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  1. Yes, however, every game thereafter has its own nuances to that idea that would be extremely out of place without, and if brought in, could likely detract from the idea that their trying to bring full circle. For example, imagine if SD & Awakening switched roles in relation to the story. Given the relationship between the two, there's a lot to lose in this situation considering how Ylisse holds no significance at all to Archanea while the inverse serves as legacy to the other and seemingly provides the same reverence to them in the context of Warriors as it currently is. I may have misworded my point initially, but if there is to be such characters to carry that kind of torch, I personally don't think any other game could have done it better. The short stick is still regrettable yes, but I at least am able to find value in what we have.
  2. Bear in mind that I'm not talking about it's basic plot. It's a more subtle thing with regards to the twin lords themselves growing into their roles that callback to the ideas of the original game; a deposed royal forms a ragtag army to reclaim their home and eventually save the world. It's less opaque in comparison and most prolly won't even care, but its something I happen to really like about it. It's also what makes Rowan & Liana's supports with each gleamstone holder my favorites.
  3. That's assuming a different game wouldn't get the same treatment. It wasn't this way due to a lack of material, if that's what you think it is. If anything, the SD cast had slightly more significance in relation to the original story due to the parallels between them and the Kingdom Aytolis. Now, said story could absolutely use more expansion, but otherwise, unless you change the entire conceptualization of it, I don't think any other world would mesh very well with what is already there. You'd simply have to make a different FE Warriors game at that point
  4. I've wanted Kris for a really long time and they're finally here! @Interdimensional Observer As far as Archanea goes. there is also Horace, who could go along with both Midia and Nyna in this hypothetical banner Also, why are we taking a [New] Mystery banner and suddenly making it about Tellius? Yeah, the last official Tellius banner was March 2019, but you're failing to consider how Tellius has had two Mythic heroes under its belt in the same year (Novermber 2019, & March 2019), one of which, was directly before said Tellius Banner. And this is before counting everything in between, such as Fallen Ike (as mentioned) and the (mostly) Tellian Bridal banners back to back for both May 2019 & 2020 I get being impatient, but relax. Tellius relatively has not been unfed
  5. Well, there is also to consider that at that point, she actually has the time to consider it, given that she's no longer the pope in that situation. That, or, how she always had high hopes for Byleth to the point of entrusting the church to them, indicating that she might have already known that she wasn't cut out for the job, but lacked a suitable successor to take up the position. Aside from Byleth, who has the literal heart of the Goddess and her consciousness within them, who else could she realistically trust to handle such a job?
  6. While I do get your point, to be fair, can you really expect someone to just let it go when the perpetrators of said incident still exist somewhere, potentially able to disrupt the peace on such a grand scale at a moment's notice? Worse even, that you've absolutely no clue who or where they may reside? On top of that, it's not like it was just her people that they took from her. There is Sothis to consider, which means much more to her than what any other person can reasonably have faith in from possibly having actually seen her when she existed in full. And, as @eclipse pointed out, we don't have a complete picture of Rhea's side of things, thus, making for an incomplete conclusion to have. But I'm hazy on all the details.
  7. Nagi's spd is nigh unsalvageable. You're better off with the extra bulk, so that neither physical nor magic can harm her much (her default Res is 41)
  8. Follow for follow.

    Hope you're doing well, mate.

    1. Motendra


      Things could be better, but I'm trudging along by. Thanks man

      Same goes for you, good sir

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      Your good will is much appreciated. You keep on going until things are the best they can be.

  9. Lately, there has always been a character or side that IS seems to throw more into than others, intentional or not: Awakening had Lucina + Sumia (to a smaller degree of who her mom becomes); with Fates its Azura (well, they tryto, anyway, but Camilla's too powerful) + Nohr and FemCorrin by extension (RIP Hoshido); I'm [pretty certain but can't confirm] for FE7 that would be Lyn given her popularityNaturally, the same is happening in Edelgard + Black Eagles for being both the most popular house, along with El most apparently being the most invested person in the game. The only surprise is that it's happening now. Otherwise, her being the first of the three lords is wholly expected. As for the bannner, gosh am I glad I didnt go 100% on the legacy kids banner, casuse this one is STACKED. Red less so, but it has Marth and I've been trying to get merges of him since he first came out (Still at +2)
  10. Given how the story begins, its actually impossible for them to be a thing. Yeah, they might have had a fling when they were younger that could have blossomed into something else, too much has happened in between then and the present for it to ever work out; El literally doesn't remember until he reminds her via the dagger and both are too deep into their opposing ideologies for it to ever work out. Its kinda tragic, really; that your first crush turns out to be your mortal enemy
  11. "Felix is my fav character in this game...... and I have never once watched Naruto" I feel so called out lmao
  12. Gdi here comes another unit I'd want but most likely wont have. It already took me everything to barely get Celica last time. along with Duo Alm just recently. RIP. Seeing him, with a bow is kinda weird tho
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