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  1. It has been long enough that I do not remember when basic parts of the over world menu unlock, like the inventory, barracks, access to shops, access to the bonus box etc. If you know when these basic features become available (in Lunatic if the difficulty matters) I would appreciate the reminder.
  2. They are an enormous neon sign that reads TRAP. I am surprised you didn't sit your three weakest characters on them for the entirety of the map. Then again I don't remember off the top of my head if they are blockable reinforcements, I think they are but am not entirely certain. Much as it is leading to your misery here I do appreciate how well they setup this first part of the area based reinforcements here to make the player deal with an envelopment. They are timed just right so if your team is together you have a turn to react to them despite the ambush spawn, and they happen just as you are aggroing the troops ahead, and with enemies dangerous enough that you can't trivialize the threat from either side. As brutal as it is, it deals with a dangerous tactical situation that most Fire Emblem games fail to pull off even when they attempt it. ...but then the delayed reinforcements that are trigger had to be Wyvern. I hate Wyvern, they have more movement than you can possibly have, with the brute strength of dragons that is difficult to deal with. I think that confirms reinforcements this map can be blocked, as an extra enemy should be on that middle fort you blocked in the north. Oh boy, next chapter's trap is going to dial the salt up to 11 isn't it... good luck, but I guess that is next week's concern. (also I wanted to add a little emphasis to my Wyvern hate here as they seem to be doing the killing in all these images) Too real man, too real.
  3. Does Gharnef know how Thabes was destroyed? The divine dragons destroyed so long ago he might not know what destroyed it. Having gained control of a magic tower that grants continent wide influence and is essential to my ability to control the world, in a mysteriously destroyed city with these ancient tablets warning about things that needed to be sealed underneath... well I wouldn't release the ancient sealed monstrosities that might deprive me of the tower that if disabled would utterly cripple my control of the continent.
  4. At first I thought about it as a means of encouraging replaying the game, but as Alastor15243 points out and thus it doesn't really work that way outside of FE4 or FE2/15 where you can deploy your entire army. Viewed in that light it just restricts players, and ends up reducing the amount of replayability as you can never test out an army that fields both Arran and Samson. Now if there is some compelling story reason for these restriction that I am fine with, but I am beginning to look unfavorably on those that do so arbitrarily. Although when you ties these units to different maps, then the new maps themselves accomplish an greater increase in short term replayability that surpasses the small amount of extremely long term replayability lost by the restriction on team composition. I think I prefer the version where the split is tied directly to a different map. On top of the maps offsetting the replayability reduction, but also gives them the opportunity (even if IS doesn't always take it, or do it well) to flesh out the reason for this split.
  5. Mounted units are forced to dismount on indoor maps (which is a lot of the late game), and when dismounted they can only use swords. Most mounted units go from being great units on outdoor maps, to being crippled by only being able to use E rank swords. A mounted unit that can use and gain sword rank while mounted is incredibly useful, as they can be among your best units on outdoor maps, without being useless on indoor ones. Also there are a fair number of magic swords in this game (one of which you start with, even before considering Leif's personal weapon the light brand) so its not as limiting with 1-2 range as most games, and while this does mean they have to use magic to attack at 1-2 range, that also means you target magic (and thus ignore the ludicrous throne def bonus). Plus like Ced von Lewyn said he has a good PCC (just checked, he has the max of 5), so his crit chance gets multiplied by 5 after his initial attacks. Plus he is one of the only units able to use the Beo sword.
  6. If you manage the dragon veins carefully in that chapter they shouldn't have the mobility to really flock you.
  7. Ok I found an old forum post claiming that its only a Spy's Yumi if the difficulty is both normal, and Kaze has less than a B rank in shuriken, on hard and above, or if Kaze has a B or higher Shuriken rank it is the Spy's Shuriken instead. FrozenKappa cites a Japanese resource as his source of information for how this works.
  8. I have seen visual youtube footage of someone getting the Spy Yumi from that chest I have no idea how this was done, the bad wiki has a theory about it involving Kaze's shuriken rank, but I know what they have stated is inaccurate.
  9. I get where you are coming from, if you know what you are doing with Elise's personal skill, it will let you accomplish amazing things in Conquest, and there are a lot of places where the magic nuking of a promoted Elise is the best solution to an otherwise thorny problem. Its hard to compare as they fill roles as different as apples and oranges. Both of them are extremely good, and the best at their roles like you said, but it takes actual thought to use Elise well, while it doesn't to use Camilla well, and that skill barrier to get the most out of Elise shouldn't be ignored. I think Camilla's insane level lead, and too small of internal level that lets her maintain said lead still gives her that little bit of an edge above Elise.
  10. ...Huh, too bad Japan forced her into fetish wear to reveal that. It might be the horrible flashbacks to the first time I played this map speaking, but this is the perfect music for the first part of dragon Herrerasaurus. The other two (or three I guess) are difficult as well, but the impossibly high move of the wyverns, combined with move restrictions in the desert always made this one feel much worse. I am far more amused by this reference from Little orphan Elrean than I should be. ...Ouch, those vicious wyvern claim their first kill. Could be worse all things considered seeing as Linde is very close to that bloodbath. A solid strategy to be sure, but there are a few that move in large enough groups that you will need others to tank/kill one. Could be worse, the secret shop of chapter 13 lets you get some more, and chapters 15 and 16 give you one each as well. Etzcalibur It really is, and even Falcon knights only get a cap of 26. Its not a huge deal in hard, but on higher difficulties those speed caps become severe hindrances. That's the kinda murderous attitude that earns you Shadow Dragon chapter 24x. Also she isn't useless, get her a few levels and she does alright, plus you get her a mage dragon stone, and that immunity to magic damage is a great way to lure Gharnef and his particularly murderous retinue in this game. Wow that James death was the only one. Good job, seems Palla kept this from being a massacre. Interesting that you didn't take out Jake, but I guess you didn't go after his wife's secret shop either.
  11. New Units: 117. Eliwood: Marquess of Pharae 171. Nephenee: Sincere Dancer 173. Sigrun: Loyal Protector 177. Micaiah: Queen of Dawn 183. Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger 279. Elise: Bubbling Flower 290. Velouria: Wolf Cub 293. Mercedes: Kindly Devotee New Total: 296
  12. Despite all the hate Revelations is getting, if you end up liking the other two routes of Fates you might want to play it anyway. The main selling points are that it is more of Fates if that is what you wanted, and lets you recruit all the major characters from both games. Its story isn't that much worse than the other two routes, and you should know what you are getting into after playing the others. Its infamous for its gimmicks, but there are plenty of gimmicks in the other two routes, Revelation just gets more noticed for having gimmicks of vastly differing quality seemingly randomly dispersed. The characters also arrive at random and arbitrary levels, which can make it a bit of a grind if you want to use some of the cast, and for reasons I cannot fathom it tends to be more restrictive with deployments slots despite having almost double the characters. I will also note that the Awakening characters aren't recruited in Birthright, so Conquest might be a better starting place. Plus if you like Owain, you will probably like his daughter Ophelia.
  13. FE5's story is more personal, and smaller in scope; it is the story of Leif's rebellion on the Thracian peninsula. Leif's story is that of an underdog bringing unlikely forces together to topple a tyrant, but his story is fraught with both monumental successes and catastrophic failures. The "main" villain of Leifs story end up a lot less interesting than the main antagonists of Genealogy, but they did an excellent job with the minor villains, with a fair bit of variety from the honorable, the sympathetically desperate, to the conflicted, to the malicious, and even the connivingly cruel. I also think Thracia is the Fire Emblem game that best uses its gameplay to reinforce the story (although there are a few chapters that can be cheesed to undermine that). Yes, very different. FE5 is more similar to latter Fire Emblem games, but is well known for a lot of its unique features. It has smaller maps, doesn't have the FE4 style castles, removed the need for the pursuit skill to double (but kept a lot of the other skills), added in the more familiar weapon rank systems, the ability to rescue units, has deployment slots for units instead of allowing everyone to fight, added different kinds of objectives other than seize, etc. It has a bit of a reputation for being very difficult, although it would be better describes as being difficult on blind players, so do be warned that this will be hard if you want to play it blind. There is a secret easier mode you can unlock using button presses that doubles all xp gains called Elite mode. There are also a lot of gameplay features rather unique to FE5, I describe a lot of them in the spoiler tab below.
  14. Looking at your list I would think Fire Emblem 12 - New Mystery of the Emblem, as you have played Shadow Dragon (and Shadows of Valentia) already, and its story follows after both, and is basically an improvement on the Shadow Dragon mechanics. for similar reasons Fire Emblem 5 - Thracia 776, as the midquel to Genealogy of the Holy War, would also make sense as a next game to play. If you want to try something different, Fire Emblem 7 - The Blazing Blade would be a good place to start the GBA games off with.
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