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  1. Knock Back OP. Also, whoever decided to put that random rock column in the middle of the chasm, thank you.
  2. @Maaka Fir and the Bartres made short work of that one. Clever, going around the left to avoid Mr. Guard and his “I can’t counterattack you” buddies. Nice job! @Diovani Bressan I wouldn’t have expected to see Nowi in one of these...Or a 3x two-range team, for that matter. I was also pretty surprised to see Bernadetta survive two hits from Leif. Nice work! @Landmaster Ooh, WoM shenanigans, I approve. For some reason his clear reminds me of some approaches I did on the post-time skip Gronder battle in actual 3H...funnel across the left bridge and work from there. Nice job! Didn’t your Sophia analysis thread have a Spd stack set on it? Hm, I see an honorary Caeda too, good enough for me. Seriously though, Sophia put in some good work there. Who needs a special activation when you can just OHKO everything that comes close, right? Nice work! ~ Edit: I totally forgot to post my own. That green bow was surprisingly difficult to eliminate.
  3. Ok, time to get caught up. @Landmaster I really liked how Elise’s first two hits were perfectly synced with the music. They were able to camp the upper left corner pretty easily. Nice job! @SatsumaFSoysoy Despite Lif’s best efforts, everyone made it out alive, I see. That Trilemma cleric really did not do her allies any favors. Nice work!
  4. @SatsumaFSoysoy I’m not sure what I plan to do with her yet, tbh. Currently she’s only fielded consistently in AA, but I might be interested in using her in AR at some point. It’s hard to say, though, both my seasons’ teams are pretty stable right now. I think I’ll go +Spd just in case. I’m not too concerned about compromising her AA performance, and on the whole I usually lean +Spd, I just wasn’t sure in this case. Thanks for your input!
  5. @SatsumaFSoysoy Can I trouble you for your opinion on +Atk vs +Spd for Brave Celica?
  6. The 2x Guard looked kind of rough for a while. The Axe armor was surprisingly annoying. I wanted to use Lilith, but during trial-and-error runs Dimitri hit her for a 63, so that was out.
  7. Both I kid, of course. Probably Spd/Def, but it depends a little on what you use her for. Spd/Def Rein is optimal for securing KOs no matter what you’re doing. Atk/Spd Rein is a situational pick that can help her take multiple rounds of combat on an EP set. I use her primarily as a mixed phase Galeforcer & tank in AR. I currently run Atk/Spd, but I might switch her over to Spd/Def, since I find that she doesn’t need the Atk penalty most of the time.
  8. @Maaka He really rolled that same line three times in a row, impressive. It was neat seeing both Bartres and both Firs together. Nice work! @Diovani Bressan Wait, is there a setting to turn the back units of Duo/Harmonics off? I didn’t realize that. It was interesting to see another Tiki user. I was wondering whether/hoping that Caeda was there to cut through Nemesis with effective damage, but alas...neat ending formation, though. Nice job! ~ Having recently completed a Golden Deer run, this was pretty neat. I couldn’t get Caeda to 2HKO Nemesis with Galeforce+Quickened Pulse. Actually, maybe I could have done something with Reyson and Goad on Tibarn, I forget how close it was. Oh well, I kind of like what I actually did better anyway.
  9. Well. My day just got a whole lot better. Not that it was going badly, just...consider me excited. Can October 25th be moved to tomorrow?
  10. @Diovani Bressan I was not expecting Est to 2HKO Plumeria with that kit, dang. Celica’s refine continues to impress, even without Double Lion in play. Nice job! @Maaka That Bartre has one heck of an Atk stat. I also liked the maneuvering with the WoM chain at the end. Nice job! @Some Jerk I was fully expecting you to throw Titania at the Lance Armor, but I like Eldigan flexing his ridiculous Def much better. Silvia really put in work at the top of the map, I thought it was really funny when you eventually just pulled everyone up to the upper section after cleaning it out. Nice work! This one’s a “yes, but...” for me. I didn’t make any adjustments for Plumeria specifically; after I got Caeda to take out the Lance Flier the numbers on the Plumeria matchup just worked out. As it turns out, there was actually a little bit of wiggle room. By the time I remembered that Brazen seals existed, Azura had already equipped the Drive Atk seal. After the Brazen and the Rein, Caeda didn’t actually need that +3 Atk boost, so Azura could’ve run Chill Res instead to get a -3 Def reduction from Pegasus Flight. @SatsumaFSoysoy What’s not fair? Celica rushing the LHS, taking out an armor and the boss on the PP, then surviving 2 Abyssal enemies, including one blue TA mage on the EP? idk, that’s probably one of the most fair and balanced things I’ve ever seen. Royal Sword/Double Lion craziness is fun and all, but I really liked that Guidance maneuver near the end. I don’t see enough cool Guidance maneuvers these days. Nice job! @Landmaster *reads blurb* Wait...the problem was that you couldn’t get your units far enough away, and the solution was...to get them far enough away? *watches clear* Ah, I see, that’s one crazy WoM chain. Although I have to say, my favorite part was easily the way the cavalry Elises were screwing with the Rally enemies at the top of the map just by existing. That was hilarious. Nice work! @daisy jane I’m not sure what I was expecting when you hit all those duo skills T1, but I definitely didn’t see Norne OHKOing Plumeria coming. Jeez. I thought you might end up finishing the battle before the last two waves of reinforcements even spawned, but Micaiah and Alm had mercy on their opponents. I was a little surprised that Alm took that Brave Sword Cav so well. Nice job! ~ In an unusual twist, Celica was the one who rushed the boss and took control of their starting area this time around. Thrasir needed a lot of steady chip to get Plumeria to the point where she would actually go down. Luckily this map has no healers. I guess Corrin’s LHB last month stole them all.
  11. Thank goodness the blue flier was a low-Def Pegasus Knight.
  12. @Diovani Bressan Yes, more one turns! Galeforce Veronica is terrifying. I hadn’t even thought of that use case. It was nice to see Celica here, as well. Nice work! ~ I probably could have made this all Archanea, since Palla provided the Mov boost...oh well.
  13. @daisy jane Nice job on the clear! Ophelia really rips this map to shreds (my initial clear used her as well), and having Veronica and Xander keep the lower half in check was definitely useful...almost makes me wish I had one. ~ I usually don’t record these, but I was bored and wanted to try one without Ophelia. I actually got to dust off the ol’ Corrin, I haven’t put her on a team in...at least months, if not a whole year.
  14. Why Alm, specifically? There are other colorless archers with better offenses and bows for using Deadeye. Or is this because of Luna Arc? Luna Arc has a “deals damage” effect, Deadeye won’t scale off of it.
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