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  1. Sounds lovely. Fun fact, I even went as Dratini for Halloween back in elementary school. Slowpoke is a great choice, its got the legendary power of Gen 1 Amnesia behind it, the power of being a psychic type, and has gotten plenty of love throughout the years from Game Freak. Plus who doesn't love a good slowpoke meme. A great Gen 2 pokemon, with an amazing typing that is almost unique to the line (alas Wash Rotom followed in its amazing footse- well fin prints). Admittedly, its hard to pick a bad pokemon, but those are both definitely stellar picks.
  2. Sounds like folks are using this as an excuse to share their favorite Pokes, so But Mudkip is excellent in gen 3, best boi of that gen's starters. The basic Nuzlocke rules are: 1) If a pokemon faints it is dead, and can't be used again (some people have a dead box, others will release them...) 2) You can only catch the first pokemon you encounter at each location, although it is common to add a few clauses to this like: a) a shiny clause, where you can catch a shiny if you can find one, more hardcore variants of this clause might have it be you can only catch it if you have a pokemon of the same line alive, and you can then have the shiny replace the old mon, or to exclude the clause entirely. b) a species/duplicate clause, which changes it to the first pokemon of an evolutionary line you haven't caught yet on each route (instead of just first encounter), although there are variants where doing this is optional (or not optional), or having a limit to the number of "rerolls" you get with this clause c) a gift pokemon clause, where you can use gift pokemon, and they don't count as encounters, although it is kinda common not to have this clause in more hardcore runs, which usually count gift pokemon as an encounter for the location you get it 3) You have to nickname your pokemon to become more attached to them. There are also some common rules to make things more difficult on top of this, and when all are is use its common to describe it as a hardcore Nuzlocke: 1) Have the game on Set mode instead of Switch mode (this is a feature you can change in the options menu). I highly recommend you do this as otherwise it is kinda easy to power through the game with hyper-offensive strats, and having it on set makes pivot strategies more important, and the question of whether or not you should sack a pokemon more important as well. 2) No items in battle, other than pokeballs in valid encounters, and hold items. Helaing items can be used to make stall strats more powerful, and if you know how to use them X items are kinda broken. Items are a bit of a crutch, and if you think you need them, keep them. 3) No over-leveling past a level cap. The most common rule of thumb for this is to have a level cap of the next Gym leader's highest level pokemon, or the highest level pokemon of the fourth Elite Four member, and if a pokemon gets above that level cap before starting the Gym fight (or starting the league battles) you have to box it until you raise the level cap by completing the Gym. How you end up defining your level cap is up to you, it doesn't have to be based on Gym battles, and having a slightly higher level cap makes things easier, and slightly lower level caps makes things harder. I have heard some advise that you should start with level caps, as it encourages leveling up to the cap before a gym fight, which tends to be a good thing, as going into a major battle under leveled is an extremely common way to lose a lot of Pokemon in a Nuzlocke. 4) Having a pokemon ban-list, so that you don't use the most powerful/game-breaking pokemon isn't unheard of either. Banning legendaries is extremely common, but banning things like Gyrados, Garchomp, Shedinja, Blissey, etc. isn't that unheard of either. There are also lots of other variants if you want to look them up (even multiplayer ones like a Soul-link), but the important thing is you play with a rule-set that you have fun with, and if you need to reset a run, or give yourself a mulligan or two, that is fine.
  3. It does allow you to grind as much as you want. Its famous for its gimmicky maps, which can be really hit and miss, and also for not even pretending to balance the levels, and abilities of recruits...
  4. Funny you say that, as I kinda think it is Battle Before Dawn that is simultaneously the best and worst map of FE7... Revelation is kinda funny in that I think its a fine game if you set yourself to doing some kinda challenge run, but kinda awful otherwise. Also I am a bit late in sharing this, but RubberRoss did another amazing fusion episode of Gartic Phone with artists which is kinda amazing.
  5. I think my only complaint is that the B tier is VERY wide, I think it would lead to a bit more interesting discussion if the split were more of a D-A, with D being the current C tier, and splitting the current B tier into a new C and B tier seperated some measure of quality, although exactly where that split should be I am not certain of.
  6. I think a large scale succession crisis would make for an interesting story, as the old King dies with no legitimate heirs, warfare breaks out with numerous relatives of the dead king raising armies to claim the empty throne for themselves, with the main Lord being an illegitimate child staking their claim. Starting as a mostly internal conflict, with kin clashing with kin, until some of the neighboring kingdoms join the conflict with their own puppet claimants to prop up on the empty throne.
  7. This was just too adorable not to share, and felt slightly relevant given @Benice doing his Nuzlocke
  8. Beautiful. ...I would be careful here, that Starmie of hers is a beast and you have nothing that obviously beats it (I guess Julizan could, depending on his moves). Going to grab one of the grass types past the bridge might be a good idea, as you have two shots for it thanks to there technically being two routes up there. ...Uh oh, its got a 5 level up on her, and it has a super effective STAB move...this could be bad ...Oof. Oh boy...is this the end? I hope you were healing up Julizan here so this sacrifice wasn't for nothing (assuming you are playing with in battle items). Ouch, that was close. Huh, so you aren't playing with a Duplicate/Species clause then. Such disrespect for poor Spearow/Fearow trading it for a wor-... well I guess Farfetch'd is a bit tankier than Spearow, even if its much worse than Fearow, gets extra exp for being a traded pokemon, and Fearow is rendered rather redundant by Dodrio soon enough, so this might not be the worst idea for trying to help keep yourself afloat. Plus I kinda like it when Nuzlocke's take advantage of in-game trades ...Oh boy...having a Diglett makes the next gym so very free, but now its going to be a bit of a struggle. I guess those Bellsprouts might have to power through it with their electric resistances, or relying on the whoever you used the Dig TM on to hit it hard with the super-effective attacks, but its not great options. Just imagine if you had this against Misty with grass being super-effective. Although admittedly you did have time to boost up with growth. This trainer is just so tough without a ground move... ...Oh boy, this is going to get bad isn't it. ...Ouch, you can't even benefit from the poor thing's sacrifice. Wow, this is going to be just like the FE7 ironman isn't it. ...Oof, hopefully this doesn't end the run. ...Wow, that was uncomfortably close. As far as I can tell there are three routes you can still get mons from, although you will have to double check which routes they are based on the "met at" location for your two Bellsprouts to figure it out. You can get mons from Route 24/25 (check the location data of Ron for which of these you missed), and Route 5/6 (check the location data of Bruh for which of these you missed), and with cut you can get all the way back to Route 22 for the encounter you missed there. Route 24 and 25 are the two routes above nugget bridge, and unless you are checking your map, I don't blame you for missing that there are technically two routes up there, Route 5 is the route just south of Cerulean (you have to fall down a ledge to get to the grass) and Route 6 is the one just north of Vermillion. As for Route 22 you would have to pass through Diglett cave, and use cut on the other side to get back to Viridian city, as it is the route just west of Viridian city, and do be warned the pokemon you find there will be low level, and you shouldn't bother trying to injure it before catching as you will probably accidentally kill it if you do, so just throw balls immediately. I suppose you could also get a Magikarp by either walking back to the Pokecenter before Mt. Moon and buying one from the guy in there for 500, or get the Old Rod from the fisher in Vermillion to catch one yourself in one of the cities with water (do note using the Old Rods will only give you Magikarp encounters, so don't waste all of your city encounters on them...), although even if you level it all the way to Gyrados it wont do you much good against the electric Gym, despite how good it is otherwise. Also you might want to use your dig TM (if you haven't already) before the electric gym, that way you at least have a super effective move available.
  9. Maybe I am underrating it a little, but it is one of his worst encounter, only better than Zubat (and then only because FR doesn't let it evolve into Crobat before the National dex unlocks) and maybe Sandshrew. Sandshrew is just an expensive mon to use thanks to its utterly embarrassing levelup moves, and even digging into the TMs its movepool is still fairly meh. I just noticed I missed Benice skipping past the buyable Magikarp as well, but I am not sure how he is handling gift mons with his Nuzlocke rules (or if he is banning Gyrados for how incredibly powerful it is). Looking on the bright side missing the Spearow keeps IO from being rendered instantly redundant, plus I think the possibility of a Mankey encounter there would be more interesting. Oh that beardless scum picks the best of units then. I suppose that makes the choice of Bulbasaur very fitt- ...really picking the best of the options just because they are pretty and green. I guess I can understand, but I feel strangely disappointed.
  10. The only ones I wouldn't really suggest to start with are Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver (despite being some of the best games in the series they are setup as a sequel to the Kanto games), Black2/White2 (as they are setup as a sequel to Black/White), Diamond/Pearl (Platinum fixed so many things about those games that there is no reason to ever play them over Platinum...) OH, this will be fun...I am excited. Although I guess I am playing catch up. The diabolical machinations of beardless Ruben... Good choice, my extensive Gen 1 knowledge makes me think you pick the second best option (Bulbasaur is objectively the best option there...) but I am less certain of that designation in the Gen 3 version. It feels strange to see Ruben pick such a quality pokemon as his starter. He should have picked Charmander... Oof, I guess IO will get some use early on, but really not a great mon What about your route 22 encounter? Also I think you are underestimating both of these mons a fair bit here, as both tends to be a great mon in nuzlockes. Butterfree is one of your big outs for Brock if you picked Charmander like some kinda fool (or Arceus forbid something happened to your starter) thanks to confusion, and gets early status moves in the powders, which can really save you at times, although it does eventually fall off. Its kinda a Jeigan like mon thanks to the early evolution promotion. Rattata on the other hand is amazing if it has the guts ability, as you can use a wild pokemon to poison it before major battles (and potions to get its health back up), to get that free 50% power boost to sweep through threats (plus Hyper Fang is a really powerful attack for how early Rattata gets it). Nicely done! Now its time to see Steve Jobs shine. Now that is a great mon. You should find a moon stone in Mt. Moon, so you can then just grind her up and early promoter her to a Nidoqueen at like level 16 for amazing stats for that point in the game, and she doesn't fall off all that much either. She even learns some nice moves after evolving unlike most stone evolutions. Alas this is one of Zubat's worst games. In other games it is a great mon in Nuzlockes as you have access to the power of Crobat, which you can get rather early at level 23 with some friendship grinding, but in this game (and the original gen 1 games), you ares stuck with the significantly worse Golbat, which makes it mostly useless. Not a huge loss, and don't feel too bad, that steel typing that got added is hard to deal with... Oof, now things are looking a little dicey. Although looking at the levels of your dead mons I think you might want to grind up a little. Its an unfortunate aspect of Nuzlockes, but grinding up is a major aspect of surviving Nuzlockes. Kinda an easy choice, as Armagon is your best option by far. At least you partially learned that lesson (although you really should get that Nidoran another 2 levels for the Nidoqueen). Not a major concern as Voltorb barely learns electric moves. Also as long as you learned a valuable lesson (that you need to grind up a little more), its not all that big of a deal to loss a few early game mons. ...Just grind the tiniest bit more. One more level and you have a Nidoqueen that could really stomp on that fight. Also who did you use the Mega Punch and Mega Kick move tutors that are just past Mt. Moon on? Look at that, you thought Butterfree was fodder, and he just powered through Ruben's ace for you no problem. At least you get the dig TM really soon so its possible for your Sandshrew to actually have a ground type move....
  11. The logic is that the mistranslated difficulty made the game seem a lot harder than it was, which wasn't always seen as a good thing. It sorta feed into the feeling that Radiant Dawn was catering to a more hardcore audience of fans at the expense of the general audience, but being a direct sequel to a game released on a separate console, both of which with a notable narrative focus, did that better than the difficulty ever did (and the lack of marketing feed into that too).
  12. The classic hardcore Nuzlocke rules show this to be fairly true. For those curious that means battles on Set mode, you can't use items in battle (other than pokeballs in valid encounters, and held items), and you can't use pokemon with a level higher than the next gym leader's (or last Elite Four member's) ace for each section of the game, on top of the standard Nuzlocke rules.
  13. For curiosity sake, I think I will rank the ones that use the most common weapon rank system, starting from the game I think it is least important, and working my way to the one I think it is most important in. This led to some natural tier lists forming based on similar features of the systems ~ 1-2 range weapons are E rank, and Effective weapons D rank~ Path of Radiance: Forging is what really pushed this into it being the least important of the set. You can easily coast by on some good E rank forges for the entire game if you wanted to, especially with how the forging system limits the forges available... Blazing Sword: The lack of forging means higher rank weapons aren't as useless, but an inventory full of E rank 1-2 range weapons is often your best bet. Sacred Stones: Very similar Blazing Sword, but the S rank weapons aren't literally useless, so there is some incentive to get some weapon rank...by the very end of the game... Binding Blade: Enemies having less embarrassingly bad stats makes having the ranks for stronger weapons slightly more useful, plus x3 effective damage, and some notable maps where that effective weapon comes in handy makes reaching a weapon rank higher than the minimum sometimes useful (and similar idea with the S rank weapons as with Sacred Stones). ~1-2 range weapons D rank, and effective weapons C rank~ Radiant Dawn: At least getting to D rank with most units matters, although with forging that is about as far as you need to go. Thracia 776: There are a lot more varied and powerful weapons at higher ranks, with as much availability to them as you can steal/capture, a high weapon rank is actually rather useful in this game, but there are some oddities to it (like no A rank Axes at all, magic weapons only being E, C and A rank, etc.), plus their being a wide variety of prof. weapons that tend to be some of the best weapons, and require minimum weapon ranks. ~ Weapon Rank Bonus & WTA tied to weapon rank~ New Mystery: Numbers can be tight in this game, and the edge of a better weapon is useful, but the highest rank weapons are barely available, and a forging system lets you get away with lower ranks at times. On the other hand, even if you are using a low rank forge, the WR bonuses and WTA being tied to WR mean that a higher rank is still a way to give you a combat edge, as these aid both damage and accuracy, depending on the weapon type (and this holds true for all games in this tier). Awakening: I gave this the edge over New Mystery thanks to higher rank weapons being more available, although I might reconsider their positions, as its a lot easier to just over power things with unit stats in this game... Shadow Dragon: Getting to C rank for effective weapons is incredibly important to a LOT of units in this game, as forged effective weapons are the king of Shadow Dragon. Fates: E rank being particularly bad (compared to the rest of the series at least) makes building that rank higher critical. Plus the infinite use of weapons, with drawbacks instead makes for a different dynamic that I find makes higher weapon ranks more valuable, as it makes higher rank weapons more available. ~Weapon Ranks tied to skill systems, and class-changing/promotion~ Three Houses: Weapon Ranks being involved in class-changing, and promotion is such a significant change that it makes weapon ranks more important than any other FE game. Learning skills through weapon ranks is just icing on that promotion cake. I am sure there are ways to elaborate on this beyond my brief blurbs, but I think this is a start.
  14. Yeah most people remember the older games as more difficult in their minds thanks to having played them as children...and having played them when information was less available. Fun fact Gen 1 gave you no information about how powerful or accurate moves were. Sabrina in Gen 1 had a lot more working for her than simply Ghost and Bug types being awful... Although I don't agree with the idea that constraints on available pokemon, and moves are some kind of artificial difficulty. To use one example you mention not having access to Mareep for Falkner, and not having access to the standard super effectivetype makes you look elsewhere for an edge, for example going with a flying type and ghost type pivot (both of which are readily available by then) to PP stall it, or going for the rock type advantage with Geodude instead. The constraints make for more interesting challenges. Kind of a shame Black 2 and White 2 made unlocking Easy and Challenge mode so bizarre and esoteric, otherwise people would remember about them more... or have actually played them. That northern most patch of grass on route 32 was added in HGSS, in the original Gold and Silver you were blocked from accessing any encounter on that route before beating Falkner.
  15. The Portuguese had a noticeable presence in Japan throughout most of the Sengoku Jidai, the big civil war that was the height of the Samurai. It wasn't until the third Tokugawa Shogun that Japan instituted its extremely isolationist policies that actively worked to remove European influence from Japan. Even then minor incursions by European entering Japan anyway wasn't that unheard of, although all such efforts were eventually driven off until Commodore Perry. I will also note that the Roman Empire spread African people into a large swaths of Europe, as it was good military sense to ship your soldiers across the empire (as more local troops might balk at fighting people they know), and as such there are historical records of black Roman soldiers from as far away as Ethiopia being stationed all the way on Hadrian's wall between Britain and Scotland (see the accounts of Emperor Septimius Severus visiting the wall at Luguvallum in the Historia Augusta). Speaking of Ethiopia Fun fact, the Ethiopian Emperor sent a mission of 30 people to visit the Pope in Rome, and after discovering about the anti-pope in Avignon, then went to Medieval France to visit that Pope as well, and even met with the French king with an offer to join in a two-pronged invasion of Egypt (although nothing ever came of those talks). Overall, I think the takeaway is that even in history, no where was ever as ethnically pure, or isolated as all the propaganda portrays, so why should fantasy be constrained in such a way.
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