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  1. I honestly don't like the interview and would prefer to ignore most of it, it have a nasty smell of retcon and plothole, most makes me look down on Claude and his story even more. And as I said in another topic, the fact that the truth of most things, is found not in-game but in interview, it's baffling. I won't throw everything, obviously, a lot of cool things ! Plot twist, The eyepatch was an Eyepatch of good alignement and badass +6. But the eye was an Eye of idiocy and self-righteousness +1. Hence why he's a badass in BL, and a looser in everything else. 😛
  2. Wanted to buy another console... oh and food, that's one's important. Forced to go at the minimarket, where you can't fing anything. My town is veeeeeery deserted, it's kind depressing. Truth to be told, it seems where I live isn't really touched-did not receive special papers and such- which make the responsible comportement of everyone even more remarkable !
  3. He liberated Fodlan from dragons and their tyranical shit taste. Looking at Sothis' Regalia makes you realize, only monsters with no taste would create such thing. Whereas the chad Nememis and his chad Elites had cool weapons and armors. we don't talk about how he let his chest bare to annoying and dangerous dagger. But more seriously, as true sounding my joke was, it kind of grate me how far the unreliable narrator goes. The moment you think you have it, it fly like a flipping bird, the truths are in interviews, the heck. In this game everyone is either a liar, an idiot, or insane. On TVtropes, totally the most trustworthy thing on this age and subject, they says that King of Liberation come from killing people, "liberating" people from life. No, I don't undertand it either. The story of this game is good and all, but it's an headache.
  4. That explains a few things, like why there's so many "survivors". And kind of retcon-ish if you can even apply that to Three "Everyone is an Unreliable Narrator" Houses. I really want to see the technology that was given to humans to make relics. 😛 What, so dragons were rulers at that time too ?
  5. Apparently, there will be a NG+ too, and another story arc.
  6. Seen all the classes design, I'm saddened. Oh well. If I had a working TV, I'd be doing the same. They really succeeded in making the game look pretty great in pretty much everything. I'm so intrigued by the new features.
  7. .... Kirby's invincible and OP ? That too ! They're way too chill .
  8. Continue to laugh, hippie. Else, no drugs for you and Nino. 😛 I always also found something pretty ? calming ? something-something in calculations, problems, equations, etc, just being resolved. The longer it is the better. ...good thing we have context eh ?
  9. What. Really ? Google did not inform me of this. There was a time I liked math. Still do. Unfinished subpar education. Also damn, imagine having a Pi spell in Three houses or Earthbound. PK Pie Pi ! PK Peepee Pi ! L-look, just laugh okay, i'm tired.
  10. Ah yes, ""grinding" for using what is given on the road like candy by bad design. Sure is grinding, totally my fault for not limiting myself. 😛 Contrast with the Tower of Valni, where grinding is much harder, or battles in Echoes for that matters. The incidentally part would be fair... if I wasn't already not using it because I was already overleveled. I think you're missing my poiint, willingly or not I dunno, but Awakening and SS are not the subject of the topic and I kind of feel bad for derailing it so I'll stop. I'm sorry. 😕 I thought he subject was how FE4's Enemy Generals do their job, as enemies. Why can't our Generals be the same ? Kind of lost there
  11. That's why I said it's kind of funny. That's not the incest or pseudo-incest part that is heretical, neither is the engineering, or the morality of it all. Noooope Sir ! Well, at least those guys, they do have their priorities straight, I guess ? 😛
  12. The gist of it is, first generation crest bearers, meaning those who got crest from the source, have more powers and a longer lifespan, that's why Jeralt's got so old, he got is crest directly from Seiros. Same with Nemesis from Sothis. And presumably Yuri from his donor who's implied to be the Aubin himself before dying. Presumably, the closer you get the crest from the source, the stronger it and you are. It's... kind of like Generation from Vampire The Masquerade. Byleth is a special case, it's important to know that their crest doesn't come from their blood but the crest stone on his heart. Presumably their immortality come from fusing with Sothis. Their personal class is called Nirvana in the japanese version. After losing the crest stone at the end of CS, they lose everything including their crest. don't ask me why it disapear tho As to why Byleth and Yuri are able to somehow able to manipulate their immortality willy nilly... no idea. My guess is that's a shortcut from the writer. 😛 ...Because while I can sorta see Byleth "God is my Grandma, and I become my own grandma and God" Eisner to do that, I really don't see Yuri "Blood of a random in a bad plot" Leclerc to do that.
  13. Depends of your definition of low man, if you mean "having the stupid AI throw itself at my most powerful units (which is to say a lot) and granting lot of great level up because the balance is nowhere that is there right from the first chapter". You might be right. Woe is me for noticing and taking advantage of the poor design and balance that isn't as present in other games am I right ? 😛 On your opinion about Sacred Stones... well I can only respecfully disagree, but consider the following: In SS, you can solo-run with Seth. In Awakening, how many ? It's even worse because you get a ridiculous amount of exp no matter what you do. It doesn't help that strategy in Awakening is non-existent. Then, there's the pair up system that just add even more exp.
  14. End game ? I don't remember having obtained at end game. Mid game at most, or below. No grinding. Awakening is much easier than Sacred Stones. Yes fun ! No nerf, only fun allowed ! 😄 It's annoying to see game designer nerf something for a so called balance. Great Shield was perfect and fun. Then they decided to nerf everything about it, making it next to useless. Having %/skill to merely halves damage is already such a hard blow for the skill, so anything else... Sureshot doesn't exist, it never existed and never will bleh. 😛
  15. When I was younger, my parents were still together, I did not have depressions and crippling anxiety, and panic attacks. I remember fondly those moments when I was legitimately felt happy. Voila voila, sorry for the bad ambience. ... In insight it's rather telling that it's what made me happy.
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