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  1. When do enemies start using combat arts? Because a pre-release video showed an enemy unit using one. Also, do paralogues get tougher as time passes?
  2. Probably wants to say this after that mistake:
  3. Well, I see no point in lying about how far I've gotten. And I've got my own designs that slow me down while I ponder how to pull them off. And I don't see deep Deadeye as viable because at max range, you're taking a 100(!!!) hit penalty (assuming you're a Bow Knight), which should speak for itself (and it's not helped by the fact that Deadeye gets no hit boost to make up for this; Claude does get a similar art, but it's more viable due to actually giving a hit boost to alleviate the hit penalty you're taking). Long story short, better get a rabbit's foot or some other lucky item if you wanna hit something from that far. Anyway, I'm not one to simply take others' word at face value because few things piss me off more than seeing something that gets an assload of hype fall woefully short of living up to said hype.
  4. Sure, but he at least has SOMETHING to make up for it. Orochi, on the other hand, has got bupkis.
  5. What the hell does Orochi have going for her to make up for being so slow, then? Because Xander doesn't give a damn about pretty much anything physical.
  6. Her otherwise great offense is crippled because she's so god damn slow. As in, she's so slow she struggles to double freaking armored units. Let that sink in for a while.
  7. I have a hard time seeing Silas as anything other than in Xander's shadow forever, and his availability doesn't do enough to remedy this. Also, I personally don't put that much value on extra availability; I can even see it as a bad thing if a unit's bad enough on the grounds that that's extra time they're dragging my team down.
  8. But who would I be using for magic? Aside from Corrin, of course. And I ask this because most of the mages in this game are... lackluster, to put it nicely. You mean the same paralogue where most enemy units struggle to so much as dent Kana, and those that are idiot enough to even encroach on their range get their shit wrecked in return? That paralogue? Puh-lease. Also, when do you do said paralogue? Because I don't find it nearly as hard as you think it is. In addition, I don't remember any effective weaponry being on that map, aside from bows. If you wanna whine about a paralogue, go play Shiro's or Ignatius's late in the game. THEN we'll talk. Nohrian Trust comes much too late to be of much use, as do all level 15 skills. Mentioning Orochi does your already flimsy case no favours, considering she's as terrible as Little Mac's recovery... Also, Luna and Rend Heaven aren't going to be relevant until fairly late (and Rend Heaven is only good for physical vs physical and magic vs magic matchups; that being said, I would rather consider those a bonus than something to actively rely on). Why would I want to use my Witch's Mark on her instead of a unit that can actually do something with magic? This sounds quarter-baked at best. Fix'd. Also, why metnion Pavise when you can't get it (considering you seem to be talking Birthright, and the only unit that she could possibly get Pavise from is Benny, who she can only marry in Revelation, where she's even worse off)??? And this is ignoring that it's a level 15 skill. He's still 1001 times better than Rinkah, because he can actually do something other than tickle enemies with magic. And so is Kana. Also, it's hilarious that you're talking about pair up, because the one thing Rinkah is good for is being pair up fodder. And if Corrin needs a "bag" to be good, which they don't, that's still less than the assload of resources you're pumping into Rinkah. What slower classes does he have access to? Bases wise, the only classes slower than Cavalier are Apothecary, Dark Mage, Knight, General, and Wyvern Rider. None of which he has access to.
  9. I wuld prefer you not make half-assed - and obviously wrong - assumptions about someone else, thank you very much.
  10. Is the TV Tropes report of a paralogue being glitched true? And is a certain quest glitched on the Golden Deer route?
  11. Dexterity increases hit rate with weapons and magic. Luck lowers risk of enemy criticals. Charm affects hit rate of gambits and avoidance rate against enemy gambits. The former two stats affect crit chance, too.
  12. Dexterity increases your hit rate (it's the Skill stat renamed).
  13. I dunno - Fates turned that on its head, since dodgetanking is not nearly as reliable in said game as it was in prior games. It doesn't help that Freeze (locks a hit unit in place and makes them lose 20 avoid as well) is a thing, among other stuff. Fates says hi. I always had better results having something like an HP boon Corrin tank than using a dodgy unit like Hana and praying that they don't get hit.
  14. Who knows - in chapter 5, Gilbert routinely faced like 20% hit rates from enemy gambits. Anyway, that's another thing that makes me think dodgetanking ain't all it's cracked up to be - if you're unlucky enough to get tagged by an enemy gambit, not only do you get frozen in place, but you lose stats, meaning other enemy attacks are more accurate and more damaging against you.
  15. Alert Stance takes investment, and a lot of it. it also makes you waste your player phase by not doing something more productive instead. Anyway, all this has an opportunity cost, and one I wouldn't exactly write off as negligible, at that.
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