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  1. 1. Would IRC be nice? (Read the OP before responding)

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First thing: If you play mafia on SF, post in this thread. I want to get an idea of how many people on SF play mafia now.

Second thing: Given that outside communication is allowed, would you find it beneficial that I provide the "Town (Everybody ingame)" with an IRC channel? Serenes Forest has a guide about how to get IRC and how to get to its channel. This would give everybody a place to discuss in real time, and in private with others if they make a channel.

This will cause a disadvantage for people (and by extension, their teams) who don't have IRC, but given that I'm going to link to the guide again when I make the game, I don't have any sympathy for them.

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IRC would also be beneficial in preventing the IPChat from being too clogged with Mafia-related business, as quite a few non-mafia players aren't exactly fond of that.

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