd+, Atk/Def+, Spd/Def+) 9/18: New Heroes 9/19: New GHB 9/22: 2017 Dancer banner rerun (Azura, Inigo, Olivia, Shigure) 9/24: Iceberg banner (5* candidates: Flora, Innes, Selkie, Fiora, Julia, Say'ri, Morgan, Kiria) 9/29: BHB banner (Ranulf, Lethe, and likely Caineghis, Nailah, or Mordecai) 9/30: Mythic banner 10/2: Galeforce banner (likely Yarne, Lyn, Roy) 10/6: TT banner 10/8: Halloween 2020 banner 10/9: TT May as well save orbs for Yarne's reappearance.
  11. Atk/Spd Solo 4 is unavailable, and the tier 3 version is on units I have no intention of foddering. I do not have Lull Atk/Res or Swift Stance 3. And I have to choose between Steady Posture 3 and Pulse Smoke, both of which I never had before.
  12. OK, so I've managed to get a hold of Julian and Fallen Mareeta while pulling on the Revival banner and have been considering building Brunnya. What would be the preferred B-skill for her (NFU or Lull Atk/Spd) and which season would she be better in? (Light: 1 Peony and up to 2 Eirs; Astral: 1 Altina, 1 Naga) Also got a CYL Lysithea available if I were to get Atk/Spd Push 4.
  13. Pretty blursed banner: Round 1: Fallen Mareeta and Helbindi Rounds 2-6: no 5* pulls Round 7: +Res/-Atk CYL Lysithea Round 8: +Spd/-HP Julian Looks like the Brunnya merge project could be a go!
  14. Apparently, the gacha has a sick sense of humor. 2 reds in the first session... but they're Olivia and Silvia.
  15. Very nice artwork for at least the banner units and we're likely getting another free dancer in Eldigan (lance flier is boring but hey, dancer). In terms of units/skills though, the banner is pretty boring aside from Duo Sigurd. Duo Sigurd marks the very first cavalry dancer in the game and he gets to have 185 scoring BST in Arena modes. In Arena, he'd likely be seen with Legend Leif, meaning if you can't bait him, chances are pretty good that you may lose a unit on turn 1 (depending on map and deployment spots) in Arena modes. Thankfully, he already hits 55 listed Atk at +0 with Prf equipped so baiting him can be pretty easy, especially since he's a ranged unit with 3 movement. Killing Sigurd with even with an enemy phase blue mage (ie. MRobin) can be a struggle, however (Sigurd is slow to the point that he couldn't double at all against most units, so the only specials that would work on the enemy phase against him would be... Moonbow if there is no prior preparation). MRobin, even with TA3 and 5*+10 merge, would likely not kill a 5*+10+5 Duo Sigurd in Arena on the enemy phase if he has Legendary Heroes buffs and if Robin starts the fight at full HP.
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