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Rate the Boss, Day 16: Darin


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- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard mode (LHM, EHM, and HHM). If they appear more than once, all of their appearances should be considered overall.

- To be counted, votes need some explanation regarding the difficulty in fighting them (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Fargus/10", etc.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

- Make votes easily visible, please~! ##Vote:


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Darin is kinda rocking that throne and sorta just chillin' there with his spear (or was it a Javelin?) being a pain in the butt in that choke point.

Hes not too hard to take down but he isnt terribly piss easy either. But Hector with his Wolf Beil kinda lols at him. Eliwood or Lyn arent gonna have a good time taking him out. KentSain could probably pound on him with a Hammer and ruin his day.

5.5/10. Like i said, Darin isnt hard but hes not super easy either.

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Paladin Sain/Kent: "Fuck off." *Hammer*

Hector: "Fuck off." *Wolf Beil and/or Hammer*

Promoted Oswin: "Fuck off." *Hammer*

Marcus (maybe): "Fuck off." *Hammer*

Dorcas: "Fuck off." *Hammer*

Lyn/Eliwood: "Ha!"

Darin: "Fuck off." *stab*

Still, the only challenge I have with him is when I'm specifically trying not to vaporize him with Sain, Kent or Marcus. Or Oswin, or Dorcas, or anybody else who can lift a hammer.


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His story contributions in this game are pretty epic. He leaves his own son, expecting him to die, while he pursues pure power and eternal life, only to be killed by us because he didn't know he was a tool.

7/10, for storyline reasons

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