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  1. The problem with giving stat boosters to Eliwood is that in Eliwood mode, investing into him generally is a pretty bad idea-He has a good promotion, (he promotes into cavalier, essentially. Swords and lances, seven movement) but it happens after chapter 28, when there are exactly three real chapters left-The one in Ostia, Victory or Death and Light. Until he promotes, he will be a swordlocked infantry with well-rounded but overall low stats, and it is quite difficult for him to contribute. He's much better in Hector mode, since he can promote in chapter 25 with the hardest of the game still ahead. If you skipped Lyn mode, Lowen probably is the best recipient of the Speedwings. Sain and Kent also can, but their later join time somewhat neuters them. Lucius is quite fast-Ten base speed is (IIRC) doubling almost everything at base, and even though 40% growth is average, his base makes it good enough. Lucius generally wouldn't be needin' speedwings, though. He would somewhat-I'd generally aim to promote him closer to level 13 or 14 to get more longth out of him, but he will still contribute for some time after he promotes. Well, if he doubles, he should ORKO most things. He's not the most efficient at it, but he can do fairly well. Well, high defense + decent speed and 1-2 range makes him a but of a juggernaut once trained, even if he's not as destructive as the other cavs. You broke my mind. How did I kill my only thief in ch. 10 of HHM?
  2. He actually has comparable damage to the other two non-Pent/Nino spellcasters- (Yes, I know it is a video about Canas but he has some cool graphs that show damage output.) Erk is the lowest, but not by much, and he will be doubling a lot easier than Canas will, since Canas needs his promotion to be reliably doubling. 40% is good enough, since most enemies will have lower res, and with his 50% speed growth and very decent base speed, he'll double most enemies. And skill doesn't matter too much. 40% is middling. Sain has 40% speed and is considered one of the most potent threats you have. I am pretty sure that of combat units, 50% is the second or third highest. Lyn, Guy and Dart have higher growths in speed, (And possibly Karel and Karla, but their growths don't matter) and I think 'das about it. 40% Defense is quite high- He does indeed become quite tanky, and with the +2 from promotion, his defense will be solid. None of his other important stats pop off the board in terms of growths, but his bases are okay and he is a cavalier, and his speed issues can be fixed with a speedwings, since enemies have about 3-4 AS in the earlygame, (meaning that Lowen can double them,) and then cap out at 9 AS until Battle Before Dawn. Lowen will not have major issues reaching 13 AS to double most everything-With a speedwing, if he promotes at level 10 he will reach 12 AS, which, again, is almost enough to last the almost the whole game on HHM, and he'd need just a few more levels as a paladin or cavalier to reach 13. Most importantly, he has reliable access to 1-2 range throughout the whole game, so even if he's not ORKO'ing, he'll be contributing on both phases. He's not the best cavalier, (I'd argue that he's better than Sain if Lyn mode was skipped, but that it beside the point) but he can contribute to a team and his defense is very valuable. Kent and Sain have 25 and 20% defense growths, respectively, so Lowen's large lead is noticeable. Why is the sky blue?
  3. I think it is attack stance for the latter(?), but that's beside the point. As what Otts said, this is what Fates fixed-There is no RNG at all, (aside from the standard hit rates, I think) as when you are in attack stance, (an allied unit is adjacent to you) that ally attacks after you do at half power. 100% reliability, no chance-based proc rates. You can plan around an attack stance strategy. Guard Stance is when you are paired up-Two of your units on the same space. This provides buffs to your stats, and every time you attack or get attacked, your shield gauge raises by two-Once it gets to the maximum, your pair-up partner will block two hits from damaging you and your shield gauge goes down to 0. Once more, 100% reliability, you can (and likely will) plan out using guard stance to stop a particularly threatening enemy from dealing damage, etc. Fates removed the RNG elements and balanced Pair-Up. (Sorta. It is still very good but not gamebreaking.) It did, thankfully! It's also no longer cumbersome to change what's equipped, as Pair up also functions as a sort of Rescue from the GBA games, and you can switch, trade and separate at will, so you can also change what your ally has equipped via trade shenanigains. The problem is that it's not really the job of a healer to tank. Sorta like how an archer with ten speed, strength and defense would be worse than an archer with eighteen for the attack stats and 3 defence-Archers should not be seeing combat either way. I think it blocks debuffs too, right? That's another really important thing that Defensive stance does, since Inevitable End is nasty in the lategame of Conquest. It just adds an extra layer of strategy compared to Awakening's adding an extra layer of RNG.
  4. Wait, I thought Karla was basically useless. I guess I killed Bartre, so I won't know, but she's in a bad class with bad bases... Dart's actually not that bad-Very, very fast and strong. He's a total glass cannon and he's not superb, but he is a terrific unit once trained and will probably ORKO everything in sight with a hand axe even without a crit. His bases aren't great, though. And Rath...Well, Rath is an archer. Still, he's got very good growths, workable bases, a horse and a very good promotion. Wha-? B-but Lowen is amazing, and Erk is quite good! The only really bad units there are Bartre, Guy, (who is fine but is swordlocked) and Wilbecca! Eh, I'll add a few better ones... Like Wallace. Nah. The only thing that makes it hard to play blind are the ambush spawns. It's different from the other GBA games, in that it is more player phase based, (albeit moreso on hard mode) which means that enemies are (close to) more powerful than your own units-Rather than sitting back and tanking them, you have to get rid of them before they take out mage or healer-chan. There are still plenty of units and I'd argue that everyone is very workable, (except for Wendy) so it's not too bad, and you get a lot of excellent prepromotes. The growths in FE6 are also overall a lot lower than the other two GBA games, which is something a lot of people dislike. I would also like to just mention that, even on Hard Mode, which is very difficult, the game can be beaten with 0% growths. The game is much better on hard in my opinion, though. Each unit's strengths and weaknesses become more apparent. Because it feels good to overcome challenges. Why is Cog of Destiny so painful?
  5. Great update, looking forwards to the next one! AND YOU'D BETTER START GETTING BAD LEVEL UPS.
  6. Dang...I was listening to the piece that we were supposed to do for band last year, and even though it was quite easy, I feel super nostalgic. And I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to the 1812 overture again without shedding a tear...For all of the trash that's happened in 2020, I certainly will come away some of the fondest memories I've ever had.
  7. Does anyone, actually? Although in all seriousness, it's just kinda the chat and chill thread. We used the Last to Post wins, but SF died and that one got really buggy, so we moved here. Everyone's always welcome to join the cult good vibes!
  8. Nils>>>>Edelgard. The denizens of the forest got it right when she lost to him, a unit with basically no characterization.
  9. Well, the leading candidates that I've thought up are: Dart Dorcas Bartre Eliwood Erk Nino Rath Lowen WIlbecca Karla Guy Isadora Karel Hopin' to have a good mix of good units and bad units, but I'll whittle it down to about 12, and I'll try not to make you have about 12,000 hero crest users so you can promote everyone. What do you think of an army with units like that?
  10. Do I look like Barselphon to you?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!1111one!!! Not gonna lie, Sylvis? Low-key hawt. Like, what a waifu.
  11. Good question! ...I...I don't know, actually. Probably when I play Silver Snow, since it's just OG Verdant Wind? Nice. Uh, when?
  12. Buy it now! If you're smart! Get it now at Malo Mart!
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