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Demon Guest House


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Use these two links to watch a sub 5 hour run of Dawn of Sorrow based on this...whatever this is.
Link 1 Link 2

Achievements Unlocked

  • Choose a path and have your decision marked in green to indicate your chosen fate.
  • Make a decision that affects character growth.
  • Game-breaking Milestone 1
  • Defeat a boss.
  • Obsolesce an old path by fulfilling an objective that was passed over.
  • Level up by improving stats by 5 points.
  • Take a portal to another world.
  • Improve all stats at once by accomplishing a rare feat.
  • Gain the ability to travel between the "Dawn of Sorrow" and "Aria of Sorrow" worlds freely.
  • Unlock the Charisma stat.
  • Unlock the secret finding stat.
  • Gain the ability to traverse untraveled paths in the "Dawn of Sorrow" world.

Character Growths

  • -1 INT, +1 STR
  • +1 SPD, +1 SKL
  • +1 INT
  • +1 INT (Level up!), +1 LCK
  • +1 SKL/+1 SPD, +1 INT
  • +1 STR (Level up!), +1 ALL (Level up +2!), +1 STR/+1 SPD, +1 STR (Level up!)/+1 SPD/+1 SKL, +1 STR/+1 SKL
  • +1 LCK (Level up!), +2 DEF/+2 RES
  • -2 CHR
  • +1 STR (Level up!)/+1 SPD/+1 SKL/+1 INT
  • +1 DEF, +1 CHR (Level up!)
  • +3 DEF/+2 RES (Level up!)/+1 RES
  • +2 STR
  • +1 INT, +1 INT (Level up!)/+1 INT
  • +2 SPD, +2 STR (Level up!)/+1 STR, +1 SPD, +1 ALL (Level up +4!)
  • +2 LCK (Level up +1!), +1 ???
  • +1 INT, +1 STR, +1 CHR (Level up!), +1 STR, +1 INT, +1 ???


  • Level 013
  • +015 STR
  • +010 SPD
  • +007 SKL
  • +010 INT
  • +008 DEF
  • +007 RES
  • +006 LCK
  • (Unlocked "Hidden" Stats)
  • +001 CHR
  • +002 ???


~ Opening Phase ~


"Ah, welcome guests. Please, come in. Look around.

We assuredly have what entertains you..."

You've arrived in a warm, yet ominous manor. To where shall you proceed?

lSQQV8c.png Dance Hall ~ Dining Room oTCuxAp.png

Hall of Mirrors


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oh man I loved that area

especially the KUNG-FU MAIDS


you can burn those calories later!

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I should probably go back to this game to get all the souls and loot that I haven't gotten yet >__<

Dance dance dance dance....

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Related stream.


~ Phase 1 ~


"Care to dance?"

A violent naked lady assails you.
You're caught off guard by her bare breasts and strange ability to produce corporeal heart shaped objects by which to hurl at you.
You dispatch her quickly and learn that the dancers in this particular hall (achievement unlocked) are not very fun to dance with.

How shall you escape?

002-1%20-%20Puzzle%20Solved.png002-2%20-%20Puzzle%20Solved.png002-3%20-%20Puzzle%20Solved.png Solve that damn puzzle ~ Fight a Marionette sCJJVlt.png

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~ Phase 2 ~


You've almost solved the puzzle, when a ghostly voice echoes around you:

"What are you even doing?"

You've failed. It seems you are not as bright as you thought you were...
Somehow, you've manage to connect all of the exits EXCEPT THE ONE YOU'RE AT.
Maybe your INT stat is low...?

Perhaps you should focus on your strengths instead...namely, strength (achievement unlocked).
After all, if you're this dumb, perhaps you've got some muscle to make up for it?
What should you do to capitalize on your brawny character investment?

NJmWTEF.png Fight Zephemeral like a boss ~ Chill with Hammer and acquire swag 7wsYeND.png

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Eh, I think I'll let the activity rate determine voter weight by simply waiting a while and truncating the last vote if there's an even number of them. There needs to be at least 3 votes per round though.

Hammer's looking popular at the moment...

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~ Phase 3 ~



Hammer time.

"That Yoko chick is pretty smokin', dawg. Get me her number."

Hammer...she lives across the street. Just go over there

Oddly enough, your brute strength has afforded you much gold from...breaking candles.
You purchase a katana so you can Go All SamuraiTM on some ass.



I'll tell you what you've done.
You've broken the game (achievement unlocked).
This is not normal sword swinging behaviour.
If this is Doing It Wrongalso TM then I don't want to be right.
Let's go full blender on these mooks.

Before that, though, we need to prepare for the nefarious Zephemeral.
That fiend
How shall we go about it?

wvJ1Zgs.png Duh, break more candles and buy more swag ~ Medusa Head Bootcampyes, also TM j9Kcf5I.png

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