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  1. There We Are Desert Costume Hero. & Never Happen To 5 Stars Free Summon. Also Have Weekly Content Such a Weekly Revival, Weekly Hero With Skills & Weekly Grand Hero Battle.
  2. There is Better With the Hot Spring, Pic Nic, Origins, Pirates & Ninja Wear. & Also 4th Anniversary feh, A Hero Rises & Find & Vote Heroes.
  3. Theres is Never Happen With the Thracia 776, Three Houses & TMS Banner yet & Also Have CYL For TMS Character.
  4. There Is Never Longer About the 2nd Paralogue of 2021 Is Three Houses.
  5. There Is Not Having The Three Houses There Is Having The Sacred Stone, Grado Path.
  6. That Isn't TMS# Fe Encore, That is it Binding Blade.
  7. Why you are money for digital Games Until For January 1st Of 2021.

    360.000: CLP.

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