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  1. It gets even sillier considering they're creating new identities... when they're heading to a land where no one would know of them anyways. What the heck is the point?
  2. So being blown away no matter where you are (which is one formation) is not underhanded? Anyway, I still think gimmicks that move the player's units against their will are a deadly sin as far as strategy games go. I'd go so far as to say not even the worst gimmicks Revelation threw at me (except for this, of course) are as cheap as this.
  3. The problem is that the wind triggers after player phase is over. That's on the level of cheap that same turn reinforcements are. While the Dragon Veins can deal with it, not only are there only so many to use, there's the opportunity cost to consider, because using them likely means I'm sacrificing one of my better units' turns.
  4. Paralogue 9 made it go belly up. Let's just say the player learned the hard way why you do NOT use Rescue on Asugi... At a local ice cream place.
  5. Wasn't curious enough to ask what happened for the Birthright ironman to fail, apparently.
  6. Did not just see someone get a game over on a Birthright ironman.
  7. I was more thinking about when the defeat conditions include circumstances beyond your control, which Ignatius's paralogue has in spades (if you wait until enemies promote, are you sure you can save him when he starts getting attacked on turn 2, while odds are you're still too far away to do anything about it??? Because as stated earlier, his dying sets the stage for a game over).
  8. I guess it may not be a general rule, but still, in the context of an ironman run, would it really be worth the chance of losing a unit, or in some cases (like this one, and especially Ignatius's), risking a game over just for that? I'm not sure it is.
  9. Ouch. This pretty much affirms what @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate stated earlier: I would also say being a masochist didn't help your case...
  10. Well... That's... Insane. I mean, I knew Hana had an insane strength growth for her class, but I didn't think it was that insane. Nosferatu is 4000 gold - in the context of early in the game, that's not peanuts. Knowing that, I think "Is that really worth it, or would I rather use that 4000 gold Nosferatu costs for something else, like staves and healing items... oh, I think I'll do that and only use Odin long enough to unlock his daughter's paralogue". I have an issue with it as well, all because of the randomness of resources, and the fact that it practically mandates the use of social features for it to be relevant. Speaking of, I could say the same of Arthur; the gameplay and story integration they were going for with his personal skill is neat, except it makes him a detriment to the team, so it's a negative.
  11. I forgot to mention, but I was assuming full health for the enemy. Anyway, my point with bringing up Hana was that most enemies tend to die halfway through when she activates it, meaning that Ryoma, who has +4 strength from his sword and even more strength (while she has a higher growth than he does in the stat, I'm not sure Hana would ever pass Ryoma up in strength), would be even more likely to take out the poor schmuck that's facing him before landing all 5 hits. Fair enough on everything else.
  12. How many resources did Odin need to get thrown his way to do that? Because those are likely resources that could've been spent on a better unit. Doesn't make it any less awful to play. Then again, gimmicks that move the player's units against their will tend to be the worst of the worst.
  13. Uhhh, I think calling Astra Lethality + Jugdral Pavise is laying it on rather thick; the question is, just how many hits of Astra does an enemy manage to survive? Unless it's a defensive enemy type (like a general), they're probably gonna drop before the fifth attack, barring some insane luck (speaking of, crits are still a factor, too); I mean, enemies rarely live long enough for me to see the full thing from Hana, so why would I expect them to not get splatted midway when Ryoma activates it? Considering every attack fills the dual guard gauge by 2, it means I wouldn't expect to go from zero to having a dual guard ready in most cases. I'll grant, though, it may not always be at zero. I would hard disagree - the wind map is bad enough to knock Conquest's ironmannability down HARD. I don't know about this - I found mages to struggle just as much as, if not even harder than on Birthright (Nyx and Odin both want to make me throw my 3DS into a wall...).
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