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  1. Might find it amusing that the AI in Pokemon is dumb enough to use Mud Sport and Water Sport, which tend to be learned by Pokemon that are already immune to or resistant to the type they weaken... In single battles.
  2. I can understand why Manuela dresses like that, though. Byleth has no rational excuse I can think of. An outfit being impractical is one thing, but that takes a running leap over the line right into "what the hell were the devs thinking?!!?" territory, especially as everything about female Byleth's design just screams "unappealing". If I saw a professor dressed like that in real life, I'd expect to hear complaints.
  3. I think, unless killing Medeus doesn't end the chapter immediately.
  4. Oof. The Aum staff can undo this, though. Just make sure not to lose anyone else important.
  5. He does eventually. This is signified by an appearance change. Does not have cats in his yard, probably.
  6. And yet, despite that, she's still a valid target for the Aum staff, unlike Frey, who was the canon decoy (though it turns out he actually survived, as is revealed in New Mystery).
  7. Thing is, killer weapons were better than steel in most games because they had steel level might with the higher chance to crit (and sometimes lower weight to boot). In this game, however, they're only as strong as unforged iron, with the higher crit chance not being enough to compensate for this, especially since you probably won't have a high enough crit chance to rely on pretty much 10 times out of 10. Doesn't help that the lower might might mean in the vent of an all-too-likely non-crit, more units need to attack that enemy to kill it when with a stronger weapon, only one would've been needed instead.
  8. Simply put, Nyx is a magical Gonzales. Powerful, but with godawful hit. I fail to see the Mjolnir hype as warranted - killer weapons suck in Fates, as by the time they're relevant I get more damage from other weapons more often than not.
  9. Yes. Magic and speed are her only good stats, which makes her unreliable.
  10. Welcome to Airport 1001--err, SF. Beware this beast of a duel:
  11. I often use Thunder and Fimbulvetr. And that's about it. However, Nyx is best off sticking to Fire, because otherwise, she's really [EFF!]ing inaccurate. So much so, in fact, I'd recommend dropping her entirely.
  12. It's a pity that most mages in Fates suck. Also, I'm not sold on it being that good - I'm not convinced that that makes up for being barely stronger than Fire. Probably hates the fact that anime episodes tend to end on cliffhangers.
  13. Okay, first off... I would say "ouch" but I think that's an understatement. Instead... That aside... I'm sorry, but I kinda think Caesar's death quote is rather fitting, considering. What WERE you thinking? Why allow the killing edge hero to attack first and possibly score an army-crippling critical hit rather than just using Xane and Caesar to double team and kill him? Also, how much crit did he have?
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