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  1. Lyn, tank a hit? That is a horrible mistake to make. And then having Florina fight some of the bandits... you like to live dangerously Is that Ellen? I guess it must be her mother or something, as her game takes place long after this one.
  2. I think the mage you Bereserked might have been poisoned by and an enemy Yotsumung tome, which just like Galzus override his Berserk status with Poison. That is a bit of bad luck as Berserking enemies is rather fun. Its the ones that spawn from the other stairs that are dangerous... That is the same way I dealt with that room the last time I played this map, warped Olwen in to wipe out the dangerous staves, and swap to the Holy Sword to make her invincible.
  3. The poor Gemini, the older greek names of the twin half-brother, Castor and Pollux so easily forgotten...
  4. What perfect timing, capping level just when he killed Raydrik. There are some tricks that make it a little easier, for example the warp tiles only trigger when you chose the wait command, so if you can end your unit's turn some other way you wont be warped. Good luck its a tricky chapter. He is alright indoors thanks to a base A rank swords, but he is much than when outdoors, so fair enough.
  5. The birds revealed the rest of the enemies, Oliver in the near left and Kimaarsi in the near right, and even managed to take out the generic mage. That leave it open for the Greil Mercenaries to finish things off with Oscar taking the opne slot, Ike (brave Ike) going for Oliver, Soren taking down Kimaarsi, and Titania dealing with Mekkkah Devdan, which they accomplished with aplomb.
  6. No its a box, but from the north its possible to get into range for them to attack you (barring one of them) before entering it, which gets them to move before the flag triggers. Edit: @Alastor15243 Just wanted to elaborate (image from fire emblem wod) Entering the black box triggerx the aggro flag, but the anima mage can attack units adjacent to the forest on the shown pegasus path, which lure him out alone. Next you can lure the archer by having a unit that can't counter kill (but can take the possible killer bow crit) just north of the entrance to the sleep staff house (the archer should move first and block the shaman from being able to attack, causing him to stay still), and then heal that unit up to then lure it to a space adjacent to that forest from before. Next you can lure the pirate in the back from the forest tile, and after that the pirate next to him from the space below the forest. Then you can lure the shaman from the space above the entrance to the house, and lure him further just like the archer. That just leaves that last pirate that you have to enter the black box to lure out.
  7. Two things, first a Florina can reach all of the red houses (and shop) except the sleep staff without triggering the 6 to charge if you are careful, second you can actually lure them out one at a time if you approach from the north, as their ranges don't overlap as well from that direction, and you can lure them from beyond the box that triggers them to charge (except for one with a killer axe, but with only one enemy left the scripted charge has lost all its teeth).
  8. That is the hiding place of the only secret shop in the game. If you managed to not kill (although capturing and releasing is OK) any of the Leonster soldiers in chapter 18 you get a member card, and if someone warps/rewarps to that door with the member card they can buy stat boosters from it for 8000 a pop, and you can only buy until your inventory fills up. I have only ever bother with it once, and it wasn't worth the effort. Yeah, its one of those odd things to note about how wildly generic enemy's stats can vary, that they can proc movement growths, although I have never seen an enemy with more than one extra move. Ouch, that is tragedy. Her death also triggers Dean to leave your army just to make her death even worse.
  9. To get into a little detail if a character hit max level in PoR, they get a +2 in every stat they capped (+5 for HP) in RD, with the exception of Sothe, whose stats transfer over if they are above his RD bases. You get some weapon rank experience based on a characters ending weapon rank in PoR. A rank supports become "bond supports" that give +5 crit and crit, and RD has a support library that lets you read through the support conversations you unlocked in all of your PoR playthroughs. Also the coins you get in PoR transfer over to RD, and those can be used in the RD forging system. Some A rank supports can cause slight changes like adding some base conversations, or allow some additional characters to recruit someone. Of particular note, if you ever play through RD a second time, there is a major scene with Soren and Ike that only occurs if you A support them in both games on a second playthrough (there are more conditions you should look up if you want to seek this scene out).
  10. Clarine is the lowest magic staff user in the game, and each point of magic is +6 accuracy, so Saul and Ellen reach noticeably higher accuracy if trained.
  11. To list all the things that come to mind FE6 has 5 extra range on all ranged staves compared to the other GBA games FE6 staff accuracy is less penalized by range, and more impacted by magic/resistance Non-magic enemies tend to have embarrassingly bad resistance, making staff users meager magic reasonable (and that's without mentioning Niime or Yoder's solid base magic) Accuracies in that game are bad enough that the lowish accuracy of status staves (baring the mostly useless silence staff) looks more reasonable Basic enemies can be tough, or dodgy enough that disabling one with a staff could be easier than killing it. This game has one of the earliest sleep staff in the series (chapter 10/11 depending on the route split) which makes it by far the most useful status staff in that game
  12. Libra x Lissa - I just like the idea of Dark Mage Owain being possible...
  13. Wait til you see Sain and Kent's equipment when they join in Hector mode I mean its not that much worse than the swordsman the sword picks ...Glass as a returning villain for My Dude, what a curious choice
  14. Well here is a list I made of female generics that have skills, and their base class from a quick look through the information from the good wiki. Hopefully this helps, but nothing jumps out as particularly good to me, other than maybe Demoiselle to make males (which will be a vast majority of your army) in charm range even tankier.
  15. Fire Emblem - The Binding Blade.sav It is, and to make it easier to find, this should be the most recent. I have also been keeping the save on the first page up to date as well.
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