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  1. I uploaded this here a while ago, but it should have it unlocked. Fire Emblem - Geneology of the Holy War.srm 8 kB · 4 downloads If not here are some instructions for finishing the game on this srm, which should unlock clever mode
  2. They are just making arrangements for when you finally move out ūüėČ (I know its the oldest pokemon joke in the book) If you squint it looks fairly good. NOT THE BEES!
  3. Part 28 Cue the Elevator Music Much as I want to bring up the old pen and paper RPG advice of don't split the party, the more I play RPGs the more I find this maxim doesn't hold true, but this is why you don't split the party, being attacked while you are separated puts you at a severe disadvantage that can end in a TPK. Thankfully an untrained Gunter conveniently drives the attacker off, somehow. This should be raising a red flag for Ryuuji, as he is one of the more competent combatants, and Gunter isn't. Gunter has been subtle in the previous chapters, but he is making his play now, as Gunter is clearly accusing whoever is down that corridor of being a traitor. Ryuuji shows some shrewdness here, by making sure he is able to directly influence whatever is about to occur. This is supposed to be the hint that gives Gunter away, but the game has kinda forgotten that Ryuuji literally says "The flower she'd pinned on has been burned away" in a scene where Gunter is present back in chapter 18, but This comment is supposed to make us forget bout that. Gunter has made a good choice for his fall girl, Azura has just been shown to have a fresh motive to see Ryuuji dead, as he is a potential claimant to her throne, but Ryuuji is going to trust Azura anyway, plus the assassin that killed his mother showing up in the middle of this dead end, indicates that there is either another way out of this corridor, or the villains can teleport anyway, making Azura being the only one down this dead end even weaker evidence of her betrayal. On a related note how does Ryuuji recognize that this is the same individual that killed his mother, when both have been covered by an identity obscuring cloak. Ok there is no way he is hiding that ludicrous headgear beneath the cloak we have seen earlier. Also these shocked reactions to dead relatives being their enemies is getting old, seeing as this is at least the third we have had. Sumeragi having the Ganglari both in his inventory, and in his art is a nice touch, if a little undercut by him never using it in the battle to come. As for the map I end up leaving Felicia behind because she has disappointed me with a lot of her levels, and Azura stays behind due to the cramped quarters of the map restricting her utility. This map is very cramped, as even at its most spacious (6 extra spaces that act as a doorway appear when the boss room unlocks) 64% of this map is inaccessible by any units (even fliers). I had 4 resets on this one, and after the first I got the group a meal which is probably the best buffs I could get for this map. We start out with half of our deployment slots in each entrance room, and even if I pair everyone up to get everyone in the same starting area, there is not enough room in the elevator to get the entire party into the next room , forcing me to split my forces (although I suppose I could have left Ophelia behind with a pairup, and warped her in after they arrived...). I decide to split thing evenly So the main gimmicks of this map are these elevators, as long as the doors can close, they will move back and forth between the 3 sectioned off areas that each can reach. I start by piling everyone into the elevators at the start. I will start with the north, Selena gets all the rallies she can, and needs to crit both the Spear Masters coming in to keep them from holding the doors, but with over 50 crit and doubling she does that easily. In the south I have Azama intentionally blocking the doors with a defense stance to help hold off the Sword Masters. I do this so I can envelop the center room like so. My first two resets on this map basically boil down to the northern elevator being just as trapped in place as the southern one, not having the room to maneuver my troops and then being slowly overwhelmed, but now the Northern group can eliminate the mixed range forces that are otherwise pinning in the troops in the south. Silas starts by chipping a Ninja, Elise then finishes it with his attack stance and her bolt axe, Mitama then trades her to the lightning to get a more reliable attack stance to exactly kill the Onmyoji, and Selean crit kills the other Ninja. Azama easily kills the one he chips. Caeldori gets a bit unlucky when the Sword Master manages to hit a low 20% hit on the counter attack against her, but it dies, and she levels Then Beruka one shots the Onmyoji with her attack stance. Then things get a little spicy as my calculations are off by one, so Nina doesn't manage to kill the last Sword Master after a Soleil hit, thankfully the Venge Katana is far less dangerous on enemy phase, and after dropping Sakura with Oboro into range to let Ophelia warp kill the Master of Arms with a horse spirit. Ophelia lives the Sword Master hit, and it dies enemy phase. Unfortunately I forgot to have one of the northern group hold the elevator door, so they have to wait as it goes back down to ground floor and back. Azama is still holding the door in the south, so Beruka, Caeldori, Oboro, Soleil, Nina, and Sakura pile in to deal with the southern room. Next turn Elise hits the first dragon vein as she is waiting for the elevator. Meanwhile in the south everyone pairs up to reduce space, to keep only units with resistance that can counter at range in the Onmyoji's ranges. The flier pair move out of Kinshi range, as Soeil finishes the Onmyoji, and Sakura trades her over to a handaxe to keep the enemies from getting a free hit. The north is starting to impatiently, but pointlessly hit the call elevator button. In the south all the pairs switch to their undamaged sides, as Oboro kills the Kinshi, Caeldori kills the Onmyoji that followed, and Beruka chips the Oni with the raider sword (but more importantly draws those bows closer). In the North the elevator finally arrive and everyone files in. The Oni retreats to get healed (one of the Onmyoji has a wane festival that covers most of the map, but it moronically moves anyway), and both Merchant move forward. Ophelia warps in to get a free Calamity gate kill on the Merchant that still has a lance equipped, and Beruka levels on the attack stance hit. Sakura grabs the kill on the bow wielder, while Oboro (with the dual yumi to anticipate next turn) and Soleil deal with the fleeing Oni from range (and hoping to bait some of the further back ones to using their underwhelming magic). The Onmyoji is survivable by all. In the north Elise, and Selena get all the rally buffs they can, and both prepare their ranged axes to face the first Master Ninja. Back in the south every enemy except the last Kinshi moved in. Soleil switches to the less injured Beruka to kill the Onmyoji that hit her, Ophelia levels killing the nearest Oni, Oboro uses the guard naginata to trivialize the other Onmyoji, and block in the last Oni, while Sakura switches to Caeldori to draw in that Kinshi. In the north the Master Ninja went for the sword hit on Selena, and she managed to surprise me by hitting on enemy phase, so Elise finishes it player phase. I move Selena a space forward to try and convince the next Ninja to also switch to a sword. Azama move in behind due to me forgetting to heal her before she moved, so he equips the bolt naginata to technically be able to counter (the only damage he deals is from buffing personal skills), and avoid being doubled. In the south, Oboro levels by slaughtering the Kinshi. Then Sakura heals Oboro (and herself) and Ophelia separates Caeldori away from her, and Soleil adds some more chip to the last Oni with a sunrise katana. With the northern front things don't go according to plan as only a further back Master Ninja moved, but it took enough chip hitting Selena that the Falcon Knight spent its turn range healing. Azama manages to get a healing level, while he heals Selena and transfers Ryuuji to Elise. Next Selena moves forward and kills the Falcon Knight, and Elise moves in behind to finish the still fairly wounded Ninja with the boltaxe. The Oni in the south backed up for the free magic hit, so Oboro moves in and switches to Nina to give her the kill. Then Sakura heals Soleil, and she seperates with Beruka, and Caeldori approaches the dragon vein. In the north the other Master Ninja's stubborn refusal to move have forced my hand. First Silas and Elise move in and lunges them closer. Next Selena levels killing the closer one while luring in an eastern Spear Master to its death. Then Mitama finishes the other with a Silas attack stance, while Azama heals Selena back up to full. Finally Ophelia warps, in to finish the Spear Master in the corner with the Calanity Gate, but transfers Ryuuji over to make the unlikely event that it hits no longer be fatal for Ophelia. Now things get extra complicated as I have triggered both the reinforcements at once. Those southern reinforcements were the cause of another reset, as the last time they spawned, far too many of the units there were paired up to be able to deal with them, they spawned such that some of my units were physically incapable of escaping the Ninja's kill radius, and the elevators were in wrong places. Hence the separation of units in the south over the last couple of turns in preparation for the reinforcements. Both sets showing up at the same time was a little unexpected as I thought they had a timing trigger similar to the last set of reinforcements where they are offset by a turn, but they are clearly triggered instead. In the south I start with Sakura hitting the Oni with a flame shuriken, for Beruka to finish with her attack stance. Next Caeldori kills a Ninja with the Sakura attack stance, and Soleil chips the final one to let Nina level on the kill The northerners started by having Selena equip the dual club, to give Mitama the level and kill on the first Onmyoji with the illusory Yumi and her attack stance. Fortunately the Merchant has its Naginata equipped initially, so Elise can level chipping the other Onmyoji, and Azama can finish it without fearing death from a bow attack stance. Finally Selena crit kills the Merchant, so Silas can defense rally her for the other Spear Master, and Ryuuji triggers the northern dragon vein. The south is clear of enemies, but I need another turn to reach the dragon vein (which is fine as I need another turn to clear the north of enemies) Speaking of the north, Selena finally swaps to my mixed tank Rhajat to draw in the last of the foes there, with plenty of rallies to boost. To finish off the north next turn Silas moves out of the way to let MItama fill the Falcon Knight with arrows, as Rhajat finishes the Oni she crippled with a far more reliable lightning, and Elise uses her own lightning with Rhajat's lightning attack stance to clear the last Oni. With this clear the south activates its dragon vein to release the boss chamber. This triggers some reinforcements in the north, so after some healing and a defense rally Rhajat draws them in, while the south await their own reinforcements next turn. So I start by having Azama speed and luck rally everyone but Rhajat. Rhajat doesn't manage to hit with enough of her chip attacks to keep Mitama from really suffering to kill the first Mechanist, and Elise takes a heavy hit killing the other (speed rally lets her double for the kill). Silas adds a little chip to the Basara, but Ophelia is the the one to finish it off. In the south I let Sakura draw in the lone Mechanist of their brand new reinforcements. Next turn the north has nothing to do but get a little healing in. In the south Soleil finishes the Mechanist, Sakura chips the first Basara, Obora chips the second, for Ryuuji to miss the killing blow on the first after being warped in, and Caeldori kills the second. Back with the northern troops Rhajat tries to draw in some of the boss room's mooks without pulling out Sumeragi. As the Basara in the south failed to draw any of the healers out enemy phase despite heading back as far as he could begging for help. So Nina finishes him after he sunken-heartedly watched the boss door shut in his face, while Sakura heals her husband. My plan in the north works too well as the enemies clog up the door trying to reach, so I pull back further to let the boss chamber move back to the south next turn. Rhajat levels killing the sniper enemy phase. So Silas moves in to chip the Master of Arms behind the dead Sniper, then Ophelia warps in (sans Ryuuji, as it was critical to leave his convoy in the south) to finish it with lightning, and add her attack stance to Elise melee kill on the other Sniper in melee, and Mitama's shinning bow kill on the other Master of Arms, for Rhajat to switch back to Selena for an easy Great Mater kill. In the south I prepare to draw our Sumeragi. I start by having Caeldori seperate Ryuuji out to have the convoy adjacent to my defensive point. Soleil is going to draw him out after grabbing a Nohrian blade, and a last minute defense tonic from the convoy (Ophelia has been adding random tonics to the convoy thanks to her Witch's Brew ability so I had one lying around), and have Sakura transfer Beruka over for an extra 4 defense, her own 2 damage reduction aura, plus letting Soleil get 2 more from Sisterhood with Beruka. But I forget to account for two things, first that the +5 from sword faire isn't shown on a unit's attack on their menu screen, and second that half of Berkua and Sakura's guard gauge gets transferred. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that +5 damage on enemy phase, which would have let him kill with an astra proc, but a second looks showed she would have gotten a block on the last hit to save her. He didn't proc astra anyway so it ended up being a moot point This is from between Soleil's attacks on enemy phase. After Nina and Oboro finish the last healer off, I let Sakura finish off her father for a level. And undue all the hole she put in him? Thankfully this is one of those unhealable fatal wounds you see in video games that magic can't fix for "reasons". He still lives long enough to have some dying words with everyone. Including an episode of How I Meet Your Mother with Ryuuji. Much as I joke it is interesting that they fell in love before Mikoto's exile from Valla. Although this love at first sight was probably while he was still married to the mother of his other children, as Ryuuji is described as a new born when Mikoto is exiled, and Sakura is younger than Ryuuji. Despite how Ryuuji-centric his final words are he does say goodbye to his blood children. We are coming up on the final stretch as there are only 3 parts left, chapter 26 (already completed, but I will not get a chance to get a write-up posted until some time next week), chapter 27 + endgame (as 27 is a trivial 1 turn clear), and for a finisher my final thoughts on all of the units of this PMU.
  4. I tried to watch a youtube lets play of this game before, and the tedium of this section is a big part of why I stopped watching.
  5. As one of those crazy people that enjoys catching them all, this has deflated my expectations for this game a lot. Catching them all has always been one of the big draws to the franchise for me, and even when you get to the transfer stage of things, trying to minimizing the number of transfers while still reaching a state where the dex is completable, the varied process of progress depending on the evolutionary stage being transferred, and the filling of holes necessary after the trading away of exotic pokemon that ends up occurring over time, each have their own joys to them. When I found the nation dex missing from Sun/Moon, it felt like the enjoyable postgame evaporated from it, and the lack of backwards compatibility in Gen 3 almost drove me away from the franchise entirely. Here is hoping they reverse this policy, or circumvent it like 3rd gen by introducing compatibility with future remakes/games to fill the gaps.
  6. That is so clearly in Xanders character that you must be right. I can't believe I missed that, and it does add a fair bit of credence to your theory there. They needed to find a way of changing her fight in some noticeable way (perhaps by adding some skills, or a reclass, or have her use a dragon vein, etc.) to keep it from getting as stale as it was. My instinct is to shout show don't tell, but to be fair setting up an ominous atmosphere takes time they didn't have, and a level of competency these writers only sometimes display. They do try to reinforce this sense by turning out the lights before Mikoto arrives. ...Ryuuji, you know what is going on, you were fighting Azura's revived mother just last chapter And trying to learn from his former naivete he cuts her down ...almost. To answer Ryuuj's obvious question, with his own statements Mikoto shows a bit of craftiness by giving Ryuuji valid advice to establish some trust between them. Interesting that her sprite disappears with time so Ryuuji is staring into the empty space she no longer occupies in these images. Its almost like he's seen a ghost. (sorry that was corny) I give the stealth route one solid try, and I take about 40 turns grabbing the chests and getting through all the doors with Nina, but its clear when I open up the boss room that even if I warp a pair in, someone too physically squishy to survive a round will be vulnerable when she opens the last door. This means I need to stealth an entire strike force instead of just Nina if I want the stealth finish, and that is more tedium than I want to suffer through (and it would be fairly boring to describe anyway). I take another reset before I give the team a speed meal with a mostly useless resistance flair and clear on the next try. As for the team, I let Elise, Mitama, and Oboro take a breather, as they are a level above the average (and flight isn't massively useful on this map like the last two). Azura also stays out of this one. So first turn Azama sets off the alarm, with Rhajat, Sakura, Felicia, Nina, Beruka, and Ophelia staying behind to deal with the reinforcements that spawn behind the starting area. So Nina hits the Great Master that spawned with a handaxe, with Sakura attack stance, which spreads savage blow chip to all three. Then Felicia finished it. Rhajat chips the Sword Master with Felicia attack stance, to let Sakura kill it for a level. Finally Ophelia finishes the Onmyoji with Sakura attack stance to get her a level too. Next Selena range chips the Kinshi that spawned in the center, and Soleil kills it. Azama then uses speed rally so that Soleil is also fast enough to not be doubled by the Ninja with a handaxe. Which convinces it to switch to swords. A Merchent and Kinshi from the east are clogging up that norther corridor with their lances so Selena range chips the Kinshi for a level. This lets Ophelia warp in to kill the Merchant behind the Kinshi, and Beruka shelters her out of the way to safely. Next Azama range chips the Sword Ninja and lets Soleil kill it with her own sword. Ryuuji uses the drgonstone+ with a Selena attack stance to finish the Kinshi. Silas adds a defense rally to those having to take an arrow, and Caeldori seperates Ophelia out of the shelter. Just a Sword Master and Great Master spawned in the starting area, and the same process as above I defeat them for a Felicia level. Beruka finishes the Kinshi that chipped her, Ryuuji chips the Merchant that fired an arrow at him for Silas to finish (even with WTD he has over 100 hit, with his 3 highest supports surrounding him). Soleil blocks the path the last Kinshi that has failed to move would use to attack anyone else, as Azama heals. Soleil levels on the enemy phase chip, for Caeldori to finish it, and we breakout of the first room. I probably should have waited a turn at the door, as the two Mechanist and two Basara that spawn to the east would have been far easier to deal with if more of my troops were through the door, but I manage. The paroling troop ends up pushing two of the spawns down a space. I start by having Ryuuji miss the nearest Mechanist with the dragonstone+, which sets up my early attack stances. Next Selena adds a strength rally to Silas and Soleil. Next off Silas lunges the other Mechanist closer in with a javelin, and Azama finishes it with the bolt naginata to double (both with Ryuuji attack stances) for a level. Then Ophelia warps in to kill the other debuffed Mechanist. Then Sakura pairs with Beruka and transfers her over to Ophelia to get an attack stance against the nearest Basara, which Ophelia crits to kill. Then Soleil chips that last, and Felicia catches a ride with Nina, transfers her to Soleil to get the attack stance, and only just barely finish the last one. The guard is alive, but is so pathetically weak at this point that I ignore it. Next turn I delay more than I should, thinking the next round of reinforcements are timing or kill based instead of area based, and the following turn the reinforcements from the other side are almost upon us. To be fair the one combat reset I had was in this section, so the caution was perhaps warranted. The enemy's crit isn't enough to crack Selena, and Beruka picks up the easy Ninja kill on player phase. Felicia and Caeldori manage to grab a range kill on one Sword Master using attack stances of opportunity. Sakura, and Nina try to finish the other from range, but Ryuuji has to finish the job. Silas and Azama chip the last Ninja, and Rhajat pairs with Selena to reach, and transfers Selana to Azama, and trade his weapon to get an accurate enough attack stance to nab the kill. Sakura manages to level by healing as Nina charges forward to get close to the chest, and trigger the other reinforcements. Two more Mechanists and a Basara spawn to the east, and 2 Sword Masters and a Master Ninja in the West. I start by having Ophelia try to wipe out a Basara, but without supportive and dragon hex support she is just short after both her and Selena miss their crits. Next Silas breaks up any possible enemy attack stances with a lunge for a level. Then Sakura heals Selena, and gives Rhajat the room to level killing the Basara Next Ryuuji finishes the lunged Mechanist with a sword for a level Then Beruka chips the last Mechanits from range, Sakura range heals her and positions herself to give Caeldori an attack stance, for her to kill it for the fourth level this turn. Azama heals from the convoy and I move Nina back a bit before the last enemies approach. Next turn I get close enough to convince those reinforcements to start moving (or at least some of them as their AI is very lazy) , with Selena using her speed to safely draw in the Master Ninja with a handaxe. Another Ninja crit on Selena, so she backs off a little to let Beruka with a Nina attack stance finishing the Master Ninja for a level on both. Felicia chips the Sword Master for Caeldori to finish him (although she takes a vantage hit despite her avoid... not my luckiest chapter so far). Nina grabs the chest, and Silas draws in the Sword Master that decided to sit on his duff with a swordcatcher. I start by opening the door by having Beruka pair with Azama, moving their max distance, separating a space closer to the door, to let Nina pair with Ophelia to warp and swap to Nina, finally opening it. Mommy dearest has some new advice that Ryuuji is just naive enough to fall for. I let Felicia finish the crippled Sword Master for a level as everyone else heads towards the door. The two Master of Arms and two Great Masters that spawn next to the doors are a bit too far away to wipe out this turn so I pull back just a little, and let a healed Selena draw in the first hit. With one dead to Selena crits on enemy phase the rest get steam rolled by my waiting army, as the two Mechanists and two Merchants are just coming into view. I let Rhajat draw the first blow this time. And steam roll this group comfortably as well, with the spare action to send Nina forward to activate the last of the reinforcement for this room. I grab the image for the start of next turn instead of the end of this one, it better shows off the new reinforcements (Ok my phone was getting bombarded by group texts which threw off my standard pattern for taking images for a couple of turns here, but it does kinda work better when reinforcements show up) I head west to wipe out the nearer group of reinforcements. Nina charges back to pair with Ryuuji to give him the extra move to chip the Great Master, Sakura heals him, Rhajat finishes it with a Ryuuji attack stance, and Selena transfers and separates Nina away. Felicia chips one Master of Arms with Ryuuji attack stance for Soleil to finish it. Caeldori then adds a ranged chip to the other, with Azama trying to finish it with her attack stance, but they are just short of killing it so Silas gets to finish it instead. Somehow the other reinforcements actually bother to move, and they have already split their forces a bit, so Selena draws in the Mechanist to the south while Soleil draws in the Merchants to the north with Nina grabbing the first chest in this room. They are no problem to deal with but I end up missing the image for this turn. Sorry. With the enemies in this room done it is time to do something foolish. I am kinda curious about the trap room, as you only see its contents if you fall for the trap, and there is clearly a safe way of setting it off as you will see. This takes a few turns of positioning without any action, as I have everyone except Nina and Beruka enter the previous room (the trap only damages people in the room with the door) and Nina needs to loot the last chest anyway, so I will skip strait to the door opening Its a trap! This does feel somewhat narratively fitting to do, as Ryuuji is trusting enough to follow Mikoto's instructions, but has the caution to not put all his eggs in one basket (its similar to how he dealt with Anthony in a way). Everyone else is safe in the other room and doesn't take damage, as Beruka shelters Nina to put them both into Rescue range of the previous chest room So a Master Ninja and Basara spawn in the trap room the turn it opens, and are appearantly the only thing that moves, although it takes about 2 turns for use to reach threatening ranges of each other. Selena levels on the enemy phase chip. And Rhajat levels finishing it and after Soleil range chips the Basara, Ophelia kills it for a level and my two shelterers get them out of range of the enemies in the trap room, and a bit of repositioning occurs The AI of the enemies in the trap room is on the level of a goldfish, as they just let us pick them off from the other sides of the wall without reacting, as long as I shelter (and separate) people out of their range afterwards. Even leaving one damaged doesn't get them to move. And having a unit in range only gets the bare minimum two to move, one to attack the other to pointlessly try to attack stance. I probably could have done that faster, but when the fish are already in a barrel, why toss them back in the sea before shooting. I get a bit fancy with my lunges while finishing the last of them off, getting Sakura a level by killing an Oni that got lunged through a wall (another start of turn instead of end of turn one here as well) I have another turn positioning and healing to finish this the turn that last door opens. With Nina opening the door, Rhajat chips the Oni so Soeil can grab both his silver club and a level. Then Beruka range lunges Mikoto closer, and gets the spy shuriken into Ophelia's warp range Unfortunately a bit of number crunching with the spy shuriken Ninja shows that despite doubling with darting blow Caeldori will be 2 damage short of the kill even if I transfer to get the Beruka attack stance, so I have to try for an Ophelia crit instead and merely hit. Not that big of loss seeing as no member of the PMU is capable of getting the weapon ranks needed to wield it. Next I have Silas lunge Mikoto even closer, so Ryuuji can dramatically get the boss quote and kill. I pickup all the chip and healing xp I can before finishing and Felicia manages to disappoint me with a blank level. Finally Ryuuji manages to kill the corpse of his mother. The tragedy of time; once lost or spent or squandered it cannot be returned. That went to a very yandere place very quickly. you were never paired-up to begin with. Ryuuji level on the kill. Don't worry Mikoto, Ryuuji understands. Its an interesting coincidence that she singles out Sakura in particular, before getting to the bench-warmers. This kinda reminds me of that icon Japanese commercial for the Mother 1/Earthbound Zero, except there is no guaranteed masterpiece here. So Arete's dragon blood was from the Vallanite royal line. There is either some implied incest in Arete's past, or far more importance has been placed on the deceased King Consort of Valla, than should have. Also seems Azura may have a rival to the throne, and if some enemy were to find out perhaps they could use this information to drive a wedge into the team/ Interesting indeed my friend. Next up we have a knife fight in the elevators with Blades Drawn.
  7. I've always thought a succession crisis would make for an interesting Fire Emblem game.
  8. I remember an old Gamefaq entry on efficiently completing the Support Library for Path of Radiance, findable here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gamecube/920189-fire-emblem-path-of-radiance/faqs/75321
  9. The name of your FE4 rom hints that it has the Gharnef translation patch applied, does that indicate that the Project Naga translation patch for FE4 and Project Exile translation patch for FE5 do not work with this emulator due to the Rom expansion?
  10. When Marth gets the Fire Emblem he gains the ability to open chests like a thief, so after chapter 6 you kinda do.
  11. Part 26 Double Agents and Double Death chapter 23 Poor Ryouma. Her killer is still unknown, and this lack of resolution is eating him, but he has a solid theory One of us is a traitor, and I wonder who it could- Oh how nice of Gunter to weigh in on this subject, adding his suspicion only after someone else brought it up. Boy it sure would... ...I guess Ryouma jinxed it by talking about her as has been revived to toy with our emotions. I'm kinda glad Ryouma wasn't part of the PMU as I would feel compelled to see whatever boss conversation they have. This is another chapter that is made easy with so many fliers, so no food again, but I did have a reset when a miss in the high 90s let a Mechanist live long enough to use its bow enemy phase. The gimmick of this one is that non flyers have to crowd onto these tiny 4 space platforms to move between multiple parts of the map. I end up trying to minimize ground units, so Sakura, Felicia, Beruka, and Azura are left behind. This leaves only 5 units that have to take the moving platform (Ophelia's warp lets her skip it). So I start by having Oboro hitting the Spear Master with a swordcatcher drop with an arrow, then Elise attacks the Sniper in melee with some lightning (and the savage blow drops the Spear Master into death range), and Oboro levels off the attack stance hit. Then Azama moves in to give an attack stance to Mitama, who paired with Silas to reach an attacking space to switches back to Mitama and transfers him over to Azama to kill that Spear Master with an attack stance, netting both Mitama and Azama a level. Ophelia warps over to one round the other nearby Spear Master with a calamity gate, and give Nina the attack stance hit boost to make the Sniper kill reliable. The ground bound folk gather on the moving platform. The platforms behave very weirdly when flying units are occupying spaces, for example here two of the infantry units were forced onto the next island. Well Selena attacks the nearest Basara, but misses the crit, so Ophelia finishes it, and Azama heals her. Then Elise hits it with a doubling horse spirit, and she lands a 3% crit after a far more likely Selena crit for the kill and a great level. I then use that extra movement the platform pushing gave the Caeldori Rhajat pairup, plus some Kinshi pairup and separate strats to get my four remaining infantry onto another platform. I also intentionally place Nina into the platform's final location but She ends up being pushed out of the way instead. If anyone knows how these platforms actually work please share, I am kinda curious now. The enemy Kinshi that rode a platform with Scarlet doesn't have a bow equiped so it gets Obowroed. Next Nina range chips Scarlet, and after the savage blow she has 1 hp for Silas to finish her. Selena separates the Azama that got transferred to Nina first. Next Ryuuji hits the one Spear Master with a dragonstone+, and Rhajat finishes it with lightning for more effective accuracy. Then Ophelia warps in to kill another with the calamity gate. Next Elise pairs with Mitama to get her the extra move to chip that furthest one with a shinning bow for Caeldori to finish it (although she gets hit back by its <30 accuracy attack). Finally Soleil separates Elise away from Mitama and onto a platform. Nina pairs with Oboro and transfers to Rhajat to reach that first chest. Caeldori catches a ride with Mitama to the central island for an Azama heal; as Ryuuji pairs with Ophelia to warp back to the central island, and add an attack stance to Selena as she draws in a Spear Master. Elise adds her skill and Silas adds a defense rally to reduce the amount of damage she could possibly take. Selena gets a terrible level enemy phase killing the Spear Master. Caeldori (with Selena attack stance), Soleil, and Silas brute force their way through the Oni Chieftain's defense for a Silas level on the kill. Rhajat gets transferred to Oboro to get her back to the central island. Selena takes advantage of her speed being higher than the Ninja Masters, letting her counter it enemy phase with a handaxe without being doubled. Azama heals her, while Ryuuji and Elise use their personal skills to let her embarrass the poor Ninja. Soleil puts the poor Master Ninja out of its misery for an excellent level. Elise continues the attack stance chain by chipping the Mechanist from range for Caeldori to finish it. Selena chips the Basara, and Ryuuji manages to get the kill after trade switching Selena back to the killer axe. This frees up Azama to heal Elise, Silas and Ophelia to position themselves on the other side of the island, and Mitama to add a pairup to Oboro as she convinces an Onmyoji and Sword Master to take a ride on the platform trying to hurt her. I should have dealt with the Falcon Knight first as its range covers where those two ended up. Caeldori starts by catching a ride with Elise to kill the Onmyoji for a level. Then Selena moves in with a dual club to give some attack stances as first Ophelia chips the Sword Master with magic, Silas shelters her to get separated away by Azama for the kill with Rhajat. Everyone else move towards that platform, with half of my flyers waiting just beyond enemy ranges where it will arrive. I hope this platform displacement isn't random, but it seems kinda random so far. So Silas finishes the Falcon Knight, with Rhajat tagging along. Then Azama uses that space to give everyone there his double rally. Next Oboro, and Nina chip the Sword Master with a dual katana, and Caeldori grabs the kill. Nina suffers through a terrible level thanks to the chip. Then Ophelia warps to lightning the Sword Master at the bottom, and Mitama drops uncomfortably low on health killing it with a lance due to vantage (and trade equips Ophelia's horse spirit for a bit more bulk on enemy phase). The Spear Master misses Caeldori enemy phase, and Silas flies close enough to let Rhajat finish. Oboro and Mitama use her lightning attack stance to kill the Sword Master that couldn't reach, and Rhajat levels on an attack stance hit. Then Caeldori drops Elise close enough to let Ophelia warp kill the Sniper with lightning for a level. Nina grabs the first chest on that island. Azama heals Mitama a bit and enters the healing formation for her personal skill; as the infantry on the central island start heading towards the last platform there. I have a turn that is mostly repositioning, but of note is some of the infantry are healing from the convoy, and Nina grabs the last chest. Next turn has a little complication when a Master Ninja spawned on the fort between the chests, so Oboro heads back to chip and debuff it to let Nina kill with her attack stance. Most of the reinforcements on this chapter spawn on forts far enough away that I didn't bother with them. One more turn of positioning before the action really starts, as I get my fliers in position, and wait for the platform to be where I want. So Elise convinces an Onmyoji and Master of Arms to take a ride on the platform, and convinces a Mechanist into moving into a vulnerable position Ryuuji finishes the Onmyoji, Caeldori chips the Master of Arms for Soleil to finish it, all while getting on the platform (with Selena as well). Elise kills the Mechanist while it still has a shuriken equipped (she missed a hit here on my one reset, this time I waited a little longer for more fliers to be in position to fix a miss that did not occur). Oboro and Nina manage to finish one Master of Arms safely from range, and Silas adds some free chip on the remaining one as well. Ryuuji setups the attack stance to let Selena and Nina take the last Master of Arms down. Elise takes advantage of a full guard gauge to get some chip on a Sniper, but the Great Master heals most of it off. The brave tome Onmyoji is threatening enough that I don't push in far enough to reach the Great Master, and feel especially limited in space. I let Selena wipe out the Sniper, and she gets trade equipped to the dual club for attack stance accuracy. Oboro chips one Sword Master with a dual yumi, but the attack stance misses so he it isn't in vantage range, so Ophelia goes for the melee lightning kill despite some danger and gets the kill. With a pairup to prevent attack stances I use my Maligknights high resistance to chip the other Sword Master from only Snake Spirit range, and Caeldori goes for the kill, but things get a bit complcated as it hits the low 20s hit chance with vantage making things a bit of a nail bitter. Azama manages ti heal her up enough that Silas can rally her into a safe range, while Soleil blocks anyone from reaching Ophelia, but has to take an Enfeeble. Oboro kills the Snake Spirit Onmyoji to relieve a lot of the pressure. Ophelia uses the lightning to kill the Great Master that attacked Soleil, (she moves back a litlle and gets healed by Azama) while Caeldori switches to Rhajat for some good old fashion horse spirit tanking to draw in the Master of Arms around Arete.The Maligknights move on to chipping another Sword Master, for a level on Elise, as Selena pairs with Silas to deal with a Master Ninja reinforcement before it becomes a problem using her handaxe and sufficient speed to avoid being doubled. The remaining Onmyoji heals the Sword Master, and the Master Ninja decides to use its far less dangerous sword. A Dual club and Azama hit takes care of the Ninja. One Master of Arms dies to Ophelia, and after gets taken down by Caeldori after a ranged Soleil chip. Oboro hits the healed Sword Master thanks to its dual katana, for Elise to switch to Mitama to finish it, as Nina carts Ryuuji into position to take the Onmyoji down with the Yato for a level. I let Oboro chip the boss for a level, and I try to do the same with Mitama, but she manages to miss one and crit the other for the kill and level. I decide to move on, so Ophelia warps to sieze. Arete in the final moments before her double death seems to regain her memories I'm with Ryoma on this one. This seems like a trap and I wouldn't have risked it, but Azura follows her heart here, and is rewarded with an extra farewell. And Arete is proud of her daughter's craftiness.
  12. Maybe, but as Chapter 24 will show, Fire Emblem stealth missions tend to kinda suck Part 25 Mind Readers Chapter 22 Lets start with some weapon rank related preps. Elise hit C rank tome so she gets a lightning tome, Mitama just managed C rank bows, so she can use a shining bow; and Nina reached D rank axe, and gained a handaxe for ranged physical damage. This chapter isn't very hard with so many fliers on my side, so no trips to the food court, but I did nab a reset forgetting that Mecanists get bows as their alternate weapon type. Now back to the story. Seeing as Elise was born after Azura's capture, which is well into her exile, she must have been very yo- ...Young enough that her mother still had to lead her by the hand sounds about right. That is a very dark commentary on the nature, and mentality behind Monarchy. Azure, why didn't you recognize her when she was the boss of - ...Ok this is getting a little surreal Doesn't he know that this is what happened to his slime father. ...I think the writers have stopped anticipating my commentary. It is kinda interesting that she doesn't have Arete's memories, or pretends to have them, like Garon or Mikoto. All right onto the chapter. Ophelia is still a level above the group, as is Caeldori, so they warm the bench on this one. Its also interesting to note that barring Arete (and the faceless I suppose) every enemy on this map is of a Hoshidan class. Selena starts by crit killing the Sniper for a level. Then Beruka, and Silas trade Selena to the dual club to try and range chip the lower Sword Master, but he is evasive enough that even after Elise tries to lightning him, Mitama has to finish him with a bronze lance (and takes a Vantage hit in return that Azama ranges heals a bit away) for a level. The other Sword Master dies to Oboro using a dual yumi, and thankfully Mitama had an unlikely miss on her attack stance, so Soleil gets the kill (and a level) without having to face a Vantage attack. Rhajat draws in the Spearmen from the south with the horse spirit plus supportive and quiet strength to take the hit. Nina is also nearby to deal with these southern enemies, and Azura uses her dance to get Felicia closer to the northern group Beruka takes a hard hit from the Onmyoji with Spear Master attack stance (Soleil traded her to a bronze lance before so she isn't doubled), and Rhajat is hurt by the Spear Master with another's attack stance hit. Soleil kills the Onmyoji, but has to take a hit from it. Selena gets into position to give Beruka her attack stance against the Spear Master, although with no crit Silas nabs the level, and kill instead. With this space Felicia gives Soleil a range heal to finish the news in the north. Next Mitama kills an approaching Falcon Knight and gives Oboro an attack stance against one of the Great Masters in the forest, and Azama finishes it. The south is a lot trickier, as Rhajat and Ryuuji missed all their attacks on enemy phase. Sakura starts by chipping the first Spear Master, to give Nina the axe kill. Next Ryuuji moves in to chip the other with a dragonstone+, and give Rhajat a +20 hit to let her comfortably kill the Sniper that followed behind with lightning. Finally Elise kills the remaining Spear Master after a dance with a ranged boltaxe hit. Mitama has to rely on that air superiority avoid to dodge the Falcon Knight attack stance with the Great Master in the woods, so on player phase she one shot the Falcon Knight, and Oboro and Azama repeat their last turn on the other Great Master, for a level on both. Things are slow in the north as Felicia heals Beruka, Beruka draws in the Faceless, Selena gives her a strength rally (and an attack stance on enemy phase), and Silas adds a defense rally. Things are slow in the south as well, with Sakura healing Rhajat, and Ryuuji healing from a convoy vulnerary. Nina and Elise can't quite kill the nearest Master of Arms (it runs to the fort to heal), but Elise levels on the chip anyway. Next turn Selena range chips the faceless, for Beruka to finish it, and Felicia heals her. Next Mitama sets up the attack stance for Oboro, Azama heals Mitama, Oboro chips the uninjured Master of Arms, Elise finishes it, and Nina kills the 1 health one on the fort. Sakura does some healing but otherwise that is the turn. Next turn Beruka gets into position to draw in a Spear Master, Selena gives her a strength rally and attack stance, with the rest of the north following behind. In the center, Rhajat kills the Oni Chieftain that is approaching with a lightning for a level Ryuuji finally activates a Dragon Vein to follow the fliers, Azura dances so he can move forward with Sakura. Azama gives Mitama his double rally, and she bullies the spy yumi Sniper with a shinig bow (to get effective damage on the Falcon Knight that heals him instead of attacking on enemy phase). While Nina loots the first chest. Beruka levels on enemy phase thanks to a Selena attack stance crit killing the Spear Master. Next turn, Mitama kills the Falcon Knight with a bow, and I setup enough chip that Nina levels on the spy yumi Sniper kill. Felicia heals Beruka, and Soleil gets in position to draw in two Falcon Knights with a Beruka attack stance, and strength rally. Otherwise there is some minor positioning from everyone else. Beruka finishes one Falcon Knight, and then Felicia heals Soleil for a level, then Soleil kills the other I am stalling taking on the Ninja and Mechanist woods for one more turn with the rest of my troops. Lets start with Beruka pairing with Soleil, and Soleil getting a strength rally to draw in a Sword Master. Next Ryuuji activates the dragon vein to let Sakura freeze staff the Mechanist that would otherwise protect the nearest Master Ninja with his bow range. Next Oboro chips, and Sakura levels on the attack stance hit, and Mitama grabs the kill with an attack stance thanks to the debuffs. Felicia manages to finish the Sword Master on player phase, but with a new Master Ninja spawning nearby, and Arete's silence staff disabling Felicia they don't press any further. The rest of the group falls back a little to draw out the Mechanist with Rhajat, as Nina and Oboro reposition to be within range of both sides of the battle, and threaten the spy yumi Sniper. With Felicia silenced the northern group pulls back and seperate, but Beruka stays in range to ensure it gets into range next turn. Nina and Oboro cripple the spy yumi Sniper, while Sakura finishes the Mechanist, and Azama heals up Rhajat enough to draw out the next one. A pair of Basara reinforcements arrive from the starting area, so Elise (with an Azama attack stance) moves into magic range of them. Ryuuji finishes the Mechanist, so Rhajat enters the Master Ninja attack range with a defense rally and supportive boost to mitigate her debuffs. Beruka can still take a Ninja hit so she goes for a hit and kills with a Luna proc, so she gets healed, while Selena and Soleil move further. Oboro finishes the spy yumi, and Nina grabs the loot. Azama finishes the Basara, and Elise enters magic range of the next. The last Ninja proves dodgy as it takes attacks from Ryuuji, Silas, and Mitama to take it down, as Rhajat pulls back a space to let Sakura heal her and be in attack stance position. Nina grabs the last of the loot. Finally Felicia pairs with Beruka to reach a space to tome breaker the Oni Chieftain south of the boss. Another Ninja spawns in the Ninja woods, and I just pull back for now. Elise, and Azama finish the Basara. Selena then kills one Oni Chieftain with a dual club, Soleil kills the one that attack stance with the first. Next Oboro crippled Arete with a dual yumi, so Felicia can switch to Beruka for the comfortable kill for a level. I could end it this turn, but I am close enough to routing it that I spend what ends up being technically 3 turns on it. Oboro kills the Falcon Knight that added an attack stance to the Oni attack. Beruka switches to Felicia to let her punish the Oni that hurt her with magic, and a dual club with some attack stance accuracy to kill it. In the center Sakura kills the spawned Ninja, Mitama pairs with Nina to get a ranged attack on the remaining Onmyoji, Azama pairs with Elise to get separated into range of an Azura dance after she pairs with Ryuuji to reach him, to get the kill on the Onmyoji. A Master Ninja spawns in the fort to the west, which costs me another turn, as Nina starts by Lunging the Ninja off the fort, and after a dance Sakura reaches a space to give Elise an attack stance to finish it (as her health with debuff is a little too low to risk an attack herself). Azama chips the last faceless from range, but it isn't quite enough to let Silas finish it, which leave the last enemy dying enemy phase for the easy sieze at the start of next turn. Seeing as next chapter is called Arete Undone, she will not be recurring as much as she implies. Huh, maybe she did end up dying to the "curse" then, while she was already on her death bed. Next up is Arete's double death.
  13. You have close to 70 uses left, and there are other magic swords you can/will get, so don't hoard it. This depends a lot on what units you are using, as a some of the best weapons are personal ones. Some of note are the Grafcaliber, the Pugi (if you don't grab the extra from B route), the Daimthunder (if you don't cheese your way into an extra one), the Mareeta Sword (if you are using her), the Earth Sword (if you use Nanna in combat), the Light Brand, and of course the amazing Thief Staff (although its still very limited in uses). Unless you burn through the Brave Lance very early I wouldn't bother using it on a lance of any kind. Some other good choices are the King Sword , as the charm effect is nice, and its brave effect can make it burn through uses; I could see you using one on the Elite Sword if you are really grinding up sword units (or trying to suffer through using unmounted unit's stuck at E rank swords); and a sleep sword (if you nabbed one/some) as they are very hard to come by, brokenly good and have over triple the uses of the staff version. Sleep staffs, Berserk staffs, Warp staffs, and Return staffs can be worth it, but they become more plentiful late in the game, and have very limited uses.
  14. Part 24 Steroids, not even once kids Unless this is slightly hyperbolic, this indicates that Xanders words and opinions have swayed the Hoshidans as well as Nohrians. More indication of the easing of tensions between the two nations. Heading in there alone would still be suspicious. If he actually managed to open the front entrance I would assume it was a trap, for how would actually succeed without inside help. It is a terrible situation to be in (if he wasn't a traitor) as a large group like Ryuuji's army would have a much greater chance of being discovered (and having to fight their way through), even without treachery. I do wonder what Anthony would have done if Ryuuji just let him enter alone. But alas Ryuuji followed Anthony into a trap I am going to give the Revelations writers credit for the clever dual reference of this line. The first is what Anthony is clearly intending, the "cut the head of a snake and the body will die", but there is another phrase that references the myth of the hydra, "cut off the head, and two grow back in its place", hinting that even if Ryuuji falls, Xander and Ryoma would still be there to pick up the pieces of his army. Despite Anthony trying to sell this as Ryuuji not trusting him, leaving a note to inform people of where he has gone and what he is doing (or letting someone else know this information by telling them in person) is a basic safety precaution. The arrival of the army hints that this precaution was unnecessary as his not sibling were intentionally keeping an eye on him (and following when he suspiciously wandered off). The change in Anthony's physique when Anankos transforms him into a faceless is kinda impressive. Also despite him not saying anything intelligible here, his battle quotes are, which is unique for faceless. All right onto the map. I let Ophelia take a break as she is a little over-leveled, and this chapter is kinda easy. Felicia is also on the bench due to not needing a third healer I start by letting Elise tank the two nearest tome users to gain some tome rank, with Nina in position to get some axe rank The gimmick of this map is that units that end their movement/action in a blue room become unpromoted, and have to do the same in a red room to promote again which lets you take on enemies in weakened states. Note that this change in form doesn't seem to effect the amount of xp gained. This chapter is an opportunity to gain up weapon ranks and xp, so Nina starts by gaining some axe rank and a level taking out the nearest mage, and Selena levels killing the spearman Soleil uses a handaxe which chips without the Selena crit the other spearmen so Elise gets some more xp and tome rank, and Oboro claims the other mage kill with a Nina attack stance, and Mitama trade equips her to a killer lance for enemy phase. Everyone else moves in behind, with Beruka pairing with Silas to separate into enemy maid range with a bronze lance, and Caeldori getting danced to reach her destination Next turn Caeldori, Silas and Beruka break off to deal with the east, and are drawing two Master of Arms into demoting. Then Azama enters this nice hole in my formation to give almost everyone a speed & luck rally. Elise kills the Troubadour (former Maid), and Soleil finishes off the injured Samurai with a handaxe for some relationship gains with Ryuuji. With the speed rally and a Nina pairup to get the needed movement to kill the Samurai in the next room with a dual yumi, and after a dance Azama separates them, as the rest are following along. Next Sakura levels by healing Azama, and after a dance killing the mage that hit him. Caeldori, Silas, and Beruka are enough to wipe out the former Master of Arms. Then Ryuuji moves in to draw in some Master of Arms, and Rhajat pulls the shining bow Adventurer Next turn is a bit busy as Elise kills the former Master of Arms that attacked Ryuuji for a level. Selena ranged chips the other to let Azama kill it. Ryuuji and Sakura blocks off the Merchant from hitting those flyers with a bow without drawing in any mages, as Sakura kills the Archer/Sniper that was moving with him at range (that border region to the south apparently counts as part of the blue room so it was an Archer at the time). Azura dances Azama to let him range heal the damage Sakura took. Nina moves to range chip the Swordmaster that added an attack stance to the shining bow attack so Oboro can grab the kill for a level with a lance (Mitama trade equips her back to bow for enemy phase), and Soleil finishes the shining bow for another level In the east Caeldori, SIlas, and Beruka are getting in position to kill the fighters next turn without letting them promote. This tactic works next turn and gets Beruka a level. Soleil finishes the former Maid, Nina grabs the chest, Selena kills the former Merchant, and everyone else starts positioning for next turn. Of note is that Rhajat and Mitama are waiting to ambush the new Swordmaster that spawned after it demotes next turn. It ends up being Mitama and Sakura that kill the former Swordmaster. Oboro starts baiting in the Maid to the south as the whole army prepares to crush the yet to promote mages. Azama easily wipes one mage, and a Silas javelin plus Caeldori attack stance kills another, then Elise pulls off a Lunge to pull in the last mage for an easier finish, and get her in position to draw in a Swordmaster Selena finishes that almost dead mage with an Azama attack stance. Soleil finishes the maid, and a Nina ranged chip, lets Oboro finish the former Swordmaster. Next Sakura pairs with Rhajat to get transferred to Ryuuji, and after a dance they put themselves in position to give her 4 extra damage reduction with a trade equip to the horse spirit for 3 more. Mitama finishes the former Swordmaster. Sakura heals up Elise as Ryuuji gets ready to dragon tank the first Ninja, and Nina draws in an Adventurer. Nina chains together some transfers to approach the next chest as Caeldori, Rhajat, and Silas setup for a plan to debuff the boss room. Soleil kills the Adventurer that attacked her, and Mitama pulls back to help her and Oboro deal with the Master of Arms reinforcements I have been ignoring, but whose range you can see below. Selena makes it fairly easy to chain together the two Ninja kills. Nina grabs the other chest but the others in that direction wait another turn before activating the dragon vein. Speaking of which. This changes the colors of the rooms, but doesn't change people's classes until they end their turn, so Ryuuji draws in the unpromoted Ninja, while Soleil and Oboro kill the former Master of Arms. Elise has to charge back to chip a Sniper that spawned on the stairs, so Mitama can finish it with an Oboro attack stance. Silas then defense rallys Rhajat and get in position to give her an attack stance to rile up the boss room with the horse spirit. Nina kills the first Ninja with Ryuuji leveling on the attack stance hit. Beruka then nabs the other kill with Nina's attack stance. Azura dances Nina into range of grabbing the next chest. Then Selena gets ready to enemy phase the General that left the boss room with her hammer and a precautionary Ryuuji pairup for some extra crit avoid. Rhajat took enough damage that she pulls back to let Caeldori finish the one that attacked her, and Silas gives her a rally defense for next turn. Everyone else moves towards the boss room as fast as they can. Caeldori kills the other bow user on enemy phase for a level. But a pair of Master Ninja spawn into striking distance of her, and a pair of Maids (one with a chest key) spawn next to the chest Nina is approaching. The three that were in that room flee from those terrifying looking Ninja. Selena prepares to enemy phase the demoted General, Nina grabs the nearby chest and Elise kill the Maid with the chest key after a dance. The reinforcements end up being a false alarm, as one of the Master Ninja escapes the map immediately, and after the surviving maid acts it demotes (despite the room she is in being uncolored).I think these guys are supposed to grab the chests, and the Ninja that ran is tied to a chest I have already looted. I still have those three flee in case I am wrong. I use Soleil to occupy the spaces the former Maid would use to promote (so it doesn't move). Everyone else gets in positions to grab the chests and kill the boss in one turn. But the arrival of magic reinforcements delays that plan. I use Elise to draw in one, and Selena the other (this is only safe due to a full guard gauge). Once the Ninja demotes I finish him with those who were fleeing before, and Soleil finishes the former Maid. Azura ends up leveling while dancing as well I decide to take an extra turn due to the arrival of a General. But after its death I grab the last chests, and let Beruka grab the kill on Anthony after an Elise chip. Having been betrayed Ryuuji is having his faith in humanity tested, but Ryoma and Xander are there to help restore his faith in people. And then Gunter ends the chapter with the entirely innocent note that
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