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[FE10] Radiant Dawn Transfers Draft


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How does this sound for pairs of units guys?



Pelleas, Oliver, Kurthnaga

No Meg/Fiona? And still not so sure on Astrid/Danved.

Also, nooooo Boyd!

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I pick Elincia. :)

BY THE WAY, Danved isn't as bad as to end up paired with any one of those scrubs.

specially since he can get transfers. Although idk how good they can be.

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He what

That was the stop midway sentence and change it ulki. Here let me refrase it...

He picks the weirdest units... or has the weirdest picks.

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She's already picked. It's as if we decided to change Ulki's Haar just because we basically picked for him when he clearly stated he was afraid of being left with a crappy Brigader.

Unless, of course, you made a mistake there. I won't mind in that case.

Oh, bugger it. Her picks are bad enough already. Go ahead.

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