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  1. There are two big things to be wary of when using a team focused heavily on one unit: effective damage if applicable, and Fort disadvantage. Focusing on one unit generally involves providing enough stat-boosting support to allow that unit to weather out multiple rounds of combat against all sorts of foes. Having a fort disadvantage really hurts that effort, and may make it impossible in some cases. That seems like a good game plan. One thing that might be worth considering: if Titania doesn’t need anything combat-related in her B slot, and you have the fodder available, Spd/Def Link would combine well with refined Draconic Poleaxe and Atk Tactic (C or Seal). I would honestly use Oscar as a companion to Eliwood on a Galeforce team, as opposed to choosing one or the other. But to answer your questions: Eliwood is a bit more expensive to build, since refined Blazing Durandal is his best pick for a Galeforce set (150 Divine Dew to get Blazing Durandal, and 200 more to refine it), but I wouldn’t say he’s significantly more or less effective. Nowi is easier to continue investing in later down the line, because she’s not 5* locked, but she takes more effort to get going. She also has a different set of weaknesses (dragon vs beast/armor), which makes it harder to compare the two. I personally lean toward Caineghis, but you should definitely seek out a second opinion. I think the Firesweep + Galeforce pairing is bad on a unit whose goal is to maximize Galeforce activations, because it is rarely useful for activating Galeforce. Maybe you could get away with it on an Infantry unit running Time’s Pulse. Otherwise, I think that Slaying Lance is significantly better; it reduces the cooldown count, and can be refined to provide a stat boost.
  2. @TEKWRX I took a look at your unit list. Keep in mind that all my comments below are based heavily on my own experiences and preferences. ~ I didn’t realize that Norne is just 4*-available Faye with Spd, inverted Def & Res, and no personal weapon. I kind of want to build one for whenever they release a Res-boosting Astra mythic.
  3. It seems like you may have had a fort level disadvantage. The Panic Manor is the bonus structure this week, which means that if you deploy it on your offense structure line, your Offense Fort will be treated as having an additional level. On the flip side, if a defense setup has the Panic Manor deployed (like this one does), the enemy defense fort is treated as having an additional level. That’s a 4 point swing in all stats (except HP) you’re missing out on. This is just a side note, but a defensive special alone can’t actually reduce non-zero damage to zero. Did he have Brazen + Shield Pulse or something? imo, you are correct in your assessment that this Raiding Party would have been your best shot. The reasons for this are: Tiki is a better response to Kjelle, Fjorm, and Corrin, especially since you mentioned that the enemies were stacked up with “if foe initiates combat” skills. Tiki can force them to attack her instead, so they won’t have all those extra stats. Alm with the Flashing Blade seal is a pretty good check to Surtr, and would probably have been able to take him out over the course of a couple rounds of combat. I strongly recommend planning out your approach to a map, including any necessary calculations, before even entering the battle at all. It’s neither worse nor better, from a scoring standpoint. You don’t keep Aether from destroying Aether structures in a battle you lose (I believe this is mentioned in the structures’ descriptions). The only thing you really lost there was time. Dazzling is the better pick. She loses out on damage, but you won’t have to worry about taking a Dragon Fang to the face when she tries to defuse an Infantry Pulse setup. Your Raiding Parties look like they would benefit from a bit more variety, if I’m being honest. You may already have gotten this advice, I admit that I haven’t been following this discussion super closely. At the bare minimum, I strongly recommend a Raiding Party centered around a solid 2-range tank. It wouldn’t have mattered too much here, with 4/5 enemies being melee, but it’s really nice to have. Did you post a listing of your units somewhere here? I can try to dig back through the thread and toss some suggestions together if you have.
  4. @Landmaster Wow, Team Elise really did just walk all over them, managing to clear out the battle before Cormag & Co. could find Nowi and prove your team wasn’t all Elise. Nice work!
  5. This was a pretty straightforward battle. Truth, Despair, and Hope definitely did not play on the SS version of this map, but I won’t say no to hearing it for about a minute. v1 felt like I was...no, it wasn’t even like taking a page out of @mampfoid’s book. It was more like I was taking the entire book, replacing one page with summoner supported Caeda, and then throwing the whole thing at Cormag’s face. Thus, v2: @Landmaster
  6. @Landmaster Ah, the days of +10ing someone “just because”. He looks great, congrats!
  7. @Landmaster Dang, you really went all out for her. I doubt I'll be able to match that level of dedication. Linked your post in the OP!
  8. @Landmaster I only just now realized that you edited your clear into the OP. That initial hit and run strike, plus the big threat ranges of your units, really messed with the AI's approach. Nice work! Neither, actually, I just haven't promoted the last manual yet. idk why, either, since I'm closing in on 300k feathers at this point.
  9. Huh. The YouTube thumbnail algorithm really likes Edelgard. Anyway, pretty straightforward clear. Hector+Slaying+Melee enemies means I don’t even need to run Heavy or Flashing Blade seals. @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy
  10. Strangely enough, I picked Myrrh so Tana wouldn’t overlap with your Est (set her last night). I doubt it matters much, tbh. I don’t think I have more than a handful of SF people on my list, but it couldn’t hurt to be cautious. And this way people will be getting a Caeda.
  11. @Diovani Bressan Using Yune to rip through Wary Fighter was neat. I admit that I didn't pay enough attention at the start of the video, so I was surprised at the level of investment on Marth and Nowi when I saw Nowi's first two rounds of combat. Nice work! @Jave Nice job on your clear! I don't really see Lewyn too often. Clever move, saving Micaiah's Iceberg to drop the one-shot on Leif. @SatsumaFSoysoy Looks like you've found your squad! Actually wait, was Nanna in the Thrasir clear? I forgot. Celica's still nuts with that Armorsmasher. Congrats! There have been two Caedas since the Morgan & Morgan battle. Keep up with the times ;P. Elincia would probably have been better, since she wouldn't have required Chill Def to secure the KO, and has lower defenses to more easily get into Wings of Mercy range. The only real problem is that she isn't Caeda. Also, I'm hiding my Elincia from the Hero Battle scene. @Landmaster > Me, after seeing "3lise": "I wonder who's rounding out the team." > Also me, when the video starts: Sees Keaton. Oh. Right. Duh. I totally forgot what Pegasus Carrot did, and thought you'd equipped Axebreaker on dagger Elise (I also didn't/don't really pay too much attention to the skill sets at the start); I was quite surprised when I saw Desperation after her first combat ended. Nice work! I see your Staff Elise has two more merges...are you going for the +10? ~ The usual Celica assisted solo. Getting her to KO the Blue Tome Cav was tricky, but I finally worked out a positioning scheme that got it to happen. Thrasir's still going strong in month 2, though I just remembered that I have a whole batch of reruns for her to catch up on...
  12. @Landmaster Joyous Lantern already, huh...you’re really serious about the mission. Anyways, nice work on the Elise team clear! Now we just need a blue Elise to make a full set. I guess Flayn would make a half-decent substitute if she gets added first.
  13. Chill Def to the rescue. Also, what’s up with that Wrath+Pavise Axe Armor? @Landmaster
  14. This map was pretty trivial to one-turn, I just had to pick the right unit to eat Conrad’s Glacies, and the rest fell into place. @Landmaster
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