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  1. And that is a big part of the problem. The other part is that they don't try to display much emotion with them... for example the CG where Marth and his sister are finally reunited, or The sorta image they link to the script describing Marth shaking with anger and grief... or this one showing him greeting his people...after the famously well written bit of dialogue he has about the incredibly complex emotions he is feeling... Gharnef has the best of them, With some intimating displays of magic, but compare that to New Mystery actually using the CGs to give scenes some emotions like the helplessness Marth feels at the death of Lorenz The direness of Minerva's captivity, and the how very low she has fallen. The malevolence, and terrifying power of Hardin when he pursuits them to the bridge. or the way they very visibly portray the way Hardin has turned his back upon all of his responsibilities with the darkening of his heart.
  2. FE7 deserves a lot of credit for how expressive it made those faces, and is a part of the reason I placed it a fair bit higher than its peers in the presentation department (back when that was a ranking category...). To be fair, the Tellius games knew how to use its CGs to add emotion to a scene a scene painted like that can carry the emotions the faces aren't delivering. Shadow Dragon is one of the games I point at for doing both of these utterly wrong, and I really think the game suffers for it. As has been mentioned a bit, sorta with genealogy, with some requiring a certain number of love points, or being married. Honestly, I think its an interesting idea that I hope they come back to in latter games...
  3. Sad but true, I remember once time trying to listen through for memorable songs from FE6, this was one of my top entries...
  4. Since we are doing some music summoning let me go with this little pair
  5. Fun fact, that is lower than her base strength would be if I skipped Lyn mode...needless to say I dropped her after getting her sister.
  6. The sword doesn't chose anything, again this isn't Fates. Alm wouldn't have the sword unless he acted. That requirement for action is more than just blood. He doesn't know because he refuses to learn. Even if you ignore all of the moments where he denies all of the strange sign Alm knows that Clive has figured out a dark secret about him, and it is a very willful act to let him keep that secret. If Alm is clueless it is willfully so. Halycon's prophecy doesn't talk about freeing Valentia from the gods or slaying Duma, only that the branded will save Valencia. Celica asks Halycon herself about the prophecy, and ends up sacrificing herself to Duma, fully believing she is fulfilling the prophecy by returning power to the gods. Perhaps she is right, and both brand bearers being consumed by Duma could let Duma blessing fill Valencia, hence saving it from starvation like the prophecy predicted. Perhaps Rudolph is right and the only way for the branded to save Valencia is to kill the mad gods, saving Valentia from their madness. Alm has a moment where he has to chose what he believes is right, and its his choice to end Duma. Alm isn't the king of Rigel, he founds a new kingdom, a greater one than his "birthright", the One Kingdom of Valentia.
  7. That is kinda adorable. What is with the Nano (?) watermark on it?
  8. If you are posting a patch that can be applied to a rom, it wouldn't constitute piracy, but uploading the modified rom probably would. If nothing else you can try sending a message to one of the mods to help you get something started in the fan project section.
  9. And before he kills his father, he makes a very clear point that he doesn't want the throne, multiple time. It is only at the end, after he and Celica are reunited that he becomes King. I am referencing a lot of scenes around Act 3, where there is a plethora of evidence of his heritage, and he even has an argument with Clive about the fact the Alm knows that Clive has discovered some dark secret about Alms origin, and Alm goes out of his way to say that he wont press him on the matter. Until his willful ignorance kills his own father, he actively remains in the dark about his lineage. Indeed, the punishment Alm receives is far worse because it is permanent, while Celica's are transitory, made right before the game even ends. It mattered to Alm. When he first hears of the prophecy he doesn't believe it, and even after he learns it is his father's dying wish, Alm doesn't talk about it like its destiny, he talks about fulfilling that promise to the dead, and rescuing Celica. Alm earns the Royal Sword after he slays Desaix, pursuing him to his last defensive point. It wasn't simply his blood, but also his own actions that let him wield the Royal Sword. Even with the Falchion he had to pass through a set of trials to reach make it his to wield. If the Yato wasn't conveniently passed on to Corrin's kid in heirs of Fate I might actually believe you. Corrin is a royal of Valla, and even claims that throne at the end of Revelations, and every other legendary weapon associated with the Yato, that power it up, are all wielded by royals too, even in Heirs of Fate.
  10. Looks like there isn't much space left, how about add New IP ?!? Adorable new Kirby gimmick
  11. I don't think its that unusual, there is a local lake/reservoir in my area that regularly plants trout to give the fisherman more variety, and the monastery doing the same for these variety of Fodlan fish to encourage fishing in the lake (especially in this bizzaro world where fishing makes you better at teaching) doesn't seem that unreasonable.
  12. It isn't. You yourself brought up the quote where the developers said Berkut is what Alm would have been if he was raised in Rigel, and Berkut is not a good leader. If Alm's royal blood is what makes him a good leader, than Berkut would be a good leader too. Its more than just his lineage that lets him wield the royal sword, unlike Fates his swords don't magically fly into his hand, Alm has to earn it through his actions. He repeatedly rejects the idea of him becoming king. He willfully refuses to even learn the secret of his birth. He literally kills every other member of his lineage he meets. How much more fighting against his royal lineage does he need to do before you are satisfied? Alm is very explicit about not believing he is destined, even when he finally hears about the prophecy. While Celica's actions are guided by her belief in her destiny, Alm's are not. You could even interpret Alm pushing his destined partner Celica away in their argument when she confronts him with the idea of him becoming king as another moment where he defies his destiny. Outside of Alm trying to actively destroy the world, how else would he defy it? Clive almost betraying him after discovering his secret origin, Nuibaba trying to entrap him with magic thanks to his destiny, Rudolph setting up his elaborate plan to manipulate Alm to his misery, Berkut willingly embracing Duma's power because of Alm's lineage, Jedah trying to get Celica to feed Alm to Duma because of his brand. If none of these challenges hinder him, what would something that hinders him look like?
  13. Serenes Forest's Hint's and Secret's page for Genealogy of the Holy War (https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/miscellaneous/hints-and-secrets/) talks about the Valkyrie Staff glitch a little in their entry about getting the Balmung onto Holyblood versions of Ayra's kids
  14. I didn't mean to imply he had it from the beginning. Repeatedly he rejects the throne, lacking in that ideal until he accepts that he needs Celica's wisdom as well as his strength to rule. To quote myself from earlier I don't see the soul eating as Celica's ultimate failure, but her success. It isn't as one sided as it seems, although the later acts end up calling upon a lot of very old western themes (in this case very christian themes), which when filtered through a foreign lens lead to some strange feelings. Alm does wrong repeatedly. In that early argument on the roof with Celica, the game makes a point of having Alm chiding himself for not asking questions he should have about their shared past, that would have led to him discovering the truth about Celica, and let him avoid the touchy subject of her awful father that drove her to the point of tears. In multiple chapters he endangers prisoners with his hasty attacks (again the game points it out with special dialogue to emphasize that Alm's decisions are at fault if they die). When he kills his own father it is the result of his own willful ignorance; he is given all the evidence he needs to discover the truth, and the game even points out that Alm knows Clive has discovered some hidden truth about Alm, and yet he refuses to press him, to emphasize that fact that this blindness is willful. Alm may have a strength of both arms, and personality, but his lack of wisdom is shown repeatedly as a weakness of his. Sorry if this seems rushed, but I am feeling a bit too lazy to go find and copy one of the versions of this argument I made that includes numerous quotes (and a few more minor examples).
  15. [citation needed] You might want to reread the ending, where either Jesse, or Kamui become king of the lands once held by Greith despite their common birth. Or if you are looking for an earlier instance there is Lieutenant Forsyth. Or even earlier with Mycen being elevated from commoner to general even before the game began...You keep including easily disproven factual errors in your arguments about SoV... So Alm's noble blood leaves him incapable of having the right ideals to lead? That only holds water if you are still under the mistaken belief that noble vs. commoner was the theme they were going for. Like the ending shows, both common and noble can be king.
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