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  1. Being blond has it's advantage ! Leader is gone, with a spear at her place, gee what could possibly have happened. Gotta say, I agree, why the hech did that mermaid do that. Well, called it about Miss Love Interest!
  2. The irony of what happens in both path are funny. Holy damn, those mermaids give the same feelings as the faeries from Chrono Cross. Good thing the leader seems to be smart! Viki and Jeanne are better tho
  3. Here come the bromaaaaaance. I dunno if Deneb's recruitment here is more bullshit than in LUCT or not. ... how is the chocolate shield not melting. Does all the monster units sucks or what ? 😞 I gotta ask ...is Eleanor... ? Way too many flags.
  4. That guy's named Sitri, fitting for a guy who want to avenge his love or stuff. Don't you love how the water level is only relevant in a tiny part of the map ? ...why was there a fan in the water? Why is the katana not looking like a katana ? Bromance route here we go ! I think.
  5. I was like, what's the point of multiplayer, until you told us it was the bonus dungeon. Happy to see it still hating people! We live in a society.
  6. Obviously it's the guy in armor who's important ! ...to be fair, he looked cooler. Indeed, where is your army when you were tortured ? At least Cybil's hot. That Ninja was ugly though. Careful ! Canon is SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. Really not saying much. 😛
  7. Oh boy. Would I be wrong to assume that some people got really far and got everyone this emblem in certain ways to optimize loots ? So basically, all current classes sucks, except Ninja which got nerfed but still great and got magic. 🙂 Lady, it's been years and your talking to the wrong person... aaaaah, the cycle of hatred... They're not very subtle about the political part, though. I'm resisting the urge to make a joke about their sexuality. Pretty cool LP, it's good to have you back!
  8. Screw canon ! We make our own path and die like Glenn ! No seriously, screw canon, it's very "thanks, I hate it".
  9. Awesome sadness, here we goooo ! I "like" how there's a little girl looking over the corpse of what seems to be one of her parents, it renforce the tragedy of war. 😞 The church have Black Knights, always crack me up. Waifu, sadness and a lot of unfairness ! Yay ! 😄
  10. The final boss got ripped apart, it's awesome. This sword looks like a lightsaber ! 1000 years seems a tad much to be realistic but who care. Awesome sadness incoming boys ! Here we go ! Thanks this let's play, it was very fun !
  11. Some people have all the luck. Congrats ! 😄
  12. Dragon Magic go kaboom. The ennemy must be both in despair, and in awe because of the pretty colors. It's funny, I don't remember Eden at all, the joy of playing it as a kid with subpar result.
  13. Branta Claus and his elves, and his magical throne are gone, with their sponsor running aways. This last scene, man, it hit the kokoro. 😞 "I'm stuff !" "OMG Sword no !"
  14. Eh ? Terror Knight Denim, I think I missed/forgot something. Ahaha, dragon magic make people go poof, it's hilarious. "Why would you hate me for killing your family ? Geez !" 😛 Oh gosh, that throne room... 😕
  15. Good to have you back ! 😄 It's as if the Hell Gate was hell itself wait I already did that joke. 10 Pumpkins ?! For a barely good character ? And her shop close, I don't even... Hanzo is also a popular ninja but shhhhhh 😛
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