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  1. @SatsumaFSoysoy But the Battle of the Eagle and Lion is at Gronder Field, not the Valley of Torment. Nice Three Houses theme team! Close call on Byleth’s encounter with that Fafnir. @mampfoid @Landmaster This was an excellent battle for Tibarn to make his first appearance... ...and be denied the opportunity to take himself out. He must learn the pecking order, after all.
  2. Congratulations! Now where’s the rest of the family?
  3. An update for Faye, the Queen of Aether Raids offense. I probably should have sent those last 200 Dragonflowers somewhere else, since the 10th stat increase was Spd... Oh well. It’s not like she doesn’t deserve it, with all the work she puts in.
  4. @Landmaster Nice job on that clear...exactly 80 damage from Keaton was crazy. @SatsumaFSoysoy Marth’s Bond effect letting her survive a Brave Lance and Green Tome (TA, sure, but still) was neat. That Lance Dragon needing all four shots of Cordelia’s Brave Bow to go down was nuts.
  5. Wait, there’s a BHB on? @mampfoid Nice work! Tibarn’s garbage-level Res really comes in handy, though obviously my favorite part was the bit where Boey blew up the Lance Armor. + @Landmaster Cutting it close on the thresholds here, but I’ll take what I can get.
  6. They just have to be in the unit’s inventory. They’re nice for giving extra bonuses, or allowing units to use Relics that they normally wouldn’t. You can acquire more using your Journal, by spending Renown. I think it’s 1000 points each.
  7. Since I’m here anyway. ...Does this count as a spoiler? Just in case,
  8. Celica & Co. beat up Abyssal. Maybe if the healer hadn’t spawned where she did, it would’ve been possible to take Julia on with just Celica & Savage Blow damage...as it is, Azura had to weaken her.
  9. @mampfoid Nice job, I really liked the use of Clair! Exact KO on Julia too, dang. + @Landmaster This map was another case of “the Lance Dragon ruins my day” until I remembered that Triangle Adept exists. I also had some issues with getting Raven to double Julia at first...Light and Dark is fun like that.
  10. Spd - [Effective Weight] Where [Effective Weight] = [Wt of equipped items] - FLOOR(Str / 5) - [Weight reducing bonuses from skills]. Minimum value of 0.
  11. Fancy graphic: Generally I combined my thoughts on the character as a character, with my thoughts on the character as a unit. If I’m being honest, my thoughts on the character as a unit were usually given more weight. Short reasoning, with some spoilers:
  12. As of now, my favorite route is Golden Deer, followed by Black Eagles/Church, with Black Eagles/Empire and Blue Lions fighting for 3rd. I’ve only actually finished the first three, and kinda-sorta followed along with a friend’s Blue Lions run. I really like the completeness of the information about Byleth and Fodlan that you get on GD and Black Eagles/Church. Actually taking the fight to the Agarthans is also a big thing for me (and I’m still disappointed that it doesn’t happen in Black Eagles/Empire). Golden Deer is the clear winner because that final battle is absolutely wonderful, and the ending gives me more of a warm fuzzy feeling. Black Eagles/Empire didn’t give me warm fuzzies at all, but the concept of burning the broken system to the ground and starting fresh was unique and interesting. I hear there’s a lot of good character development in Blue Lions, so I’m looking forward to that. Time will tell if it claims victory over Black Eagles/Empire.
  13. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice work on that Kronya showcase! Using Skadi to ensure the Bow Cavalier OHKO was a nice touch. @mampfoid Clever use of Drag Back to keep Roy out of range of the enemies. Nice job! ~ [email protected] Peri just barely scrapes by with a regular Ridersbane.
  14. I found it pretty easy to break, even on my blind first run (Black Eagles -> Empire). That said, I kinda like finding fun ways to break things, so I didn’t really mind. I do think they give you too many tools for it, though; the silly stuff like: I would absolutely love to see higher difficulty levels.
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