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  1. Doesn't change the fact that I'd be hard-pressed to find a reason to deploy even one armored knight, let alone three in one of the worst games to be an armored knight in. Especially when, once again, one of them is the game's worst unit (and the other two are still crappy).
  2. I'll grant you can use it much earlier, but the problem is, it's impractical to a massive extreme. I already find it hard to justify using armors in a game like Binding Blade with its giant maps, but to field three of them... in a game that is a low point for armors in general?? Especially when one of them is the game's worst unit? Not to mention that an armored knight's defining characteristic is low movement, so even if I was generous enough to use them, there's still the problem of having them get into position. Sorry, but I have to disagree.
  3. Somewhat; it was only particularly good on bosses, though, as mooks tended to have poor stats to the point it wasn't worth using on them. Also, on the subject of Awakening, a lot of the weapons it brought back from prior games were nerfed. Especially the ones from the Jugdral saga (note that said weapons originally had 30 might and gave stat boosts. They still do, but it's only to one stat, and the boost is only +5). It was Fates that nerfed Galeforce, too; not only did it require the unit with it to be unsupported (which killed the double Galeforce pair up strategy; pair up itself was also nerfed), it was also locked behind a paywall. On top of that, it's a level 35 skill in a game where those skills are not going to be relevant for very long. Fates also nerfed Brave weapons; not only do they only attack twice when initiating, they also either halve your strength or magic after using them, or they give out defensive penalties. They also have low might and accuracy.
  4. It was covered by someone else, but basically, battalion endurance goes down as the unit they're assigned to takes damage (specifically, for every two points of damage that character takes, a battalion loses one point of endurance. This can be halved with the Defensive Tactics ability, which is learned at B authority). Once a battalion's endurance hits zero, they retreat, and that unit loses the bonuses they got from it. You can replenish battalion endurance at the battalion guild at the marketplace, which, by the way, you can access even before a battle. A character's authority rank determines which battalions you can use, not unlike weapon rank. The Authority ability only raises the might of offensive battalions. Gambit Boosts work like linked attacks do, though they follow a different formula. Aside from that, gambit accuracy is primarily determined by the charm stat of the user versus that of the target. There is a ceiling on gambit accuracy, though; from base, gambit accuracy bottom out at -30 (relative to base accuracy) and top out at +30 (again, relative to base accuracy). To make a long story short, battalions are worth paying attention to, even for characters with an authority weakness, as they give helpful boosts. Also, most of the better battalions are given out as paralogue rewards, so be on the lookout for those. In particular, some of the support gambits are lifesavers (like Impregnable Wall). Oh, and one last thing: flying units can only use flying battalions, so authority is especially important for anyone you have a flying class in mind for, as the lowest ranked flying battalions are D rank. Also of note, good flying battalions are limited.
  5. He did, but I thought it would be better phrased as something that might not happen, simply because of how much effort it takes to go from S to S+.
  6. They are, yes, but it's very, very impractical to get to S+ without NG+, which is what I was saying.
  7. There's still the part where you'd have to raise a level 1 unit with bad bases at a point where it's getting tough for them to contribute. You can't, as they're class skills. Also, I fixed your other point to be more accurate. Aside from that, I honestly feel that going all the way to S+ isn't worth it the hassle, and unless you're a mage, neither is S.
  8. Did not just laugh at four computers trying to play Buried Treasure, only for time to run out on them despite partly uncovering the treasure earlier. And for added WTF points, three of them were hard.
  9. I would state that one info conversation here unlocks the Triangle Attack for the three brothers, but... problem is, it's impractical to a degree that only the armor triangle in Binding Blade surpasses. For one, it requires actively using Rolf, which is a tall order in and of itself. Second, it requires giving Oscar bows after he promotes... when axes are just better. Third, it requires all of them to equip bows. I mean, really? They take away one aspect of what generally makes the triangle attack impractical (needing three of the same unit) only to end up making it more impractical anyway in spite of this (thanks to requiring all of them to use bows)? Seriously?
  10. Don't you mean chapter 4? Because chapter 5 has her facing WTD against literally everything.
  11. The devs are always tweaking stuff between games. Some of it is nerfing stuff that was too overpowered in the prior installment. For example, Luna (by which I mean the tome, as opposed to the skill). When it first was introduced in Blazing Blade, it was arguably broken, as it negated resistance, had really high accuracy for dark magic (95) and had a rather high crit chance. Come Sacred Stones, however, Luna had its accuracy severely slashed, going from 95 to 50, and its crit rate halved. These turned it from gamebreaking to practically useless.
  12. Damn it. So it still sucks like Murr does in that video I posted.
  13. Was Melia's AI improved in the Definitive Edition, or does it still suck? Relevant:
  14. Ouch. Personally, I'm saving for the new units (read: Dorothea and Ingrid). I hope that I get a lot of blue and colorless!
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