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  1. Part of it is that he starts in the worst magic class in Conquest, plus his personal skill is harder to take advantage, and less useful than it seems. I remember looking through his averages once, when trying to jusstify my Ophelia best mage of Fates claim, and in Sorceror he is comparable to a well bred Ophelia, but Ophelia's better magic caps proved the tipping point in me calling her best mage thanks to how many spirit dusts are available in the game that she can take advantage of, but he can't due to his caps... That has been my assessment using her on my Lunatic run. Very similar to Elise's combat after she promotes, but with more time to train up weapon ranks. The thing about Odin is his other classes have skills that synergize really well with Nosfreatu, so switching him over to grab some of those can keep his Nostanking abilities from falling off, if you are willing to spend the resources getting him some of those skills. Beruka's access to Berserker is an interesting niche she can jump through to avoid that. Its more of a mid to endgame solution to that problem but an interesting one. Plus the Wyvern classline is useful enough to warrant a second on some teams, and she requires no resources to be used as such. People like to gloss over the drawbacks of the Royals a lot. Xander has the big glaring one in his speed, which requires some in demand resources to fix. I talked a little about Leo already above. Camilla is probably the best of the royals (personally I think Elise can surpass her if you really know how to use her personal skill, but the skill barrier for that is high for that, especially when compared to one of the easiest to use units in the game), but the meme about her falling off hold some truth to it, as by the endgame most of your trained units will outclass her (although she usually isn't bad enough to bench even then). As for Elise, she is the only unit that needs to promote or class change to attack, and she ends up with the same min-maxing stat spread as Nyx in most cases.
  2. Did you start with the master key? Normally you get through the undead burg long before blighttown...it sounds like you are taking an interesting path through the game.
  3. I think for now you are just trying to ring the bells at the top of the cathedral, and then bottom of blighttown... You should give her a chance on a run. She starts a little under-leveled but train her and she becomes a power house with the chance of killing enemies with her attack stance hits... Part of the reason it always feel so unlucky is that I want to use him for similar reasons Good luck, poison is a real pain, and hopefully you have some poison and toxic cures stocked up... There is one in there, and another one that is sorta between the depths and blighttown (although I have the funny feeling you got there from a different entrance...) Sorry if that is so vague, but I am not really sure where you are in that mess of a location Edit: its in this tunnel in the swampy part of it...yeah I am bad at describing locations... I will keep an eye out, and worst comes to worst I will dig through to see. Not sure if this helps, but a short break for some brain food is one thing I try when faced with some writers block.
  4. That is going to interesting...good luck, you are going to need it, as it is aggressively unfriendly to blind players. This is starting up too? Glad I checked through instead of jumping to the end of the thread Glad you liked it more on this playthrough Charlotte is massively under appreciated, so many people just make her Xander's backpack to try and fix his glaring weaknesses without seeing her awesome combat potential. That is an interesting choice...I have never had luck with Forrest, by the time he was avaiable he always ened up looking underwhelming. GAZAK! Excellent choice of recruitable boss there. Fun fact, he Arthur is mistaken for Gazak in Percy's paralogue due to their shared prominent chins Shelter and other support skills are really useful to have around. Being the only shelter you are using certainly justifies an endgame slot. The Royals are overrated anyway. I think the big problems with your last team were the horrible avatar, and having no shelter or lunge available, although adding more Berserkers certainly powered up this second team a lot as well. It is what the series is bets known for... Already? you are working your way through that game fairy well then...although I must admit the drakes are annoying to deal with...
  5. I have used at least one of them on every run I have done of conquest, and two is fairly common. Although I tend to not do as much reclassing as a lot of people, so having the arms scrolls lying around is kinda common for me. As for class composition, I have always had a Sorcerer on my team, I am a fan of how fun a Berserker is to use in Conquest, and keeping one of the maid/butlers around is kinda common for me. I almost used all three on my first ever run, but I only had 2 arms scrolls left, and the god of death that was a trained Charlotte didn't quite reach S Axes before the end.
  6. I did it once on Lunatic, but I know the mage side is easier. Going that direction let me cheese that last Berserker and General room, which my no guard stance on the defense run NEEDED to do... it was not easy, and relied on some intense dancer-shelter strats to open the door while fleeing enemy range, debuffing the stone born using the dragon hex skill before opening, spawn blocking an extra stoneborn, and getting as many stoneborn as I could to stay in the room an extra turn to separate them from the advancing faceless by having people in range...below is an excerpt from a writeup of it for all of the details... Its really easy to have tomebreaker at that point, and as long as you aren't playing lunatic you can wait out the staff uses before opening the door, and wiping them on player phase is a lot easier to do on that side. Now that is how you play Conquest. That room is brutal.... If you have someone that can use them (or the arms scroll to get someone there) I have always found them useful...
  7. You do have to pass by it to get there, which is what she says. I was thinking it was supposed to be a space where they can pepper anyone passing through with range attacks through the walls, to make one last ditch deadly defense in front of the throne, although they aren't as mechanically clear about that as the FE5 chapter about that idea...
  8. ...I mean Soleil's S support with Kamui has her explicitly say she fell in love with the female Kamui and loves both gendered versions, something the US versions noticeably shies away from to emphasize that she only loves the real, male version of Corrin. I think its more that the western audience focus more on that kind of interaction than a Japanese one does, so the fact that it is MORE present in the Japanese one is glossed over in favor of a narrative that supports the view that it should support the status quo of both regions. I kinda figured she was talking about those sections of the wall that you fight in around the Ryoma duel. Yeah, the reinforcements on that one can be rather harrowing, and the timer on Forrest's life means you can't take it slowly... Best Mage of Fates at work. Not to pry too much, but is this the last shot that tends to hit hard?
  9. No, that skill (and staff savant) are enemy only, if someone with one of those skills is captured they lose it...
  10. From what I remember he was shocked that he even had a Western Fanbase, and discovering that they exist is part of the reason Vesteria Saga got a translation. To be fair that was literally the first of his games to leave Japan. I don't remember having much issues with crits, but if you are having issues with them a few ways to mitigate them come to mind. The first is to grab Percy (Arthur's son) as his personal skill increases the crit avoid of all allies within 2 spaces of him by 15, another is to have some of the basic E rank weapons on hand for the +10 crit avoid they give when equipped (not always an ideal option, but if you can forge some those they are alright weapons), another is that being in defense stance gives a +5 crit avoid in combat, I think someone already mentioned luck rally (the dance bonus also adds a little luck as well, but that bonus tends to be incidental...), and finally some adjacent support partners also add crit avoid based on support level (see here for details: https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-characters/supports/support-bonus/)
  11. Part of the reason I like going for the Sorcerer's level 15 skill, Bow Breaker, before climbing the wall (it helps a lot in that section of this map as well...) is to make the Takumi fight here more reliable. I am definitely a Conquest fan, generally put it in my top 3 FE games, although whether Thracia or Conquest is no. 2 or 3 I haven't really decided. As for Three Houses...I rushed through all paths as fast as I could, and while I liked it at first, I hated it by the end, and it was really clear to me that part of the reason was that I was forcing myself to finish all these paths well after I stopped enjoying it, and I have not felt like playing it ever sense. I generally don't talk much about 3H as its clear to me that a big part of my dislike is that I burned myself out on the game and kept going anyway, and that is less about the game, and more about how I in particular played it. My plan is to come back to it eventually with hopefully enough distance and time to better engage with it, although when that will be I don't know yet. As for the other Fates games, I have always found Birthright incredibly boring, which is the worst thing an FE game can be in my book, although my feeling on Revelations rather softened after my Pick My Unit run of that game, as that game is a lot of fun with some weird challenge run attached to it. Its a lot like Shadow Dragon in that way, as I also really disliked that game, until I came to appreciate that the challenge runs make that game a lot more fun as well. I will also add that I probably fall into a TMS:FE# fan, as I really enjoyed. It is the game that most made me feel like I was playing a Magical Girl Anime, and it reminded me a bit of Zone of the Enders, as that is the game that most made me feel like I was playing a Mecha anime. I think this was kinda accidental, but capturing the feel of that genre in game form was an interesting experience that I rather enjoyed, but it feels odd to talk about on an FE forum, as despite it theoretically being one, it isn't.
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