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  1. On paper, yes. But in actual practice, I'd have to jump through an insane amount of mental hoops to justify giving Wild Abandon one of my three combat art slots over just about anything else as -30 hit on an axe combat art is just that bad.
  2. No. Axes are inaccurate enough without a massive -30 hit. It doesn't help that two of the units who get it are weak in bows and have a hard time picking up Hit +20.
  3. OOF. I've always thought this game has had the poorest cast quality wise, but this leaves me speechless.
  4. Sorry, but Holy Knight is just not a good class, especially compared to pretty much any other Master class. So I don't see what you're aiming for here...
  5. For Gilbert, yes, as he has the ranks to get to it. Otherwise, probably not.
  6. Is it a Toy Poodle, like the one that appears in Ultimate? Or a Labrador retriever, which appears in Brawl? Or the Frenchie, which appears in Smash 4?
  7. How would you deal with a Charizard that you can't even approach without taking damage on account of permanent fire breath?
  8. Did you try the dreaded Ho-Oh? Unlike a lot of the other spirits mentioned earlier, it's neutral, so no advantage for you!
  9. What if you don't have Ness or Lucas (considering that both are in completely different areas to where you find the Spirit in question, that's a very real possibility; the former in particular is in the eastern end of the Light Realm, as in the area that you have to deal with a wall of light to access)? What's more, Metal Killer requires winning a timed battle against a 4-star spirit, which I would imagine would be pretty hard for someone who doesn't have much in the way of 3-stars. Older than me.
  10. Speaking of the Spirit Board, it has its fair share of sadistic challenges. Like Metal Mario, which pits you against - what else - a metal Mario. Think back to 64, except he can take even more punishment before you might be able to eject him.
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