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  1. I don't know if it's just me (and hopefully this is the right subforum for this), but I've been noticing the occasional... "odd ducks" from time to time. I've been reporting things that have looked out of place when I see them, and it's usually from accounts that are recently created and make one or two posts, which are typically close to around the same time that the account was created, and then there isn't any other engagement after that to indicate that it could be a real person. They usually don't have profile pictures, and their posts will often contain links to websites. Sometimes it's just a link, other times it's random nonsense. Sometimes it's just one account at a time, other times there are a couple of 'em. (I've seen at least one or two instances of what appeared to be two different topics by two different accounts having the same exact post around the same time, if not exactly at the same time). I feel like it's been happening more recently, too, within at least the past 6 months, give or take? Maybe longer, I dunno. I don't think I ever noticed anything like that a couple of years ago. How long has this issue been going on? Is there anything that can be done or is being done about it to fix or prevent it? I'm not sure how it is on the mods' ends, but I'm curious about it nonetheless.
  2. With all due respect, Your Honor... what is a man?
  3. I haven't seen this movie (yet), but apparently he shows up again at the end, and he's important to the plot. I also find it funny that he's a whole separate entity from the Sonic we know. Makes me wonder how many other blue hedgehogs exist.
  4. I'm actually kind of glad to see that design put to good use. Here are the scenes if anyone's interested. It's also not the first time Sonic has made a cameo in a Disney movie. He also showed up in Wreck-it Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  5. I think I might remember mentioning AA at some point, but I don't recall anything beyond that. I might've looked something up about the game and saw it was a VN, which is what AA is so I made the connection, but that's all that comes to mind. Nothing to worry about though, my memory is just ass anyway.
  6. @Benice Hey, glad you liked it! I've never actually played that game, nor do I remember that conversation, but it doesn't matter as long as you liked it! If I mentioned AA, then yeah, it was probably good.
  7. As someone who's played since launch, as well as a moderately avid fan of the series, it's a very nice way to get an easy, daily dose of FE that isn't as time-consuming as playing a mainline entry (although I think Heroes is actually considered to be part of the main series, funnily enough). Personally, I absolutely love unit building. It's not something you typically have a lot of freedom with in mainline entries (with exceptions, obviously) since most characters tend to get shoehorned into certain roles. While that's still true to an extent since characters are locked to weapon and movement classes, and certain skills are locked to 5 Star units (as well as seasonal units), I adore watching my units come together. It can be a very, very long process, but it's satisfying seeing a unit you've built finally reach their full potential. It's a sense of achievement I don't really get from other mobile games (or some console games, for that matter). There's also some utterly fantastic art made for Heroes. Seeing new characters and art (and skills!) being revealed in trailers is something I can always look forward to, especially when I don't really have a whole lot else to look forward to in real life right now. The game has definitely gotten a lot more complicated since launch (powercreep's a bitch), but it's helped me learn a lot more about characters and the series as a whole, as well as give me something consistent in my life for now when other things can't.
  8. Ah, bucket lists. How I hate them so. Not what's on the list, I just hate the fact that I have a list in the first place. I find myself playing a lot of different games and slowly making progress in each of them, jumping from one to the other. Is that a bad strategy? Should I dedicate time to one game and finish it before I move on to the next? Yes and yes, I absolutely should. However, I am a fickle minded creature (and a completionist... to an extent), and I wanna play everything (or maybe games don't grab my attention like they used to, or maybe I don't have the time that I used to, I dunno). So while this is still technically a bucket list, this is more of an "in-progress" list. Anyway: Final Fantasy VIII - I legitimately haven't touched this game in over a year. I've completed Disc 1, but I haven't come back to it. I don't really know why since I actually liked it. Maybe one day... The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - I've made it through 4 episodes so far, but haven't touched my Switch in a couple months in favor of playing other games on my PC. Metroid Dread - Same reason as GAA, I'd rather play games I have on PC for now. I also had the issue of jumping between this game and GAA. Final Fantasy X (and X-2, I guess) - I was able to nab this on sale not too long ago, and I recently jumped into it. Of course, since I tend to hop from game to game, this one is probably gonna take me a while. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Again, I got this on sale, and I love Castlevania, so this is right up my alley. Compared to the other games on this list, I don't think this one would take me all that long to beat. Unfortunately, achievements aren't unlocking for it right now on Steam, and I don't know how long it'll be before it's fixed. I'd like to be able to get those while playing this game, but that hasn't really stopped me. Hitman Trilogy (not the OG, the newer ones) - You might be seeing a trend here; I got this on sale yesterday, and I've avoided most things about these games so I could have the chance to play it for myself someday, and that day was!... well, yesterday. There's also loads of stuff to do, so I'll be chipping away at this one for a good long time, probably. (Dis)Honorable Mentions: The games I've completed, but still have things I wanna do Halo: The Master Chief Collection - I've finished all the campaigns, but I'm working on tackling the (doable) achievements. Final Fantasy XV - I still have one post-game dungeon to complete, not to mention I still haven't completed the ability charts and gotten the party to the max level, so I'd like to try and get those done before I put this one to rest. I'd also love to give Final Fantasy XVI a shot when that comes out, but I don't have a PS5, so rip
  9. The Awakening trio in Fates make a lot of neat references and callbacks to Awakening in Fates, and a particularly interesting line of dialogue can happen if you give Laslow the Emblem Shield accessory, to which his response is that he can't perform the Awakening. But is that really the case? If he isn't Chrom's son, he obviously can't do it. But if he was, that could mean that he's either: Too self-conscious about it, and he really doesn't know if he can perform the rite or not Successfully BSing you Legitimately can't do it because he's in a different world That last point leads me to my actual question(s): Could the Awakening be done in another world? Are there any such instances in the series where a similar rite is performed to similar effect?
  10. but the bigger the mattress, the bigger the bed fort
  11. With Elise at 15, I'd wager that Sakura is 16, Takumi is 17, and Leo is roughly the same age as Corrin at 18 (albeit a tad younger, of course). Speaking of Fates, I'd definitely like to know Reina's age since she's one of the older characters in the roster. I think she might be in her 30s?
  12. Oh, this is sweet, thanks! she's just trying to sweet talk him into taking her shopping 😉
  13. I don't often critique because I think I'm horrible at it and others can give better feedback than I can, but I'll give it a shot since I didn't write anything this month. @TheSilentChloey @AnonymousSpeed @Shrimpolaris @Newtype06
  14. Of course, glad I could help! I probably should have linked this before, but I often recommend using this inheritance planner for Fates when it comes to planning out your pairings. I find that it's a really helpful tool, but it's also fun to mess around with and see what you can do. It sounded like you knew what you were doing and did your research, so I didn't think to link it.
  15. Personally, I'd go with Scarlet because OTP. Wyvern Rider is too good of a class to pass up, especially if you can have a child unit inherit it. Plus, it seems you've put the most thought into that particular pairing anyway. I'm biased toward Scarlet, so go Scarlet. Also, units can have both one A+ Support and S Support, so I don't think you'd be missing out on anything.
  16. Hey, I found a reddit post that might be helpful! Hidari is the artist for Shadows of Valentia, and I'd give this a read if you'd like some insight into their style (from a fan's point of view). It's a unique and gorgeous art style, and I definitely agree that it's got a watercolor feel to it. I'd say it's kind of like extremely articulate watercolor painting. I'm not an art major, nor do I have that much knowledge when it actually comes to art, but I hope I was of some semi-decent help.
  17. I enjoy looking into the background information of fictional characters more than I reasonably should (Jonathan Joestar's primal zodiac sign is the T-Rex), but stuff like who a particular character is related to or their age at a given point in a game/story is fascinating to discover. For instance, Leif and Roy were 15 (I think) at the beginning of their respective adventures, making them the youngest Lords in the series, whereas Sigurd is the oldest Lord in the series at... well, he's in his 20s. But that's the thing. We can make a rough estimate on Sigurd's age, but not a well-educated guess. Three Houses was kind in that most of the characters have their ages listed in their bios, and for the characters whose ages are unlisted, it's not too hard to figure out how old they really are based on in-game information (for example, Byleth's age isn't listed, but it's easy to figure out that they're 20 to 21 years old at the beginning of TH based on the years in Jeralt's journal/Sitri's grave and the year the game takes place in). It should also be mentioned that Shadows of Valentia had the playable characters' exact ages in the code. But that leaves almost everyone else in the dark, as far as I know. How old would you say some of the characters in the series are?
  18. There's a section about gods on the Fire Emblem Wiki that lists the known deities in the series. Under Minor gods, you can find Grann/Yudu and Ethnia. Unless Salamander is one of them, which I don't think they are, the third god is entirely unknown.
  19. At this point, I feel like most of the characters I really wanted are more or less in the game now, so I'll cast my vote for Emperor Arvis.
  20. So Holst, Hilda's brother from Three Houses who was mentioned quite a bit but never seen, finally has a design as he'll be showing up in Three Hopes... probably. It could be Hilda's dad for all we know. Anyway, Holst is the one background character I've most wanted to see get a design, and it made me realize just how many other mentioned characters go without one throughout the series. Are there any characters that you'd really like to see get the same treatment? I for one would like to see Shanty Pete.
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