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  1. Please ignore my team, they're trying their best. ...Also, oof, some of these were really hard to choose.
  2. Banned because pain Let's try again!
  3. Yeah. Though, in some ways I don't mind that, since essentially any news source is the mouthpiece for one idealogy or faction or another. A Qatari perspective is different enough that I think it provides a pretty interesting angle on the world that the orgs here don't have. Or maybe I'm particularly easily swayed by propaganda, I dunno.
  4. I suppose tha would work too. Though that reminds me, what happens if the charges against Trump go forward and he can't run? DeSantis would pretty much win by deafult, right? Churroburgers become the new official food of Spain. And Catalonia is renamed to Texas or something. Oof, I think. Hopefully your next job is also pretty manageable and interesting! I guess that's what makes them conspiracies... I guess I'm just apalled because Catalan separatism as a movement has such a tangible motivation and cause- There's absolutely nothing shady about why many Catalan people want to be independent. Yeah, he genuinely scares me. Beyond even his stances on immigration and LGBTQ stuff, and me personally not being a fan of conservative economics... The laws he's passed and tried to pass in Florida that give him more power are terrifying. Like, that anti-mob thing he tried to pass in 2020 is genuinely dystopian- It gives vigilantes immense power to use firearms protesters with impunity, and basically just makes any kind of large protest illegal, regardless of nature. Erasure of the history of racism in America and a general perspective of making "anti-americanism" something to be combatted is really threatening to democracy as well. Add that to how he's trying to go after Disney, an enormous player in Florida's economics, for daring to speak against him, and the Jan. 6 insurrection that already happened... Yeah. I admit I don't know much about how diplomacy works, but I feel like he'd be disastrous in the international arena as well. Yeah, I'm not so sure what to think of the El Salvador move. Maybe I'll understand when I'm older? I think the situation merited drastic action, but all the same... Well, drastic action and skipping of judicial processes is dangerous. I've been trying to keep a closer watch of world news lately (though I might be too reliant on Al Jazeera as a news site, it's probably best to use multiple), and... Well, it seems like it's going well so far? What I think I'm most excited for in world happenings right now is Colombia's mostly based president trying to shake things up. I really hope he's able to do what he's set out to do...
  5. But, like... Catalan independence has had a movement for a really damn long time, and really, if you look at history... Well, it kind of speaks for itself. Even if one were a conspiracy theorist, I really don't see how anyone could logically even come up with this conclusion... I still think it's the funniest (and also scariest) thing ever that DeSantis is running with the platform of making America into Florida when Florida is known for being terrible. Especially under DeSantis. ...I never thought I'd be cheering for feckin' Trump of all people to win the presidential nominations...
  6. Speaking of, I did a bit of research on that far-right party to see how it stacks up to America, and... ???
  7. THAT'S MY CATALONIA Finnish might have better prospects in the long run...
  8. Welcome to the forest! We hope that you'll have a great day and that you'll enjoy your stay. Say hi to Majima for me if you see him, ok?
  9. Banned because Teehee-ho!
  10. I remember dropping my FE6 Ironman because my Elen had two magic at level 20 (not two magic levels, just... literally two magic), while also having, like, +4 speed and +5 defense...
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