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[FE12] Pick my units

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I'm a bit bored, so I decided to do this as a little playthough. Plus PMUs are fun. laugh.gif

This will be played on Hard, I'm still deciding whether to recruit everyone or not.

Male Reclass sets are combined, but please try to be reasonable.(Zerker!Abel is fine, but nothing stupid like Fighter->Sage!Ryan] The only units I WILL NOT take are Catria, Katarina, and the Endgame Sisters.

0. Marth

1. MU [Mrym-> Paladin]

2. Navarre [Mercenary->Swordmaster]

3. Wrys [Priest -> Sage]

4. Arran [Dracoknight]

5. Caeda [Mage -> Sage]

6. Midia [sage]

7. Bantu

8. Feena

9. Mattis [Knight -> Dracoknight]

10. Ymir [Horseman]

11. Dice [Pirate -> Berserker]

12. Bord [Knight -> General]

13. Palla [Pegasus -> Dracoknight]

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Dracoknight! Palla

Since PKL (CordeliaxFrederick) picked her and Knight!Bord and he doesn't deserve two picks, and you do want a competent unit, right?

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