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  1. I'm way too much hyped for DQ3 HD-2D, especially for a guy who played all version and loved them all, or for a game that been released like candy.If anything, it is really pretty. XII make me very curious, but all we got is an edgy logo. some words, and that the battle system will not be the samre. (Oof) Dragon Quest IX remake never ever.
  2. "Pshhh, nothing personel, kid. Pshhhhhhh. I'm behind you maybe so turn back please. Pshhhhh." See, in this game you can judge people by their faces! Until it's revealed to not be their faces at all and just a mask, but you don't know that.
  3. People talk about the stone, but it (somehow) dissapear at the end of CF and Byleth is fine, so... It means no Sword of the Creator, that's fine, but the most important thing needed is characters who freaking knows about Byleth's lack of heartbeat and actually talking about it. Nemesis apparently did it with looooooots of dragons though.
  4. I. What. Are we inside a bizzaro universe? Humanity was a mistake.
  5. I'd prefer if it was another character, I'd argue if he doesn't deserve a place at all, he's there because of FF7R, but dammit, I just can't not be hyped. Stupid psychopath in a good game. Sephiroth is just that cool.
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Uzumaki? We really have gone far huh? "Gee how come your mom let you have so many locks?" Why can't we just destroy them? 😛 It doesn't look too tasty and hum... Aiko would look almost horny if it wasn't for the blood, or maybe she got the rage? 'They looks tasty', oh... I mean, it would have been stupid bad design if you were 'softlocked' but I see why it would anticlimatic. Some trials are pretty mean tho But you do lose reasons and stuff, that hurt and could end it all. The test to kick you when you're down I feel. But if you remember you get the privilege to continue without DOOM increase. Such are roguelike. Wtf Aiko look like she's at this to have a breakdown. 😛 Either she is smiling, injured, got dirty, or the three of them. 94% Doom ehehe, oof. Holy crap, 102 HOURS? That's a lot! You unlocked a lot of things too. I really enjoyed it so far, sorry I couldn't post to tell you that, I was busy irl. I hope for more spooky stuffs!
  7. The red riding hood? The kids seems dertermined to win a Darwin Award. 😛 I always wondered how we could do it.... faster, don't you ? Why are they colored? And how?
  8. Ah, gunpowders and friends, a classic that everyone should have in their pockets! I know this is japan, but I don't I'd ever be able to do a ritual for a dead family member, next to HIS OWN ROTTING CORPSE. Dunno if it's just me but, I think it's both goofy and creepy, it look like her face was replaced. It's kinda cool! How to say this tho... screw those dolls. That's one determined big spider! Who's buying it? 😛 Why is it in an dead eldritch civilization in a dead eldritch world? 😛 I can't believe that Dr Manhatthan was our dead uncle! I really enjoyed this update, thank you buddy. 🙂
  9. They are all polished I see. ...is freaking creepy ! How did that even worked ?
  10. Bruh, I wish they looked that nice. You... don't say 😄 You do a great job at selling it tho Junji Itou, Roguelike, it's all I need to read ! The Intro, the youkai, the sky, Insmasu look, yup it'll be one of those indy kickass games ! ...but the kids should seriously call the cops 😛
  11. Perfectly understandable, it's bad to force yourself to do stuff you don't want to do. Espescially since you are kind of optimizing stuffs Take care of yourself hmm? I'll be looking at your new LP ! And this one too. ....rude. 😞
  12. It took me one minute to get the joke. I was giggling like an idiot after that. Sometime, humanity isn't a mistake.
  13. I'll be keeping an eye on this, I've heard about this game and heard it was quite good. Some things to note... -Why does most girls have huge boobs and that the heroine the one with 'normal' ones ? -GUNS ! 😄 -This game's grasp on french is pretty solid, thought reading 'THE Ecole Militaire' hurted my blue-white-red heart. Good luck, I'll be watching
  14. What a terrible night to know that I missed two update. You mean like- aw shoot Dayni did it first 😛 WHY. Why would they do that ?! So basicaly, Mages with great goodies with some drawbacks to make things balanced. Endgame screw them over. Smart design actually. She is that thirsty eh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ah yes, Kong the Warlock, such a classic !
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