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  1. Nah, Bishop Galle crossed the sea to find the Earth Dragon Loptyr, and perform the blood ritual that would give him and his kin their god-like powers (and give the insidious Loptyr the ability to infect the mind of the Loptian emperors with his dragon stone hidden within the Loptyr tome). Naga and 11 other dragons would have to cross the sea to perform similar rituals with the Crusaders to even the odds. Note the phrases in italics are details added by the novelization. Wait does that mean Radd Quetz's only line in this game is his death quote... sigh, Shadow Dragon, you disappoint me once again. That is it, time to stop the test and restart with FE12 on a save with the combined male reclass options unlocked to make the Roger, the Paladin. How could the Roger of Shadow Dragon not be the Paladin. (I am kidding, keep going, but that is a massive disappointment...) Horsemen always have such odd movement penalty that they always manage to sneak up on you. In FE6 it was those treacherous rivers, and in this the mountains. As someone that both plays and watches ironman runs, I know that sleepiness is the harbinger of death... He really doesn't want to get shown up by all those young cavaliers that used to lookup to him. Things aren't looking good for Cain...
  2. Lucky you, the Warp Staff is in a village, it just comes stupidly late... I was talking about the HM bonuses, as the Hugh glitch was added by the translation patch. In fact I think there was some talk a little bit ago about trying to remove it from the patch... FE10 has a very weird difficulty curve on all modes due to its multi-part structure tossing you brokenly good and barely usable units randomly, but HM is where the issues with the Dawn Brigade chapters are the most pronounced (especially the part 3 Dawn brigade chapters), plus it prevents you from checking enemy ranges which makes it annoying enough to play, that I doubt anyone was willing to play test it. I am guessing it will reclass her to her base class so her level resets, and you can spend 70 turns ensuring you get the gaiden. Oh my, you kited Jasmine close enough for Pent to attack him. Some of the cavs must dropped into heal mode and got lost in the desert trying to find a way to reach that fort... That is one of the realest concerns about Genesis Genesis is a nasty map, as you really want a healthy supply of Pure Waters stocked up, and you HAVE to make good use of those few turns of anti-magic to make it through. This is bad, Hawkeye is one of the best units you have right now, and if you have to leave him behind... Time for the unconventional suggestion of use the Mine glitch. Its a lot like choice three, but you don't have to actually hack the game... Lucius...Interesting Maneuver...
  3. To be fair the "Future King" thing is a Radiant Dawn issue...although the superior strength of the Lions making them Kings of Gallia is still a Path of Radiance one. I am reminded of stories I heard about the D&D basic set where the non-human playable races basically were their own classes (it was seen as a simplification due to the non-human races having strict restrictions on what classes they could be in 1st edition already...) On the one hand the themes they used really should have that kind of care and attention given to it, but on the other, the fact that it has themes that make you think about this is probably a strong point of the game. I think they will reveal in a few chapters that his first plan was to awaken the medallion using a Heron singing the Galdar of Release, and this world war he is starting was plan B. If he can get plan A to work now (it wont for reasons he doesn't understand) its worth trying. Yeah the way they scale the cost of forging is based on what the starting value of the weapon and the cost of the weapon, so if it has low damage/accuracy/crit or high weight it cost more to change that stat, and if the weapons cost more it costs more, and in general it makes increases in accuracy cost less than the other two stats (as you can't increase it as high compared to its base value). Your observation shows why that was probably a bad idea. If I remember correctly every boss in this game has a quote with Ike. A lot also have quotes with different types of Laguz, although the Laguz boss quotes are often kinda boring, although each of the beast Laguz has a unique one with Naesala on this map, which are kinda interesting. One interesting thing to note about Homasa is he will also comment on the swordsmanship of both Stefan and Zihark (poor Mia gets left out of the swordsman quotes) The archer triangle attack is even more cumbersome than the armor triangle attack, as you can use that one as early as chapter 8, and don't have to train any of the armored knights to start using it, plus having to use the archer triangle attack at range makes it more difficult to setup the kind of formation you need to bait enemies into giving you more than 1 triangle attack in a turn (or even having the assisting characters to the one triangle attack doing much good). I think they were trying to capture the feel of the enemy using Scorched Earth tactics without having to get into the nitty gritty of logistics that usually entails. It can be a surprisingly effective means of defense at times, for instance the Russians broke both Hitler and Napoleon by wrecking their own lands to ensure there was nothing to eat, and no shelter for the advancing armies to use, strengthening the army breaking effects of their winter. That reminds me there is a way of using Bonus Exp to manipulate how Fixed mode rounds numbers to get effectively higher growth rates if you are that worried about capping stats. https://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/general/fixed-mode/bonus-experience-manipulation/ that link should explain what you need to do.
  4. Fun fact the only people to use the word innocent in this thread before you are OP, and Burklight. You have just used it in three post in a row, and always attributing this as the opinion of another user you disagree with. Why are you spinning the narrative that Johann believes these victims of these violent acts were "innocent blacks"? Why is the phrase you claim Johann meant but didn't use any more relevant than the phrase Lord Raven claims Johann meant but didn't use? Why is their innocence or guilt of minor crimes relevant to whether or not they should die? Why do you presume they were criminals when they faced no trial, especially when their accusers "have no business being allowed to wear a badge" ?
  5. My advise is either try Lunatic Casual, or Hard Classic. Its a bit odd, as you barely get any replacement units after chapter 16, unless you intentionally save child chapters for after (thankfully losing a parent unit after locking in the S support don't loss you the paralogue), or get captured enemy units. Some of the child chapters become incredibly dangerous if you save for them for too late (for example Shiro will die turn one on his paralogue if you play that chapter too late, unless you can find a way to rescue staff him), which is mostly a problem for blind ironmans, and while Conquest has some excellent captured units you can use, the Birthright generic enemies end up kinda underwhelming. Then again you can grind up the bench-warmers into solid shape with grinding maps, so it might not be that much of an issue on Birthright.
  6. I am sure things will end up better next time, just don't loss hope. Sappy I know, but the past doesn't dictate the future, and someday the odds will be with you in real life, as they were here, so just keep trying. I think he means Minerva and the White Wings, who were supposed to attack you, but instead sorta waited around until they ran off, and will definitely betray them in the future. Man your Caeda is just staggeringly strength blessed. Good catch noticing the slight difference between the two emotions his face has. They really could have done better making his face more expressive (FE12 did a slightly better job distinguishing his facial expressions). You can save some of the child chapter for latter game recruits with their scaling stats and child seal (although some of those chapter shouldn't be faced late game *cough* IGNATIUS *cough*) and even stay available if one of the parents dies... That H5 ironman win was something amazing, with so many ups and downs, and is well worth seeing for those that haven't (also rip the fan favorite Unil, she was a generic, and an amazing mage/sage, and when she returned as a male Hero after death it was hilarious) DS era healers are an odd mix, on the one hand the healing rates of staves are some of the worst in the entire series (Wrys literally heals less than a vulnerary per turn when he joins), but the warp staff comes so early, and is so powerful (similar idea in FE12, but with the Rescue instead of Warp), but on that first hand FE11 is missing all of the status staves, and most of the utility staves, so Warp really is carrying staff users a lot... Welcome back, hope you had fun on your backpacking trip. It was looking like a Sedgar Solo at some point? I don't remember that, but I may have been distracted by all the memeing with Radd and Unil. Although if you don't like his youtube persona, than fair enough. (side note in case you are curious Sedgar would end up dying to Gharnef. The ending was amazing with Marth getting the kill with exact damage after a sacrificial Wolf strike, the turn after he thought the game was lost as ambush spawns killed Nagi the turn before he planned on going for the kill. That left him with only a half health Marth, Elice, and a 2 health General Auffle alive at the end, just to emphasize how close it was.)
  7. Now that is a handy feature that I never noticed before. Yeah, I can think of one time Oscar got good stats for me... That double earth support with Ike really carries him. I probably should have warned you about how bad it was; but the topics it went over seemed relevant to enough of the issues you have been finding that I thought it was worth seeing. The real trauma of that would be severe isolation (which can be extremely emotionally damaging especially to children), but it gets undermined by the way Mordecai interacts with Stefan. Mordecai never treated Stefan the way he claims Laguz treat the Branded, and it makes his whole spiel at the end feel especially empty. My guess is this will involve Laguz being able to reclass into weapon wielding classes, but I suppose we will see... My best guess is he got spirited away to safety fairly early on in the slaughter, and seeing the full extent of the damage he only got a brief glimpse of before (especially when the damage spanned a nation sized forest) was fairly extreme. One of your objectives wasn't to get the droppable Adept scroll before the NPCs got to it? I feel like that the main reason outside LTC to go for that strategy... I always got the impression that a big factor in that first major Beorc victory was that the Laguz were overconfident, and didn't see the Beorc and their weapons as much of a threat, and thus made foolish mistakes that let the Beorc win despite their disadvantages.
  8. Honestly, Begnion going years without an apostle, and the unmentioned parents of Sanaki and Micaiah is something important enough that at least one of the games should go over it, instead of us having to assume it must have happened. Its such an obvious hole in the story that never really gets addressed, and just gets exacerbated by the reveal about Micaiah being Sanaki's sister, and all the questions that come with that. As for the mis-remembering my guess is that you filled the hole in the narrative with what made the most sense narratively, without thinking about it enough to realize the contradiction in time. My suggestion is to bring her back in the next map to make it easier to deal with the bog shortcut. If you are going for Stefan and Soren support, can I suggest you look at the script for the Stefan and Mordecai support (if you haven't already) as it touches on topics about Laguz and Branded that came up a while ago. So more of a Synod... I wonder if this was actually a mistranslation, it probably isn't but...
  9. I found a little information that might be relevant. Using google translate on the Fire emblem WoD page for that chapter adds the extra information that she only appears from the village if you have Maria, Minerva, Catria and Palla, so that might be the issue you are facing.
  10. Half Shift is discussed with the base conversation mentioning him looking like a dog, and was the first example that came to my mind of the game explicitly talking about Laguz losing their transformation as being in universe as well as in gameplay. The implication is the half shifting lets him extend the duration of transformation until he has to sleep, not that it is infinite (or at least that is my take on it). I didn't bring it up before as it was from a different game, and by the time I got around to commenting people had found evidence from this game as well that it isn't merely gameplay. (Note the bit in the spoiler tag is the rest of the conversation, but I wanted to emphasize the more relevant later portion without cutting off the rest).
  11. Is this contest going to start up tomorrow (or possibly today by the time anyone sees this), and if so where is it going to open up? Will this topic going to become the contest topic, or will a new one be opening up? I am not entirely sure if I will join in, but it does seem interesting, and a good enough reason as any to start learning FE hacking.
  12. The Blood Pact is some incredibly lazy, and poorly implemented writing. The only good thing about it is the way it sets up the Pelleas death, and they payed for that setup with a lot of otherwise interesting situations, and entirely undermined it for second playthrough bonuses. Then again these are all Radiant Dawn issues, not Path of Radiance writing issues... My guess is lots of chains. Fetter them to the point where they can't get a full stride, and thus have to shuffle to move, then add an overseer or two with a whip to keep them in line...
  13. You are forgetting about the +2 to all stats from the binding shield, with it at capped speed he avoids being doubled by Medeus even on the highest difficulty of FE12.
  14. There has been a lot of talk here of supposed riots, but surprisingly little about violence used against protestors, so I figured I would point out some tactics used by police so aggressive that protestors had to ask a judge to issue an injunction against the Denver Police to stop them. This came about due to police using pepper spray directly aimed directly into the eyes and face of non-violent protestors; intentionally firing rubber projectiles at the face and genitalia resulting in multiple instances of permanent loss of vision, fractured facial bones requiring surgery, and ruptured testicles; firing rubber projectiles at members of the media trying to document the incident, and medical personnel trying to aid the seriously injured; and finally firing teargas and pepper balls into peaceful crowds, and at time then blocking their only means of escaping the gas while doing so. The evidence of violent misconduct by police was sufficient to get the temporary restraining order partially granted...
  15. You were going with a two chapter per day pace for a while, which might have burned you out a little, plus the stress of the lockdown is having its toll on everyone. If you need a little break to recuperate you should take it. My guess is that they are elected by the nobility, as Oliver probably would campaign well among them... It was fairly common for people in history to hold more than one title, so him being Duke Persis and Duke Belsys wouldn't be unreasonable. I don't think we ever see the last one. From what I hear, the ship-teasing we see was mostly added in the English translation, so it might just be the translators being more faithful in Radiant Dawn (or just not wanting, or being able, to add another ending). Forgot to mention this earlier, but the thought did cross my mind that the "vigilantes" might be doing a bit of piracy along the Gallian coast in their spare time. We do run into them in a major port, he is looking to recruit sailors, and clearly piracy is an issue in Gallia...
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