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  1. Giving New Heroes For Three Houses (Not Elibe/Valentia), Ingrid (FE16), Dedue (FE16), Linhardt (FE16) & Marianne (FE16) & Legendary Heroes Remix For Gunnthra (Original). Giving Grand Hero Battle For Nergal (FE7), Fernand (FE15) & Solon (FE16). & Double Special Heroes With WT Reinhardt (FE5) & Duo Lyn (FE7). Giving Hero Fest, Replaced Sothis (FE16) With Legendary Seliph (FE4), Harmonized Veronica (Original x FE14), Replaced Duo Ephraim (FE8) With Seiros (FE16) & Duma (FE15). Giving Special Heroes For Summer Alm (FE15), Summer Lachesis (FE4) & Pirate Edelgard (FE16) Giving Reward Unit For Duo Lyn (FE7) By Visitor. Giving Collaboration Hero Digby (ACNL), Philia Felice (TOD), Roxas (KH2) & Axel (KH COM) & Legendary Heroes Anna (Original).
  2. Do i Want Mythic Hero Banner With The Special Heroes: Red: Reginn/Dou Sigurd/Legendary Ike Green: Yune/Freyja/Lex Blue: Legendary Lucina/Duo Ephraim/Summer Lute Colorless: Legendary Leif/Flayn/Halloween Xane. Only The Mythic Hero Banner Have 4 Stars Focus For Lex/Summer Lute & Hallowenn Xane.But The Regular 4 Stars Set To 52% Rates.
  3. Giving New Heroes For The Binding Blade (Not Echoes), Juno (FE6), Zeiss (FE6), Cath (FE6), Geese (FE6), & Grand Hero Battle For The Binding Blade (Not Echoes) Murdock (FE6). Giving New Mythic Hero Anankos (FE14), More Legendary Hero Remix For Gunthra, Legendary Hector & Legendary Lucina. Giving Special Hero For Spring Bernadetta (FE16), Picnic Faye (FE15) & Groom Corrin Male (FE14) & Giving Brave Hero For Brave Marth (FE3), Brave Eirika (FE8), Brave Marianne (FE16) & Brave Gatekeeper (FE16). Giving Legendary Hero Sharena & Giving Boss Units Returned For Veronica (Original), Bruno (Original), Surtr (Original), Hel (Original) & Freyja (Original). Giving Heroes Fest Replaced Sothis (FE16) With Azelle (FE4), Harmonized Veronica (Original x FE14), Replaced Duo Ephraim (FE8) With Legendary Dimitri (FE16) & Mila (FE15). Giving Heroic Grail Hero For April (4 Stars) Valentine Veronica (Original) & Díthorba (FE4) & Giving Collaboration Hero Sora (KH), Riku (KH), Daisy Mae (ACNH) & Lloyd Irving (TOS).
  4. You Want Have Fighters Pass Vol.2: Min Min (Arms) (June 29th, 2020) Minecraft Characters (MC) (October 13th, 2020) Sephiroth (FF7)( December 17th, 2020; Formal release: December 22nd, 2020) Pyra & Mythra (XC2) (March 4 2021) You Want Upcoming Fighters Pass Vol.2: Stahn Aileron (TOD) (August 10 2021) Nemesis (FE16) (December 31 2021).
  5. You Want Have Fighters Pass Vol.1: Joker (PS5) (April 17th, 2019) Hero (DQ Series) (July 30th, 2019) Banjo & Kazooie (BK) (September 4th, 2019) Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury) (November 6th, 2019) Byleth (FE16) (January 28th, 2020).
  6. We Can Fought With Between Seiros (FE16) & Altina (FE10).
  7. Giving New Heroes For Annand, Azelle, Lex & Erinys, Enemies Unit For Dagr (Not Eitri), & Grand Hero Battle For Díthorba (FE4), Hans (FE14) & Cornelia (FE16). Giving Legendary Hero Claude, More Legendary Hero Remix For Legendary Ephraim & Legendary Robin Female. Giving Heroic Grail Hero (4 Stars Only) Veld (FE5) & Plegian Kris (FE12), & Collaboration Hero Cress Albane (TOP), Villager (AC Series) & Cloud Strife (FF7).
  8. Giving Legendary Hero Alfonse, Enemies Unit for Eitri, More Special Hero For Amelia (FE8) & Gatekeeper (FE16). Giving Collaboration Hero Isabelle (ACNL), Stahn Aileron (TOD) & Brave Heroes For Dorothea (FE16) & Reinhardt (FE5). Giving Mythic Hero Freyr (Original), New Heroes For Ashen Wolves & Grand Hero Battle For Manfroy (FE4), Fernand (FE15) & Thales (FE16).
  9. There Is Seasons Calendar For Special Heroes 2021 Is. January: Late (Onsen/Desert) February: Early (Valentine's) March: Late (Spring) April: Late (Picnic/Anniversary) May: Late (Wedding/Fallen Hero) June: Late (Summer 1) July: Early (Summer 2) August: Early (TMS #FE Encore, Again/Pirates) September: Early (CLY 5/Dancers) October: Early (Halloween) November: Early (Ninjas/Xenologue 6) December: Late (Xenologue 7 For Early/Book 6.For Mid Point/Winter For Late)
  10. There is Double Specia Hero With Duo Ephraim & Fallen Corrin Female. Or Something Happen The Seasonal Heroes.
  11. Seiros Arrive The Mythic Hero Banner, But as Thracia 776, Radiant Dawn & Heroes of Light & Shadow.
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