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  1. You're sounding (and in fact probably are) very misguided. Once again, getting Dedue to that level before the timeskip is utterly unrealistic, given that the enemies in the final chapter bafore that are mostly level 24 (on hard mode). And even if it wasn't, overleveling him does not help me at all in chapter 13.
  2. "Between" timeskip??? If you meant before, then I don't see it happening. Most of my most used units can only get to level 25 at most, never mind 28.
  3. Agreed. Also, I think it's rather silly that they even did it because Awakening not only was out in Japan long before it was released in other regions, but the DLC itself was out for a good amount of time in Japan before it even came overseas (Nov. 1 2012 vs May 2 2013 for NA, which comes to about half a year). No, the DLC isn't necessary, so it really shouldn't matter that it was censored, given that the DLC is mostly side stuff.
  4. It should be noted that the censored stuff is DLC. I don't think anything in the main game warranted censoring. Also, to say it was "heavy" censoring is off base, considering that only one optional aspect was censored (which one it is depends on the region).
  5. Sorry, but I can't agree, given that the beginning and ending are terribly designed; the earlygame has the first three bosses be a serious pain to kill, with two of them pretty much mandating breaking their weapons, and only one way to kill them that doesn't take forever, which requires lots of luck (as you happened to find out the hard way), and this is saying nothing of the fact that you don't get your healer until the first chapter is nearly over, meaning you have to rely on fort healing until then (and even afterwards, the one heal staff he comes with has to least two chapters), whereas the final boss pretty much forces the player to sacrifice units to kill him. I can't abide that kind of design; it reeks of the stench of "the developers just couldn't restrain themselves...".
  6. How common are Wyrmslayers?? Not very common, I'd imagine. Also, I think you're overselling the Oni class tree skills. Most of them are pretty lousy - Death Blow doesn't give enough crit and is only once a turn, Counter is a level 15 skill and depends on taking a lot of damage to actually do anything (which is a BAD thing, last I checked), which makes Oni Chieftain the exact type of unit that does NOT benefit from it, and Seal Resistance is not very useful unless you have a magic-heavy party. Besides, her low magic means she's better off not using tomes, and would be much better as a Wyvern Lord.
  7. I'm not sure I'd consider those broken... General Ryoma in particular loses most of the aspects that make him overpowered. I have my doubts about the other three, too - Apothecary Azama can't compete with Takumi (sure, he'd have better strength, but he doesn't get a 14 might bow that has no drawbacks or Quick Draw), Oni Chieftain Camilla exchanges flight for... not much of note, especially considering that it's also a subpar mixed class, and Spear Fighter Hinoka is not something I'm sold on either.
  8. So what? So is Three Houses, and yet after the Great Bridge battle, Dimitri allows some random woman aboard his cause after she requests to join his army (something that anybody with a good head on their shoulders would call out or at the very least be suspicious of, and not without good reason, given that she could possibly be an Imperial spy or worse). Which, while it isn't the same, I still consider ten billion percent more realistic than Fates implying that a captured enemy soldier would be unfailingly loyal to your cause and not have any ulterior motives whatsoever. Hell, something similar happens in Revelation, except Corrin, despite initially trusting Anthony, was suspicious enough to plan ahead in case the worst came to pass. At least two of the bosses you mentioned are in bad classes. Second, I generally find enemy healers hard to justify capturing and using in a game where I get two to start (unless you speak from the "play as a female Corrin and reclass Jakob to Paladin" perspective - one that I don't embrace because idgaf about any of the male characters in this game other than their performance as units). Also, that doesn't disprove my point about units that are worth capturing being extremely rare - of course, if Niles can't deliver statistically, it's all meaningless. This is ignoring that I consider their inability to support to be a pretty big downside that they're not good enough for me to ignore. And are you seriously trying to imply that I'd be willing to suffer through using Niles until chapter 23 on Lunatic (the last one you mentioned will only have two rallies on Hard) when his usefulness can't last on fucking Hard??? Wow. Okay then. I disagree on Sol and Malefic Aura, though.
  9. There's no need to play them, as three of them have remakes, and the other two (which don't have remakes, at least not yet) have quirks that make them (very) hard to play.
  10. All of them. Gameplay-wise, it doesn't really help me because mooks that are actually worth fielding over actual units are rare at best and virtually nonexistent at worst. Story wise, it doesn't make sense to unquestionably trust a captured enemy soldier to fight for your cause without any thought to the fact that they may have ulterior motives and/or may have just been telling you what you wanted to hear just so they can get a chance to betray you or even run away. And then you have most of the paralogue bosses. Considering most of them are criminals of some sort, how many of THEM would you trust to fight for your cause??? I only used Ophelia and Nina as examples because their paralogues have rewards besides them. Anyways... off the top of your head, what skills would you consider good for inheritance?
  11. Who was the unlucky guy who got hit with this big a setback? Because Jagen going to the graveyard in chapter 1 can only be a harbinger of more bad luck.
  12. I guess real life happened to keep you away from here for so long... anyway, welcome back!
  13. Speaking of, I heard that the prologue chapters apparently were not playtested on hard mode, given that someone who DID try them on H5 was NOT pleased with how bad they were. I think I mentioned this the last time, but I think the design philosophy behind this mode is grievously flawed.
  14. That ignores that level 15 skills are impractical to pass down unless your name is Felicia or Jakob, especially considering certain paralogues (e.g. Nina, Ophelia) have goodies that I'd get more out of if I unlocked and cleared them earlier than later (and this tradeoff is not even remotely even, as getting a level 15 skill on a child unit does NOT make up for the fact that I had to actively waste experience on someone I had no intention of using, to say nothing of the fact that I can't benefit from the items the paralogue gives for as long) This just sounds more like taking the path of most resistance (and actively shooting myself in the foot) for no meaningful gain. I don't know about you, but I have several serious issues with capture as far as Fates is concerned that leads me to dismiss it as not being worth it: This is not to say I'd want capture banished from the series entirely, but I want it to feel like the devs actually knew what they were doing, as opposed to throwing it in just because (and to be blunt, it seems glaringly obvious that capture was NOT implemented well in Fates).
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