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  1. Before the credits roll I do have something to note about the endgame stats of the units, I did not use any of my stat boosters (arms scrolls and boots included) this run. I wanted to see how these units performed without stat boosters muddying the water, although I didn't formally restrict them in case I hit a wall. I made it through all right, and so its time to do my final review of these units in order of their ending scrolling by. Gameplay wise Azura is great. Dancing and stat buffing make this game so much easier. Her being the first of the units used to have her ending makes perfect sense, you rarely want her to see combat, and the order is clearly based on the number of battles a unit (or married couple) had. Now I am also going to end these reviews by highlighting one of the most memorable moments (with possibly some honorable mentions) that highlighted that unit's actions in the LP. As for the most memorable moment for Azura I think I will go something only those looking very closely at the images might have noticed, when she paired with Ophelia to warp, swap, and dance to let Nina more quickly grab all the loot at the end of chapter 26. Now for Soleil, the unit @Michelaar chose. She was the last unit I recruited and a great unit to boot. I never had to baby her, or grind up weapon ranks, or worry about her; but these all kinda contributed to her being so early in the credits. Her bulk is better than it looks, her weapon is reducing both defenses by 1, and her personal is almost always adding 2 as well. Her most memorable moment for me on this lets play was her tanking Sumeragi in chapter 26; unlike many of my tankier looking units (from that half of the map) she had the needed speed, and could add plenty of bulk to make her take that monster hit(s). I bet Malig Knight Camilla!Nina works a lot better in Conquest. @Ethers second choice looks so promising, but fell flat in the combat department, although she still had the utility to make me appreciate having her along. Being stuck with double E rank weapons as late in the game as I got her really hurt. Now I could have gotten her a little earlier, but even at the earliest she arrives in Revelation she has to hit promoted enemies with bronze weapons. To add some wasted potential her personal was difficult to activate with the rest of my army's composition, and my own play style; on a more male focused group she would have had that extra bulk and power offered by her personal. Additionally mine never saw a single health level up which made her frailer than she aught to be. That being said she still filled a vital role in my army. She was my only lock touch unit, (note that lock touch was taken off for the final chapter as there was nothing to use it on) and that extra point of movement is not to be underestimated. Her most memorable moment on this LP for me was unseen by the audience, as I sent her on the stealth route of Chapter 24, only to find myself unable to crack the boss room without more units. From her on screen appearances I think its a tossup between her opening the trap room of 24 (and then being immediately sheltered and rescued), or using her extra movement point to ferry Elise into aiding the one turn win on chapter 27 without having to bring out the boots. @Dayni let me use best mage as a Witch, and she lived up to the moniker completely. I think her staggeringly high victory to battle ratio paints a clear picture of what she is like to use. Ophelia is the best mage of Fates, as long as she has a magically inclined mother, and this isn't the first Nyx!Ophelia I've used, although it is my first time using a Witch.The Witch class is extremely powerful, the ability to warp gives her unprecedented mobility; the witches brew skill lets you accumulate useful tonics (even if I didn't find many chapters hard enough to warrant their use); and the toxic brew sounds powerful (although by the time I got it I never saw a unit survive a round combat that was susceptible to status effects). She also has access to the Shadowgift skill, but I didn't find it very useful. Her most memorable moment has to be using warp to utterly break chapter 19, although her pulling my butt out of the fire with two crits in endgame deserves an honorable mention. With @Dayni's second choice appearing immediately after his first we have Mitama. I liked using Mitama, but she got a little overshadowed by Oboro. Like Nina she arrived with double E rank weapons, but there are a few thing that mitigate that a bit. First she got a bit of a boost by the Berserker shooting gallery at the end of her paralogue, second the brass yumi is the highest might E rank weapon, and third E rank bows are still effective against flyers. That being said the delay it gave in getting her access to the shining bow, one of the more notable ways she could outshine Oboro, did hurt. Skill wise she has some interesting synergy, with camaraderie and her personal letting her get some self healing, miracle (currently off of her as I didn't feel I needed the crutch) to potentially take an extra hit, plus amaterasu and her personal letting her heal nearby allies, but the far more combat oriented vein of Oboro's skills proved more practical. Her most memorable moment for me has to be in the early part of chapter 20, when my army was still split in half she vitally helped shut down the approaching Kinshi, and without a healer on that half I had to specifically setup her personal to get the healing she needed to keep going. I know @Azure in a Roundabout was hoping Rhajat would be the mixed attacker Fates deserved, but she ended up being my favorite mixed tank instead. She had two things going against her in becoming a mixed attacker, first her low skill which is exacerbated by her other problem, her weapon ranks. Rhajat started with E axes and almost C rank tome, which made her inaccurate with her physical weapons, and able to access the most useful tomes. The horse spirit is what pushes her into being a great mixed tank, that plus 3 to her solid defenses, plus the natural cover she inherited from her mother, and that plus 3 on top of a good speed let her take solid hits while still retaliating, add on top of that seal resistance and her personal, and she sets up the kill for next turn. When she needs to change to the offensive lightning is there for her, giving her extra attacks to compensate for her skill, and with death blow each of those extra attacks has a noticeable crit chance as well. I wish I had more time to see how counter fared on her, but I only had it for endgame, and she never had to take an enemy phase hit on that map. She does also have access to Future Sight, and Push as possible skills; Push comes across as underwhelming with only one users of it, and while the extra xp of Future Sight was nice, it ended up getting dropped for more useful skills. As for her most memorable moment, I think I will go with the way she held off the south west section of paralogue 21, although her choking of the central point of paralogue 22, and far more offensive approach on paralogue 20 were close contenders. @Gregster101 called for the weed man, and he didn't disappoint. As odd as this sounds Azama was good at too many things. As soon as he became a Sky Knight he had solid combat stats, which got underutilized due to the utility he gained on promotion. He became my most mobile healer, and once he hit level 5 promoted he became one of my best rally users. Speed rally is excellent to begin with, and the synergy it had with the otherwise situational Luck rally was a useful combo. Note that he also has access to miracle, I just didn't feel like I needed that crutch for endgame. As for his most memorable moment I think I'm going to go with the double Azama of chapter 19. With two of Azama it finally felt like he could do all the things he wanted to, whether that was healing and rallying, or just going ham with double beastkillers. @Gannondworf13 brought us the slayer of Anankos, Malig Knight Elise. Now she did have a rough start, before she promotes or reaches C axe's she is forced to rely on her far worse strength, but once she unlocked magic, she became excellent. I am a big fan of her personal skill, and Malig Knight Elise's ability to take physical hits better than wet tissue paper makes it far easier to utilize than in her base class. Her lower stat caps in Malig Knight worried me at first glance, but trample makes that magic stat as good as Sorcerer, and Revelations is ending at about the right time for the caps she has. Her low odds surprising enemy phase kill of Anankos is probably her most memorable moment, but she deserves a less RNG honorable mention, so two moments from chapter 23 come to mind; first where she drew an Onmyoji and Master of Arms into taking a ride on a platform before blasting the enemies that remained on the island from range; and second when her and Nina used their flight and high resistance to chip a Sword Master in the restrictive space during the breach of the final island, while drawing in the otherwise deadly hero tome Onmyoji. Caeldori was brought into the LP by @starburst, although there was some confusion over who would be the mother. I ended up letting Azura be the mother to get her as early as I could, and when she joined it was a breath of fresh air to get another combat unit. She was fun to use; she is fast and hits hard, and dodgy enough (as long as you paid attention to enemy phase weapon triangle) to mitigate her being a bit squish for a melee fighter (especially with Azama's +10 avoid from his rallies). Skill wise she also has access to comraderie and seal strength; seal strength ended up being dropped due to it interfering with her personal skill. I wish I got more of a chance to see how she played with Life and Death, but Revelation ends before those level 35 skills see much use. Her most memorable moment for me has to be when she just shut down all the Berserkers and Bow Knights in the south east of paralogue 22, even if it did point out the weaknesses of seal strength on her. Felicia started out great, but Sakura ended up making her feel obsolete by the end. I find two healers is about right for a difficult chapter, and Azama's high mobility make him the better secondary healer after promotion, so she started having to competing with Sakura for the position of primary healer, and with Sakura keeping pace with weapon ranks and surpassing her stats the decision came down to what else she could do. Now it took a while for Sakura to make her feel obsolete, Felicia started the game able to use weapons (Sakura had to wait until promotion), and by chapter 7 could use her magic stat to become an excellent attacker (Sakura needed to get part way into chapter 18 before she could), and even after that there were times her access to tome breaker gave her a niche, but in the end Sakura usurped even that. As for her most memorable moment, I think I will go with her repeated use of Tomebreaker on chapter 19 to trivialize both Sorcerers and Oni. @Ether's first choice was a lot of fun to use. I like Berserkers in Fates, their heavy offense with high crit rate encourages a more attack stance focused style of play, which I enjoy. Now it did take a bit to get her weapon ranks up, but once she hit C rank she could hit that >50% crit rate that makes for such a powerful attack stance. Now I would be remiss if I did not mention that strength rally is one of the better rallies to have around, which added some extra utility to her. As a Berserker she has a lower strength, in exchange for the defense of Arthur, and the speed of Charlotte, which made it easier to get her in a position to enemy phase, and she was often at just about the right speed to really play with the enemies AI. Now her most memorable moment has to be back in chapter 23 when I realized her speed was high enough not to be doubled by Master Ninja while wielding a hand axe, which tricked their AI into switching to a sword to hit her (and thus making them sitting ducks unable to counter range come player phase); although her slaughtering the southern reinforcements of paralogue 20 on enemy phase by pairing with Silas and sitting on a fort, plus her repeated strength rallies of Ryuuji in endgame get honorable mentions. @Ertrick36 managed to dial in the Oboro build first as a Kinshi Knight. I am glad I went the archer route into Kinshi, as it benefited her greatly. It let her build up her bow rank, so that both weapon ranks were useful by the time she promoted, and quick draw worked a bit better for her than darting blow. Don't get me wrong darting blow is great, but she had respectable speed (she capped by the end), and an ally with speed rally, so the +4 damage did more for her. Defense seal was an interesting boon to her, as it gave her useful chipping with the debuff making the kill on difficult enemies easier, or just letting a unit behind the level or weapon rank curve get kills they needed. She does also have access to swap, which can be nice, but too situational to see much use. Now you might look at her stats and think she would make for a great mixed tank (especially with the guard naginata), and while she is there are a few things that made Rhajat my preference for such a role; first Oboro can't counter at both ranges (and if she wants to counter 2 range she has to give up the defensive stat boosts of the guard naginata, although defense seal helps some), second that weakness to bows, and third Rhajat can hit higher bulk with natural cover (plus higher health). As for a most memorable moment from Oboro, I think her chapter 20 activities fit, from a desperate defense against Master Ninja side by side with Rhajat, to wiping over half the Malig Knights of the chapter personally, to chipping and debuffing Generals enough to give Nina some needed kills. Her using the spy yumi to out-range and kill an Adventurer in chapter 26 fits well as a nice honorable mention. Now we have the first husband of the first couple of the LP with @SSJDennis's pick of Wyvern Lord Silas. That low speed of his has been a bit of a damper on his combat potential for a while, but fortunately he has some great utility skills, plus having a flyer that can use both hammer, and beast killer has its uses. Defense rally is a literal life saver, but its the movement utility that makes Wyvern Lords great utility units. Flight itself adds utility with the movement options it opens up (especially with how much open air some of the Revelation maps have) and it makes both his lunge, and shelter skills even better than they normally are. Lunge and shelter are both situational, but amazingly useful. Lunge lets you break up enemy attack stances, dislodge mobile units from terrain or choke points, get targets into range of other allies, slip past enemies or walls, or simply move farther. Shelter lets you protect units, or let others transfer and swap to let them act again like a poor mans dancer, or simply open up otherwise occupied spaces. As for most memorable moments, his lunging a mage through the walls of paralogue 22 to nab the shining bow comes to mind, although him sheltering Oboro away from an arrow in the open air of chapter 18 makes a solid honorable mention. @eclipse waned to see a Great Knight Beruka, and here she is. Its hard not to compare her to her husband when their stats are so similar, all except luck being within 3 of each other, and sharing 4 of their skills, but she is missing some of his utility in exchange for a bit better combat. That better combat comes from a few places, first her slightly higher speed has put her into a few situations where raider weapons let her just barely double, second her Luna skill with solid 31% proc rate (although her difficulty doubling, and not reaching the rank for a hero weapon limits its reliability), third her personal lets her hit harder when it activates, and finally the weapons she is weak to are a bit rarer and makes it easier to tank with her high defense. Now shelter and lunge (temporarily off of her now due to the nature of 27+endgame) still adds utility, its just more restricted when you can't fly. As for most memorable moment, her leading the northern assault in chapter 22 comes to mind, with her tanking most of the physical hits, procing Luna to kill a Master Ninja, and even finishing Arete; and her multiple tactical lunges in paralogue 21 deserves an honorable mention. The stats on the Maid Sakura @Shadow Mir asked for look really impressive. I should note that she does also have access to the +2 resistance skill, but it feels kinda redundant when she has Tome Breaker equipped. Now she was one of our earliest party members, and excelled at slightly different roles throughout that time. At first she was a dedicated healer with that excellent personal skill, and filling that dedicated healer role let Felicia be the backup healer, and more readily use her high magic attacks. Hard as it is to remember there was a brief time where she was a bit of a mixed tank immediately after she promoted and before Rhajat came to fill that role far better. After promotion she gained the ability to attack, but at the time her strength was such that she needed a magic shuriken to have any combat potential. It was a slog to get c rank, but once she did reach it she could finally do some damage, when she wasn't needed to heal, which greatly improved her versatility. That combat potential was just icing on the cake, she was a great healer, and a great unit in this LP. As for her most memorable moment, I am torn between two, either her freezing Nina into inaction on paralogue 22, or her killing her father in chapter 25. Last but not least we have Ryuuji. You have to go out of your way to get a "Corrin" that isn't great, and while Ryuuji is a great unit, the Anankos fight did make me regret the skill bane. The HP boon added some nice mixed bulk to him, especially with the already stellar tanking potential offered by the dragon stone, and dragon stone +. Now his skill bane did push the dragon stone + into some shaky hit rates, especially for a weapon only capable of attacking once, but there are plenty of ways of mitigating that so while it was a minor annoyance, I could work with it. The issue with skill bane is the Anankos fight. Anankos' high stats, high weapon attack, immunity to debuffs, limited spaces around his weak points, and overly large attack ranges made it more difficult to deal with the on average 13.5 (or 9 with luck bane) lower accuracy. As for his most memorable moment I have to go with Endgame, the Yato having less of a penalty against Anankos, having sufficient bulk to take a hit, and the speed to double made him the obvious choice, even with his accuracy issues. Elise may have nabbed two of the Anankos kills, but Ryuuji did the heavy lifting against that boss gauntlet. This is my first Screenshot Let's Play, and while I still have plenty of room for improvement, I hope everyone reading has enjoyed this LP regardless. Revelations was the last of Fate's Lunatic modes that I completed, and playing through it as a PMU LP made it far more enjoyable. Going over the story to poke holes in it, and fun at it for the LP made it far more interesting to go through, and the challenges associated with using units picked for me made the gameplay more interesting as well. I thought about ending this off with some analysis, but this is getting too long as it is. Thank you for reading, with special thanks to those that picked my units. Now without further ado we reach
  2. My last update was fairly recent, but I just unlocked the potential of the last of my 4 star units, and discovered that my unit count was off by one because of it. Thankfully how I organized the list let me identify the missing unit as: 62. Leon: True Heart New Units: 132. Fiora: Defrosted Illian 151. Seth: Silver Knight 197. Libra: Fetching Friar 218. Brady: Daunting Priest New Total: 280
  3. Not as much. Pairup gives you extra stats based on the class, person, and support level of the partner, and can get perfect blocks whenever their gauage fills and enemies attack (note that 0 hit or 0 damage attacks can still waste your perfect block), and they get an extra 5 crit dodge. Not being paired gives you access to attack stance which gives lets an adjacent ally get a half damage attack immediately after your first attack (note if they have a brave weapon this effects the attack stance too), additionally you gain hit, avoid, crit, and crit dodge based on support levels with adjacent characters (no support is +10 hit, and supports improve this). Generally being paired up improves your ability to take hits, and not being paired lets you use attack stances to dish out more damage (and simply get more actions). A lot of places online will advise you always be paired, but often attack stance is better, it just depends on the situation. Sure, you get a lot of great units early on (except in Revelations), and while child characters can be good, they don't necessarily outshine your first gen units. In Conquest you are far more restricted with how much xp you can get, so focusing on a core team from the start can be a good idea. If you are worried about supports, you can grind those up even in vanilla Conquest (using castle battles), and Revelations is probably the best route to grind up supports in anyway. No, but their excuse for child characters is nonsense, this time involving them being sent to these baby growing hyperbolic time chambers called the deep realms.
  4. Are you talking about the 4 maps that were given out in promotional events? Unfortunately you might be out of luck there, the way they were added externally means you would need to find someone that ripped a rom from one of the game carts with these promotional prizes, and unfortunately these were rare enough that I do not know if that ever occurred, and even then there would probably be technical difficulties getting a translation patch to work with it. There are still the 5 maps you can unlock through standard gameplay.
  5. Its clear that story took a back seat to gameplay with this entry, so none of them are considered particularly good. I will give a very rough idea of what you are getting into but its hard to compare. Birthright (The Hoshidan side) has a far more traditional by the books Fire Emblem story, and is nominally the least bad, but also most boring. Conquest (The Nohrian side) tries something more interesting, but clashes with expectation and quality by forcing Corrin to always be the pure, righteous, and naive good guy, plus some story beats that were shoehorned into the two main routes fall particularly flat in this entry Revelations (Don't take a side) is a mess. It has to carry the burden of multiple nonsensical plot contrivances that are needed for this route to exist without unraveling the other two and they come across very poorly. Perhaps these feel less awful and egregiously bad without the context of the other routes, so playing it first might mitigate the poor quality of the story a little, but otherwise it is the worst of the three. Conquest has the best gameplay of the three, especially on hard and lunatic. Birthright has this odd habit of chapters that can be hard if you don't go straight for the objective (in which case they are trivial), and has a bit of a difficulty spike around chapter 23 (although two of the chapters afterwards are trivial if you go straight for the boss). Revelations is famous for its gimmick maps, which gives it incredibly inconsistent gameplay that could be awful or amazing depending on how you like the maps gimmick, the next map could be the opposite. This is an interesting idea, I've done something similar with Sacred Stones when I finally went back to tackle their hard difficulties, and seeing how the stories interlaced was interesting to see. If you do this I would be kinda curious what your take on the story is seeing them side by side like that.
  6. Time to go old school with Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress - A game so incompletable that the creators speculate they will not finish creating it in their lifetime (don't worry the most recent release is always available for free on their website). Often simply refereed to as Dwarf Fortress, this iconic inspiration for mine craft is one of the most ambitious games out there, with the origional main mode starting with you managing an small group of dwarfs trying to carve out a new future in a wild procedurally generated world. This game is brutally difficult and extremely complex. For an example of the game's complexity, an overview of how to create a steel battle axe is hidden in this spoiler box due to length You will probably loss your first few games... horribly, so just remember the old Dwarf Fortress motto: Losing is Fun!. So go out there and have some fun with the everlasting Dwarf Fortress 😛 .
  7. Odd as this sounds I find a simple extra challenge like a PMU, all one gender run, an all infantry run etc. can spice things up just enough to keep burnout from being an issue.
  8. Sorry about cramping Oboro's style, but I want to see Ryoma become a better role model for his kid by becoming a Spear Master so Ryoma marries Oboro to become a Spear Master.
  9. If she is undertrained go with the long range on this one, but if you have trained her heavily, and have SS light I'd go with the Rex Aura If you haven't trained her I would go with the long range, but if she is trained go with her own tome. Now if she is both trained, and strength blessed enough to get more than 10 strength I'd go with the Rex Flame for her (the lowering of speed that results from its 13 weight and +3 speed isn't worth the +1 damage)
  10. There is one point where she tracks the enemies to their secret base, but that's her largest contribution to the main story. The conversation between Lyn and Hector on the boat in Hector modes is still one of my favorite moments in that game, and while it doesn't push the story per se, it gives you insight into both of their characters.
  11. I like to wait for 20 with my main units, as you can reach 20/20 with a lot of the conquest crew, but I think sometime after level 15 is fairly normal. Backpacks are an exception as you don;t expect them to see combat so promoting at 10 is the norm for them.
  12. Or inherited from Elise. On a related note 26 Mozu Average Strength at level 15/15 (switched to archer at level 5) + 4 Quick Draw + 5 Bow Faire + 2 A Rank Bow + 1 A Rank WTA + 8 Crecent Bow -19 Defense x2 Brave Effect 54 Damage This is a very easy kill for a Sniper. And if you are worried about the reduced damage effect don't worry the only other enemy in the room with the specific enemy mentioned is a harmless healer you can use to wipe the debuffs away with.
  13. One thing to pay attention to is what the terrain tiles are called. If I remember correctly Ike and the Black Knight start on cover tiles that give +10 defense, so if you let him come to you,and don't charge at him you gain a huge advantage. Additinally make sure Ike has one of your Nihils so you don't have to worry about the Black Knight's Eclipse.
  14. Ena's Blood Tide skill is the main thing she is used for, and it can make it a lot easier to get through some of the endgame bosses. Kurthnaga is basically an endgame Est whose main job is to give those that leave the Royal Laguz behind (and don't have a plan for dealing with endgame) a chance, if they suffer through training him. Despite units being forced into the tower, only Ike and Micaiah are force deployed on the endgame maps, so you can bench Sothe and Sanaki if you do not want to babysit them. That being said if you have any siege tomes left you might find some use for Sanaki and Micaiah after the blessing. Rafael tends to be better if you play at a fast pace as he can dance the 4 people around him on 1st turn, where as Reyson needs to use a Laguz Gem (not to be confused with a Laguz Stone) on 1st turn, but once he does he has better mobility, flight, canto as well as the 4 person refresh for the whole chapter.
  15. Part 30 The Pax Ryuuji...or Pax Azura ? Lets start with something a bit overdue. After the relationship grinding was done I had less DV to spend on frivolous things, like siege weapons, but I had just enough to recruit Flora before the end. Now 27 is an easy 1 turn clear, and with a little luck I managed to finish endgame in one try. Lets start with the meal for 27 Anankos' lower resistance led to a magic approach, and the defense helps the mages survive. The speed flair is nice as well. Now onto the story. I guess this is supposed to be the same face as is on the ceiling dragon, but I think I would have preferred they be more consistent, either have this Anankos' form be the full statue, or have ceiling dragon always be a giant head. Once Anankos has enough control over this stone vessel to talk, Ryuuji immediately starts criticizing the way he has toyed with humans. Anankos' question has a lot more merit than it seems. Our own humanocentric perspective make it seem obvious why Anankos shouldn't toy with humanity, but Anankos is a Dragon, a creature with a longer life span, capable of creating superior tools (see the legendary weapons), with foresight/wisdom beyond our own (see prophetic song and Isana's prophetic message from draconic communication). From a draconic perspective humanity might not reach a level of sapience sufficient to make the morality of this action clear, with humanity being more analogous to an intelligent animal, having the ability to make more primitive tools, and make conclusion based on perception in ways that are more limited than Dragons. Now linguistic analysis is the best argument for human sapience from draconic perspective, but we do not know enough about dragon languages to make any solid judgement, and we may be in fuzzy Koko the gorilla situation. This sounds an awful lot like humans are a domesticated or selectively breed animal that dragons use for entertainment. This turn in the conversation towards Anankos' mortality and well being with jealousy directed towards the human race does strike me as odd. I guess this could be his lament towards the decline of the ancient dragons as a whole. With the Rainbow sage dead, and the ancient texts claiming other Ancient Dragons have thrown off their mortal flesh, Anankos may well be the entire race at this point (unless you start counting hybrid offspring) This existential lament ending in a scream that rips his stony facade apart. And then Ryuuji decides to abandon diplomacy in favor of driving the ancient dragons extinct. Anankos is insulted by the attempt before the plot gives Ryuuji his 11th hour Yato upgrade. and promises to make the avatar his avatar. As a part of him did make Ryuuji. The villain uses this devastating blast that does nothing because this is a cut scene, but gets Ryuuji to beg for that 11th hour Yato upgrade everyone can see coming a mile away, and then speak of the devil The holy weapons that are sitting on the bench all start to glow And the Fire Emblem finally arrives Now everyone is able to be deployed this map, but with a one turn starting position is a bit important. The big things are Nina in the front, Azura able to reach someone that kills a General that is in the way, and Elise, Ophelia, and Ryuuji being close enough together to rally. So Azama rallies Elise, Ophelia, and Ryuuji; then Silas rallies Elise, Ophelia, and Rhajat. Them Sakura range chips a General in Nina's flight path, for Ryuuji to pair with Rhajat for the kill on it. Then Azura dances Rhajat to let Ryuuji get in the opening blow on Anankos. I was kinda hoping he would have a less generic battle quote with Ryuuji. Elise then pairs with Nina to get in the next blow, for Ophelia to warp in with a lightning attack stance to finish him and level to boot . Yeah I know Anankos, these one turn clears are kinda boring, but at least endgame shouldn't be as anticlimactic. With Ryuuji having his 11th hour power boost its only fair Anankos gets the same, so he brings in Garon the slime Father of Nohr, last of the royal living corpses. The faithful little slime servant arrives to his master's desire for power with delusions of grandeur But Anankos has to remind him that he is merely a powerade And like any good energy drink gets consumed Honestly I am burnt out on the evil undead parent's death impacting their children plot point. This is about the fourth times its come up in 5 chapters and it is so done to death that they brought it back to life only to do it to double death. I mean he is the final boss of Birthright, and penultimate boss of Conquest, which makes for a lot of power. And then things fall apart. He reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist's Pride in this image (the manga/brotherhood version) And his full blown dragon form is literally blowing the roof off this joint And an unexplained black hole appears to up the stakes by having the floating island of Valla being suck in. With this colossal monstrosity to blame. ... I do wonder how he eats with that sphere in his mouth all the time. So we go through that same Darkest Hour cliche we went through before the Yato upgraded # But now its the power of friendship to save the day ...Roll Credits...please So onto the map, I have to leave 3 units out, and with 2 Maids, 2 Malig Knights, and 2 Kinshi Knights it makes sense to me to leave behind one of each. The first obvious bench is Felicia, now that Sakura has tome breaker she is entirely redundant. Next Nina gets the bench, she has felt gimped by her weapon ranks (and the superiority of Tomes over any melee weapon) for most of this run, and her cripplingly low health is what cinched her place on the last bench. The hardest decision for benching was Mitama, Oboro edges her out mostly due to her debuffing capabilities, and potentially high damage from skills, although Mitama's shining bow was made this close. The only tonic I bothered with was a rainbow tonic on Ryuuji Revelations then pulls a jerk move by having the enemies spawn in at the start of first turn to keep you from making an informed decision on where to deploy your units So I start by having Caeldori pair with Azama to kill the Sorcerer, and get danced to cripple the Berserker, for Ophelia to get the warp kill. Soleil gets a Beruka pairup to take down the Adventurer. Elise and Oboro wipe the Paladin out from range while staying only in Dark Knight range, while Sakura gets a Ryuuji pairup to draw in the Bow Knight. A Berserker and Sorcerer spawned in. Rhajat pairs with Ophelia to start getting some Anankos stopping gauge on Ophelia to kill first the Berserker, and finish the Sorcerer after a dance and Soleil chips it (she had an unlucky miss to not get the kill herself). Elise then grabs a level on the Wyvren Lord kill. Meanwhile Silas finishes the Bow Knight, and Oboro grabs the Dark Knight kill. Selena then Hammers the General. Sakura heals Selena afterwards, and I get ready to take out his right claw. An Adventurer and Paladin spawned in this turn. Soleil repeats her turn one performance on the Adventurer, and Elise grabs the Paladin kill thanks to an Oboro attack stance. Now I use every rally and dance boost Ryuuji to get in there to start Breaking Anankos' hand. The claw breaks enemy phase for a Ryuuji level. A Dark Knight and Wyvern Lord spawn, Oboro levels killing the Wyvern, Elise chips the Dark Knight, and Ophelia warps in to grab the kill and level. Everyone else is just heading over to Anankos' left claw. At this point I got tired of these images empty of enemies and started taking them from start of turn instead of end of turn. So I have Elise pair with Oboro to kill the Bow Knight from melee, and then dance her out of claw range. On the other side Selena cant quite reach the General, so Ophelia warps in for the kill. So Ophelia starts by vaporizing that new Berserker, and should be able to enemy phase the Sorcerer. Next I work on the claw. She blocks the hit with her guage, but only manages to get two hits. Next I move Selena back as far as she can to rally Ryuuji's strength So he kills it. Fortunately the Anankos parts don't get an attack the turn they spawn in, so Selena is safe With the head revealed I stop worrying about the reinforcements and go for the throat, preparing to strike it next turn. I give Ryuuji all of the rallies but it isn't quite into kill range, and with how hard that head hits I really need a gauge up, and none are quiet ready for it so enemy phase I manage to land all these hits leaving it crippled And Ryuuji gets an Azama rally, just in case, and levels on the kill. And I entirely forgot there was another part to this fight. In my defense the last time I faced him was back when the DLC was relatively new, and this time I was battling him during a camping trip away from the endless information the internet can offer. I am in dire straits at this point with reinforcements pressing in. Thankfully best mage Ophelia manage to crit kill both the Sword Master, and Fakcon Knight with a full gauge for enemy phase to salvage things in the east, and earns herself a well deserved level. With Ophelia dealing with one side alone I have the luxury of using multiple people to deal with the Oni without risking damage. Fortunately the Anankos core has summoning sickness And Ryuuji starts the assault ...55...Ok I don't think I like skill bane anymore. Fortunately I am rather lucky with hits on this dodgy sphere. Fortunately the Core uses his far worse magic to attack, so I start adding some more attacks into this Accuracy is terrible, but I think that is unavoidable with this monster. Lightning might be better in the short term here, but I am expecting this to drag on, and she needs to clear her debuffs, not add them. Again luck is on my side and have a hit. Beruka heads west to chip and distract the Spear Master. Ophelia switches to Rhajat to let her fill the gauge with some lightning safely, but Selena has to finish it with a dual club for a level (and adds a Silas pairup to get some gauge). Azura levels dancing Ophelia closer to Anankos. After some healing from Azama, and with a full gauge I have Ophelia start adding her attacks to the core Seeing 70 is refreshing at this point. Elise switches to lightning so her gauge will fill on player phase to survive enemy phase. She manages to get a level, but with three capped stats her levels are looking terrible. Ryuuji continues this process of wearing down Anankos, and manages to be lucky enough to hit with both. Everyone else just pulls back, as I should be able to find a way to finish this on next turn. But things end a little early as Elise lucks her way into a hit with the exact damage needed to end this. ...That should have taken 2-3 more turns with the hit rates I was seeing, but we are triumphant! And Azura has her vengeance at last. He really was the keystone of her plans. After some well earned royal rejoicing we jump to an unspecified point in the future, when the pathway between Valla and the surface world reopens Where Ryuuji is becoming the official, and recognized King of Valla. The new King of Nohr, and new King of Hoshido have granted Valla generous concessions of land, ostensibly to help rebuild Valla. Ryuuji has helped tie these three thrones together, and make them stronger. His diplomatic efforts brought them together, and the war he led against the throne he now holds made them whole. Despite the festivities an old traitor, and hater of royalty slinks away into the distance An excellent question, one would think she would want her birthright, but she has grown comfortable in the role of that power behind the throne, and besides she can always give him the gift of one of her magical mind influencing songs. A fair question on Ryuuji's part And she reveals its ancient draconic origins. Someone like Azura. And she will be their to help write the song of Ryuuji and Azura as I do like the image of her face hiding a sun, either rising or setting. The King of Nohr and Hoshido and their respective royal families come together to usher in an age of peace. Despite the animosity and wounds they have suffered, Ryuuji has turned this from a dream into a possiblity Stay tuned for the final sendoff of this LP, a final look at all the units, and my final thought on Revelations.
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