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  1. I haven't played it, but it looks like it's glorious. (The thing I was referring to is at 25:19, which I've timestamped here.)
  2. Nonononono, this isn't Jump Force, which accidentally included the twist villain as a playable for half the game. After you beat the game, you can pick it up from the point right before the final boss, but they're added to the Boss Rush, apparently. I don't know what the reward for beating them is, though.
  3. Yeah, I adore basically every temple in this game. Skyview's the only one I'm actually neutral on, since it's a fairly standard first temple for a Zelda game, but still pretty good.
  4. Yup. If you're doing Sooks%, getting the Absurdly Sturdy shield may take a while. If you need help, I do have two pieces of advice that will probably make your life a lot easier. (Also, btw, the game ends after you beat the final boss, and that boss IS added to the challenge that you do to get the Absurdly Sturdy Shield. It's up to you if you do that or not, though)
  5. This one's one of my favorites! This one's one of my favorites! This one's one of my favorites! Ooh, you're nearly getting to my very favorite dungeon in the franchise, though! It's a bit of a weird one, so I hope you like it. Hooray!
  6. I am back! What did I miss? Also, Dayni's been gone for a good long while... Hope he's OK.
  7. 'Afternoon, all! I'll be departing again. Hopefully this time I will be back for Saturday instead of tomorrow!
  8. She looks a bit like an angry Estelle...
  9. http://firesmoke.ca/forecasts/current/ Double click on where it says Vancouver. I don't live there, and our trip was closer to Princeton, but all of the angry splotches on the map should sorta give you an idea.
  10. Yay! I have returned! Our trip was preemptively cancelled by the smoke, so... What did I miss?
  11. 'Morning! I'll be leaving for backpacking later today, so I'll either be back about Saturday, or I'll be back tomorrow because it's too smoky to go!
  12. Uh... I don't think there is? It's a pretty linear temple IIRC, so I think you'd have found it. I don't remember if the next one has one either, but that one's MASSIVE. I am happy to lend an ear (eye?) anytime!
  13. Dark Souls has a JoJo's reference: In the Painting Guardian room, there is a corpse containing the armor of a character known as Black Iron Tarkus, who shares several traits from the JoJo's character with the same name; both are massive knights with oversized weapons and armor. (JoJo spoilers, I think?(
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