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  1. Aw shoot, missed pavise. 😞 (that's be no btw) It's basically like this, yes all our lords can, but should we ? When you know better, there's much better things to focus on. And if you want to have Charm, part II classes are there. For Subdue... I use the turnwheel to feed kills. It's cheap and impractical but shhhh. I say that but actually, yes I totally can see myself using the Lord class.
  2. Yeah no shit Rhea is a self deluded pathological liar. That's really new guys ? XD Sothis apparently point blank call her out on it. I agree with you, if Nemesis wanted Fodlan/world domination, he either did a crap job, or he was in a power high. And with the Aguarthans behind, I can't really see the last one. I can see the first one, but what did they have to gain to make Nemesis and his army so powerful ? I guess they went "oh shit" upon seeing what they created ? There's a fanfic that portray Nemesis as Dimitri 2.0 before Dimitri 1.0, which is hilariously poetic, but would be pretty fitting. What puzzles me, how the bloody heck did he succeed in, getting to Red Canyon, suceeded in approaching the dead/sleeping Sothis, who's y'know, god, kill said god, genocide all the dragons in said canyon, who are y'know, dragons.
  3. I want to say "it's the joke" to save face, which is true but yeaaaah... I poorly expressed myself. My bad. Although according to what Yuri said, they might have tried to gather sympathy for him, I think he's cool, not good. Huh, in insight, I have a weird sense of "cool".
  4. T...that's what I just said... "if it wasn't for". I called it dumb because, I'm just not impressed with the story.
  5. It might be my warped views on DLC and money, but I don't think CS is worth 25 dollars. For much less than that, I got Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Nioh DLCs, and boy, those were biiiiiig. But I wanted to talk about our boy Alpharad, or Aelfric for us lowly non japanese. I know right ? It's such a stupid waste !
  6. That make me thinks, each lords gain some sort of realization that lead them to developement, even Claude, even if his is shitty. Except for Rhea, who just have one after everything behind a S support, which is kinda bad imo. My question is, what kind of realization could lead Rhea toward character development, have that would make sense ? I thought about a more sentient, not final boss Nemesis that could say some uncomfortable truths, him and Rhea really did not have much of a talk after all, and Nemi... doesn't talk that much. πŸ˜› That would another layer of "it's that...", "but in another route, the truth is...". ...can you tell that I don't like what they did with Nemi ? πŸ˜› I mean, one could argue that SS is just about Byleth, but shhh. I thought it was because they were really short on those, but.. it's hard to tell how many they launched on Fort Merceus, and in CF there's only one explosion that is heard... Lauching them apparently make it super-easy to spot their base, which is weird, but I suppose that's what those purple rings are for. Yup. Only the best of Almyrans are shown in game eh ? πŸ˜›
  7. I feel like a wonderful idiot for forgetting that,oh yeah in other routes Felix is indeed like that. The irony is almost omnipresent. Ah, a person like me who loves to look at blood flying, and tasting it ! But alas poor Yorick, we'll never have such tales of shock, betrayal blood, tears, and other delicious things. I often imagine how fun it could be gameplay wise, the poaching. A funny way to look at it: they can only be stupid, arrogant and psyco because their targets are just like that too. One could see them as a metaphor for evil. ...which is a pretty awkward way to write a race. That, or the metaphor is: dubstep is just that evil. πŸ˜› Still pretty awkward, and someone will have to explain me as to why would they want to waste a nuke on something so trivial. I get it, they almost won, but sheesh, it's nuke, you don't waste nuke.
  8. You know, I'm really happy to see that other people think that Dimitri, BL and Fearghus feel... wrong sometimes. A lot of times. Another It also kinda sorta weird me out that CF Felix is supposed to be bad and feel bad when everything he thought about his country is proven correct. Obviously he should feel bad -it's his old friends and his dad after all- but beyond that ? I don't think he is a boar at all. First, amen to that, secondly, you forgot the part where AM Dimitri is welcomed back with utter adoration from his country to the point of rebelling apparently, despite Dimitri having done less than christian things, despite not caring about them. (I'm not confounding with VW or SS do I ? It's hard keep track at times) And okay, in AM it's hearthwarming because Dimitri started to get a grip, but think a little, and that's less fuzzy. First time ? πŸ˜› Ahaha... yeah same for me.
  9. That'd be cool if it was true. It would add a layer of gray morality, because damn, is the Sothis = good and 100% innocent and Dubster = bab and 100% guilty is boring.
  10. Well ain't that some overpowered skills. πŸ˜› War Master is already a killing machine class, I wonder what'll happen if we give it to Balthus along with certain skills ! πŸ˜› Hapi will probably trivialize some fights, Yuri's sound a bit needlessly tricky and Constance's kind of annoys me. Yuri Leclerc heh, fun fact, Leclerc is a mercantile cooperative of french origin. (no shit) In other words: Γ‰douard Leclerc's ancestor was a magical boy named after girls love. πŸ˜›
  11. You know, I agree, but it triggers me how dumb the whole thing is, not one to question things for said things that are so obvious, like I said; they're not even subtle about it. I kind internally cringe when people say it's "the main/basic FE route", when the BL are so freaking dumb. Everyone suck at explaining, but yeah she take the cake and devour it. πŸ˜› I hate you so much right due to how cool and legit this is. πŸ˜› The tragedy that was in game is even there !
  12. Yeah, I don't believe it, the very fews we see paints a shitty picture of them, or badly written. War for fun... get out of my game. I think it's the usual "tell don't show", without even telling and bad writing on top of it. What kind of arguments is that ? No one want to know the why or how, everyone treat her as the president of everything evil, try to kill her and call it a day. The Twister aren't even subtle about it ! And those morons from Blue Lions jump into it. I said "buuuuuuuuuut..." you know ? πŸ˜›
  13. Huh... Why the bloody hell did I think they were six then... ? That doesn't really change my point, you have to be either traumatised (Dimitri) or retarted (pretty much everyone else) to think a kid did a massacre by herself. No shit Edelgard have blood on her hands. Everyone does. πŸ˜› I said "stupidly shounen" not "shounen", there's a difference. Like that speech Claude did ? That wasn't just shounen, that was smart, the action itself too, that was cool ! I was talking about: Claude's ""Hilariously Abusive Childhood", Nader and Claude shooting arrows at each others for fun, with said arrows colliding mid air, this kind of thing. Oh yeah speaking of Almyra, but they're suspension of disbelief destroyer, they, well Claude really, try to sell them as a country we should accept and bla and bla, but on the facts, they're just a bunch of murder hobos joke characters, their strongest guy Nader too, who do war for fun, who don't die when they are killed, in a game where this kind of thing is suposed to be midly serious. I see the beauty of GD about overcoming prejudices and stuffs, but I feel it to be wasted on them imo. Maybe the point is precisely that it's the only things we know about them, buuuuuuut... It's not surprising really, they're close to Holst's wall, must have been contagious.
  14. I dunno, if Edelgard actually remembered this time of her life she'd be like "I was six year old you dumbass !". πŸ˜› And then, either the characters realizes how dump this is to blame Edelgard, and that perhaps they should look further and behind her, or they're stupid like Dimitri. But Dimitri have the excuses to have a lot of mental issues. It's also interesting to note that there is probably unknowingly, a sort a double standard. 6 year old Dimitri fail to stop the Serenes Massacre ? Obviously it's not his fault. But Edelgard being ? She's the devil incarnate. I also dislike how the peoples of Begnion are not hold accountable for their actions as they are perhaps more to blame than the Dubstep-men. there a joke here can you see it ? One thing I dislike about GD, it's stupidly shounen at times, like, really stupid at times. There's also the fact that the Almyrans are stupidly put in the game. "lolilol we love war we do it for fun", what the hell... I also kind of love/hate Claude. But we have god shattering dance battle so it's half-forgiven.
  15. What. He was part of the staff ? Shit, how many people had the chance to be scolded by Ghast-sama ? Oh well, I can show support to someone I enjoy the work of. Bon voyage, and take care of yourself ! "One of Ghast's unique classes is Lumberjack" confirmed ? πŸ˜›
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