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[Update] Evil Quiz answers and final scoreboard


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As promised, the 2012/final Evil Fire Emblem Quiz answers and scoreboard are now up.

If you were too scared/shy/lazy/etc. to join in, you can now try the quiz and compare your answers at your own leisure.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! This year we broke a new record, with 28 total participants in all, versus 21-22 in previous years. The top 3 was pretty interesting--General Horrace (3rd) was the first to submit an entry and held onto first place until AstraLunaSol (2nd) appeared, and then finally Balcerzak (1st) towards the very end.

My favourite questions were the one about Micaiah's 3rd tier class (Q14) and the mystery female (Q20), not just because so few people got them right ; )

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Is there any place where all the evil quizzes are archived together?

I got eight answers right: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 19. For number 17, I completely forgot about forging, and guessed that situation with the Parthia, forgetting that though it would add up to 92, enemies have more than 2 defense.

Congratulations to the winners.

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Is there any place where all the evil quizzes are archived together?

Yeah, sure, all the evil quizes and the official FEW quizes can be found here.

Now I want to know where the early FE3 shot came from! And good eye on the FE5 site.

The FE3 shot is from an advertisement flier; I got the image used in the quiz by Google image searching Mystery of the Emblem in Japanese : P

I was digging around for a scoop and noticed there was something REALLY weird with that FE5 screenshot, like how you've got a blue Dark Mage out of nowhere. I can't 100% confirm it's August (or that's his class, due to FE5 class and map sprite being saved separately), but the Dark Mage's position matches exactly with August in the final release.

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Oh, if you get the submission page, you need to refresh your browser, since I overwrote the submission page with the scoreboard page.

Oh. That worked, thanks.

Wow, I didn't expect to actually be among the better half of participants.

Q2: I figured it was some kind of technical limitation, and thus got it totally wrong. I didn't expect that the programmers actually went out of their way to limit it to less than just a certain number of bits/bytes.

Q4: I suck when it comes to knowledge about the Jugdral games.

Q5: I actually read about that somewhere, I just can't remember where. I wasn't sure whether to pick A or B as my main answer, and ended up losing a point by making my main answer the wrong one because A somehow seemed to make more sense to me at the time. Well, at least one point.

Q8: I got fooled by this one and thought it was another trick question. Again, my secondary answer was correct, but I lost a point there.

Q10: D is Wretched Air and E is Demon Light, so I figured it had to be C - and was right.

Q12: Duh, now that the answer has been revealed, I actually remember reading about that somewhere. Had I just remembered that...

Q16: I figured it had to be A, because not only has that order not been in the Tellius games, but what is even the point of playing a game if you can just have the AI do it for you? Obviously, it wouldn't have worked out on the higher difficulties, but seriously? I never would've thought they had taken out the Target command.

Q17: Failed miserably on this one because I somehow forgot that warriors could use bows.

Q20 was just mean. ;/

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I totally thought that last one was Feena. It could have been my 12AM brain, but even the pose seemed to fit.


oh fuck I totally didn't notice that the question about damage was for FE12

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I totally didn't notice the damage question was from FE3DS

also, YAY!! luck is an AWESOME stat (since most of my answers were guesses)

also, I am glad I beat Proto and JB(now I can brag about it)

also Vincent can you please PM me the next time you start a quiz(because I missed all your other ones due to lack of being attentive)

and Congrats to the winners

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For the last one, I was thinking Anna made a cameo in TRS or something.

Haha me too! I have no idea why I didn't guess Linde...

I thought I would do better. It seems I got Q7 wrong as well; I was confident that Great Lords didn't enable the glitch--in the arena or otherwise. :(

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13 out of... 40? I'm not surprised, since I really didn't know the answer to most questions. Anyways,

1. Got my guesses wrong, I never thought it would be Miracle Rapier

2. Also got them both wrong, because I never thought they'd specifically program a limit for this when it's so hard to get item drops anyway

3. Yeah, I never expected Miria to side with Hardin...

4. My first correct answer was based on completely random guesswork

5. I heard August was supposed to be a playable character somewhere, so I knew it wasn't Civilian. General didn't fit him, so I chose Bishop > Dark Mage

6. I fell for this trick question...

7. Great Lord seemed like it would be the odd one out, but I chose Hero as my second answer randomly.

8. Randomly chose two incorrect answers

9. Fire Emblem was my first guess, and I noticed that the E, which appears three times, matched their positions. Checking the M after that pretty much confirmed it

10. I thought it would be something small so I chose the first two...

11. I expected it to be something valuable, like Master Scroll or Occult Scroll


Q12: Duh, now that the answer has been revealed, I actually remember reading about that somewhere. Had I just remembered that...

I read this a long time ago, and it instantly came back to my head when I saw that question.

13. I chose "Reasoners" as my first answer, but I suspected it might have been Central Army because it sounded like an unlikely answer, which is why Vincent would have chosen this question in the first place.

14. Apostle just... didn't... seem... to fit... her...

15. Random guesses, both wrong. Sage should have been obvious, now that I think about it, since they didn't exist in the original games.

16. "Protect" seemed odd, but I chose "Target" as my second guess

17. I forgot that Warriors can use bows, and I completely forgot about the existence of forged weapons...

18. I suppose I got really lucky here. Angel Ring was the only one held by a character that appeared in FE3. Logic is likely incorrect, but I got the answer!

19. I knew it wasn't Barensia, or the 3DS game, and I unfortunately chose the two incorrect answers.

20. It looked too much like Linda, so I got that part right. And since I never saw that picture, I assumed it was from a BS Fire Emblem game.

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WOW, 6th Placeblink.gif

I may not be in the Top 3 But i am Glad i even made it that far!biggrin.gif (I got some answers right because of backup answers)

1. Wow, Really. Miracle Rapier... That... is just....

2. Thought it would be a General Number for game limits (100 or 255), oh well!

3. I thought it would Be Lord Neiring Since he guards the Castle in Chapter 19.

4. Lucky Guess there...

5. Just seemed like the Odd one out to me...

6. noes.gif Trick Questions...

7. I figured it would be something that wasn't the regular Axe Users

8. I could imagine it would make things easier for Development

9. I guessed Fire Emblem since the Symbols had 4 Characters in One side then 6 Characters on the other side

10. Lucky Guess there also...

11. I figured it would be a Torch since thieves don't need it but i guess Coins work too...

12. Naesala seemed to be a good answer since he is the King of Ravens... and yea... i was wrong...

13. Darn, i need to Play FE10 a bit more often!

14. I guessed Holy Maiden.. don't know why...

15. Horsemen seemed to be a finicky class but Sages work too...

16. I figured it would be something that wasn't used in the Tellius Games... was wrong...

17. Well, got it after thinking for a few seconds...

18. Didn't get it...

19. I figured it would be Jugdral or The 3DS Game since i haven't even heard of it...dry.gif

20. I guessed Feena for Some Reason. Maybe i was convinced that she was wearing different clothing at the time. I just don't know...

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what, I came third :/

I totally guessed on like three quarters of them, haha. If I were to do the quiz again without looking at my previous answers or the actual answers, I totally would have got a different score, haha

i totally forgot the starshards on the warrior

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Hm, I got more than I thought I would! My personal highlights were knowing only Marth could wield Miracle in FE1, knowing that Exaccus is not a Divine Weapon, getting Q18 right cause it was the only ring I had heard of, and remembering my Judgral history.

Still an F, though. :(:

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Actually, the Eckesachs is a divine weapon, it's just one without a title : P

BTW, I wouldn't call your score a F. If I had to rank the scores, they'd be something like this:

S 26 or more

A 22-25

B 18-21

C 17-14

D 13-10

E 9 or below

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You're right, it's not.

[spoiler=Game quote]


"Wh-What is happening!?"


"Zephiel's sword just flashed! What was its name..."


"Exaccus... A sword that can only be used by the heirs to Bern's throne..."


"W-Wait! One of the legends of the Scouring said... When all of the Divine Weapons meet in one place, thus appears the Dragon Temple..."


"Dragon Temple..."


"It was the Dragons' headquarters during the Scouring, I believe."


"Yes, that is what the legends say."


"Then the Exaccus was the last Divine Weapon? I thought Hartmut's sword was the Sword of Seals."


"...The Sword of Seals may be different. Perhaps it is even more powerful than the Divine Weapons..."


"More powerful...? What kind of power does this blade possess...?"

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