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  1. I'm gonna be honest, the amount of people I know here that actually like all the games is one I can count on one hand. Ehhh, it felt a lot like SD came off to me as that, now that I think about it. It's like, one part of the dev team was "let's add some new stuff!", whereas the other was "sure, but let's make it such that this new stuff is either counterintuitive or gated behind bad design choices!" "Brilliant!" That sums up all the new characters, in a nutshell, thanks to almost all of them either being normal-exclusive (Norne, Frey) or requiring you to regularly sacrifice units to even get (everyone else except Nagi). And again, a lot of the changes the game made hurt more than they helped, like the weapon triangle, or the fact that ballisticians have insane range (to be fair, that helped made the ones you get insanely useful to have, unlike was the case in the original, where they sucked really badly... but it also made chapter 13 extremely awful to play, especially on higher difficulties). Reclassing was okay, but other games did it better. It didn't help that SD kickstarted a trend of games with the highest difficulty level being very poorly designed (that mercifully, Fates bucked). Also, whatever "retro charm" SD was supposed to have... just didn't exist. If I really wanted that, I'd rather look to Mario, Mega Man, or Zelda. Long story short, I have SD to blame for me being VERY wary of any future FE remakes.
  2. What precisely do you mean by "disjointed"? Anyways, I'd give them credit for at least trying to modernize it, unlike with SD, where it was half-assed at best and most of what they did for the sake of being faithful did more harm than good. Also, most of the new features in SD were poorly implemented [*coughweapontrianglecough*] .
  3. You DID win, though, right? Anyways, unanimous wins are pretty rare to my knowledge.
  4. I've played all the English released ones, plus Binding Blade. Out of those, I like, or at least tolerate, all of them but (shocker) Binding Blade and Shadow Dragon. If I was to extend this to the entire series, the Jugdral saga would join SD and Binding Blade on the "games I actively don't care for" list (also shocker).
  5. I dunno, because I always pick someone who is well over 13 charm for it. I would sooner chalk this up to The Computer Is A Lying Bastard.
  6. If that's efficient to you, you must have seriously low standards for efficient... And the fact that he went out of his way to baby Mozu means it doesn't fly as "efficient", far as I'm concerned, because that is the absolute antithesis of "efficient". Most efficient runs wouldn't bother going out of their way to babysit someone who obviously is far more trouble than they're worth.
  7. >Mozu >Efficient run Pick one. Which is to say, any actually efficient run wouldn't bother with her. Camilla, EASILY. I'd much rather have Wyvern Lord Camilla than Archer Mozu. Also, Felicia to pick up Inspiration early, and to work on tome rank in the event I want her in a magic class. The rest go to whatever whims I have in mind for that run. Also, I have no reason to consider Wyvern Elise as anything other than a gimmick - inaccurate weapons on a low skill unit is just asking for trouble. It might be better on promotion, but that's not enough to justify that.
  8. Doesn't make it any less ridiculous to suggest, though. Bold: She may have a good class... but she needs a very valuable Heart Seal to access it, of which there are only 5 for most of the game. And honestly, it wouldn't be hard for me to find 5 better uses for them than Mozu. Italicized: Where did you get that from, 2003? Because that kind of argument wouldn't be out of place back in the days when people jizzed their pants over growths and didn't give a crap about base stats - the days when people worshipped the ground Nino walked on. Anyways, high growths don't make up for abysmal bases imho, otherwise Donnel wouldn't be looked at as being pretty much worthless (granted, Donnel has other factors going against him, but still). The rest: If high availability really is that much of a godsend, then the likes of Nyx and Arthur wouldn't have been tossed around in this thread, now would they?
  9. Once again, I don't think he is in contention for bottom - only that he is someone I would be very, very hesitant to recommend to someone as a long-term unit on Conquest. One thing I don't like my units to be is overspecialized (something that, in my view, Niles falls under, or if not, comes dangerously close to), because more often than not, their weaker stats drag down the worth of their good stat(s). Speed is one of the best stats in the games, probably even the best, but... Having all the speed in the world means jack shit if you don't have the stats to actually make that speed meaningful. I'm not going to "ooh" or "aah" over someone who has the speed to double everything when their damage is minor chip at best except against certain enemies. And considering how seal skills work in Fates (basically, if the user survives, you take a massive stat hit)... I'd rather use a bow unit that can actually damage and kill things (that don't have wings or low defense, mind you). That's very, very, VERY generous of you to say, to be frank. And of course, that makes one of us. Those three, and Mozu (more on her later), are all in the "theoretically useful, but saddled with severe downsides that kill their usefulness" category, which is pretty damn bad in my book. Not to the level of Wendy or PoR Rolf or what have you, but still bad enough that I'm better off just using someone else, especially since they they have to offer isn't something that a superior unit can't do better. Any time the argument for a unit can be summed up as "they're good, just spoonfeed them most of their joining chapter!" I cannot help but laugh my ass off because that's just ridiculous, and the person arguing that full damn well oughta know better. And that is literally the only defence I've seen for Mozu, like, ever. Which, to be blunt, is very telling.
  10. Bold: Seriously? Um... were you using only two...? Because that's the only way I could possibly see that as being true. Well, without either a lot of luck or a lot of stat boosters.
  11. Okay, but when someone says that I'm gonna turn around and learn to appreciate Niles on Conquest Lunatic, I cannot help but think that is not worth taking seriously in the least. It's that kind of thinking I would have no qualms whatsoever about branding "naive", as it just doesn't feel like they have realistic expectations for them to say that. All this being said, however, I don't think he's in the running for worst unit in Conquest. That's between Mozu, Nyx, Arthur, and Charlotte in my opinion, as all of them have serious flaws that hinder them.
  12. Well, if we're going off of personal experience, then I still don't think those hold water. Niles has NEVER lasted long in any of my Conquest runs, largely because most of his good points are not unique to him.
  13. Not sure if serious. Elise and Nina. Hell, Nina gives all those you state, and even more. Like the ability to actually do damage.
  14. Likewise, I won't waste time when those reasons are most likely naive idealism and little else. Honestly, I can see it being Mozu. Sure, certain people argue that feeding her most of her paralogue makes her amazing, but... that says a lot more about the scale of favoritism she got than it says about Mozu herself. What are his opinions on the worst unit in Birthright? Though tbf, I can see where he's coming from regarding Nyx (I think she's a candidate for worst unit in the game myself); I also see her as a case study on why overspecialization is bad. Also, when I was watching that video, hearing the characters say their lines when selected felt clearly out of place, like it added nothing to the game. It worked in SoV and 3H because their lines varied depending on how much health they had remaining, but hearing Nyx say "Let's leave no survivors" when selected while one hit away from death made me go "Seriously?" Most of those are stuff that I can get from other units without having to endure his weaknesses, and the one unique aspect he brings to the table is, to be blunt, as useful as tits on a bull (I'm not enthused about capture when most of what it offers is worse versions of the units I get just by playing the goddamn game, and the exceptions are STILL not that great).
  15. Nope, nope, nope. It didn't really do anything, because mages are generally not very common, either on the player's side or the enemy's. Second, mages generally have high resistance, meaning that other than having one tank magic, there's little purpose to one when the bonuses/penalties wouldn't change anything.
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