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I'm apathetic and depressed, SF. Help a man out


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Found this just today. I felt quite entertained myself~


*sigh* I've been so over-obsessive with him... But I still think this is one of the better crossdresses that I've found of him

Oh wait I have to give credit don't I? Brb...

Okay it's made by Kara-Pfee =3

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How can you be both apathetic and depressed

Apathetic about some things, depressed about others. Mainly apathetic.

And that picture was taking things in the right direction... except that it was crossdress. For shame.

EDIT: I love you too, Teddy!

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Though I didn't actually watch everything in-between, it's possible that he was trying to demonstrate a flaw in the way the spelling bee was run, that somebody could stall for time as long as they wanted. Or maybe that's exactly what he was doing! Still, it seems more "really awkward" than

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