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You know, quoting a text wall is kind of unnecessary and incredibly annoying.

They like to do it a lot. They also like to quote themselves and add absolutely nothing, even in situations when it is not merited in the slightest. We just have to roll with it, but of course, they have to roll with what we do! DICKISHNESS TO THE RESCUE!

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Name: Krevin

Species: Laguz

Class: Werewolf

I figure if you're taking Freohr's vampire idea, you might as well do Werewolves as well. The werewolf laguz is very similar to the wolf laguz, but it doesn't control its transformation. Instead, it will transform and revert and random times in the presence of open wounds (ergo it will stay human if it's not in battle). Also, when transformed, it stands on two feet instead of all fours. It gets even stronger than normal laguzes (if we're talking stats, x3 human form stats instead of x2 and a +20 crit boost), but occasionally loses its better judgment and goes berserk, attacking anyone nearby, be they friend or foe.

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Class:Dragoon(Very quick fighters who have an affinity for wyverns and can easily tame them,full Weapon Triangle,although prefers lances.)

Mastery Skill:Impale

Skills: +20 Critical

Whistle(Can call 3 allied Wyverns to fight,uses a turn)

Ride:(Can mount a wyvern called by whistle,uses a turn)

Is that all I need?

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And ignore Creepy Creepy Uncle Shuuda.

In the same way you ignore your voice of reason no doubt.

-CHANGE: PROSE Please note that I made this change NOT because people wouldn't quit arguing but because I started to write the first episode and it just wasn't working.


Edited by Man of the Year!
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Which in all honesty seems to be the only reason you dislike me.

Trust me, I have many reasons to dislike you, going far beyond your writing. And I am actually facepalming at your laziness in making your profile.

Because I have discovered that I have a hard time actually *writing* script after five or so lines

Indeed, it is hard to get all the necessaries for a good written story into a script. There may be some hope yet... some.

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-yawns- Do I need to make a separate topic for people to carry out their silly arguments, or are you going to insist on doing it in here?

FFtF, live with it.

Fuck it....


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I have to agree with Shuuda...

Style is quite essential. When I wrote my script, I should have taken his advise seriously and Shuuda was right my story was utter crap lol

So Kiryn I think Shuuda is just helping out. I was stupid enough not to take his advise.

He gives pretty good points and I read his story. Its very good.

Members shouldn't really feel threatened by his critque or get worked up over it. Just use it to your advantage.

Edited by Mad Sage
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