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  1. So chapter 2 ends on turn 48 (so 119 overall). I waited 3 full turns just to see the silly conversation between Sigurd and Sylvia, as they were never quite in the right place for it. As a side note Dierdre is safe, as she is too important to the plot to be killed, only capture. Much to my surprise I got the Knight's band from chapter 2, Ethlyn grabbed all the village loot Lewyn and Sylvia left behind, Jamke got the Chagall kill after continuing his mountain-climbing all the way to Augusty, Lex is high enough level to promote (but wont until the start of next chapter) and Zane's rider's bane made things a little uncomfortable for a while, but we made it through. I think that will be all for the day... Now onto the unit review
  2. Continuing on the disaster train here, lets gets some Fs for poor Holyn. What his death really came down to is how scattered my healers are, as I slowed Lachesis too much trying to milk some healing xp from the green goons around her as she walked, and Ethlyn was way too far behind by using her return staff to get others to the front lines soon, so Aideen was trying to keep the troops healthy, while they faced a hoard of swordsmen, archers, mages and cavaliers that were rushing in. Also my attempts to sneak in and kill the Ballita got fragmented before they could even start, as some of Erin's crew attacked them on their way to Evans, and I was honestly afraid they would fight me to the death there. Fortunately they didn't, and Lewyn recruited Erin just fine, but that left the ones that made the mountain trek with too little health to try for the Ballista kills. As one final note, Arden continues to miss the commander kills I try to setup for him...Well its turn 33 (104 overall), and we have taken Mackily... Now for the unit review...
  3. You loss out on money next map (all your units get a certain amount of money on the next map for every castle remaining), and you lose out on rank.
  4. Well that went kinda poorly, I wasn't being careful and accidentally drew in the armored knights around the castle at the exact same time as the cavalier mercenaries, which made things rather dicey, and I had to make a sacrificial Dierdre play to distract the scary merc boss (side note this will be my first time seeing the extra scene that occurs at the end of a chapter that Dierdre is "captured" in). Somehow even the Knights Lemmings managed to make it out of that cluster of chaos alive, although Macbeth decided to waste me an extra turn by repeatedly procing Pavise. In other news Arden gain THE POWER OF PURSUIT, Lex managed to fully break that beautiful Brave Axe of his (and promptly use the return band he earned to go repair it) I missed the Bargain Band by one turn if I was lucky (Lewyn would need to proc one of his skills) two if I were unlucky, and Aideen and Azel have been wed. Here we are on turn 23 (94 overall) and Anphony has been seized. Now for that good old fashion unit review...
  5. All right, I have been just charging through this, but here we are 13 turns into chapter 2 (84 overall) and Heirhein is seized. The Nordian Knights are still alive (for now, they have been charging in, and taking up more of my healing resources than I would like, and one is at 2 health...), and I am probably a turn or two too slow for the bargain band (you really really have to rush it to make it, but I am going to be close..) I haven't even tried to have the infantry keep up, and even sent Ayra and Jamke (those two might end up as a pair...which is fine, as I don't think I have used that pairing either...) Now for the unit recap...
  6. The weapon ranks are amazing too... Alright, that is getting kinda funny. Time for the next ironman update. We have our first death, in what can only be described as a dumb move I accidentally waited with Dierdre instead of having her use the Silence staff like intended, which led to Dew being roasted with siege magic. I ended up doing that two more timed over the coarse of the map(thankfully no extra casualties, but I did get to see the Dierdre and Sandima battle convo thanks to that blunder), playing it a little slow to make recruiting Jamke safer, and wasted all of the silence uses being a goofball trying to give the Sandima kill to Arden (he missed both attempts I gave him, so Ayra got it instead. Also spent an extra turn warping Lex's brave axe, Jamke, and Dierdre back to the main castle for extra arenaing, so I finish it at...turn 51 (so 71 overall)... Well here is the unit breakdown
  7. I tried to warn you. The 100 accuracy on the Brave sword makes it really good against her, and if the swordsman is strong enough he can one shot her with that brave effect...
  8. If his health is 10 or below he gets extra hidden evade from the Prayer skill; +10 avoid for every point his health he is below 11, so +10 at 10 HP, up to +100 for 1 HP. That only lasts for the turn he is dropped to that level of health, so being at 1 HP doesn't make him invincible, and you can't cheese it with the arena either....
  9. ...more of Fate's world building letting what it pretends is a story down... Youch, that has to hurt. At least it wasn't an ironman ending Corrin kill... I was going to comment this on a different quote, but this is a better one for it. I distinctly remember this map as the one where skills become relevant in Birthright, and I find it makes it one of the better maps of Birthright. Plus the Dragon Vein here are actually useful, especially when things start getting intense with the reinforcements. ...ughh...why does Fate's story have to be so dumb. I remember this as the least dumb of the three, and its still filled to brim with stupid... Until I took a closer look at that map I legitimately remember the Ice tribe being to the North-East of Krakenburg...god Fate's world building is awful...
  10. I think you are selling TearRing a bit short here, it made numerous innovations over Gaiden, for instance the places where the two split armies come together, and you have the chance to rearrange who will be in which of the two armies is a stark departure, the strength of support bonuses increasing with in game conversations was an innovation Kaga brought about before even IS introduced the GBA support system, same idea with being able to go back to some of the older locations to shop (even if it is a little janky in places...but I don't think Gaiden even had shops...), not to mention the idea of gaining an advantage based on the type of map, enemy types you killed, and weapon used to kill enemies were more distinct change ups to the gaiden formula. This isn't even mentioning the over the top information given about every unit...
  11. Its like one of the two ads I can remember from that era about videogames (the other being this non-sense ad for Golden Sun, which was also a great purchase despite how little it has to do with anything)
  12. The impact Smash has had on Fire Emblem's success in the west is kinda funny to look at. I know I liked Marth and Roy well before the first Fire Emblem game came out over here (although the marketing for that game was exactly the kinda non-sense that would get kid me to want a game as well...)
  13. What would the Genre have to do with anything? Fire emblem has the advantage of having a good reputation, and as long as it gets the marketing it needs it will sell well. Edit: I just wanted to add that tactics games have a really solid and often under-sated base, looking at the "suprise" success of the modern Xcom game that remained a tactical game like its predecessors when compared to the shooter game (when the industry wisdom was that shooters were a popular Genre) with the Xcom brand that came out around the same time
  14. Random piece of advice for @Saint Rubenio on chapter 8, but make sure the hero sword is on someone good to help deal with a scary enemy that arrives early on and starts charging at you, otherwise you might have issues with their skills (alternatively avoid that enemy like the plague until it goes away... I really don't know the details of this method as I have only heard that it is a thing, and haven't actually tried it myself...)
  15. Yeah the Blume fight is brutal thanks to the Mjolnir, and if the Balmung is too risky of an option to use, that is going to really limit your options. Now that is a classic pairing, Thracia 776 even assumes that was the pairing for those two... Some people prefer Sylvia to remain single, as there is some debate whether or not the replacements are better than her actual children, but Claude-Sylvia is one of her better pairings on the son's side of things. I am probably a bit too late with this, but how does Ares and his legendary weapon fare against Blume? I seem to remember it raising resistance to make him a better against mages and their ilk. A few other things that help with the accuracy is making sure Seliph is close enough for his leadership stars to help, and Laylea as well, as she should have charm to help out as well (unfortunately the replacements for Lachesis's children don't have charm otherwise they would be able to help out as well...) You have some strange luck there Benice... Are you going to give him one of the magic swords? Ah, glad you got the good one, although there is a way to cheese it to get whichever tome you want... ...How? That boy never gets good at combat until he promotes... The cheesy trick is to let the enemies conquor the green castle, which turns into a seize-able red castle for some reason... ...so you have none of the charm users...ouch that is unfortunate...but I guess it is more Thracia canon... It is one of the best items to pass around...almost brokenly good... Nice, if you can manage it, try to get Lex to kill one of the bosses in this chapter that drops a sword, as it will help his son out a bit (although don't break you patiance trying if you can't manage it...)
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