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  1. I explained the exact use case I had in mind. Now, if you were trying to say it’s not a useful use case, I can go along with that. Everyone plays differently. I agree with this.
  2. Ok. I've calmed down a little bit now. Midori looks like an interesting unit, Close Foil looks like it'd be interesting on a Naga (Eff) Set for Julia. Spendthrift Bow's Atk swings seem very useful, though the cooldown count increase after combat hurts, unless you're good at getting one-round specials off. Bold/Special Fighter armors, perhaps. I like how Rinkah's Club is a reference to her personal skill in Fates. Distant Foil seems kinda meh, as a skill...though I'm looking at it through the biased lens of how useful it would be in AR. Forrest is bringing Fortress Res and Res Ploy to the summonable pool, and more cavalry healers are always nice. Lilith is amazing. Flying Dragon with Astral Breath is always what I imagined for her. I figured Astral Breath might have DC, since it's a long-range weapon in Fates, but what it does have is arguably a lot better. Free mobility and +5 stat bonuses (on top of inherent +3 Spd, no less) should make her a great option for utility and combat. She could probably pull off some crazy shenanigans with that warp power. I actually think she'd pair nicely with Leila for Galeforce-less hit-and-run shenanigans (Attack with Leila → Constant Dagger switch → Warp with Lilith → Reposition...though I guess technically this was always possible with an Aerobatics flier/cavalry unit). It's a pity I don't have Leila.
  3. They made Lilith amazing. I am pleased.
  4. I threw together an AR defense map with Nailah and Ophelia, and applied Candlelight+ to Nailah. I brought in Yune and Hrid. I had to take Chaos Manifest off, and Freezing Seal targeted Ophelia (i.e. Nailah only has the "Prevents Counterattacks" status effect). Both Chaos Manifest and Gjöll granted automatic follow-ups. I'm not sure why you wouldn't just leave it at "in-combat component" and "out-of-combat component", instead of bring in "stat reduction". Overall, I think even trying to describe a status effect as having two distinct and separate components is taking it a little far. We'll never be able to prove how exactly they've implemented things without actually looking at the code. I'll grant that it's a convenient way to justify the interaction. But so is: "A status effect is an object that has an effect property. Skills that neutralize status effects can neutralize the effect property (such that the status effect exists, but its effect does not affect the unit), or neutralize the status effect itself (such that the status effect is treated as nonexistent). Skills that check status effects can check whether the status effect exists, or whether its effect affects the unit". It's a neat way of thinking about it, but I can't prove that's how they've done it. I personally like the way that Johann's description discusses the interaction without trying to get into the specifics of what a penalty is in the code. I agree with the stance that trying to create new terminology is over-complicating it. Really. I already wasn't a fan of how they implemented some things (e.g. Blessings, Distant Guard), but...wow. They even have an entire suite of input fields for specifying penalties and status effects. On a separate note, I would personally recommend restructuring the OP as (1) describe how the interactions work, (2) list which skills check and neutralize what, (3) combat examples. I think that would flow a little better. Edit: A couple more tests, run by going into Paralogue 37-3, applying a Res Penalty only to Micaiah, and fighting her with various units. Killing Intent was active. Thrasir performed her follow-up before Micaiah's counterattack and got wiped by Glimmer. Petal Parasol was active. Fiora (base kit, no merges, no buffs, 46 printed Atk) dealt 43 damage vs Micaiah's 18 Def. Based on this test, I would guess that Big-Catch Bow and Scallop Blade would also be active in these conditions.
  5. Right now, I’d like to pull at least one. I’m still thinking about it. Lilith really throws a wrench in the works, if I’m being honest. Plus the art makes it look like she’s going to share a color with Marth (not that I’d mind Marth, I like him well enough too, he’s just not Caeda). Though if that silver border they had around her portrait means she’s going to be 4*/5*, I will be a happy summoner. I’m not really expecting that to be the case, though.
  6. Releasing a Caeda alt and Lilith in rapid succession is just cruel. Goodbye orbs, it was nice knowing you. That summoning focus change is pretty sweet. Almost as good as Feh’s new voice. Almost.
  7. Huh. That’s...interesting, is the word I’m going with here. I ran a quick test myself in Paralogue 37-3, using Lilina's Forblaze to apply a Res penalty to Micaiah. Hrid did not get an automatic follow-up from Gjoll, as you described...but Yune, whose Chaos Manifest has a condition worded the exact same way, did get one.
  8. @DLNarshen Awesome use of Kempf there. He walked all over the right-hand side and even ensured a safe KO on Bramimond for Ishtar. I’m kind of surprised that the green dragon didn’t continue advancing past the Lance Armor when you had Narcian hold the enemies up by flying him out over the water. Nice work! @SatsumaFSoysoy Firesweep Celica scares me. Those poor greens never stood a chance. Cordelia puts in good work as always; nice use of Escape Route on her! I was surprised when she took only 5 damage from that red mage. Nice work! I’ve got a few “send in Caeda and wait” clears...Abyssal Ursula, and Reinhardt & Ishtar Infernal are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. It turns out I didn’t actually need to EP anyone but Bramimond. Desperation on Ephraim and Death Blow+Quickened Pulse on Caeda would’ve let me take out everything else on the Player Phase. I think I like it better the way it is, though. There’s a certain symmetry to it. @Landmaster You use Elise to fight so much that I sometimes forget that she can heal, too. Pulse Smoke and Miracle both came in clutch here. Elise obliterating the blue dagger at the end was strangely satisfying. Also, Sophiaaaaaa! Nice work! idk about “cooler”, we just had different sets of restrictions, and mine happened to require her to beat the tar out of a couple people in a hurry =P . ————— Despite the Barrier Lance armor and blue dagger, Celica managed to take the map by camping the left-hand side. Oddly, I couldn’t get Thrasir to pull off the same feat, so I “Guidance’d” her over the...river? And had her spam Blazing Wind at the approaching enemies. Finally, for the theme team, my brain decided to remember that one of Odin’s victory quotes in Fates is “My darkness was darker than yours!”. So I decided on an “Odin & Friends” theme, with one restriction: Odin has to deal the finishing blow to the boss. And that’s the story of how I discovered that the only living copies of Odin and Laslow in my barracks were 4* Lv 40s with meh or neutral natures and hardly any SP.
  9. Huh. That’s weird. Based on the text, he should, but apparently he doesn’t. He’s not getting +1 Atk either, ceiling(57*.8) - 34 = 12 (in the screenshot he’s got Wings of Mercy instead of Lull Atk/Def). I guess there’s a secret condition on Form skills that requires at least one Ally to be in range? Ephraim doesn’t have anything that would cause that interaction. ...dang it, I literally just wrote the effect string for Atk/Spd Form for my combat simulator resurrection project. Now I have to go tweak it. In any case, the Ally Support was for Sophia. She needs the +1 Atk to get the Bramimond KO. She comes up just slightly short without it (Lull Atk/Res puts her at 54, so +1 combat Atk actually gets her +2 effective Atk). Nice clear yourself! RIP turn 3 reinforcements, spawning in the worst possible spots given your units’ positions. I’ll bet they were regretting their life decisions after that. Also the exact KO on Bramimond, wow. @Diovani Bressan Excellent use of the Whitewing weapons, and all the positioning skills that went into keeping their effects active. Palla loosing not one, but two Moonbows on Bramimond was awesome. Great work! @Maaka I like the Lunge craziness, actually. Very clever way to get Azura to reach the Cleric. Excellent use of Eliwood, too, and Lilina getting the exact KO was icing on the cake. Nice work!
  10. Normally I dislike grinding an Ally support just for a clear, but this one was worth it. @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @Diovani Bressan
  11. This was pretty cute, albeit sparse Feh channel, and an interesting way to celebrate the anniversary. Both of the Byleth descriptions were wonderful, and Edelgard’s was absolute perfection. I wasn’t paying too much attention to Robin’s and thought it said that they shared a bond with Grima before I looked again and saw Chrom. They’re both short names and start with letters that look similar, ok?
  12. Pixelated Feh...wonder what that’s about. Edit: I was just slightly later, please close/remove.
  13. Bramimond isn’t what I was expecting, but it struck me as a fitting choice for colorless tome right when I saw the name. It’s especially fitting since I was 90% sure this month would be Dark, given their previous history with AR Offense Mythics. From what I know about him from reading (still haven’t played FE6/7), they seem to have nailed the execution here. I’m not looking forward to fighting him =P . I’d love to have a copy, and I’d really love to have Lull Atk/Res fodder...but I really need to try to save orbs for next month (assuming the green cast around Celica is good).
  14. It looks like I’ll be on the left side of the gauntlet the entire time, starting with Idunn and jumping over to Veronica or Catria if she falls.
  15. Congrats, she’s looking great! I’ve been coincidentally seeing pictures and mentions of Mirror Stance 3 Sophia for the better part of a week now...I kinda want to do it too, since I managed to pick up an Osian on the Even Wave banner.
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