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  1. You could try using the Yune randomizer to either do a randomized playthrough or to buff up enemy stats if you wanna make them harder? Um, in terms of things to do in vanilla FE8: You have only x seconds to make a move, and no longer than that. Non-forced units cannot be deployed twice in a row. Only steel weapons when possible Only slim weapons/Iron axes when possible. I hope you have fun regardless of what you choose to do!
  2. Mage knight is better, but either one works. Are you using Artur?
  3. Because they're your best unit x2. Dancers let Seth Seth twice on a turn, warp twice, attack twice, etc. Why will you recruit Amelia in ch. 13?
  4. I have no idea. You're losing the second best unit in the game, Tethys. Why won't you reset?
  5. Innes is recruited by Tana, who recruits both Gerik and Tethys. Gerik recruits Marisa Because you didn't use Amelia. Why should Twilit reset?
  6. I've never used either, actually. Will you kill Amelia?
  7. ... Yeah, that won't be a problem... You should consider doing both routes-Both have different narratives and are interesting to play through. One of my favorite FEs for sure. Really fun and has a good story. Are you going to use Amelia?
  8. So you kicked Eltosian Kadath's Eltosian Kadass? That's good to hear! F Can you return it?
  9. Disliked Xenoblade 2. Also should try Ephraim's route.
  10. Great! I hope that I'll get it today. Also they said driver so much that I thought they were talking about Golf.
  11. Ur mom! Why is Catch-22 considered a classic?
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