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  1. Risen King and/or Great Lord/ Exalted Chrom CYL Marth Rigain Celica Sirius literally anything Minerva Hoshidan Corrin
  2. I can only see Alm for the left. No clue for the other tho
  3. I noticed this too, but then realized this morning that I was still running Marth instead of my usual Michalis Big L for me lol
  4. Do that, along with Paragon and EXP blessing. There's no real way to quickly grind lvls tbh Unless you're Marth, fsr. He leveled so much that I had to take frequent breaks from him just so others could keep up.
  5. As one who has Bonus Doubler on HK Marth, I can confirm that this is true. Works wonders with Special Spiral and Fire Emblem, making him [seemingly] impenetrable, so long as he doesn't get Panic Ployed
  6. Berkut actually had everything going for him to be really entertaining: the atmosphere, presence, attitude, set up, THEME SONG (well it was for me). Everything, except for plot armor, which due to this one missing thing, I believe, is what makes him out to be a joke to those who find him bad. It's not like he lost to the Deliverence 3 times. If dude can take on and exhaust the entirety of them with just 3 men, including himself he has to be a big deal. The downfall is that even with all this, he simply can't beat Alm, specifically (notice how that's the only person he acknowledges at all). To this end, he seems more akin to your typical anime rival character than an actual villain, which is a real shame that he didn't deliver, cause, as I said, he had a lot going for him, but Alm handedly thrashes all of it
  7. It's an age old joke on Also, today was interesting in how my free pulls from the new banners were 5 star Saizo and another Celica. Team Ryoma is now complete! Though I still need to properly build the retainers....
  8. I took me some tries to fully figure it out, myself, so there's no shame in the game! @Landmaster thanks! Admittedly the Special Spiral was a recent addition in effort to make him seemingly invincible. I only wish I had Null C Disrupt to stop Ploys and the like. Minus normal Marth as stand in, the plan for the team is the Archanean Elites, but I need Guidance for Michalis, and a second Hardin to fix his -atk to fully complete it
  9. Incoming first clear video. Never been a fan of reinforcements, but this was relatively stress free so I thought why not? Excuse the quality
  10. Did.... Did Byleth just go Super Saiyan?! I didn't imagine that, right?!
  11. It's gonna be either Sigurd, Deirdre or Ethlyn for me. Have yet to decide which, however
  12. If you did indeed link your account as it prompts you to do so before the game loads, this shouldn't be happening at all, as long as you didn't delete your save on your old phone. Once linked, you still could play the game on your old one, but not if it's already open at the same time with your newer one. I recently got a new phone a week ago and went through the process with no issues. Assuming nothing happened to your data, you should still be able to retrieve it. Or, instead, did you possibly end up creating a whole new Nintendo account and linked it to that one?
  13. I don't recall making any jokes, but go off I guess..
  14. I grew up with Kingdom Hearts as my first JRPG series, and as such, questionable plot elements it may have, I've a special place reserved for it that won't be going away. I won't disrespect your right to this opinion, but if I'm to be honest, there are other mediums out there if you're looking for something that'll change your life or any of that sort. Not saying that it's mutually exclusive or that they shouldn't exist (as I greatly appreciate them too when they come along, if the game itself interests me), but to have such grandiose and ambitious undertakings as a standard is only preparing for disappointment with the occasional diamond in the rough imo. This doesn't only pertain to gaming either
  15. If you need a green, I'm always running a +8 Michalis
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