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  1. AniTuber? Also, what's with the "I have four balls lol"? I can't wait for the Help me, I'm stuck scene. Oh yeah, I've been doing it too! Got the last two days, but I missed the first two... 'Morning!
  2. Aaah, makes sense. JoJo Basement sounds cursed...
  3. Thank you! I aimed to not disappoint Stan's Gateau. Right, I need to play this one too. The hardest part was the stats segment, I don't think it went well... Oh. Guess I must be mixing it up with some other game... I never thought I'd see anyone proudly say "Boy, you went and knocked up your sister!"
  4. Welp, it's time for the math final. Oy... Time to make the Shrimpfather proud!!
  5. That reminds me of FE7's absolutely amazing ending: "Who are you?" "Dragon." So what you're saying is that the miracle never happen?
  6. I think I'll be OK, since IIRC I overlevelled best boy enough. Although apparently you're supposed to play Torna after chapter 6? If so, I guess I'll be doing that soon. My biggest concern is that if I redownload XB2 before Feb. 14, I'll go over the wifi limit for the month. I remember when that giant spider chap in Gormott jumpscared me while I was exploring. I'm not normally afraid of spiders, but dear lord... ...How? Actually, after what happened in the senate, I'm surprised the Italian IGN didn't rate themselves 5/10 for being too hard.
  7. Is your new location "Pike is the best Fire Emblem character", then? Nice.
  8. I don't know how often Sekiro goes on sale; I know that Dark Souls 2 and 3 (Same devs, different publisher) go on sale rather frequently and that Sekiro was on sale during the holiday season, but it is, alas, full AAA. It does look pretty good, even though this screenshot doesn't really do it justice.
  9. Is likely to soon have a pfp of a Sentinel numbered 13 or lower, but higher than 0.
  10. I suppose... The earlygame's main path ain't too taxing, I suppose, but this game got as much game journalist criticism for difficulty as any Souls game. I don't personally find it harder because you have so many tools to progress with and the game teaches you really well how to play the game, but it sure ain't easy, and there's no difficulty modes or summoning other people to help for this one. Still, I can highly recommend it. It's beautiful, feels great to play and is unique-just be prepared to learn, 'cause I dunno how far dodging gets ya in this one. (Also, if you beat lord Grenwich Meantime on your first attempt, you're legally insane) It is also worth noting that Fallen Order is basically Star Wars' version of Sekiro, so you might breeze along the earlygame with the skills you've got from there. Most things EA touches have Gatcha, though, so this is good. Yeah. 'Morning, everyone! I hope you're all having a nice day.
  11. Er, remember when I said you might like Sekiro? I was incorrect, please ignore my game suggestions. Oof... Glad you enjoyed the game, though! Shocking to see a good EA game, isn't it?
  12. I'm sorry for your loss. I really hope that your family will be able to support one another through these tough times.
  13. I think the biggest thing TH needed was rotating you through the three classes throughout part 1, then choosing a class at the end when the conflict breaks out. Though it would mess up inter-class recruitment... perhaps cross-recruiting other students could be an NG+ thing.
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