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  1. My dude saga, chapter 17: I have seen death's vistas and returned an even wiser, more beautiful man/I prefer Genesis the band to Genesis the map. Missed me? The riplise: The Uhpdayt:
  2. Banned because it's not a harem if it's one person.
  3. Banned because it is totally unbiased.
  4. Banned because Florina x Benice is best ship.
  5. Banned for being right about Hector x Florina being
  6. Banned because referencing the disgusting meme is
  7. Banned for shipping Boy x Mist
  8. Banned for not shipping Rolf x Mist
  9. Fire emblem: Trust everybody Legend of Zelda: Lon Lon Ranch simulator. I want to see this now. Curses!
  10. Didn't participate in this forum game.
  11. "WYR have one Florina or 23 Florinas?" Let's go with 23. WYR have your favorite game remade to be more like one you dislike or have your favorite game remade perfectly on a console you can't use?
  12. Binding Blade because I need to save my first run of Thracia for later. WYR ironman FE6 hard mode or play FE9 easy mode four times?
  13. I'd say Peri, but she takes the crusts off of her sandwiches. Tharja for sure. WYR learn archery with Louise or be taught about whatever you want by Pent?
  14. I think that with Dolphin, you have to open up the ROM by opening up the emulator and opening the ROM rather than dragging the ROM onto Dolphin-At least that's what worked for me. I'm definitely not the most tech-savvy person around, though.
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