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  1. @SatsumaFSoysoy Wow, Eirika put in some serious work there. Felicia did well too...one-round Glacies really is terrifying. Nice clear! ~ Say no to one-hit Dragon Fang. @Landmaster
  2. I got hard-carried by NY Alfonse this week, though bonus unit Leo put in a lot more work than I was expecting him to. No deaths on offense and -18 on defense put me at 13742 total lift. Hopefully I can keep that up in future Astra seasons.
  3. I wouldn't call it toxic, no. Is that what you were going for? I guess it also depends on how you define toxic. "Toxic" maps usually have one or more of the following: Space oppression: Placing your units & buildings in a way that makes it difficult for the enemy to approach, and makes their life painful when they do. Rally/Restore trap: Using a unit to Rally, and then get Refreshed, to extend their threat range beyond where it was originally. Particularly with Legendary Azura, and more so Rally traps than Restore traps. Warp Chains: Guidance, "Orders" effects (Air/Ground Orders, or Gentle Dream), and even Wings of Mercy, to an extent. Infantry Pulse: Pretty self-explanatory. Excessive amounts of Firesweep: Also pretty self-explanatory. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  4. As far as I can tell, the reason BST adjustment doesn't work is that it's accounting for the legendary/duo BST already. If you bring in a normal Alfonse and a New Year's Alfonse, and hit "Load Max Score" for both, everything is the same except the New Year's Alfonse scores 6 points higher. That said, this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XF8AtQPzAIhyyW_fHHsbBd-Z2jWZM2rBwSkhWy8YeWk/edit#gid=816884480 looks like a spreadsheet utility that you can copy to your own Google Drive and play around with (sourced from this Reddit post). Notably, the first worksheet of that Google sheet references the arcticsilverfox calculator as the website version of the spreadsheet utility, so it's probably the same formulas (I didn't try digging into the arcticsilverfox code, though it does look like it's readily available through the browser console if you're into that). This is probably the closest thing to what you were originally looking for, but I kept poking around out of curiosity. Another link on that sheet got me this: https://imgur.com/NycQzxt, which is an image that describes the formula. Hope that helps (and welcome!).
  5. Well...I passed up on Forseti because I saw Null Follow-Up in the same roll, and figured it would be more likely for Forseti to show up again. It hasn’t shown up again. And of course, he’s got almost every other component of a good Forseti build, too (Glimmer, Flashing Blade 4, Null Follow-Up, Atk/Spd Oath). I’m annoyed.
  6. Neat set of units, though I have no personal attachment to them. I’ll probably free pull blue, if possible, for the long-shot chance of picking up a copy of Pegasus Flight.
  7. 824 is currently slated to move from T18 to T19. I’m actually quite surprised, since Light/Dark is one of my lower-scoring seasons. Astra/Anima is my highest, though, so even if I just hold now, I’ll probably move to T19 next time.
  8. Hm. I cast my votes primarily for Leif, Winter Sothis, and Alfonse & Sharena. And now...I have no idea which of them I’m going to support. I think I’m leaning towards Sothis.
  9. @Landmaster *Sigh* ... even being the boss of a hero battle can’t save Lyn from hitting like a wet noodle. Seriously, though. Lyn, with Brazen Atk/Spd active: 9 dmg/hit. Axe Cav: 11 dmg/hit. I admittedly didn’t look too hard at the stats, but really? Nice job! Nice Lyn theme team, as well! Perfect battle to bring that out. Florina really seems to like that corner spot where she can get sniped from over the wall.
  10. @Landmaster *Rubs eyes* Did Dagger Elise just nom a pre-charged Dragon Fang? Neat move with Nah, using Smite to unite the three Elises. Nice work!
  11. Local Dragon On Trial for Clericslaughter, Pleads Self Defense Dagger & Staff Elise hitting enemies with explosions of flowers, while Tome Elise mercilessly rains down swords, was funny (now that I think about it, is Hibiscus Tome’s animation an explosion of flowers?). Nice job!
  12. @Landmaster Rapport Wand on Elise already, did Silque even get to see the castle?! Poor Dagger Elise took a lot of hits this map, but she pulled through regardless. Nice job!
  13. @Landmaster TIL Nowi is secretly from Nohr. Elise one-shooting poor fools with an insane Mag stat? Feels like Conquest. *Glares pointedly at Leo* Nice work!
  14. @Landmaster Without doing any math at all, I’m a little surprised that the Green Tome Cav actively went after Red Dagger Elise over Staff Elise. Also double Atk/Spd Bond is still insane. Nice work on the clear! I’m running out of ways to say it now... ~ I regret nothing.
  15. @Landmaster How nice of Summer Elise to protect her horseback-riding selves from the scary Cavalry effective weaponry...and almost everything else, actually. Nice job! ~ Don’t get me wrong, the crazy glasses are cool, but I kinda want a ping pong ball accessory now.
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