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  1. I will point out that map has colored the entirety of Sillesse as Alpine, as in Alps (the highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe) like, so it probably is supposed to be like snowcapped mountains. It is even more ridiculous in Thracia, where it still adds 20 speed, but the speed cap is only 20 without boosts... Sorry to be a bit pedantic here, but its only speculated to be a younger Hilda due to the striking resemblance, and not actually a reused portrait. I will also say, that I rather like that they had all of Lamia's mercenaries be female, it always seemed like a nice touch that emphasized how extreme of a personality she was.
  2. With characters as obscure as Windham and Mustafa, I suspect it will be a while (than again with the new 3/4 star slot available, I could be wrong). With the first Strike concluded, Mustafa revealed himself in the first slot, and Gangrel in the third. Chrom did well in his duel with Mustafa, and Lissa survived Gangrel's assault, but Robin fell to some unnamed foe, and Fredrick proved untouchable to the last enemy. With the Parent's defeat, now enter the children,wIth Lucina continuing where Chrom left off, Owain seeking to avenge Robin, Morgan seeking her revenge against the king, and Gerome taking on Fredrick's burden.
  3. I vaguely remember that being the case, and I was going to double check that before commenting, but got distracted and forgot. I kinda remember it taking on all of the tomes stats at range. Edit: I just went back and confirmed it, when at range magic swords use all of the stats for the Tome it casts at range instead of the sword's stats (meaning might, weight, and accuracy)
  4. Little late on updating, but the last search party was Lucina and her cousin Owain overlooking the wreckage of Breakneck Pass. As for the First Strike, it had to be the same army as Awakening's prologue (AKA Lissa, Chrom, Robin, and Fredrick)
  5. No, it isn't. Speed-running is a very different style of play from any other type of Fire Emblem run, as it is the only one that optimizes real time, which can lead to a lot of weird situations where speed-runs are intentionally less efficient to optimize real-time instead. Ironman runs tend to take things a lot slower, and pump a lot more resources into Lords than most runs to reduce the chance of a gameover ending the run. If you want to look a bit earlier in the thread I went over how Ena can get the Ashnard kill in the minimum number of turns possible on the highest difficulty. Most people think Ike is required for the Ashnard fight, but Ena can clear it in the same number of turns, and requires less resource to get there (although it was described in terms of stat boosters due to the strat originating from a 0% growth run, but Bexp could be used instead). I have already pointed out one reason why a speed-run wouldn't use that method (and it is only a concern in a speedrun context), as it requires more precise execution, in exchange for more efficient play in terms of turn counts. A quick look at three FE9 speed-run endgames from youtube, so far all of them spend an extra turn to reduce the number of animations that happen on enemy phase, that eat up a lot of real time (and play on an easier difficulty where it is possible to one turn that fight, which both Ike and Ena could do on an LTC or efficient run). I am not a speed-runner, and this intentional loss of turns makes it clear why speed-running isn't what people mean when they say efficient play. To be fair how the community uses the term efficient play is very vague, but it is a combination of prioritizing turns, like an LTC, but more concerned with reliability (as some LTC strats rely on extreme amounts of luck) If you looked at a couple of LTCs you might notice mages topping the kill counts on multiple of them. If you get them the training and Bexp they need they will be extremely good units due to good 1-2 range, and targeting weaker defenses (and their Laguz effective weapons is a plus), although to get those kill counts, they might be skirting the edge of reliability (I would have to go over a few in a way that takes a fair bit of time to confirm this suspicion). As for Mist, if you have the resources to promote her you can take advantage of Canto healing, and cavalry movement Rescue Staff uses, which can save turns or a run. Do you have any evidence that he is that useful? You keep pointing to other runs that use him like that is evidence, but you never state why he was used over other units in that run, or what was gained by doing so. If its simply to feed him enough resources to finish the Ashnard fight, that seems faulty without some additional reasoning why Ena couldn't be used. This thread is about overrated units, and if there is no good reason for the favoritism or use he sees, that would make him overrated. Do you have any numbers to back that up? What even are you considering sufficient bxp for Ike? What is the magic number of units to train then? Why that number of units?
  6. I wish I could tell you the formula, but clever mode AI is still one of those esoteric recondite. Despite playing through this game as many times as I have, I havn't messed with it much. Most of the knowledge I have seen about it comes from experimentation with turning the option off and on. As far as I can tell, the idea of consistency more comes from the noticeable random behavior of the normal mode ai, and the way that can ruin otherwise reliable strats. One example I have seen described involved a strat that uses a strategically arena damaged Finn to convince Elliot's troops to waste their attacks trying to hit through prayer instead of killing Raquesis's green units, which consistently works against clever ai, but normal ai might randomly attack the green units anyway. I seem to remember clever AI described as suicidal, so I don't think survival is a big part of it, but I am beginning to suspect accuracy might be a noticeable factor. My guess is the difference in hit rate comes from the magic swords using the magic weapon triangle from range, and the physical weapon triangle in melee. I don't think they mention anything, but Thove certainly has a lot of mercenary money to throw around...
  7. Using another incredibly specialized and arbitrary run type as an example of a counter point, of the sword lords, Ike sees the second least use (only beating out Eliwood) on 0% growth LTCs. Both our examples are absurd to even to mention in this context, but if you are introducing such shoddy evidence so will I. For goodness sake the only units that sees any real use on a speed runs are Marcia, Titania, and Ike; and in any other context (like efficiency or LTC, or even a normal run/LP) getting Oscar, or Kieran, or any other mounted unit (or heck any fourth unit that might actually be capable of getting over a fourth of Maricia's kills) would not only see some use, but getting them to be stronger would be a far greater boon over the course of the game. As for why Ike ends up so high levels on a lot of speed runs, it isn't immediately apparent that Ena can kill Ashnard in the same number of turns as Ike, (and part of the method of pulling off the turn 2 kill involves equipping and unequipping the demiband to get transformed movement 1st turn while still being push-able at the start of the turn, and still get the full transformation stats with a Laguz gem, which is a lot of precise button presses that might trip up a speedrun, but not any other kind of run). A lot of people think of Ike as the only way through Ashnard, when he isn't, and that gets a lot of xp dumped into him, which inflates people's perception of him. Bexp is a limited resource, especially when spread over a playable cast of 43. Even if you think he deseves the far more reasonable 1/19 of the bexp (based on the highest possible deployment slots in the games) or 1/14 (based on deployment slots in endgame) there still isn't enough to go around to make him as strong as you seem to think, even if I look at the even more reasonable 1/10 (cutting out 4 for Reyson not needing xp, and ignoring the three prepromotes that probably don't need the help being Titania, Tanith, and Haar). To give a better idea of how limited bexp is in the various modes, I am going to tabulate some numbers, mostly how much should his share be based on the best case scenario, with the various above ratios, both overall, and before he can promote. Lets assume you perform the impossible and get all Bexp in the game (including such ludicrous tasks as stealthing chapter 10 in 12 turns with every player and npc units escaping, and keeping all enemy Laguz in chapter 15 alive) to give Ike the best shot he has, you get 12150 Bexp before chapter 17, and 23940 overall in easy; 8100 before chapter 17, and16060 overall in normal; 7350 before chapter 17, and 12110 overall in hard; and 4025 before chapter 17, and 6405 overall in maniac. I will look at these 4 baselines for each mode (1/43 for if equally shared among all playable units, the 1/19, 1/14 and 1/10 values) in both raw bexp numbers, and a very roughly estimate of how high of level Ike could get from level one if all of it was dumped in at once, both by the end of the game, and before chapter 17. This should gives a good baseline for how much bexp expenditure warrants undue favoritism. Note numbers are taken from the Serenes Forest main site. Now looking at the numbers, this idea that Bexp is plentiful enough that Ike can be carried by it without blatant favoritism only really holds in easy mode. That 1k example you gave is generally a once a game situation, likely after he promotes without some fairly blatant and unwarranted favoritism. These are very optimistic numbers, and to get to that 20/15 level you claim is standard, Ike has to work through most of that the hard way, and that would require you to either hold your horses, or dump far more than his share of bexp to get there, and Ike has enough weaknesses not to warrant it. That bexp could be used to get Oscar or Kieran closer to promoting, or make Marcia, or Jill great the chapter after recruiting, or even get Mist a horse, or powering up one of the mages, or make Astrid and Makalov fighting units, or even simply strengthening a unit that is capable of countering at range before the last two chapters of the game.
  8. It does slow you down, and can make you suffer. Giving bonus xp to Ike means it does not get to one of your other units, which means it takes longer for units to get the extra movement from promotion, you have to act more cautiously due to less bulk, or have to spend more time to kill enemies on player phase, and any of these failing could lead to a reset or death. Same idea with forges, if one is going to Ike, one isn't going to one of your units that can reach combat, which means it takes longer to wipe out the enemies that need to die. Making that assumption reasonable cost resources. If you baby Ike to the throne, you no longer have to spend those resources on making that assumption reasonable, and those resources can instead be spent on units that can see combat without intentionally slowing your pace to a crawl to justify the expense. For other lords to make this assumption reasonable it would take a lot of favoritism, and expending the resources needed to let Ike make this assumption reasonable takes a similar level of favoritism, even if the means of getting there is different.
  9. Ike is only on par if that is how you want to play, and any resource spent on him can easily be spent elsewhere. Even in FE6-8 you can perform rescue drops, arrange for kills, or simply slow your pace to ensure the lords can get the experience they need to compete (although story promotions may limit things). As with Ike, how much experience they have is down to how you want to play. Your assumption that the FE6-8 lords wouldn't get the experience they need due to the cavalry getting it all made it clear you were looking at an efficient or LTC style of play, and if you give the same treatment to FE9 you wouldn't waste such valuable resources on Ike when they could be better used by your mounted units. I have only simplified things as much as you have simplified the situation with the other lords. The lords have always been needed to recruit or seize. It can be reasonably assumed that they are going to be fighting some enemies given that they sometimes needs to get to the boss to seize, recruit a character here and there, or they can clear a secondary objective where movement isn't as important.
  10. Seeing poor Eda with no votes, I just had to go back in and add her. She may get overshadowed by her Haar tier brother, but that never stopped Jill, and that shouldn't stop her. I am glad that this wasn't a single choice as otherwise I would be torn over whether Minerva or Altena deserves my vote, plus poor Eda would still be stuck at 0 votes.
  11. Path of Radiance is one of the most cavalry friendly games, and just as prone to having Titania stomp all over the map as FE7/FE8 is to have Marcus/Seth do so. Ike not only has this problem, he has it far worse, for with bonus experience, forges, and autopromoting at level 20 Oscar, Kieran, Jill etc. can far more easily become just as dominate as Titania, and with the better form of Canto player phasing enemies doesn't slow mounted down like in FE7/8. You can use forges and bonus experience to bolster Ike, but they just as easily be used to make the mounted units gods that will keep any infantry unit from moving fast enough to be relevant. There is a reason Path of Radiance is remembered as one of the horse emblem games, but like all Fire Emblem games it depends on how you want to play it, and not everyone will play FE9 the same way you will.
  12. Have fun, as that game has such a gorgeous art style, and the way the story is ingrained with Japanese mythology is utterly charming. It little bit of googling shows Dgamer was a site Disney setup where you could play online games, and connect with your DS online to access additional content when linked with an account. Once the DS online servers were shutdown that part of the service died with it, so you are right. Also if those Sundrops have a use I am guessing it something to do with this Dgamer site. That bird looks like some kinda hideous troll baby that is about fall over. This whole minigame is becoming a cavalcade of horror. So this minigame, in all of its forms, is about giving people/animals the things they need to live. That is really dark, I am afraid to ask what happens if you fail any of them. I guess Disney cared enough to ensure some quality control with games using its IP (as I doubt the shovelware studio cared) ...Yikes, that is some frustratingly archaic game design. I guess with all those functional controls they had to cut corners somewhere. Must have been a planned crossover with Awakening 😛. On a more serious note, its probably just that feet and hands are hard to get right, and they didn't want to try. I am legit disappointed they didn't follow through with the clear comedic setup, where the brother gets the skunk, and is sprayed in the face. Why make it a skunk if he wasn't going to get sprayed with its stink?
  13. She does, although I forget what exactly triggers, but here is the other version from a let's play
  14. This is a bit of a non sequitur, but while looking at Deirdre art I have stumbled upon one too adorable not to share
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