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  1. Its not effective against draco knights, its just an awesome lance that is extremely difficult to get. From what I remember if no one is in range each has a chance of moving, which means you usually have to deal with around half of them. Its impressive that this was even a possibility on your run. I have never gotten that close to routing this map.
  2. To quote myself from forever ago: Time for me to bring up something cool about this final map that most players wont see due to that desire for a perfect run. If certain characters aren't recruited, or die (or in one unique case their gaiden was missed) the Dead Lords will wear their faces. After I realized I accidentally unlocked the most obscure of them (Dagdar only shows up if you miss his gaiden) I decided to make the lot of them show up, and arranged their deaths in chapter 24. Dagdar, presumably killed by Gomez and his crew alongside his daughter, becomes Tigris. Both Lifis and Sarah were sacrificed on 24 to see the full extent of this easter egg, and they became Porcus and Canis (who look far less zombiefied than the others) Galzus was killed without seeing Mareeta, and with those blood red eyes he becomes the vengeful Bovis. With Sarah dead no one can use the kaia to reach the gaiden let alone recruit her, and so Eyvel returns as the deadly sniper she secretly was in the form of Draco. I will also note that the first part of FE7 endgame took a lot of inspiration from this map... Another interesting thing to note is that Miranda has a scene during the ending before Nanna's confession, where she brings up that all of her advisors are suggest her and Lief marry as the last members of the royal families from the Princedoms of northern Thracia (with her the Princess of Alster, and him the Prince of Leonster), but he puts her off saying he will decide after Genealogy. This makes the Nanna confession and proposal somehow even more jarringly fast than you already found it. In her ending it says she doesn't wait for Lief to give his answer before she marries someone she feel in love while waiting. As for my Ironman, I should have done more extensive preps before endgame as I had three deaths on turn one. The problem was I had no good plan for two of the siege weapons (my awful alternative plan, that they just might try to use hel if someone was in range just made Glade and Delmud die), and while Olwen could Dire Thunder the nearest one to death, Draco obliterated her on enemy phase. I lucked out with Asvel's placement so he slept Canis with Blizzard (my original plan was to have Mareeta mulch her with the Mareeta sword as with two hits she wipes Canis out with her capped strength, and with capped speed, and skill she has a massive chance of procing one of her skills to make the kill even easier). The next turn I got cocky and made what was somehow the biggest oof of the playthrough, after Olwen's vantage let her damage Draco, plus Miranda meteors, Ced goes for the kill, and she miracle wraths him to death. With Ced having already warped the only other person in that area away, and my full use Rescue staff dying with him, that corner is just not reachable until I deal with other sections of the map. This directly leads to death numbers five and seven, as I didn't finish that corner off until after two turns of reinforcements arrive (they stop spawning after you open up Veld's chamber). When they arrive they killed Selphina, and only with a lucky dodge does Lara avoid death as well. This forces me to break my last remaining rescue to warp my best combatant Mareeta into that locked room at the corner of the map to end these reinforcements. Then we get to the Veld issue. The only combat units in range of a warp on the turn he arrives are Asvel and Lief, now I still have 4 uses of the Grafcalibur for just such an occasion, and if Lief could actually hit a pair of 80 somethings (or if Veld didn't have that vulnerary) it would have been over far sooner... After the first of these failures I start marching Osian in the direction of the nearest warper, and I didn't account for the extra damage that ensorcel gives the Fenrir tomes, so he becomes death number six. The turn after Grafcalibur breaks they finally combine the ensorcel and silence staff to sleep him... and then I start trying for the more meme-y kill option, Berserking the Hel mages (as they could drop Veld down to 1 health with one of those) but they just get overwhelmed by the other enemies before they have a chance to act. Linoan becomes the seventh and final death as no one was around to deal with the reinforcements that spawned in Draco's corner, and those with the status staves to save her were either silenced or trying to berserk enemies in Veld's room (after the Hel mages die I have been Berserking Berserkers to thin out and distract the enemies in Veld's room). Eventually one of the enemies Yotsumung Asvel, which replaces his silence with poison, so him and Lief eventually take Veld out, but that ended up being utterly disastrous. That being said it was a fun run, with the fun I had using Miranda and Eda (both of whom I never really used before) and with how few Stamina drinks I went for there were points where I had to be careful with fatigue levels, which was interesting, plus it gave me a good chance to see the Dead Lord easter egg.
  3. Usually how people do Pick My Unit (or PMU for short) runs is they start a new topic in the forum dedicated to the game they want to play, with a title that says the difficulty and that it is a PMU, and in the text you usually state how many units you are looking for, and any units that you have decided to include (usually the main Lord, but it isn't unheard of to include your favorite unit, or a dancer, or that games Jegen etc.) along with any additional information you want to share. Often people will edit the starting post as people add units to make it easier for people to see who has already been chosen, and if it is taking too long to get the full roster you can speed things up by open up the option of those that have already chosen a unit to add another and inform them by putting an at symbol before their name (like so @Raynar Saassin). I don't remember how restrictive your options are as a new member, so you might have to wait until you reach full member status before you can set that up yourself. As for drafting https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/forum/60-fire-emblem-drafts/ that entire board is dedicated to drafting. If someone is setting up a draft they will post about it, and if they are still looking for players you can respond asking to join. You could also try to start up a draft yourself, but you probably want to read through some of the pinned posts about drafting rules, and look at a few drafts of the game you want to play to some idea of the rules most people set in place before you try to setup your own rules for the draft.
  4. There are a couple of types of challenge runs that become available with the help of a forum like this that you could try. One is a Pick My Unit (PMU) run, where other forum members each chose a member of your team. Another are draft runs (there is a sub forum in the general fire emblem forum devoted to them) where players will draft units to use (or taking turns choosing units to use) and then compete over who can get the best turn count (occasionally competing by some other metric like speed running, or simply for the joy of completing it)
  5. ...it has been so overcooked that it has the texture of old rubber. AYAW having boundless charisma, but...
  6. I think there odd behavior might have to do with vision oddly enough. I seem to remember them not rewarping if there are no enemies in vision range. Probably something unique to the kaia staff...
  7. Asaello the Hitman of Connote seems like a perfect fit for Thracia 776. There were some early plans for using the substitutes in that game anyway. As for the Thracia 776 character added Genealogy I will put forth an interesting option that has yet to be mentioned, Manfloy's granddaughter Sarah.
  8. I usually prioritize the Fenrir wielder over the Silence, as even ensorceled he rarely has the magic to target anyone that cares about being silenced. Interesting to note that its only characters with minor holy blood that can wield the Blaggi sword, none of those with Major can... I am surprised it took this long to stumble on that mechanic. I tend to find the prepromotes make good use of them when deployed (like your Glade example), or for when you need to force something that resembles combat out of your peg knights. ...Well that was kinda derpy, but I am guessing you have plenty of supplies for the end of this run. Lamest big bad in the whole series by fair margin... As for my ironman, for easter egg reasons I intentionally killed off some characters, Sarah included so no gaiden. Otherwise it was smooth sailing, shut down the most terrifying threats to the right with staff uses (although I had to be a little careful about staff user stamina as I used my last stamina drinks deploying everyone this chapter) crushed the center, and while it didn't matter much I protected the children as well.
  9. First vote goes to Travant, as they absolutely cheated him with that missing Gungnir. Asvel should be next, as he is the next Thracia character that really should be in game. Third day I am planning on voting for Arion. The fourth vote has got to go to Miranda princess of Alster. I am thinking about Azelle for day five, but could go with Brigid, or Faval (or posssibly even Asaello the hitman of Connote) but what is certain is that is a Genealogy vote day. Day 6 is another less certain vote for me, I am debating Eda, Karin, Lithis, Sarah, Dean, or Linoan (this being a Thracia day). Last vote will go for a TMS:FE# character, probably Yashiro, but Touma is still in the cards.
  10. Eh its not as bad as it seems. As long as Saias avoids the edge of the cliff he will be fine as he can outrun the kids, and the enemies will simply capture them, so your flyers and siege tomes can deal with all of the half stat capturers. Baron is another possibility. There are a lot more female classes from Genealogy that can pull this off. On my iron man I extra cheesed it by having Saias activate Ced's arrival, and rescued him home. Even had a little luck with a move star on Asvel, so he could blizzard sleep the flame sword boss before he kills himself on Ced like the rest of the enemies (could have done the same with a dance, but I lowmanned this one a bit to make sure I had my most useful troops fresh for the last bit of the game). The sleep staff and some bad luck with the reinforcements made things a little scary looking, but I warped Lief in to recruit Ced, and had just enough time for Eda to grab the flame sword, and Ced to get one of the sleep staff before Lief seized.
  11. ...you can never wear clothes again. AYAW being able to fly without the aid of machines, but...
  12. This is kinda adorable. Keep living in whatever staggeringly sheltered way that lets you believe your government hasn't/isn't doing something monstrously evil, as no one here wants you to commit suicide, or die in a rebellion.
  13. I think I was mixing up when it happened, as the conversation I was thinking of took place in 11x, not in the B route, but Dorias and August also have a similar style argument over Xavier, only in reverse (with Dorias despising Xavier the traitor for his treachery, and August defending him for his more practical concerns). As for Ishtar, they never make it particularly clear, I never personally thought there was anything romantic between them, although I have seen enough theories to hint at the possibilty. Personally I always thought the scene when the reinforcements arrive in 17a (where the one Reinhardt left in charge has to defend Reinhardt's decision not to lead his troops personally), and when him and Ishtar convince Saias to join them at Conote always made it seem like Reinhardt was conspiring with Ishtar to try and change the empire from within, and he is willing to suffer any consequences, even death or disgrace, to see Ishtar's ambitions come to pass.
  14. Pack 1 - Igor Pack 2 - Slime Pack 3 - Gruntilda Pack 4 - I have never played their games... Pack 5 - Sothis
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