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  1. https://imgur.com/a/pE92XFX ayyy hall of fame boys looks like I'm the first to claim SAIZO on SF~
  2. I'm confident all the boys[tm] on the internet will tell the girls they know I wished them well
  3. allow me to introduce you all to the letter: a here are some facts about a it is the first letter of the alphabet it is cute it is versatile it is part of a balanced lingual breakfast (more nutritional information on the back) some words begin with two of this letter instead of one obviously, a is really fun, but it should be used responsibly! here are some do's and don'ts regarding the letter a: Do use it liberally bold it for emphasis use it in your favorite online chatroom use it in place of bad words like "heck", "abregardless", "pucci", and "high LCK growth" keep it in a cool, dry container Don't use its name in vain use it while under the influence of drugs (ecstasy, marijuana, gacha) or alcohol call it mean names allow children to use it without supervision ship it with the other Vowels tell it that it that it has no mouth I hope you all found this information useful and continue to enjoy a
  4. If we're assuming little to no grinding: FE6 Best: Alan, Lance, Dieck, Rutger, Miledy FE6 Worst: Bors, Barth, Wendy, Sophia, Dorothy, Cath _ FE7 Best: Marcus, Raven, Pent FE7 Worst: Wil, Lowen, Heath, Karla _ FE8 Best: Seth, Ephraim, Joshua, Gerik, Lute FE8 Worst: Neimi, Amelia, Marisa, Ewan
  5. I'd actually be tempted to buy one of Zephiel and then immediately hate myself afterwards for spending money on him
  6. I'm glad you let your beard grow
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