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  1. "Felix is my fav character in this game...... and I have never once watched Naruto" I feel so called out lmao
  2. Gdi here comes another unit I'd want but most likely wont have. It already took me everything to barely get Celica last time. along with Duo Alm just recently. RIP. Seeing him, with a bow is kinda weird tho
  3. It took everything I had just to get ONE Celica off the legendary banner. As cool as Shanaan looks, the whole things a dub for me
  4. I've the feeling this would have been a different story had they chosen HK Marth. Big shame Team Hardin it is
  5. This, really. But even then, I'd have preferred HK Marth for the added parallel ( and cause I don't have St. Marth) Either way, Archanea gets my vote.
  6. I'm a big fan of triumphant victories against seemingly impossible odds. Among that category, the one moment that gets to me more than any other was Eren plugging the hole in Wall Rose. Humanity taking a 100 years worth of collective Ls to finally taste one victory is a tear-jerker that I'm not afraid to admit
  7. I'd give Owain's spot to The Vaikening. If he has to re-use Lissa's moveset, he'd be the only one that I can see who'd actually lose his axe mid-combo ( see C4) to reference his introduction in CH2. For Fates I'm with you on both fronts though I'm not sure about them sharing a moveset Shadow Dragon I'm giving to Hardin though. Normally I'd have went with Cain, but I feel that the direct referencing of him in supports discredits him due to continuity constraints. Hardin wouldn't have this issue and could still go with a Lance Cav moveset
  8. The advent of duo heroes can only mean one thing: TMS heroes incoming, eventually
  9. Just wanted to preemptively say that yes I am alive, you're getting older wouldn't want you to have a heart attack thinking ghosts are walking amongst you. 😛

  10. I don't have direct screenshots, but lately I've been getting a lot of free pulls from banners. Namely: Ephraim +Atk -Def Hilda +Hp - Def Skylivia Eldigan +Atk -Res Karla +Atk - Res Dream Corrin +Spd -Hp Helbindi +Atk -Res Delthea +Def -Hp Hardin +Atk -Res The Hardin replacement was well needed ( the one I had prior was the opposite)
  11. I got the A support and I'm on Ch 18. There is a time where his supports are locked, but once he becomes sane again, you should be able to raise it right then and there. I forget which chapter exactly it was, but it's what I did, anyway.
  12. For those who chose Blue Lions, I just finished the Ch8 battle and apparently
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