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  1. I wish we knew if there was New Game Plus or not... 😅 I kinda wanna start all the routes in the demo, but I don't want to if there will be New Game Plus stuff...
  2. I am SO hyped about this banner, but mostly for Raphael!!! He's one of my favorite Three Houses characters! I'm definitely gonna try to +10 him!
  3. So I'm not 100% certain how it works, but I think it is able to use a coupon more than once (depending on the discount). I order pizza delivery regularly, and Honey usually gets me about 5 or so dollars off. I haven't had much luck with it on Amazon, but I think that's because I buy from third party sellers mostly... I've found it pretty helpful! 😊
  4. Both of the SNES games fit the 2D beat 'em up genre! MMPR the Movie does not have any Megazord fights though... Both are extremely solid games in my opinion though! 😁
  5. Oh! Me me! I loooove Power Rangers (and Super Sentai)! I used to like them as a kid, and about 2 years ago I got really into them again! 😁
  6. Go Vacation is a pretty fun time! I will say some of the minigames are kinda hit or miss, but riding around on the vehicles in each of the different resorts is a blast (especially in multiplayer)!
  7. Mine might be kinda on the uncreative side, but Lyn was honestly my very first favorite character. I think it's mostly the age I was at when I first played Blazing Blade (also my first FE title), and the fact that she addresses the tactician the most in the game, that made me feel so strongly about her and her story.
  8. I honestly really like the way it's looking now, particularly the battles! I love how the characters appear and have animations! 😁
  9. I love Marth and Elice and I like Zephiel (but his voice is WAY too deep for me...)
  10. I didn't really think of any actual stats, but the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers could fit really well! Literally all the weapon types are there! Sword - Red Ranger Bow - Pink Ranger Lance - Blue Ranger Axe - Black Ranger Dagger - Yellow and Green Ranger
  11. Yeah... Maybe the second ones will differ? Like a cool design of an eagle/lion/deer at the top of the charm?
  12. I'm seconding what @Dayni said about Song of the Sea! That movie is really good, and the art style is adorable!
  13. GAH! GHIBLI! I forgot to mention those! I love pretty much all of those movies!
  14. Anastasia for sure! Shrek, Swan Princess, Quest for Camelot, FernGully, and Hoodwinked are probably some of my other favorites!
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