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  1. Oh. I thought you were directly comparing your Ike to Alexmender’s Eirika. My mistake there. I’m confused as to what makes Eirika’s feat mysterious, then. She stacked up more combat stat boosts than Ike is capable of stacking (on this map), so she was able to hit the Atk & Spd thresholds she needed. In this case, it’s possible to use Chills to lower the required thresholds, which is what I ended up doing when I tried with my Ike. As I mentioned (albeit in an edit to my initial post), I also needed to tweak the opening sequence to get the buffs & positioning right.
  2. @Maaka Missing a Bartre, instant dislike. Nice work on the clear! Seeing Gray live on 1 HP and dish out two 48s was amusing. @Diovani Bressan Always good to see the Marths in action. Or...Young Marth in action, with less-young Marth mostly cheering from the sidelines. I especially liked that Infantry Breath to prep Hero’s Blood in the opening. Nice job! @Landmaster It feels like it’s been a while since we last saw a good old-fashioned Elise rampage. She really put that Palm Tree to work! Did Rhys even get to see the castle? Using Martyr to squeeze out two Miracles was neat, as well. Nice work! I’m not sure what metric you’re using to define “more powerful...overall”, but Eirika does a much better job than Ike of taking advantage of that support structure. Refined Sieglinde’s stat boosts come from having nearby allies with field buffs, while Chaos Ragnell only works if Ike has penalties...and the only penalty-inflicting skill the starting six enemies have is the Rogue Dagger, which doesn’t do anything for his damage output. That said, I gave it a shot myself, and Ike should definitely be able to one-turn it. I had to give him one Dragonflower level...but I would hazard a guess that your Ike has merges, unlike mine. Edit: I also needed to tinker a little with the refreshers’ seals and give Ike Swap to get the desired results. ~ Celica took her time, carefully playing around the castle to avoid getting swarmed. Thrasir, on the other hand, went right for the throat...like usual. This time the (admittedly uninspired) theme team is...heroes from Jugdral. Woo. I basically picked four good units and went in, poked things for a while, and ended up with this. I thought Julia and Olwen would do more, but Larcei just took over.
  3. Well...this was bound to happen eventually. @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy @Maaka
  4. @daisy jane Ooh, congrats on getting a phone that can handle recording FEH! I like how Dimitri stomped the bosses so thoroughly that he still had 100% HP for the blue mage fight. Byleth taking on the Brave weapon Cavalry was neat as well. Poor Edelgard, not getting to do anything...and Bernadetta had to sneak a KO out from under Byleth’s nose. Nice job!
  5. Awakening...Awakening...nope, I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard of that title. Phina, Young Caeda, Duo Palla, and Caeda cruised to victory. Catria died on the EP of T1 because 3 Mov + Feather Sword is fair and balanced. Special shout-out to Mae, who managed to deal enough damage to Caeda before getting taken out by Glacies to keep her under 50% HP for WoM shenanigans on the following turn.
  6. I do one-turns for every hero battle, which usually involves a lot of Galeforce, but some GHBs and BHBs let me get away with end-turning with Caeda (and sometimes, it’s a blend of both). For L/MHBs, I also do two PP Mage + refreshers clears, and one ??? clear. The ??? clear employs whatever strategy works best for the four units I threw together, so it’s impossible to lump that into any one category. So... Abyssal, no guides No Preference Nuke mages, Galeforce, refreshers No Preference Other
  7. @SatsumaFSoysoy Wow, I was expecting at least a little damage from the Axe Cav, but she just hard-walled everything physical. I like that you filled the remaining slots with her...family. @Maaka Nice clear, and neat use of Drag Back to get the positioning for the WoM chain. @Diovani Bressan Interesting, I see elements of my own attempt in those two clears. For his solo...that first turn was a little rough, but once he got Saizo’s Star on the enemies, it was all over. That Cleric came surprisingly close, though. @Landmaster I’m surprised that Elise took out that mage through Triangle Adept. Mirabilis eating two hits from Sully was pretty neat as well. Nice work! ~ I don’t remember when or why I gave Caeda Cancel Affinity, but I’m not complaining.
  8. @Maaka I still get thrown off every time I see Spring Fir. I refuse to believe that carrot is an Axe, even if she swings it like one. Nice work on the clear, especially the Lunges to get Fir deep into enemy territory so the Bartres could warp in and do the things. @Diovani Bressan Nice work there, lots of premium B Passives on Marth, I see. Saizo did great work as usual, OHKOing those mages and even taking the hit from that (no-Def-penalty) Axe Dragon. @Landmaster I like how, up until the B Tome Cav got to her, Mirabilis just refused to take significant damage. It’s pretty impressive that you took on basically the entire battle scrunched up into that top left corner. Nice job!
  9. Chrom enlisted some assistance from the past to really crush Gangrel’s hopes and dreams. @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy
  10. @Unknown Gamer11 Nice work on your clear! I really liked the use of Altina, she put in a lot of work, especially in the opening. The Lilith warp/Reposition shenanigans were fun as well. @Landmaster Sophia kind of stole the show, imo. By my count, she fought 3/4 of the map’s enemies. She’s Sophia though, so I’ll give her a pass. Some cool maneuvers in there (besides the choke point bit at he end): I was really surprised that Elise survived hits from the Lance Dragon and Red Mage, and that Swap to put Elise in front of the Lance Fighter and Sophia in front of the Sword Armor, stuck out. Nice job!
  11. Yes. Null Follow-Up can currently not (and will hopefully never be able to) be neutralized. Her refine effect protects her against enemies' guaranteed follow-up effects. Otherwise, enemies with high enough Spd and a guaranteed follow-up skill (Bold Fighter, Hawk King Claw, etc.) would be able to break through Great Flame the same way they could before.
  12. If you're only going to use her for Galeforce in PvE content, I would prefer to use Swift Sparrow unless you're really worried that she's going to be missing that 1 Atk point. As you mentioned, you won't have to worry about an enemy dropping her below the threshold. I've never really had a problem with getting into Wings of Mercy range with a Swift Sparrow, Summoner Supported, +10 Caeda when I want to (although I guess Wing Sword lets her fight Lance Cavs, which occasionally comes in handy). Surprisingly, their stat lines are fairly comparable...I hadn't actually looked before. If you're really worried about it, you could always try to keep rolling for Life and Death.
  13. Edit: I'm not really sure how to get the rest of my post separated from the update notes' text...I'm just going to leave it be. From today's update: I can confirm that Hríd still does not receive a follow-up, and that Yune no longer receives a follow-up. Further testing shows that using both Gunnthrá and Bride Micaiah to apply -6/-6/-7/-7 to Brave Micaiah on the same map, Gunnthrá deals extra damage equal to the sum of the Spd and Def penalties without Dominance, and 2x the sum of the Spd and Def penalties with Dominance. I suspect that other skills that check for the existence of enemy penalties will behave the same way. So, from what I can tell (more thorough testing may be required), all interactions between skills that "neutralize penalties" and skills that check enemy penalties are the same across the board, meaning that skills that check enemy penalties (properly) require the penalty to not be neutralized. ...Thank goodness.
  14. But Blizzard doesn't deal additional damage based on enemy's debuffs, it adds Atk based on the enemy's debuffs. That Atk is then subject to various modifiers (weapon triangle, effectiveness, etc). Dominance is raw damage. Edit: So basically, your statement is correct, but Dominance is the only thing in the game that actually has that effect.
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