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  1. Sassy Denim is funny. That gun scene is funny too... for the wrong reason. Compared to the previous one, this recruitment is easy. In any case, hallelujah, Kachua stopped her crisis ! Lord compared to Princess, really does sucks. In the Psp version though, it apparently breaks the game as it can do everything including your favorite coffee. which make things even more sad and hilarious.
  2. What in the world is that recruitment bullshit. Seriously. Contrived doesn't even describe half of it. Funny how Denim start to have some crack there and there. Dat Holy Dragon tho.
  3. GER is a Return to zero and completly screw over the concept of 'Destiny' and use his powers automatically when needed. GER can talk in the erased time of Diavolo. Talking. In erased time. It's that omni-what-you-want. Speaking of screwing destiny, it's funny how Jojo do it so much better than so many other things... including P4 and P5 which copy part 4 and 5 it's not funny. OOOOOOHHHH. Bites the Dust isn't a Requiem Stand, probably a prototype of Requiem stands, yeah, but not Requiem, which is everyone agree is the minimum to fight another Requiem. Except Chariot, but Chariot isn't a real Requiem, or at least not a fully awakened. Kira could use via Bites The Dust, but that would be eventually canceled and would look be like WTF. ... I never thought I'd do some Jojology in this forum. In this section.
  4. Dude. The guy dresses like a vampire, use the most edgy intimidation speeches in the world, talk like a goth.... I wouldn't be surprised if he acted in front of a mirror to train himself to look even more goth ! Hubert is the very definition of "Dramatic" ! XD
  5. Considering how many stupid limitations the Divine Pulse have and how it seems to be limited by "destiny", *COUGH*convenient writing*COUGH*, GER would blast Byleth a new one since GER doesn't even take those pesky limitations into consideration. Holy shit the writing of Three Houses was GER all along. There's a reason why GER is considered one of the strongest thing ever in manga, anime and fiction. Like, when people talk about strongest character, they immediatly, say 'Goku' and 'Saitama', please...
  6. Well this is awkward. I confused it with another ending... Probably one Ferdinand's. Apologies. I'm sorry. Eh, you think Hubert is over the top about his loyaty, Dedue and Catherine says hello. 😛 Kind of funny how it's "the big guy" who is subtle, and the "sneaky guy" who's not.
  7. *slam* Thankyou ! Like, I get it, I like him too, I see where he come from. His character shows the flaws of the society of Fodlan. But he's also an asshole, and he and the game justify, his flirting, breaking hearts, playing fiddle and all that, by 'Oh it's alright, no girls wants me, they just want my crest and money. They deserve it' Like, bruh. But he seem to try to get over himself and gosh, that's good. Well, probably, his ending with Ingrid leave me puzzled. We could also try to talk about Dorothea too, hmhm, I don't do double standard after all.
  8. If s/he was a student I would've needed some add savor on the icecream bland flavour. Which would have been salt. Student in a school ? Yawn. Seen it everytime everywhere. Teacher in a school ? Ah, some originality ! Oh and you can do stuff tied to the fact you are teacher ! Including... TEACHING ! Here's the difference. One is bland and molt, the other is original and fresh. Also, it makes sense on multiple front for Rhea to do that. She go on the principle that Byleth is Sothis, which is technically true, if they are truly Sothis, being a teacher is no biggie. It could also be seen as a way to force Byleth to stay. Byleth have privileges, a job, friends, if he make too much noise, those could be taken. And if he's a menace or a failure, he could be 'easily' removed. Jeralt have the blood of Rhea, and it seems to do weird things to people, including transforming them apparently. Imagine that. ...Well that doesn't add up 100%, since Rhea seems to be 100% certain that Byleth = Sothis, to into giving literally give Byleth too much privilege hello Creator Sword, Or maybe it was part of 'Le plan', and never expected Byleth to be able to say, 'Nope' to her, let alone 'Fuck No'.
  9. Yeah that's a really great detail in the writing ! Also terrifying, because that means that people who have crest can possibly gains the personality of the original person, from one or two quirks to disturbingly very similar. (Incest in FE was not enough, now we have plausible selfcest ! Behold ! After TH super pseudo-incest we now have TH super-pseudo selfcest !) Imagine what Rhea would have done if Byleth did became Sothis, but Rhea decided that it wasn't enough Sothis, or it wasn't he Sothis. Maybe the Sothis we have isn't even the real Sothis. I genuinely love both Rhea and Edelgard, how similar they are, and precisely because of their flaws, but 'dislike' Rhea more because of her madness, cruelty, and the disturbing implications of her actions. Some people believe that Cathering's loyalty... eh, rather fanaticism, toward Rhea is suspiscious, I even briefly read it in Tvtropes, before it was deleted, that 'she might have been another experiment'. Meh, not enough evidence. But it's possible, or accidental, Rhea's blood does weird things to people. Edelgard also have problem that bother me, and makes me love her even more, it seems like she is less interested in saving the world, making it better, and more interested in her doing it, she have to do it, in her way and only her. She won't listen to anything else. Again, kind of like Rhea. And it probably because of their past traumatism. Or megalomania. Or both. 😛 They're really cool characters. So many ways to interpret them.
  10. What a beautiful waste of time and money. All of that work and trouble, just to delete some lines that destroy precious context for the backstory of a character. Wonderful. Truly, a genius move. 😛 Ah....pisses me off. Here's a funny thing. I legit though that Byleth's voice was already replaced by the time the game came out, but actually nope, it was replaced with a patch. And they do it. Again. To make the background and dialogue of a character worse. What is wrong with them ? Oh hey, Kirokan ! It's kind of hilariously ironic how it's closer to the japanese script. Still prefer the older one. People said it, a minor change, but boy does it break things. ...Oh shoot, there's also context in the original voice too ? This is getting too complicated for me. xD Yeah, how dare you be a nice person.
  11. B-but, assassins don't work like that ! reeeeeeee. Can we all talk about how you sold an animal/monster that loved you so much it gave you some good stuff... and it was called Fodder ? Another is named Crap. Holy shoot that's messed up and funny in a dark way. Oh boy, another Kachua !
  12. I don't even remember if it's 100 or 1000 years, memories is fuzzy, but sheesh, 'How come no one destroyed them ?'. Like, take a look at medieval Japan ! How they got screwed over for being too isolationist too much. And I wonder what kinds of goods they can have that'll interest merchants that much to wants it peacefully.(Besides the obvious crests BS.) It kind of does puzzle me about how the heck did Rhea succeeded in locking the continent away in a stasis, altough from what I've seen, said stasis is to it's limits, and well... a big part of the plot of the game happens. I guess it shouldn't have been all that hard for her but still. I'm kinda surprised there's no flintlock weapons or something. There is operas though, so it's not like Fodlan is complete and truly medieval. Opera are not a medieval right ?
  13. But that's still bullshit. Some katana or japanese armor I can get behind, maybe they come from "japan-land" and just ended in the continent of the game or some crap, but ninja are another thing ! We're talking about an entire style of live defined by an entirely different culture that'll have no way to ever work in a medieval setting ! ... I take this too much at heart. Touching reunion... Press X to doubt. Kinda. Bittersweet I'd say. Sheesh, the priest are rather insistent, despite the fact that Denim actually tried. Oh the creator liked Star Wars ? I always wondered why there were so many lines in the translation that was so full of Star Wars. Good grief, TO, how comes you have so many plot twists ? #gameswerebetterbefore. (Just forget Denim's face and some other goof, and i'll be true.)
  14. I've seen the video, it's awesome. Death Jester's awesome ! I'm kind of disapointed by the class outfit to be honest, Kevin's first class change looks fine, just fine, but I still expected more. Lise's is kind of meh. Angela's too. I know that expecting hair and skin colors to change is a tad much, and I know it's only first class change, but still... Dark class, Light class, the whole philosophy undertone behind them, the class cutscenes really don't do it for me. I really hope they'll be more like in they official arts, like LLDuran looks like the paladin that he is, and DDDuran looks like he is going to jump at everything and making them a new ass with dat bone/flesh/whatever sword. LLAngela looks like a peaceful queen, DDAngela looks like a megalomaniac. Hawke don't change that much, Charlotte just looks like she is starting to grow up a tad. They all look like they actually went to an adventure and are at the end of it. ... Okay, in some of the arts it looks like they overused the makeup but they were cool. Pointless complain over my fantasies... I'm not disapointed with the special attacks though. Bijuu's boobs jiggle but it's subtle. Thankfully. 😛 What. WHAT. NEXT YEAR ?! Press F. Like, oof, big fat oof. Talk about a supreme mood killer. Rip this year for a fresh Seiken remake. 😧
  15. 25 year old 'man' here. I confirm, that happened to me. I'll have to check if it still does. It is weird, but merely midly eyebrow weird. The only thing I find weird is is to see our Emperor Crimson still being so tiny. And by weird, I mean funny.
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