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  1. One way to make bows viable is to make them the best 2-range option; by nerfing hand axes, (Adding more weight and/or reducing might) and other 1-2 range weapons and giving bows a high mt, they basically can have the exclusive ability to delete from 2 range, at least from a physical perspective. They still might be bad, but their niche can become more valuable.
  2. This film school's archives are a treasure.
  3. Is playing a game made by the ambassadors for Tsushima.
  4. Yeah... If you want the best combat unit, at least. I feel you. I intend to finally get to it after I'm done with watching The Song of Life, so...Reasonably soon!
  5. I used PCSX and it works pretty good. It's not great, but it's fine.
  6. Banned for playing a pokemon game.
  7. The only GD I'd used were Raphael, Leonie and Lysithea*, but I managed to make it through with no deaths. I imagine that it'd be rough with the blue lions 'cause Dimitri's a footie, though.
  8. Oh, gross. Guess I won't be usin' them.
  9. Knows that we're all willing to talk or listen if he needs it.
  10. Yo, Xenoblade runners, what does the Divine core crystal do?
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