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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now attempt the impossible in this next run of Sacred Stones! I've never even tried to play it on hard mode before, but hey, hard mode is still hopefully way easier than RD's normal, since enemies have a speed stat. No, I am not sure this is a good idea! But I am not known for my good ideas! THE RULES: Obviously, I can do whatever I want until Ross shows up, since there's no trainee units. During ch. 2, Ross is allowed to be protected until he reaches lv. 5. He also must defeat the boss alone. After that, it's all Ross. Other units are allowed for rescues and such. I am using Marisa since she is terrible and makes my life more annoying. I will permit staff users, but they are not allowed to fight. Promotion is allowed, but only for the use of Latona. If I choose Eirika's route, I will get Franz to Lv. 20 in the arena on ch. 5 so he can recruit Amelia. (Since it'd otherwise be borderline impossible.) Thusly, Distant Blade will not follow the Trainee only category. Skirmishes are not allowed. I will also use TWO save states per map. The trainees are each permitted three fights in the arena, no more. I know I said I did a "trainee only" run, but it turned into trainees+their support partners, (Franz for Amelia, Gerik for Marisa.) Lords and Colm. So kt really wasn't trainees only, and the run was on normal mode. I have not decided which route to take yet. On one hand,Ephraim's route will be literally impossible to have Ross and Amelia solo due to the ship chapter in which Ephraim will inevitably get attacked and Amelia killed, but on the other, I can't recruit Amelia and truly fulfil a recruit only +Marisa run in Eirika's route. What do y'all think? Of note, my posts will likely come at sporadic times because I'm busy almost every day for the whole day and won't have much time to play. I will try to get to Ch. 2 by tomorrow.
  2. Chalk, for no good, logical reason.. WYR be a myrmidion type character or a knight type character?
  3. Slutations! Enjoy your stay in the forest.
  4. *Sniff* poor old Gonzales. How many people have hated him for having a bad hair day? Arden's not even that bad. Considering you're pretty great, you could stand to be less self-depreceating. Anyways, I am very bad at holding animosity against someone for more than half an hour, both IRL and in FE. These aren't really HATES, they're just dislikes. Often, they're very petty. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys, Girls and everybody else! My list of least liked characters! Hector. (I've only played Eliwood mode, though.) His first actual appearance in FE7 in Eliwood mode is him randomly killing a soldier for no justifiable reason. Ah yes, it takes much less time and effort to kill somebody than it does to move around them. This basically summarizes my feelings about Hector. He doesn't have any strong appearences in Eliwood's route and seems to me like as much a brute as the boss of said chapter, Zagan, as he enjoys killing people. (Imagine Hector in a mall. Random Civilian: "Mmm, that sandwich looks tasty, I'm gonna go order it! Hector: *stabs him* Sorry, but I'm in a hurry." 2. Tethys. For pretty much two reasons: I prefer A-supporting Gerik with Marisa, and two, and her A-support with Artur. (She's lucky she wasn't arrested for assaulting a minor.) Otherwise, she's fine, but she generally rubs me the wrong way. 3. Severa/Selena. She's pretty boring and isn't outstanding character wise either way. I have nothing against her grumpiness. Well, not much anyways. She's largely merely a "Meh" character for me, but she's mean to people, which takes her down a few notches below "meh." 4. Clarine, for the reasons stated by Anon. 5. Shinnon, but only because he's tainting Rolf's childhood. I don't particularly dislike him, other than the fact that he likes killing people. (But at least he doesn't do it just because the person's in his way.) 6. Makalov. He can't even pull himself together when he marries Astrid! Truly shameful.
  5. LTC runs aren't as fun as regular, slower runs. For instance, in many games you'd just cheese the game using early game prepromotes, use only the very best units, etc. (Especially in games like Sacred stones and Blazing blade.) For me, the appeal of playing FE is to take my time and smell the roses. Using terrible units who have potential to be powerful, using Ests, these are all little joys in life that amke it beautiful. That said, I don't dissagree that LTC runs can be fun, I just prefer slower runs. (I also am really bad at FE, so that might play a part.)
  6. Greetings! Enjoy your stay in Serenes forest.
  7. 39 is the amount of hidden contents I made earlier. (It was supposed to ve 37, but hey.)
  8. Titus Andronicus, what a lovely story! Titus kills the Goth queen's sons, puts then ina pie and feeds it to their mom! Shakespeare was truly gifted. The man who invented dynamite is the Nobel Nobel peace prizes are named for. (Alfred Nobel, by the way.)
  9. *Ulp* Doritos are probably slightly less likely to cause strange mutations that persist for thpusands of years, so 75% doritos WYR play Thracia 776 on maniac difficulty, (assuming its remake will have one, and it's evil like the original,) or play Genealogy on Maniac, but the maps are twice as big?
  10. Mathias has bases that are one or two points below average in everything but res, which is quite good. His growths, particularly in speed, def and res are shockingly high. All of his stats should develop very fast, and he should become a veritable powerhouse given a few levels. His build us essentially an armour Myrmidion. Mathias was a lower-middle class citizen in a city. Once he moved out from his parents's house, he had no clue what to do, so he became a mercenary with unbelievable sword skills. One day, those skills brought him to court for a fencing competition, where he met a noblewoman his age named Blaaraaro. In the middle of the finals, he saw her and stopped to look at her, resulting in him getting creamed and losing the battle. However, the two ended up meeting and fell in love with each other; Despite his common birth, Mathias quickly gained favour in court for his wit, kindness, strength, loyalty and his niche as a jack of all trades handyman. He believed he was not worthy of marrying Blaaraaro until he did something truly spectacular, so he convinced her to let him embark on a journey to do just that; to ease her worries, he always wears his armour, even at night.
  11. I voted for Eirika again just to make @DefyingFates happy. Day 1: Eirika Day 2: Nealuchi Day 3; Eirika Day 4:Eirika day 5: Eirika Day 6: Eirika Day 7: Eirika. Days 4 and 6 were supposed to be Nealuchi, but I changed it in favour of Eirika. May the best character win! (Except the only top 4 characters from midterm I liked were Lysithea and Claude.)
  12. Only if you say pretty please OK. I might as well vote for Eirika all the way, right?
  13. I also know I'm a scorpio. That's the extent to how much I care. You can only get "You will meet your true love today" so many times. Sometimes I'll see my horoscope when I go to Tim Horton's, because they periodically have horscopes up there. They're literally never cose to right.
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