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  1. I'd think that, but what really happened is more sinister than that.... But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Speaking of, there is a LOT in this game you need a guide to figure out. Probably even more than in Genealogy, which is saying something. For example, would you know that Mercedes's paralogue required someone else from out of her house (who she can't even support with) to access (for that matter, most post-timeskip paralogues that need two specific characters can have the same said of them, the exception being Petra and Bernadetta's paralogue, because they're in the same house. And then there's the fact that on one route, one of THOSE can be shut off to you despite the expiration date not having passed yet)? How about the fact that getting THAT from HIM requires a certain someone to defeat HIM in said paralogue? Or that you can get the Opera Co. Volunteers by having one of two specific characters stop by a specific location on the map when you're besieging Enbarr (the ONLY thing that hints at this is that if she's not recruited, Dorothea - one of the characters in question - will have this battalion)? In the same chapter, there is another copy of the Macuil battalion (have one of two other characters stop at the church), as well as stat boosters, up for grabs, but the latter require BOTH characters. Then there's the lost items; while a few are specific enough to make it obvious who they belong to, most of the descriptions are vague. Also of note, several elements of monastery time will require you to know the characters well to properly respond, like when a character fails a lesson (which is something I have pretty much never seen myself), for example.
  2. I would say it is, but not because of Sol (frankly, I don't consider Sol reliable enough to recommend).
  3. As Jeralt has been on the run for Arceus knows how long, he probably learned to channel Ryu and sleep wherever. Can''t say it's a stretch that Byleth would've learned to do the same under those circumstances. Uhhhh.... Speaking of, I have been watching someone's ironman run of 3H here on SF. They said it was their first time doing such a run, so I naturally told them that 3H was one of the worst FE games for such runs (the only other ones I'd consider bad for that type of stuff are Thracia, Binding Blade, Radiant Dawn, and Gaiden/SoV).
  4. I dunno about you, but most of the time, I find conventional weapons are more than enough for victory. If my units are capable of achieving victory easily with generic weapons, what reason is there to use the relic weapons?? Also, one hit of Areadbhar or the Lance of Ruin won't defeat something on its own, but something else on top of that will, at least on Hard. Anyway, the problem I have is, the game's storyline makes a big deal of crests and the Heroes' Relics like they're super amazing and all that, but when it comes to gameplay, I am left scratching my head and thinking "THIS is what the story is hyping??? Really? Try harder, IS, because I am NOT impressed" (a feeling that is especially strong when it comes to the Crusher). At the same time, My Castle gates some of its content behind the need for online features and the passage of real time, which I consider far more egregious. And that ain't even getting into the fact that anyone outside of Japan got shafted in terms of DLC for no real reason.
  5. Okay, so I might have exaggerated, but still, I find it hard to justify using most of the relic weapons besides the Sword of the Creator. The combat arts attached to the relics are even harder to justify using, with Atrocity, Dust, and Ruined Sky standing out in that regard; Atrocity is pretty much always gratuitous overkill (what good is it seeing Dimitri doing something like 80 damage when most enemies have far, FAR less than that???), and being linked to the Crest of Blaiddyd means there's the potential chance of using double the durability (speaking of which, the Crest of Blaiddyd is the one crest where I'd say its activations hurt more than they help, ergo a case of Blessed with Suck). And this is on something that already rarely warrants use.
  6. Make sure you restrict it to battalions the player actually gets. There's a good chunk the player never gets.
  7. This is one of the many things about Heroes' Relics that makes no sense; it bothers me that for all the story hype they get, most of the relics that actually are useful are NOT weapons. It's bad enough many of the relic weapons underdeliver in gameplay, but it's even worse that the Crusher has not a single thing about it make one iota of sense...
  8. Yeah, I mean, there was a thread about solos in the 3H board, and I was quick to chime in that if we were talking about Maddening, chapter 13 was very likely going to be the bane of any solos that did not involve Byleth.
  9. Personally, I think the morphs are more similar to homunculi. See here: http://thecrusadergrant.blogspot.com/2018/09/of-morphs-and-homunculi.html
  10. You really should've led with that being a joke. Anyway, why did you emphasize not losing Gilbert? Because by the time it's even doable, it's probably late enough that I'd deem it impractical to do so, especially since the game is structured such that most of the time I get to deploy everyone. Also, with Dread Fighters being what they are, I value what they bring to the table more than what the loop would help me do, at least as far as the main game goes; also, Brave Swords in that game are one hell of a drug. Getting back to 3H, am I misremembering, or is 3H the first game to update enemy attack range after you move a unit but before you finalize your move?
  11. You're literally the only one who believes that, just so you know. Anyways, snarky potshots aside, yes, I have played SoV; I just have yet to finish it due to having gotten sidetracked (iirc, I'm at act 5, so I don't have much longer to go). Agreed. Though the enemies can change things up on you and attack someone you were not expecting them to. I don't know about you, but I don't like that; like I said when talking about Conquest Lunatic endgame; if the only option for success involves sacrificing units, you've gone and fucked up in a VERY big way (I know there was a video where the player cleared the endgame of Lunatic Conquest without sacrificing units posted here, but it was made private ). Personally, if I lost a unit, I take it to mean my strategy was not good enough, I got unlucky, or even both.
  12. Even so, it still sounds more like gratuitous overkill, as pretty much nothing in the main game is so bad that it justifies going out of my way to do it, not even the final battle. And frankly, I'd find the inconvenience of needing to work my way back to whatever class I wanted them to end in to far outweigh the benefits (having to backtrack to Mila shrines two or even three more times when by the time this is even doable, I'm probably far enough into the game that I'd rather just finish it already? Pass). That being said, I MIGHT consider it if I was looking to get through Thabes. Speaking of which, I remember that back in the day, I found myself staying up later than I was supposed to to play one more turn. Except a lot of the time, "one more turn" would end up being "several more turns" instead. Speaking of which, I'd like to state the irony of how the prologue plays out... but this ain't the time. That sounds like me with Shadow Dragon. I initially liked it, but the more I played it, the more I started to dislike it. It's nice that the developers were willing to remake the first game in the series, but that feeling went away rather quickly when I realized that it was a MASSIVE step down from Radiant Dawn in terms of pretty much everything. It's a serious disappointment, considering that when I got Marth's trophy in Melee and read his description, I thought "this sounds pretty cool". But in the end, I found it boring as hell. I saw this quote elsewhere, and I think it really applies to SD: "Intelligent Systems did what they wanted to do, but they didn't do what should have been done," Whatever floats your boat. I mean, with how much I disliked SD, when I heard they were releasing the original for a limited time on the Switch, I immediately thought "hard pass" because if I hated the remake, there's no way I would like the original...
  13. Here's the problem with this: Speedtaker comes at level 35. That's a serious issue for obvious reasons. I'm not sure I'd recommend it - Scarlet is the only good axe user you get on Birthright.
  14. I remember that Morgan, Owain, Laurent, and Kjelle all still have unpromoted units being used. Speaking of, I will also note that Morgan in particular will have their initial class dependent on who Robin married, which can be a problem if you married anyone who would make them start as a healer because they start in range of enemies.
  15. I suppose I can see where you're coming from. As far as Fates is concerned, I don't get much, if any, use out of rallies other than Defense myself, with Magic in particular being the least useful of all because mages are at a pretty big low in Fates (though considering that Awakening was a rather high point for them, it makes sense that the devs would knock them back down to earth). Anyway... it's time I rated the others. Disturbance gets a 5/10. Onslaught gets a 3/10. The loss of hit relative to Disturbance is pretty unappealing, and the push back effect can be a hindrance, as often I want to finish off a rattled enemy on the same turn I rattle them, and pushing them away does not help me do that. Assembly gets a 4/10. The draw back effect helps with finishing off rattled enemies. 2/10 for Reversal. 4/10 for Lure. 6/10 for both Assault Troop and Flash-Fire Arrows Blaze and Poison Tactic both get a 6/10. They're more-or-less the same thing. Absorption gets a 1/10. The huge area of effect is nice (only the Resonant gambits, Ashes and Dust, and Wave Attack have an AOE that's as big as this), but everything else about it ISN'T, especially the hit. Simply put, nothing about it makes sense to me. 4/10 for Mad Melee 3/10 for Group Lance Attack 2/10 for Random Shot
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