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  1. I dunno - I was told that attacking from long range with bows drops accuracy (the exact reduction is unknown). Also, I found bow units infuriating to use in SoV, especially with regard to facing Cantors and Dread Fighters - it's like trying to raise a Deino (a 5th generation Pokemon with the highest evolution level for Pokemon with three stages - on both accounts [Deino evolves into Zweilous at level 50. Zweilous doesn't evolve into Hyderigon until level 64]. Note that both Deino and Zweilous have Hustle, which powers up their moves, but lowers their accuracy, for their ability).
  2. Nice to know my suggestion worked out well enough. This reminds me of the debacle about Joey, Bandit Keith, and Joey's entry card back in the original Yu-Gi-Oh series - Joey is about to face Keith, but has lost his card (in actuality, Bandit Keith stole it). After Mai gives Joey her entry card (as she lost her duel, and thus has no further use for it), Joey gets to duel Keith. Joey hands Keith's ass to him, and afterwards Keith attempts to get Joey disqualified for not using his entry card, in the process giving himself away (Joey admits Mai gave him her entry card... but Keith had no reason to know that unless he was trying to sabotage his rivals by stealing their entry cards) - and this is despite him cheating twice over in the duel - the aforementioned card theft, and playing cards that were hidden in his cuffs during the duel itself (hand size is something that would be easily noted). Ultimately, Pegasus decides enough is enough and ejects Keith from the tournament after the latter's trying to threaten him (in the Japanese version, he also pulled a gun on Pegasus). To be fair, Fates in general ends before level 15/35 skills see much use. Unless you're Felicia, Jakob, Gunter, or a child of the former two, that is.
  3. I might have seen stuff about attacking with bows from long range reducing accuracy. Is this true?
  4. Does anyone know exactly how AS is determined in this game?
  5. Stay out of Uhai's range and let him step out of the room. Kenneth is best lured by a high resistance unit; however, the sage in that room has Bolting, so remove him asap. Brendan is easy prey for a sword user. Darin can be dealt with using magic or an anti-armor weapon. Jerme is no threat, but Ursula is a big threat. The last room has Lloyd and Linus, and both have an A support with each other, making them even harder to kill, so beware.
  6. What game do you have in mind? Because what might work for one game might not necessarily work for another. And I don't see why you keep recommending foot axes when the general consensus says they aren't good - I find it very hard to justify, say, using Bartre on a team when Sain can also hit hard without having Bartre's glaring weaknesses.
  7. I could be wrong, but I would guess the + on the end of a weapon would mean it's forged. No idea what Greek letters would mean.
  8. I would say a 3 point gap is fine, personally. I'm not really thinking of base stats. We don't know everyone's growths and whatnot yet, so I can't really give a concrete answer.
  9. IMO, a good mixed attacker would need their str and mag stats to be near equal at least.
  10. Did not get in an argument with someone who tried to insist axe infantry were good despite the general consensus being otherwise.
  11. Sounds like this suits Dedue's situation then:
  12. Will know that it pits you against a Giant Zelda with increased Final Smash Meter gain, boosted specials and she gets healed all the way back down to 0% or close to it once her damage hits 100%. What makes this cocktail really awful, aside from all the crap stacked against you, is that Zelda's Final Smash instantly KOs you if you're over 100% by the end.
  13. Knows that the Great Fairy is one of the hardest spirit battles in Ultimate..
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