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  1. @daisy jane Nice job on the clear! Ophelia really rips this map to shreds (my initial clear used her as well), and having Veronica and Xander keep the lower half in check was definitely useful...almost makes me wish I had one. ~ I usually don’t record these, but I was bored and wanted to try one without Ophelia. I actually got to dust off the ol’ Corrin, I haven’t put her on a team in...at least months, if not a whole year.
  2. Why Alm, specifically? There are other colorless archers with better offenses and bows for using Deadeye. Or is this because of Luna Arc? Luna Arc has a “deals damage” effect, Deadeye won’t scale off of it.
  3. @Diovani Bressan A one turn clear? I like it. You don't see Abel all that often, so that was pretty nice. The Saizo clear was great, as usual. Plenty of 0-damage dings. Nice work! @Maaka It took me a second to register that there was only one Galeforce user for that clear. Bartre eating a 56 from Petrine was pretty nuts...his Res really is that bad. Nice job! @Landmaster Nice job on your clear! There were some pretty close matchups this time. RIP Sword Dragon, Elise didn't even need her Bond skills active to take him down, and then she immediately laughed off Flame Lance's Res-targeting as well. Summer Elise OHKO-ing Petrine was pretty great, I found it strangely entertaining that that same Elise let loose a Glimmer on the healer later for +1 damage...it was just such an odd contrast. ~ I'm pretty sure I spent more time fine-tuning the clear so Caeda stayed over 50% HP than I did on coming up with the actual strategy. I would've tried to figure out a way to have her finish at full HP, but the manakete is blue, the healer has Fear, and the Sword Dragon has the highest Def stat...oh well.
  4. Interesting batch of units. Echoing a lot of sentiments, I’m also interested to see what Deadeye’s inheritance restrictions look like. I would guess bow-exclusive, if it’s inheritable at all...seems like a fun toy for Brave Claude if it is.
  5. Mostly because Obstruct isn’t a reference to Leicester Lineage+. I might just roll with Dull Ranged. Maybe try out some mock battles to see if I miss the automatic follow-up.
  6. I would lean towards Goad Fliers, myself. You won't have to worry about Panic (particularly Sudden Panic), and with an HP pool of 62 and decent defenses he should be fine to take most non-special-boosted hits without Ward. Hm. Looking at that, I might run Claude next week myself, actually. I'd really just need to figure out what to throw in his B slot...Quick Riposte, maybe, or Dull Ranged. Or Pass.
  7. Not gonna lie, I didn’t even realize there were Corrin-Arceus jokes. I thought it was a reference to the fact that he uses Gravity in Smash Bros. Edit: also, for the pre-charged Negating Fang follow-up question, no. She can deal with one activation, since switching Naga’s seal to Chill Atk would take enough punch out of Corrin’s hit to survive, and Guard in her B slot would prevent Corrin from charging up a second one. I was just saying that if I’d wanted to try going for a no-Guard “you mitigated (30% +5) of both my hits and still died” flex, that probably wouldn’t have worked.
  8. @Maaka I was wondering what was up with Fir’s Spd before I realized it was a Brave Axe set. I’m still wondering what’s up with Bartre’s Spd, though. Nice work! @SatsumaFSoysoy Re. no pre-charge on Negating Fang, it looks like it would only be a couple small adjustments: switching Naga’s Hone Spd seal to Chill Atk, and Caeda’s Live for Bounty to Guard. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the math works out on brute forcing through 2 activations...even with Fury 4 + Pegasus Flight, then [xxx]/Res Link and Chill Def on Naga, she would fall 3 damage short. Curse you, Shield Pulse. Anyway, nice job on your clear. When in doubt, open Wings of Mercy.exe. I had to stop and think for a second to figure out what the Arceus thumbnail was about. Nanna MVP. @daisy jane Huh, it never occurred to me that Sophia totally obliterates this map. I mean, I guess there’s the lance fighter, blue manakete, and Watersweep mage, but other than that, she’s basically free to rampage. Nice job! @Diovani Bressan So, what I’m getting here is, Dragonslasher is more useful against Desperation than it is against actual dragons. Seems legit. Marth had a lot of fun with those poor enemy cavalry units. +Style points for that ending formation, nice work! @NSSKG151 Nice job on your clear, those Annas really tore the place up. That Brave Bow + Infantry Flash + Special Spiral + Glacies setup was nice, as was the Pulse Smoke, getting rid of Negating Fang. @Landmaster ...but...Elise is a troubadour 😧 . Nice work on that clear! I see Elise has the Palm Staff back. I guess if the Green Mage had a winning matchup against Summer Elise, he would’ve attacked before the staff Cav healed, but it was still funny that the heal forced him to attack HS Elise...out of the frying pan and into the fire, as they say. I wasn’t paying attention to Elise’s skills and was super surprised when her 1x 19 on the red mage turned into 2x 32 on the player phase. Poor Corrin gets destroyed by Dazzling Staff eating her Negating Fang for free...I like how she totally ignored Mirabilis and ran straight to her demise. ~ They sure put a lot of Celica-unfriendly stuff on this map...Hardy Bearing on Corrin, Dragonslasher thief, Sapphire Lance fighter, Pulse Smoke blue Manak...er, never mind, the Manakete was actually really useful. Surprisingly, Thrasir did not immediately go for the boss’ throat this time. I actually ended up having her borrow Celica’s opening, which worked out quite nicely. I’ve been thinking about using team “Alone Together” for a while, but never could get it to work. Earlier iterations of the concept used Sirius and Lethe, but Corrin and Bernadetta work well too. It ended up becoming the Edelgard show, with a strong side act by Mareeta, but honestly, I don’t really mind.
  9. Not a particularly difficult one, from a one-turn perspective, but there were a couple annoyances in Corrin’s high Spd and the Axe Cav’s Guard.
  10. I’m confused. What about her kit makes the special lackluster or not spammable? It’s 30% mitigation on activation, and effectively Draconic Aura for her next attack. It’s on a 2-charge cooldown after her weapon’s Accelerates Special Trigger effect. So, if she meets the special charge acceleration condition on her weapon, it activates on her opponent’s attack, and then she full-charges it on her own attack unless the enemy has Guard (or similar).
  11. I figured that I’d try to pick up the last two Celica copies I needed off the Brave Reprisals banner. I was a little concerned, because red on a 3% revival focus, but I lucked out and only needed ~60 orbs. Now I just need 1300 more Infantry Dragonflowers...ahfkhfhdifsanfognfhadvhlgluiv
  12. That starting enemy layout is a little annoying.
  13. @Landmaster I didn’t see the Steady Stance seal are first, and was super surprised when Elise survived a special from Python. Honestly, it’s still a little surprising even after realizing she has it. I see hot spring Elise flexing that Carrot+Windsweep without actually needing either. Nice job! ~ Trying to get Caeda to take out that blue manakete was pretty annoying.
  14. Ok, I’ve procrastinated on this for waaay too long. @Landmaster She has Witchy Wand, woo! I’m conflicted, though, because she has to drop the Palm Tree to use it...I see Summer Elise still hasn’t been told about the weapon triangle. Nice work! @SatsumaFSoysoy Huh, I’ve never actually seen the Book of Orchids animation. That’s kinda nice. It’s always cool to see refined Beloved Zofia in action. That refine really turned it from bleh to amazing. Nice job!
  15. @Diovani Bressan Nice mini-rampage by Mia at the end there. I didn’t realize Ephraim had Odd Follow-Up initially and got confused as to why Mist didn’t double him. Seems like he was a good pick-up for you. ~ This week’s map was more WoM abuse with Duo Ephraim, Legendary Lucina, Flying Olivia, and Cherche.
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