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Let's Play: Shogun 2 Total War


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So I've basically already claimed all of the units in this DLC?


Anyways, do this!

Edit: Unfortunately, this patch appears to have nerfed the shit out of my cult. Sad day.


Only Naginata Warrior Monks got nerfed, and that's by reducing their already incredible morale by 2 and their so-so melee attack by 3. And it's multiplayer only. trolololololol.



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Bitches don't know 'bout my Ikko-Ikki.


Perhaps during the summer I should handle two Let's Plays, the Knights from Empire and the Ikko-Ikki from Shogun 2?

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What the....fucking fuck DLC is this? The amount of rage in the forums is lulzworthy though. URGE TO BUY, RISING. FUCK, I HAVE THERA TOTAL WAR TO TAKE CARE OF. AAARGGGH


New unit pack.

The Total War: SHOGUN 2 Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack adds 10 new elite units for use across the different game modes of SHOGUN 2. Once you've purchased the content, you will unlock all 10 of these versatile units in single and multiplayer Campaign mode under the conditions stated below. They will also be available in the Avatar Conquest and single player Battle modes of the game when playing with the appropriate clan.

What the fucking....Just look at #1. LOL!

1) Bulletproof Samurai unit – Date clan

It takes true samurai to charge into musket fire – and prevail!

  • Bulletproof armour makes them very resilient against matchlocks
  • Heavy armour makes them slow
  • Very good armour and melee defence
  • Very good vs. cavalry
  • Average melee attack

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Yari Dojo
  • Armoury

2) Marathon Monk – Uesugi or Ikko Ikki clan (Ikko Ikki clan requires the Ikko Ikki Clan Pack available on Steam)

Faith builds the body, and faith makes outstanding warriors.

  • Very fast moving and fatigue resistant
  • Good against infantry and cavalry
  • Very good melee defence
  • Vulnerable to katana infantry and missiles

Construction requirements in Campaign mode (Ikko Ikki clan)

  • Ikko religion
  • Jodo Shinshu Temple
  • Proving grounds

Construction requirements in Campaign mode (Uesugi clan)

  • Buddhist religion
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Proving grounds

3) Hand Mortar – Hojo clan

Hand mortars can lob shots over the heads of intervening troops, even over high walls.

  • High arc of fire is good for attacking units behind walls and other units
  • Small unit size and weak stats make them very vulnerable in melee
  • Low morale
  • Very vulnerable to cavalry

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Gunsmith
  • Armoury

4) Heavy Gunner – Shimazu clan

For some targets a simple musket is disrespectful. Better by far to use a heavy gun.

  • Very large muskets can damage units and buildings
  • Small unit size leaves them vulnerable in melee
  • Very vulnerable to cavalry

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Gunsmith
  • Armoury

5) Wako Raider – Mori clan

Piracy prepares men to fight unfairly and with deceit. A wise commander uses these skills.

  • Can deploy outside of their own deployment area
  • Can walk whilst hidden and can hide almost anywhere
  • Good melee attack and morale
  • Weak melee defence and armour
  • Vulnerable to cavalry and missiles

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Sword Dojo
  • Military port

6) Mounted Gunner – Tokugawa clan

These mounted samurai carry matchlocks, allowing them to fire a deadly volley and then gallop away.

  • Very high missile damage
  • Good accuracy but slow reload
  • Average in melee
  • Vulnerable to foot missile units

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Stables
  • Gunsmith

7) Bandit – Hattori clan (Hattori clan only available in the Total War: SHOGUN 2 Limited Edition)

Banditry teaches a man much that is useful in warfare, such as striking from an unexpected direction.

  • Can shoot whilst hidden
  • Can hide almost anywhere
  • Can walk hidden
  • Weak in melee
  • Vulnerable to cavalry

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Bow dojo
  • Criminal syndicate

8) Long-Yari Ashigaru – Oda clan

These men carry exceptionally long spears, pikes in effect, making them extremely dangerous to cavalry.

  • Excellent against cavalry
  • Good defensive unit
  • Vulnerable to missiles and sword infantry
  • Weak morale

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Spear dojo
  • Encampment

9) Fire Cavalry – Takeda clan

These cavalry are a sword in their general’s hand, ready to slice into a battle line.

  • Good against cavalry
  • Good against infantry
  • Good speed
  • Weak against spears and naginatas
  • Vulnerable to matchlocks and bows

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Cavalry dojo
  • Proving grounds

10) Daikyu Samurai – Chosokabe clan

When archer and bow are as one, anything is possible.

  • Extra long range
  • Very accurate and higher damage
  • Slow reload speed
  • Vulnerable to cavalry
  • Weak melee attack

Construction requirements in Campaign mode

  • Bow dojo
  • Hunting lodge

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Japan, 1175.

A story of 3 families.

The Taira. The Minamoto. The Fujiwara.

The beginning of a new order.

Who shall triumph?

Whose destiny shall be guided by a great grey arrow from the heavens?

Coming soon, after Thera. Enter the Genpei War.

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You know, given that September is kinda TOMORROW, you'd think that they would have a slightly more specific release date. Still, exciting. Especially since I may have found a computer I don't have to build that's relatively cheap and would run S2 pretty well, I think. In fact, out of curiosity, how does this computer ( http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=602037&CatId=1886 ) compare to yours, and what settings does S2 run on?

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You know, given that September is kinda TOMORROW, you'd think that they would have a slightly more specific release date. Still, exciting. Especially since I may have found a computer I don't have to build that's relatively cheap and would run S2 pretty well, I think. In fact, out of curiosity, how does this computer ( http://www.tigerdire...2037&CatId=1886 ) compare to yours, and what settings does S2 run on?

To be honest, the only specs I worry about are the graphics card and the RAM. Processor comes at second. And that's pretty much it.

I play my Total War games on full settings (makes for nice screenshots, but there is some slowdown). I use a laptop and I don't intend on replacing it until at least 2 years from now.

My specs are

Graphics: nVidia Geforce 130M - it says it gives 1GB of VRAM.


Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.13 Ghz --> it's old, but it works.

All of your specs exceed mine by a fair amount, so you should be able to run Shogun 2 very well.

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Apparently Steam says RotS will come out on the 27th. What does that mean for you? Also, what happened that is letting you get online?

27th just means I won't get to play it until a few days after my college quarter (aka hell) begins. I shall have to make do with other games in the meantime...

.And I can get online in Hong Kong, just that I didn't bring my gaming laptop with me so no gaming for me..... I'm fucking feeling withdrawal that can only be temporarily staved off with flash games and shopping for T-shirts, caps, eating, and reading my old LPs.

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It's coming......

If there so happens to be an option for me to "bring in" the units from the Sengoku Jidai period into the Genpei War period, would you guys be okay with it? :D Sure, the historical accuracy would drop by a ton (it's officially done in multiplayer anyways) since the units are about ~400 years apart, but my LPs are about fun. What say you?

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Hello Samurai, especially my personal attendants Rewjeo, Furetchen, Integrity, and on occasion, eclipsekitty. gee_wiz_emoticon.gif

Today, the dlc campaign Rise of the Samurai has been released. We've gone back in time almost 400 years to the Genpei War period from the Sengoku Jidai period! It's time to leave behind the funny hats of the ashigaru and the pesky foreigners and their God and gunpowder and etc.

It's the good ol' fashioned bow, sword, and naginata in accord. By the way, new menu screen for those who have purchased the DLC (me.)


Here are the clans available for the player. There are only 6, however, and they come in pairs. By pairs, I mean they belong to one of the great families at the time, so I suppose that makes them sub-clans?

Minamoto Family

Kamakura Minamoto - Wears blue, difficulty normal

+20% rate at which budo (military) arts are mastered

+10% reload rate of all ranged units (Chosokabe!?)

Bushi art already mastered, giving them earlier access to samurai in-game.

-20% Upkeep cost for samurai units.


Kiso Minamoto (Note that Kiso was one of the clans still existing in the Sengoku Jidai LP) - Appears to wear cyan, difficulty easy

+20% movement range to armies on campaign map

-1 recruitment time for samurai units

-20% rate at which bunka (I assume its the civil techs) arts are mastered, so that makes them slow in that area.....unless they mean faster? Argh.

Bushi art mastered, giving them earlier access to samurai units.


Taira Family

Yashima Taira - Wears red, difficulty hard, reminds me of the Mori due to their bonuses

Koryu art already mastered, granting them earlier access to bow technologies.

+15% trade income

-20% ship cost

+20% movement range to ships on campaign map


Fukuhara Taira - Wears a darker shade of red with bronze/orange? Difficulty normal

+1 armor to all naginata units

Has more territory and vassal clans in the start

-20% upkeep to naginata units

Koryu art already mastered, granting them earlier access to bow technologies.


Fujiwara Family

Kubota Fujiwara - Wears green, difficulty normal, reminds me of the Shimazu.

Poetry and Literature art already mastered

Finest warrior monks (then again, their territory belonged to the Uesugi by the time of the Sengoku Jidai)

+30% rate of mastery to bunka (civil) arts

+10% to recruitment costs of attendants and levy units aka regular troops


Hiraizumi Fujiwara - Even greener than the other guy, difficulty easy

+10% success chance of the junsatsushi (aka metsuke secret police characters)

-20% cost for junsatsushi actions

rice loans art mastered

+5% to tax incomes


So, as you can see the armor seems to be a lot bulkier.....hmmm...pick a clan. hurry

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I vote Fukuhara Taira because monks need armor. Lots of armor. Also changed my avatar as a teaser to one of the new unit portraits. The art style certainly is a lot different compared to the Sengoku Jidai units.

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Triple-posting for this is my thread.

Intro video to the Taira:

I should've taken a pic of the overall campaign map first before I do anything, but oh well. We start where the Ashikaga Shogunate was. Yes. I'm not kidding. We start off with the provinces of Kii, Settsu, and motherfucking Kyoto. THAT Kyoto. The one that gave me a hell of a battle as the Shimazu.

This is the clan summary screen, showing you our bonuses in case we forget who we are, overall prosperity....etc. Note the term "Allegiance" This determines which main family the clan supports. Of course, being the Taira, we support ourselves, but other minor clans will have different opinions on who they like, which will influence our choice of allies and enemies in the not-so-far-future.


The family tree. 3 guys who barely have any command stars. Joy. Taira Kiyomori is our current daimyo.


Kiyomori is old. He doesn't have much potential unless I power level him, which is impossible at this early a game. Otherwise, everyone under him is cheaper thanks to his wife. What talent does this man have?


Meet Taira Munemori. He's got no traits at all but the only thing he has is age, which isn't saying much since he's entering his 30s. And you're not even married yet. Shamefur dispray.


Here's Taira Tomomori. He gives a 2% special ability cooldown bonus to all units under his command. Thing is, everyone under his command so far are peasant troops with no outstanding skills at all. At best, he can influence his own bodyguard for now, which is good enough. And he's young.


Opening up diplomacy, I note that I already have 2 vassals under me: Sasaki and Watanabe. Some clans appear to dislike me due to having other allegiances.


So I make some trade agreements with my vassals. They happily accept because if they don't I'll just crush their armies and conquer their provinces as any ambitious leader would.


Let's take a look at the units we can recruit so far.

Naginata Levy - Note their hats. I miss the ashigaru already. This is during a time period when the Japanese are still heavily-influenced by Chinese culture. Compared to the Yari Ashigaru, they've got 6 more charge bonus, 1 less morale, 1 less melee attack and 1 less melee defense. Ah well...this is 400 years ago. Looks like we'll be stuck with the levy for quite awhile....


Can you guys read this?


Bow Levy - Our basic archer infantry. Not much to say about them, other than making a note that they will be creamed in a melee. Well actually, I do have something to say about them. In Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties, this unit is actually one of the best archers in that game, despite it being set in the time period 1500-1800s.



Looking at our province of Kii....

Before there were even forts, there were towns. With a little fence. Of one building.



It has a Tadokoro, which is like a barracks of sorts. Seems that no longer do the castle-buildings train up soldiers.



I'd like to get ahead in my research of the arts. I'll build a School to boost my mastery rate.


Hm, looks like farm buildings have two lines of upgrades now. On one hand, the Pastures upgrade unlocks the cavalry recruitment tree. On the other hand, the Dry Field Agriculture upgrade gives more food to support town growth.




I start off with 2 of these already (one's in Kyoto). Isolated Hamlets. They allow me to train Monomi, the Genpei equivalent of the Ninja.



The Ishikawa clan borders ours and separates two of our provinces. Conquering it would be good for business and security.


This is a Junsatsushi, a secret police of sorts. He increases public order and income when put inside settlements and keeps generals loyalty high when placed in armies.


Let's give him something to do.


Settsu already has a building called the Koryu Training Grounds. It trains more powerful units compared to the levy.



Units such as....

Naginata Attendants - No, they're not samurai, but they're more professional compared to the Naginata Levy soldiers and look like they can stand a chance in battle.



Bow Warrior Monks - Rewjeo's favorite. Only trainable when a Buddhist Temple has also been built alongside the Koryu Training Grounds. These guys are top tier bow units (relative to the Genpei period anyways, their Sengoku Jidai counterparts are superior except in armor) but are expensive. Their upkeep can feed 3 units of Naginata Levy!


"Given reasonable weather, monks would, and did, kill everything and everyone foolish enough to stray within bowshot."


Let's master the art Bushi.



Bushi gives +2 charge bonus. Heheh.


A mission. I must persuade some clan to join me? Eh? Sounds like something the Junsatsushi would do.


This is the Monomi. Really, not that different from a ninja.


To our neighbors! The Junsatsushi will persuade!


Come summer, our forces have been bolstered by a bit.



What? I must raise my influence to 50% before I can even attempt to request allegiance? What be this influence? I must consult the in-game encyclopedia.


Oh I see, so where monks preach religion and stuff, Junsatsushi preach pure Taira. Awesome, it's like fascism or something.


Settsu has an undeveloped Coastal Village. I think I'll make the place a naval base.



By building a military port.



Gathering our armies....oh my, they don't have stools. Are they hugging...?


Autumn leaves, winter arrives.


Let's get something from the other line of arts. Chinese learning will make everyone slightly friendlier to us.




Time to die, Ishikawa! Your heads will roll!


By the way, whatever happened to the Yari? It's like it doesn't exist anymore.

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You're dead meat, fool!


We have numerical superiority, to the siege assault!


Fair weather. Let's do this.


Hey, that's an old line.


That's the levy. Paper-thin armor makes them look kinda pathetic.


Generals have bows now, and decent stats. SPeaking of which, I forgot to post up their stats.


Let's do this. Our first victory...NOW!


Alright, you bow levy, move out.


They don't even have shoes.....


Naginata Attendants, looking better-armored and more confident.


The generals actually match their portraits now, headgear included.


That's one mean horse.


The Ishikawa run around in town. Eh.


Let's keep moving.


Hey, why are you traveling by river?


Approaching....get into formation.


Loose arrows!


Naginata Meatshields Levy, CHARGE!


Generals, give fire support. I'm sure you'll last a few volleys out there.


They're wavering, push forward!


Genpei War units cannot be set in close/loose formation, because according to history, they always fought in loose formation. This made cavalry exceptionally powerful, and horse archers were considered the top-tier unit around.


Charge, you peasants!


Hey hey , look the other way.


Fear not, we have +1 armour!



Time to move my general forward so his aura can keep the levy from routing, which they seem prone to doing. He fires his bow as he moves.


They run.


Attendants, take out their general!


Which they do so quickly thanks to anti-cavalry bonus.




Cut down the rest.




Nothing impressive.


Province captured, Kawachi is our first conquest.


Hmm...we are now recognized. Oh crap, does this campaign have Realm Divide too?


Hm, a measure of influence.


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I believe there is realm divide in this, too. The emperor can declare it. Except you control Kyoto, so I don't know how he'd go about doing that...


As I said before, here are the stats for the general's bodyguard unit. They kick major ass compared to the Sengoku Jidai, where I usually kept them in the rear. Now they can shoot from the rear and perform devastating charges against all those loose formation'd Genpei units.


They can even fire off flaming arrows, provided I've unlocked those through research.


Settsu's town has been upgraded into a Stronghold.


Building a Buddhist Sanctuary and Koryu Training Grounds in the same place will unlock the Bow Warrior Monks. Here's the description for the Sanctuary.



The Bushi training Grounds are essential for unlocking the samurai-tier units and an attendant unit. I'm building this in Kawachi since they have an empty building slot.



Kyoto is the seat of the Taira, so it should be fitting I build a Clan Estate there. From there our influence will flow out like the rivers. It'll also raise tax income, which is good because Kyoto is our highest-earning province right now. It'll also unlock the Shirabyoshi agent, master seductress.



Now to move back onto the military technologies.....


I want to unlock cavalry. Time to master Form.


Banzai will be nice...assuming I use units who can learn Banzai.


It seems that the building that trains levies (Tadokoro) also boosts repression across provinces as well as the replenishment rates of injured units. It would appear they're more of a government building than an actual military building, which makes sense. Here they can either upgrade to Muster Fields, which are better at putting units out or to Town Watches, which are better at repression and spawn more units when the town comes under siege.

Kii will have a Muster Field.



Looking around, I think I'll take over the Shinmen clan next.


New Mission: Spread more influence in Kawachi. OKay.


The influence of other clans is going down.


The completion of the Buddhist Sanctuary unlocks the Suo, which is similar to the Monk fromt he Sengoku Jidai campaign. They can troll enemies and inspire your own forces.


The Bushi School is an upgrade to the Bushi Training Grounds. So I guess Koryu focuses on the naginata, and the Bushi focuses on the sword + bow disciplines?



Clans from afar seem to have fallen. I suspect that the other great families are conquering those one-province minor clans.


Monks have joined our army.


These are Sword Attendants. They wield the mighty Zanbato, swords even larger than the No-Dachi and which serve as inspiration for characters like Cloud from Final Fantasy. No, they are not samurai, but their attack power is enough for them to rape Levies HARD. Plus, they have Banzai.



The Isolated Hermit (??, forgot the name) buildings can be upgraded to Senmin Villages. I get money from smuggling?



What's this? Unrest in Kawachi?


Military Focus all the way.


It would appear that this new system of allegiances + influence are effectively a way to discourage any thought of steamrolling through provinces, as I did in the latter half of my Sengoku Jidai LP. This places more emphasis onthe Junsatsushi agents, whose job is to spread the Taira influence to neighboring clans.....hmmm..


I got money. I request your allegiance.


You be trolling, Ise.


Even though agents can fail their actions, they still gain experience from it. t's only if they fail spectacularly and get executed that you lose the agent forever.


What? I don't see this clan.


Munemori is finally getting married.


Form is done being researched.


Now let's Master Way of the Bow. I want to set some poor peasants on fire.




Let's try this again....and he failed.


Kawachi needs a Town Watch.



Oh, so they do have stools. So what was up with the kneeling in the forest.....


Success in winter!


And since the Kitabatake lose their only province, they're gone.


Mission success. Now Junsatsushi will be more successful.


And a level up.


New clans appear where old ones fall...somewhere in Japan.


And it comes with a Barter Exchange.



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Ise also happens to have a Holy Site. It confers +1 morale to all units trained here as well as +1 experience for monks. Looks like I'll be pumping out warrior monks from this place....then everything I've built at Settsu would be a waste? Argh.



Leveling up the Secret Policeman skill so if he sees other agents he can pay 'em off more easily.


He also gets a retainer in the form of a Boyhood Companion. Unfortunate Implications ensue.


Foot Samurai combine the infantry-killing ability of the Katana Samurai with the lethal accuracy of the Bow Samurai. Furetchen would be proud.



Shinmen! You will be the next to fall!



They will be easily crushed.


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So the zanbato is a real sword, but offers no advantage against cavalry? FE8 lies.

Surprisingly....FE was right. Zanbato was based off of the Chinese ZhanMaDao (aka horse-killing sword), which supposedly lopped horse legs as they charged. Why they don't have a bonus against cavalry in Shogun 2 is beyond me, then again the No-Dachi didn't have a bonus either......Ah what the hell.

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