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  1. Aight, time to redo the Ch.6 Long battle and the boss! Maybe this time they'll land a hit.
  2. [Kiryu uses heat action where he hits someone with a box of nails then throws them] Top comment on the video:
  3. No, Kiryu has just never killed anyone, so he must have used rubber bullets and explosions!
  4. I watched a PS5 playthrough of it, and I think how it works there is you have a solid, normal form, and a ghost form which has less health. Also, Demon's Souls looks pretty neat. Hope it's not always PS5 exclusive.
  5. No, no, no! The bullets and explosions were rubber, don't you see? Aye, that's the one! Yes, but he killed me while I had 10k souls on me, so I am going back for vengeance.
  6. You absolutely can! Just not every single one of them. ...and also, they DEFINITELY start the fights because Kiryu is an honourable soul. And has never killed anyone ever. Same goes with Majima! It's self-defence, I promise.
  7. Encounter finder. ...It does basically exactly what it says it does. Shows you every single aggro-able encounter in all of Kamurocho while you have it equipped. The other playable has one too, but I don't think it's missable. This is mostly useful for one reason: It shows you exactly where Mr. Shakedowns are. Mr. Shakedowns are basically the fastest way to get cash in the game. At a great risk. There are other ways as well, but if you're doing the beginning of the Real Estate Royale minigame or wanna get an expensive upgrade, you make a beeline to a Shakedown. Plus, they're also pretty fun fights! Well, when the game's not running at a solid 3 FPS like mine was. Note that this isn't a necessity to beat the game, but it's something that you might not want to miss.
  8. Oh. One LEETLE piece of advice: I wouldn't spam encounters in the earlygame as much as possible, since they become more numerous at parts of the story, so I would advocate for keeping the novelty...New. Also, for the Miracle in Maharaja sidequest, should you encounter it PICK THE BLACK BOX. It gives you probably the most useful QoL thing in the game.
  9. To that tin can with the large horn-club thing in the undead bastion. ...I think that's what it's called, at least. I was just trying to figure out how parrying worked, 'cause that tin can bloke is a veritable record player with how much he can spin, so I feel like counters are a better bet against 'im.
  10. Eh, that's not the part that's discouraging me so much as the fact that death is just...Well, more annoying than anything else, as compared to a true setback or something you'd risk anything to avoid. The combat ain't really clickin' with me either, so that doesn't help.
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