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  1. This week I forgot to play so I am trying to do my best now. Last week from 20 I got to 23 and this week I am a 22 so far. Defence is flawless so that's nice.
  2. Hilda's Feh takeover is really and nice the whole card thing is really wholesome, I am waiting for Felix's card now. Hopefully we also have some tickets. Quick question will we get the NY units through the datamine alongside Lilina like the previous years or this year will be different since the banners are a week apart?
  3. My bonus will be Felix as I won't pull in the banner. Don't know who to use as I have several units that need HM. Perhaps will use my newly built Ashnard, Hel and Triandra.
  4. I know he will never get in the game as you said he doesn't even have a human form. They could have him with a hood or something though that's unlikely. He would be extremely funny and a big surprise if they found a way though (as a seasonal would be even more hilarious).
  5. Fort Def/Res is a great seal and I will give it to the Flame Emperor as it offers bulk without position requirements for only 3 Atk, something that she has plenty of. Mystic boost is something I wanted for Hel so that she can run Miracle, Hardy Bearings and Mystic boost for miracle spam in AR-D. Bunnya can also use this in Anima Defence. Outside of AR, LeCorn needed this seal for some self sufficiency as the B slot is really useful.
  6. Forgot to comment on the actual banner due to Felix's arrival so here it is. Sephiran looks fine I guess, don't care about him. The C slot looks really interesting and could be staff exclusive. Don't know how could I use this so skip. Bernie is boring. However, the AOE damage is very good for several weapons like OG Bernie's, BLysithea's and deactivating enemy weapons like LeChrom's and Mininerva's. Hilda being a 185 BST "freebie" that's easily mergable makes her automatically useful. However Felix being a grail makes her a pass. The harmonic is fun. However, the vantage is inconsistent and this means that because of the special she will be easy to kill. Will free pull red and call it a day. Felix is the highlight anyway for me.
  7. The first 10 are the most important ones, the rest are simple wishes. Rhea Seiros Anankos Gunter as a mounted breath Hagemon Husk Freyr Mythic/Legend Julius possed by Loptous Emperor Arvis Ashera Lehran Legend Michy Athos Nergal Asbel (Ced's partner in Thracia can't remember the name exactly) Medeus Jahn Demon King as a beast unit Skimrir Young Dimitri/Edelgard Duo unit A hot take, the fire dragon from FE7
  8. Holy macaroni!! I am screaming, best boi got into the game, he is free, blue (a colour that needs a +10) and possibly an amror to go alongside Flame emperor. My new +10 project definitely (after 650 grails for the "last" Ashnards). Already have Close counter for him and either BoldF or Armor March hopefully I can get skills like Spendthrift, Close Fool, SpecialF and Amour Stride, really excited for his inclusion.
  9. Don't like the changes, I grab the daily reward and don't care. At least the previous one was pretty simple use stamina and shield on the character with the biggest multiplier. Now it's pretty boring and way more complex for a mode without actual gameplay. Other modes that need waiting and are passive at least are very simple like Lost lore for example.
  10. This month Flame Emperor will be +10 (my 3rd +10), still need 4 flowers though and a new fighter skill (like slick or crafty) but the hard part is the merges and that's done. Now about banners I will wait until the new year to see what all the banners (winter, Legend, NY) have to offer like potential sparks or tickets and the units themselves in order to decide the one to summon. NY might have a book 4 OC alt, Winter most likely Felix and Legend, Plum, Reginn and hopefully the brave Lords. Weird how Pawns of Loki is split up but hopefully that means that we won't have player made teams.
  11. Red, Plumeria so that we can have another easily available Astra Mythic and she is a fairy so even non AR people can use her. Blue, Dimitri as he is as stacked as it goes and I am getting way more afraid of him compared to Chrom. He also has a unique class so that's a bonus. Green, Freyja because I am still lacking her and I need her. Otherwise Edelgard as she is a really unique and fun unit, a player phase Armor with triple movement without a dancer. Colorless Leif, got him yesterday and he is really fun, ranged Galeforce is way too good.
  12. Talked about the story in the book 5 discussion. Don't care about the new heroes. Now the update. The 2% thing is really useful, essentially every off focus 5* lowers focus and non focus pity rate by 1% respectively that's really helpful. This makes new hero banners pretty much the only ones worth summoning on, spark, 4* focus, 2% rule and tickets. Then come seasonals that lack tickets and sparking however they really have unique 4* and now perhaps we will always have sparks in them as well (if people pull in the winter banner then they might add it permanently on them and save seasonals). However, legend and mythics are painfully bad. Horrendous rates, colour sharing between 3 units, the lack of sparking and the outdated pre Azura Legends that need an update so that they won't screw players by merely existing. All these things makes them very bad however, I need LEdelgard merges and a single Freyja so I have no choice, also the AR update makes mythics mandatory so they need to do something about about these banners. Now the AR update, Offense is a joke and defense is a nightmare. I doubt players that weren't playing AR will start playing the mode because of these changes. So the only purpose they have is to sell all the mythics even the bad ones. Offense now becomes braindead, send a LeLeif or a NiLyn for example, take two kills and even if they die who cares. Now, defense becomes pretty garbage. Essentially every week a different setup will be needed and of course it won't be that optimal because being forced to run someone like Sothis, or Lif and Yune, Duma (when unbuilt) instead of, Triandra, Bramimond, Hel, Thrasir, Mira (for me at least) hurts performance quite a lot and the bonus mythic is mandatory. Also the role of defence becomes much harder as even if you take a kill it won't be enough and you have to take 2+ to actually do something. Lack Plum, Freyja, Yune and Lif as far as mythics go so I don't have a big problem I think but I believe that's lots of players might face difficulties with the mythic requirements. The new mythic type is also fine and a nice way to spice things up now that the original rotation is over pretty much over.
  13. Still haven't given my opinion on the new book so here it is. Firstly, called it we would get humans with mechas and not actual dwarves. The chapters. Characters. The rest I guess.
  14. I am testing him and he is quite good and something as simple as Escape route makes him very potent. Even with his base kit.
  15. Fae's refine is way more flexible when in comes to builds as she can go from full support to full tanky mode and I slap her in pretty much every non AR team ever since it came. Nowi's is definitely really good however, I think it's more AR centred with the penalty nullification. Definitely will build her up but don't think I will be using her that much.
  16. I am kind of disappointed. One pull before 11.00% and there were no greens pulled one colourless stone and I got a +Red -Hp LeLeif. I hear people praise him but 47 base Atk in late 2020 isn't really cutting it. With the remaining orbs of course I didn't get anything. Legendary and mythic banners NEED improvements, they are way too bad and scumy. New hero banners are gacha heaven, while they are a nightmare to deal with.
  17. 10.00 and only 3* units. Tomorrow I will have 58 orbs so Hopefully I can bmgerab at least one Freyja (or any green 5* at this rate). Honestly, legendary/mythic banners need some fixing, be it a spark, better rates or whatever.
  18. Tomorrow is the day, the twitter insignias were a countdown after all. Book 5, new hero and lots of orbs are coming.
  19. I am team Leila. Glad she is doing well, though I doubt she will beat a character like Lyn.
  20. On Twitter they do a thing where they upload the emblem of a Feh Kingdom and tell people to share their memories of a certain book. For example, yesterday we had Alfonse and Sharena with the emblem of the order of heroes and told people to share memories of book 1. Toady we have Fjorm and Ylgr with the Nifl emblem and memories of book 2. Tomorrow we will have Hel/book 3 and then Fairies/book 4 most likely and if that's the case then the final book will fall the day before the new heroes/maintenance. So that's my prediction on the Feh Channel.
  21. What I am thinking is that they won't introduce actual dwarves but will use simple humans. Similarly to how Nifl and Muspel had humans, Surtr was supposed to be a fire giant and generally we didn't get what Muspel and Nifl were supposed to be (at least from what I red while looking into norse mythology). I think simply we will have a steampunk or a technologically advanced type of setting with only one guy that will get killed somewhere around the middle, the enemy commander that will get to top10 of CYL despite just arriving and the rest will be cute female characters (including the freebie which will be the 5th light mythic).
  22. Today got from 17 to 18 really easily. Leila and BEdelgard in Astra and triple mythic FIke in light carried me weekly to somewhere around T25 before I stopped AR so I am fine I think as far as Offense goes. I am wondering if my defence teams need updating though. Until I go back to T21 I will have a picture of how they are holding up.
  23. Today played AR for the first time after Plumeria's debut.I had demoted to T17 and I really don't mind it. Taking it easy was something I wanted to do anyway before I started going back to "hardcore" AR (T21+).
  24. Wish I could get Edelgard's forma as I have some interesting skills like, Atk/Def Unity and the extra merge will be really helpful especially since I don't have a good nature on her anyway. However, I am proud of my F2P status and I don't even consider to breaking it. Claude carried me really hard. He had his weapon, Atk/Def Solo 4, Spd/Res Rouse 3 and Atk Smoke and he was doing everything. Dimitri became a support-bot. Didn't even Level up Hubert.
  25. I am 9.50 rate and nothing still. At least there will be plenty of orbs until the banner ends.
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