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  1. Me upon seeing a 3DS title was concelled: Sadness. Me upon seeing it could go to the Switch: Happiness. So in one hand, I hope that it'll be FE4, but Fire Brand is onto something, still we were pleasantly surprised with TH and Echoes, it might continue to be the case, eh ? But I also kinda sorta expect FE6 and FE7 too, those are "easy pickings". Judgral have heavy stuff, but Elibe ? Those are very basic and what people in the world know best.
  2. You see, it's funny because I just finished a box of cereal. Wait that's not funny at all.
  3. Sure why not ? As long as the whole Rhea and Crests thing is properly done with or something. I really enjoy aged protagonist who done their lot in life, like Geralt from The Witcher.Well, Byleth kinda is, but without the age. ...Don't really enjoy Jeralt's hair though. Gasp ! Jeralt, Geralt ! ...Imagine romance with with the student, when your avatar is double their age. 😛 Enjoy this mental image. I don't understand how people can say that Byleth is bad and or the worst, when we have something called Corin, Kris, and Robin. Byleth is so much better it's hilarious , and I have to stop myself from gloating how I was right that taking a cue from Mark and making him mute was a step in the right direction.
  4. Well, I must've used them really poorly, or not noticed their potencial. I have a hard time thinking "correctly" for FFT and it's kind. ...I never knew Pumpkin Head existed as a recruit. Now that I look at it, Denim's face makes me think of something else. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What gives ? Why does they still all have skins while our Liches and undead are Spooky Scary Skeletons ? Unfair. And I like how the guy talk about cells, their movements and lack of thereof, how can they even look at them without the necessary tools ? Plot wise, it was pretty cool to make the dead guys do a quick come back like that. It would sure be cool if we could do that. >_> It would also pretty cool if those things were useful for the ending. >_> Earth Spear, that looks like an Axe, not a spear. 😛 Fudo, Fudo's pretty cool yeah.
  5. Well, I also don't like how they Kaiju-ify the pokemons. 😛 Dynamax, I can actually get behind, since everyone can use it. Z moves and Mega evolution in one package, The problem is, we already have mega evolution and Z moves So it's another case of gameplay mechanics being abandoned, worse, mechanics that were actually used by everyone. I do agree with you on the fact that mega is restrictive, it lead to slow as a hell kind of race for doing a mega form, and it's frankly annoying, but still. But those guys decide to put Gigantamax any-freaking-way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Wouldn't it have been simpler to just fuse both mechanic ?
  6. I love Sifetch'd, he look so smug, and cool, and stylish and his weapons are so freaking badass. In french, he is called Palatircho. Pala is probably for Paladin, since his japanese name is Begiganaito, Tircho from artichaut, even though it's not a freaking artichoke, it's a japanese leek. Gigantamax leave me with mixed feeling with me rather disliking it. I like the concept, but on the other hand... is it really necessay to transform our pokemon into obligatory giant/titan things that look like a derived product from alolan Exeggutor ? And we already have one thing, it's called mega-evolution. Freaking capitalize on it. But nooooooooooooo... I've seen the reference, I actually really liked it. Still don't change my mind on it, but it's cool to see they did not forgot the Pikachu from old and decided to reference it.
  7. I like it. It' coherent. You are taking your time, to do a long ass part of the game. 😛 Pumpkin, eh... It's sad how near-everything in Hell Gate is the definition of Awesome, but Impractical. Also, Goblins in this game are sorta strong, it's hilarious. Didn't knew you know recruit them of Gorgon though. The shrine is a sacred place, press X do doubt. Asmodeus, ah that one make sense. That's not a innuendo, but I'll do as if it's one. 😛
  8. Hmmm. I thought long and hard about it, and I'd say the franchise that stuck to me right in the heart are. Dark Souls and the soulsborne series are on the list. Etrian Odyssey, SMT (despite some of their more recent... mistakes.), Dragon Quest, I kind of lost faith in pokemon after Go and the big deal about Sword & Shield, but shoot, I love what was before too much. Megaman is good stuff. Aaaah... Zelda. Good stuff too. Azure Strike Gunvolt... Does it count as Megaman ? Good stuff too, again. Very rewarding and challenging to play.
  9. -A Max class from Shining Force. Let me summon a laser from a satellite from SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. -A female War Master. I'll make Hilda even more of a creature of violence and pinkness, but I don't care. Anything for ora-ora and muda-muda and dora-dora for female. -I really liked the Fates-version of Fates. It's basically a buffer hero. (Okay, the Ike costume helped.) -A better Mortal Savant, a Dread Fighter, I dunno. -I wonder if it'll be a good idea to have Dark Flier or Malig knight or things from the same wood. -And armored class that can use magic because Edelgard Emperor can't freaking use magic. -I Half-expect a new unique class for Byleth. Dunno why. Maybe because the Lord have two and Byleth only have one. -Deep down, I just want some class that could solve the problems the 'very bad class have'. You have five second to tell me it's probably impossible. 😛
  10. Me and my pal, God Shattering Star, would like to know the locations of everyone who did not vote for him. More seriously, I cannot find a music in this game that is as good as this one. All other just pale. And that's saying something since most musics in this game are great.
  11. To be perfectly honest... I'm kind of disappointed about the DLC, but I think I was expecting too much. It might be also the salt talking, oh hey, 'fanservise DLCs' whoopie, and 'Content that were supposed to be in the game, but instead give use cash for it lol'. The new characters look alright I guess, Anna is back, ugh... nice job guys, you put Anna in her original place, a simple cameo, and you too a step back by making her DLC character. GG. If they put important story element in them I'm gonna be a tad annoyed at them. Now I'm asking real question there: was the petting cat and dog supposed to be in game, or did they truly not put it in game and were put off by how player wanted it ? Real questions that challenge your viewpoint on life. 😛 As for the 4chan leak, eh, I don't believe it, buuuuuut, I can actually see it happen strangely enough. Kind of expect better class though because sheesh. The Ike class is cool, but the other ? Sheesh. And what the hell are those malus in stats.
  12. Huh. You know, it's funny, Dark Magic spells have greek letters in their names. Foreshadowing, a potential connection, not so different ? Food for thought.
  13. I thought your cat died, and since I overcame my sadness I was about to give you my hearfelt condolences. Shame on you. 😛 It makes me happy to see people loving their cats so damn much like that, you have no idea. Pet your cat for us will you ? He sounds pretty nice. ... Huh. It's funny, my cat used to lick anywhere he could reach when happy and stuff, which happened often. He only used the claws when annoyed. Good time.
  14. Down to the toilet of the game we go. They're lucky it's cool to look at. 😛 At least the loot is cool too. I love how the game is trying to stop you from reaching Hell Gate like 'Nooooo, don't go theeeeeeere'. Gee, I wonder if you'll have dragon magic in there. Radlum is literally just there for his spell or if your mages really really suck.
  15. That's right, I remember now, it's old news by now but some were found in fossilized amber. They did surpass us and will probably continue to do so. Good grief, a insect that is a extreme annoyance at best or a vehicule for dangerous disease at worst, is one of most resillient form of life. More than humans. In a way I find that inspiring. It's really easy to forget how tiny humans are compared to many life forms. Some birds really doesn't like the pollution we cause though. Which is really sad, birds are cool. guys I think I found a anti-anti-humanity mole from the government. Bad news: it's a moderator, they already infiltrated our hilghy advanced society.
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