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  1. Sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing OK. Sorry for how little I can do to help, but know that there are many here that care about your well being.
  2. This is a much harder music challenge for me, most of them I am so uncertain of...(and I guess it shows how much more of a Jugdral fan I am...) Song1: I am thinking book 1 Song2: Book 2? Song 3: Not a Fire Emblem song Song 4: The Love Theme from book 2 Song 5: Book 2? Song 6: Book 1 PART 2 Song 7: New Mystery of the Emblem Song 8: New Mystery of the Emblem: Murderous Puppets. Song 9: Shadow Dragon? (it makes me think of the alter spire at least...) Song 10:...is that even a fire emblem song? Song 11: Shadow Dragon? Song 12:Shadow Dragon Medeus theme Also wanted to repeat Benice's comment: Thanks for all the work you put into these! Its really appreciated.
  3. I would try to convince the agent to come forward with the evidence. It wouldn't be right to take the credit, or the consequences of that evidence.
  4. Just wanted to add that critical is also a skill, although when a weapon gets 50 kills it get the critical skill attached to it, with a crit bonus for every kill above 50...
  5. In FE4 if you have the pursuit skill you will double attack if your attack speed (speed-weapon weight) is higher than the enemy's attack speed. If a unit has higher AS, but doesn't have Pursuit, they don't double. Needless to say it is seen as one of the most powerful skills in the game
  6. Pursuit being the skill for doubling in FE4 is part of why PCC is the first that comes to mind for me. Lol
  7. As I have said at least once in this thread I didn't cue into the importance of save point locations until chapter 12, although after that it did help in figuring out the reinforcement tricks to future maps, and what I didn't see coming in time to prevent, were far enough away that them being ambush was not the issue. To be fair I also wasn't playing ironman, and was perfectly willing to use the save points, so it wasn't as high stakes, and I was more willing to trust in the game, which makes it easier to see what the game is going for.
  8. I think I will agree with the dividing the map idea, and with the general idea that they are usually indicating reinforcements, aggro points, or groups of enemies, but the question is which are they indicating. When you see a save point, you should ask the question, what is the challenge for this save point, and if nothing is jumping out to you, you should start thinking about reinforcements. All right, this might be a bit of a tangent, but I want to do a quick look through of the maps so far, and look at the reasoning I see behind the save point locations:
  9. You shouldn't make an exception for Conquest! As a massive FE5 fan, I approve of that comparison. That sounds like it will be interesting...small piece of advise is to start it on Hard, as I feel it gives you the true Conquest feel, without taking it as far as Lunatic. One of the better Headcanons for Conquest is to assume Azura is just taking advantage of Corrin's naivete when showing them the illusion orb that conveniently breaks.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I guess I am a bit late to the celebration... How did you like Conquest Lunatic overall?
  11. That is the most Lunatic Conquest a victory can be. I honestly think that map was designed with unit death being a tool the developers expected the player to use.
  12. Mostly that them being a ironman losing scenario from the ambush move is rather unlikely. They are triggered by pushing for the time based objectives in one direction, and the only way this is an ironman loss scenario is if the player also is actively not pushing the time based objective that require Marth in the other direction at the same time. To push this even further into the unlikely department, to even get to that scenario you need to either play well enough to make that sorta inconsistent style of play unlikely, or have grinded up a tanky enough Marth that it wouldn't be a loss scenario. Generally that they are well telegraphed by context clues on the map. Take this map for instance, there are save points just before both location based reinforcement triggers, to tip the player off to when in the map they need to be wary of reinforcements. I have tried to point out the importance of save points locations before, but they simply seem to be a design feature that most people don't pay attention to, and tend to be one of the big tip-offs for reinforcements in this game. To be fair they can also be used to indicate other things, and some maps use other clues, like dialogue for instance, to tip them off instead.
  13. Visiting a house with Marth that gets you further away from the next village he has to reach sounds like a bit of a bungle. Marth still has thing he needs to do, and wasting his turns visiting houses that are out of the way is silly.
  14. I meant that your lose scenario relies on you really bungling your moves with Marth...
  15. I know Palla Emblem, and Krash Boom Bang have youtube videos of FE3 0% growth runs. @KrashBoomBang might be able to lead you in the right direction (assuming its the same user, if not https://www.reddit.com/user/KrashBoomBang/ is the right person and they are active on Reddit if you want to ask them for some help getting one)
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