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  1. Might find it funny that while Durant was designed to absolutely suck against Heatmor, odds are the latter will end up losing instead.
  2. That's hardly the only problem Thracia has - I consider the fact that healing staves can miss to be a hell of a lot more egregious to the point it's an automatic deal breaker.
  3. Have fun getting wasted if the RNG doesn't smile upon you. And no, Divine Pulse doesn't justify moronic moves like this.
  4. Might know Senran Kagura was almost called Ninjugs.
  5. I'm... not sure I can agree with this. Personally, I found more of the Golden Deer lacking (I could get use out of Claude and the girls just fine, but Ignatz, Lorenz, and especially Raphael were much harder to get use out of, particularly the latter two).
  6. That doesn't really seem practical when I'm forced to invest in four proficiencies, of which she only has any experience in one (axe [which she only has E+ to start in], lance, flying, authority), and I'm still unconvinced it's worth it because I am not convinced axes are that great in this game - most of them are too heavy to the point of being impractical, including the Crusher. FYI, I don't consider Dark Knight worth it either - compared to Gremory, which only needs two proficiencies, I would only feel like I invested too much just to get too little in return (sound familiar?). Anyway, if I did want to use Heroes' Relics more, I could easily do better than picking one with the awful combination of high weight and shitty accuracy. Short of archers, that's just having a death wish. Lightning Axe requires C+ axes, which, as I said earlier, I doubt is worth investing into. There are actually two dance battalions, but the other comes late and is easy to miss unless you know you need one of two specific units to go to a specific area on a certain map.
  7. No offense, but that's an asshole remark to respond with, and I'm not inclined to take someone who would respond with this seriously.
  8. That would be nice, but the Branch of Fate option had some issues that rendered it impractical - first off, it only carried over levels from your most recent chapter 5 save. This sucks because a file that went to Birthright wouldn't be suited for a Conquest run. It didn't let you change difficulty, either. What's more, if you wanted to change your Corrin's gender for whatever reason, you ended up stuck with a level 1 servant. which really sucks in Conquest and Revelation because the servant is one of the few units you get early on.
  9. I never said they weren't issues. I just think anything detrimental to gameplay is more likely than not to get my attention. Like, for example, Radiant Dawn having as many instances of forced units as it does. 1-8 and 4-4 in particular stand out, the former because I can only take four units of my choosing into the chapter, whereas the latter forces me to field three units I haven't gotten the chance to use since freaking part 1 (with said units not even being auto-leveled to compensate), where I'd probably minimize their use because the Daein units need the EXP more.
  10. No I don't. Where do you get that impression from? I just don't see the need to bring up most other games' flaws because they don't bother me nearly as much.
  11. Except we're talking about one of the games that's the nadir (read: low point) for gameplay, as far as the series is concerned. No other FE game does this, so why the fuck should Thracia get a free pass on this bullshit? Having stuff like that doesn't help its case when it's already among the absolute worst games gameplay wise (imo, anyway)
  12. Way to take that out of context. My point is, even if it fits in terms of story, it's a complete disaster for gameplay.
  13. Still, uncertainty for the sake of uncertainty is a shitty idea and needs to go.
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