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    Making the world a better place every day, Classical music, playing the oboe, writing, reading, food, tasty food, fire emblem, legend of zelda, food, recorder, the Yakuza series, Majima, Dark Souls.
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    Setting a world record for speed in Trails in the Sky FC

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  1. These puns are squiderally the worst. I'm revocing your pun licence as a calamareaction to these travesties!
  2. @DragonFlames @Dragonflame323 I, too, shall add my voice to the army of people who enjoy your presence here! Sorry that it's going poorly for you right now, but if you need help, I'll do my best to lend a hand. EDIT: ...I pinged the wrong person, didn't I?
  3. Banned because I thought you had answers for the longest time.
  4. And maybe Rean's into it. I am told that some consenting adults are into that kind of Roleplay. Irrelevant, but I do kinda dig her design, though.
  5. ... I am beginning to comprehend the Shrimpfather's disdain for CS.
  6. Hey, her sword is bigger than yours! Some time around midnight for me, I think.
  7. Alas, I won't be ill for two months, so I cannot use this fantastic remedy.
  8. Thank you, all! I really hope it's not the big boy, but I suppose there's nothing to be done about it at this point.
  9. (I read the whole thing, just quotin' this bit to save space.) Ah, that makes sense. 'Morning, all! I must waste Wraith's taxes today because I am ill.
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