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Who I would cut for Brawl 4


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Oh yeah, I love Smash bros, but there are some terrible choices, so yeah, I'll give you my two cents on who I think should be cut

Mario: Now, some of you may be surprised, as Mario is an icon to both Nintendo and Gaming as a whole, but Mario isn't needed for this crossover. His moveset potential is low. Also Capcom has proven that you can take out mascots and icons in crossover games and no one will complain. Literally no one complained when MegaMan wasn't in Marvel 3, because being an icon definetely isn't enough, he has to have moveset potential, like Phoenix Wright.

Luigi: Everyone wants Waluigi, but Luigi already has a Waluigi alt, so we must get rid of Luigi because since Waluigi is 100% going to be in this game, having a Waluigi alt would be confusing since Waluigi WILL be playable.

Bowser: Bowser is a major villain for the entire series of Mario, however, he is boring and has no ambition outside of stealing princesses for ransom. Gamers have grown tired of this in every game, including Mario Sluggers, BiS, Guilty Gear, and Yoshi's story. Also, I have Mario Kart 7 and no one uses Bowser, they use Metal Mario and Shy-Guy. Therfor they are more deserving reps, because of go carts.

Peach: She can't fite, well she has fought, but she can't, since anything other then platformers isn't canon. This is 100% legit since Mario games focus largely on both emotional depth and strong storytelling.

Donkey Kong: DK is a wimp, he keeps getting kidnapped in his own series!!!! As such, he isn't strong enough to fight, plus since King K Roll (KKR + Roll) will be in this game, Donkey Kong will just explode when both are on the screen

Diddy Kong: Dixie Kong is waaaaaay better, because I'm a super furry.

Yoshi: Yoshi just spends time as a packmule, he's always carrying stuff. In Smash bros Yoshi is not doing so, therfor Yoshi is far past source material and is an insult to Yoshi fans since he isn't 100% accurate. This is what most hardcore gamers complain about so it must be true

Link: He is old and crusty, we need to replace him with someone new and fresh, like Link.

Zelda: Link killed her after the events of SS due to too much cliff pushing. Now there are many other Zeldas, but then again, there are many more STFUs too.

Gdorf: Unlike Ghirahim, Ganondorf just isn't Fabulous. Since this game is HD, only the most fabulous of them all can be here, if Ganondorf is in... I'll be FURIOUS! OUTRAGED! SICK WITH HERPES!


Samus: She got back in the Kitchen

Pit: Many people want to see Dark Pit in this game, because he's edgey and he's also the star of the best 3DS RPG at the moment. As such, Pit will be cut because the evil counterpart is far more vital for the series. Dark Pit has no moveset potential of his own and as such will just take Pits. IT'S FREAKING GENIUSSSSSs

Ice Climbers: Two characters at once? That's a super gimmick! Plus they only have one game. It's insulting when people like these are only in due to moveset potential, they have to be in 1000 games before they deserve to be in this epic crossover! Like Shulk :3

R.O.B.: He didn't debut in a video game, he broke the first rule of the series. But he already was playable! *explodes*

Kirby: Kirby always has a hat gimmick, but as Capcom has proven, stuff like this, motercycles, etc, cost too much RAM, don't worry, he'll be in the 3 month later rerelease, along with MegaMan

Meta Knight: Meta Knight is super broken, the only solution is to get rid of him, we can't have little pieces of Meta Knight all across the stage can we?

King DDD: DDD's main roll was to be a villain rep. But since Brawl, DDD has been more of a hero then a villain. As such, he serves no purpose in the games anymore. Because the only reason I want him is because we need more baddies, iconicness and popularity have nothing to do with it.

Olimar: Up to 7 models for one character? Oh god the RAM. If this were Capcom, he's be soooooooooooooo out. (for more Street Fighter and Resident Evil)

Fox: I hate Furries

Wolf: I <i>Really</i> hate furries

Falco: He's not a furry... I guess he's a feather? Whatever that's not the reason. Falco joined Smash 4 with lotsa bread. But everyone kept putting their hands on it. Falco is angry and as such will have no part in this game.

Pikachu: Gen 1 designs are dumb! What is Pikachu even supposed to be! He should be more like Vanillish, I know exactly what he is supposed to be.

Pokemon Trainer: He's a cheater, if he doesn't fight then we can't beat him, he's like an auto game breaker

Jigglypuff: Not iconic enough, seriously, it's disgusting how irrelevant she is.

Lucario: Not Mewtwo, any pokemon that aren't Gen 1 aren't worth my time.

Marth: Are Marth and Roy in this game? Sadly no. But to compensate we have a newcomer who looks like Marth but has a mask and looks somewhat thinner due to a different designer. He's obviously female

Ike: To be replaced by Krom since the Smash cycle is 100% legit.

Ness: Because Reggie knew what he was talking about

Lucas: Because Mother 3 would really have been better as a book.

Mr. Game and Watch: 2D in a 3D game! No one supports anyone like that, especially not some character who is a paper version of Mario!

Sonic: Shadow is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler.

Snake: He smokes, this is completely against Nintendo's kid friendly approach, as proven with games like Metroid, Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776. He's just too adult. Don't worry, Konami will be putting in the far more popular and iconic character. This guy: http://www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/CVPics7/capn-image2.jpg

So yeah, just to assure to all, everyone who was important stayed. The list is bellow


Captain Falcon

That's about right.

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how dare you suggest that lucas and ness leave

gurl I will beat some ass MMMHMMM


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