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  1. Oof, twice is a bit embarrassing. Once I get as the scripted crit in LNM makes the fight against Batta the Beast seen trivial when it isn't, and that leads to the kinda complacency that ends in dead Lyns. Why do I get the funny feeling there are going to be a few resets trying to kill Kishuna in this LP's future. The funniest thing about this Lyn is that you are going to have to under use your Lords to get Wallace back... After that stat booster he is looking alright... unfortunately he is the last of these crew to return. Hopefully his triumphant return doesn't come too late for him to be useful. What is it with screenshot LPs and amazingly blessed peg knights?
  2. Got to give one of the rarely used (but beloved) of Kinship's Bond, so take Rath. Poor guy almost never sees use.
  3. A lot of enemy phase tactics are kinda boring like that, unless the numbers are close enough that you have to plan things out. Maybe on a higher difficulty, or if you were insisting on using a joke character or two it might have been more interesting... My guess is from some of the reinforcements that warp in that corner. They keep coming late enough that your front line has probably moved further south, and the corner they arrive in is usually in the dark if you don't know they are coming. Fun fact Ena can transform on this map, although her doing so is not commented on in the dialogue.
  4. I guess the rest of the group is allowed to meat-shield then. Are you going to let Ike support? That strength is becoming worrying... Well it would be nice if he didn't have to throw it away thanks to a full inventory. Then again the four swords glitch means you will probably be fine for swords anyway.
  5. I am getting a little curious myself. I suspect it can be done, but probably not with the 10 units no prepromoted royals restriction I used when I completed Conquest Lunatic without Guard Stance on enemy phase. You simply wouldn't get enough actions, and the sorta offensive benchmarks you would need to avoid being overwhelmed would probably be too high to avoid using Camilla. Perhaps I will give it a try someday...
  6. Its time travel mechanics (like the movie Groundhog Day if you have ever seen it, but repeating a set of three days instead of one) make for a fascinating experience, with numerous interesting side-quests or tidbits depending on what you did to change character's routines throughout the day. Although I will note that a lot of art assets were reused from Ocarina of Time due to the strange development cycle it went through (if you are curious you can checkout the video below for more details). Their decision to make it almost entirely mages in HHM makes for an intense chapter with many of the most dangerous enemy types (like Valkyries, Seige tomes, Status Staves, and Luna Druids) making notable appearances. It coming after a lot of chapters either without shops (or where shopping is difficult to manage, like the Vaida chapter), so being cripplingly low on weapons before this massive rout chapter adds to its infamy. To quote a comment Alastor made about playing Thracia blind: ...I think there are like 3x that number if you trigger all the area based reinforcements, but I think you can face as few as 2x that number if you avoid all of the ones you are able to. Thanks for wishing me well. This may be the worst year in living memory, but it is clearly not the norm, and things have got to get better eventually.
  7. You could try for some challenge runs, as that was the answer I ended finding to the "what now" question. Unfortunately the unique nature of Radiant Dawn makes it difficult for the more standard Fire Emblem challenge runs you might start with, like an Ironman run (it can be done, but some of the gameover conditions that game imposes, and some of the restricted team comps *cough* only Micaiah and Dark Knight *cough* make for some frustrating moments), or Pick My Units (where forum members will pick the team you use, which is difficult to do thanks to the multipart format, and extremely restricted rosters of sections of it), so you might have to get a bit creative (like perhaps seeing how the game plays if you remove every skill the game lets you from all of the characters, or a range attack only run, etc. the ideas are endless really...)
  8. My favorite to read was probably Thracia 776, mostly because I like that game, and seeing the experience of a much blinder player going through that is entertaining, plus you made one of my favorite commentaries/critiques of that game as a whole:
  9. It is gambling, and should be regulated like gambling is. Whatever that entails for your country or state, that is what it should be, and if those laws need to tailored to better fit the unique form it has taken, than they should be. This unregulated gambling in video games is a cancer on the industry, but hopefully a little regulation will cut it back to become something at least a little more benign.
  10. Two things I will note here, first off while Ophelia and Leo tend to have comparable magic stats, Ophelia tends to have a higher cap which she doesn't hit (unlike Leo), making her one of the better long term candidates for the 3 Spirit Dust (or at least 2 of them) that you get throughout the game, which lets her hit harder in the more difficult parts of the late game with the same investment; second I tend to find that the second or third chapter I can use Leo (including his join chapter) is where the units that are going to promote at level 20, do so on Lunatic (and Ophelia is usually one of the earlier units to promote at 20 if I use her due to her high offensive utility leading to high xp kills), so its not a very long wait before she catches up with him. While it does, fixing speed issues often costs more team mobility and offensive potential than fixing bulk issues does, which gives Ophelia more offensive potential than Leo. Lets start by discussing how having units paired at the start of the turn reduces mobility. First it cost you actions, which beyond the obvious value in offensive potential, can also be used to extend the mobility of your team by letting a unit trade their action to let another unit use that first unit's full range, by letting them pairup, then moving the full range, switching to the first unit, and even transferring over to get an attack stance as well. On top of that it leaves you more open to using shelter to either open up space, or as a pseudo-dance by sheltering someone that has already acted, and then having another unit transfer said unit over, and immediately switching to them to let that unit act again (of particular note this can be used to get multiple true dances in a turn by doing this to Azura, and if you have access to another shelter you can transfer whomever transferred Azura over to get that second dance, thus isolating her to let another unit shelter Azura again to repeat the process...). Plus if you end up with actions left over they can be used to transfer and separate units out to maintain this level of offensive mobility. Now if a unit needs a pairup to reach a doubling threshold that increases their offensive potential, but if a unit can reach the same threshold without pairup, the attack stance (not to mention the extra action that if nothing else can trigger a stronger unit's attack stance) almost always gets you more offensive output. There are a lot of ways to fix bulk using skills. If you manage to get Corrin and Ophelia to C rank support on her paralogue you can increase her effective bulk by 10 by the next chapter with your positioning (technically 11, but it is rarely worth it for that +1) fairly easily (-2 damage from activating Corrin's supportive be using Corrin's attack stance [seeing as Corrin is one of the better front-liners that tends to be easy to setup], another -3 damage from Lily's Poise [ a bit harder positioning to setup, but Elise having healing utility, and both girls having pure 1-2 range after promotion keeps it from being too difficult to pull off without wasting an action on the setup, besides she might be close to the front lines anyway if you used Lily's poise to boost the bulk of whomever drew the enemies in, and even if it does cost her action keeping a larger separated force gives you more actions to work with], -2 damage from Gentilholme [the 2 range on it makes it easy to position for it if you need it], and +3 def/res from Horse Spirit as well; there is also a potential -1 damage from Camilla's Rose's Thorn, but setting up 3 range 1 skills is pushing thing a fair bit), and this potential extra bulk increases as the game goes on, as you can add +4 from rallies in the midgame, -2 damage from inspiration in the late, and another pair of -2 damages from one of Azura's dancer skills, and Izana's personal (although those last two are usually more trouble to setup than they are worth). Now you can increase speed a little bit as well, +3 from horse spirit, +3 from a dance (although having to use your dance as a buff is a massive restriction in mobility), and a +4 from rally speed in the mid or late game (you do have to go a little out of your way to get it midgame, but not too much as Selena can heart seal into it, Azura can as well, but more importantly pass it through partner/friend seal, and Shigure has it at base, in the lategame rally bot makes it easy to access though), as you can see there are some options, but you can't push it as far as you can with bulk. Also of note is that surviving a single counter attack, even with an attack stance usually isn't a massive threshold to cross with how many options available for increasing effective bulk (even tonics give an advantage to effective bulk, by having HP tonic as a second means of pushing it further than the usual +2 from other relevant tonics, and that additional +5 goes a long way). Additionally if you can get a strong enough single attack plus attack stance to kill it before the enemy counter (made easier with brave weapons, like the Lightning tome that Ophelia can use at base and gets in her paralogue) than bulk doesn't matter at all (as for accuracy to ensure survival, attack stance at minimum give +10, and potentially more with supports, Corrin's supportive can give another +10, and the heartseeker she has at base can effective increase that by 20 if need be as well). As one final note the +10 crit from Ophelia's personal become more relevant the more attack stances she is involved in (pushed even further if you have her use the Lightning tome on attack stance to roll the dice twice), whereas Leo's personal often ends up being wasted overkill thanks to the requirement that the enemy be injured (there is some potential synergy with the Maligknight's area damage skill, but it is cumbersome to use at best). Overall a 6 bulk deficit is easier to overcome without resorting to pairup than a 4 speed deficit is, and being able to function without a backpack increases offensive output and mobility. There are time where the defensive power, and stat boosts from pairup are worth the cost in mobility and offense, and there are plenty of units that can dish out more offensive potential thanks to speed offered by a backpack, but a unit that can function without one will give you greater offensive potential, and that is what the Ophelia and Leo comparison is all about.
  11. I know the Tellius games get a lot of flak for their slow enemy phases (thanks in no small part to their slow animations, even map animations), but I think this is the first time its been a noteworthy inconvenience. To be fair a part of that is because you had to redo the map, and it might have been commented on earlier if you needed to reset more... The real answer is that the bloodpact was a lazy story point that the writer didn't care enough about to flesh out, but if I had to do the writers job and craft a theory as to why, I would add two things, first that there is some way of determining when specific people would die to the blood pact (this would also conveniently make Ashnard's use of the blood pact to secure the throne make a bit more sense as well), second is that there would be some cost/consequence to invoking the bloodpact on Lekain's end. If those two things were established already there could be a scene where Lekain considers it, but finds that it would take too long to kill off anyone important for the personal cost to him I would speculate its for two reasons, first Micaiah reminds Yune of her other half, and second that those with an affinity for chaos tend to be overwhelmed by her presence (at least when she was in the medallion), and lash out with the overwhelming destructive kind of chaos that led to her drowning the world. Of all the games that have Authority/Leadership stars, this has got to be by far the worst implementation of them.
  12. Just figured I would point out that got dropped from the list somewhere in the confusion, as well as this suggestion getting missed. and if I get to suggest another it is time to defy all conventions and suggest Shiro in his basic Spear Master class.
  13. Many of the best are chosen already, but lets add Luck Immortality
  14. Sorry to tie it up at the last possible moment, but it felt like it was meant to be...
  15. Its interesting to see how these games interpret the beliefs and ideals of Kefka, although when Celes(?) starts talking about his "broken heart" it turned a bit Kingdom Hearts level of silly. If you want the massive amount of spoilery context for this one see the spoiler box below, but it is one of my favorite scenes from Babylon 5
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