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FE11 RR (Reverse Recruitment)

General Horace


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  1. 1. Gotoh

    • 12 base defence?
    • lower base defence + actual defence growth
  2. 2. Useless units

    • Make them slightly less useless by giving them higher bases and lower growths
    • Who cares about Lorenz anyway, he explodes in book 2
  3. 3. Manaketes?

    • Nerf Firestones
    • Keep them as is!

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I've started a little sideproject in my free time, and seeing as most of the other handheld games have a reverse recruitment patch already, that it was about time that Shadow Dragon got one as well

However, I thought i'd ask the general public a few things about it in general, since due to the extremely low stats of prepremoted units, when they become unpromoted, well, most of their stats just become 0. As a result, i've made it that they can't go below class bases, so as a result, you have fantastic units like so


however there are also cases like our lord gotoh having stats like this


since he has high base defence, and a 0% growth, he retains his high defence and well, 12 defence is pretty ridiculous on a level 1 mage

i'll make a poll at the top, but would you guys rather me keep this, or give him a lower defence base but an actually defence growth to make it more believeable? The same might go for useless units like Lorenz, give him higher bases (so he's like, useable) but slightly lower growths as a result.

the other thing I wanted to check is because there are two manaketes in the first chapter, and they look like this against H5 enemies:


would a nerfed firestone be a solution? or should I just not care and let them be relatively overpowered?

Anyhow for those interested, I have a spreadsheet on who replaces who here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtYILXTpF0VRdEJjS05yUGtPaFNaeThQcVR3czdXOFE&usp=drive_web#gid=0 if you're interested

This probably won't be completed for a month or two depending on my free time/work ethic, but I didn't want to be all done with it and then everyone raging because GOTOH HAS 12 BASE DEFENCE WTF?

anyhow post any questions you might have too, there's a strong possibility I forgot something

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Since Nagi/Tiki are both divine dragons, I'd give them Divinestones only, and nerf the stats on those, instead. That way, Bantu can attempt to be competent whenever he shows up.

Also OMG Astram looks almost competent!

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Aren't Dragonstone pretty hard to obtain anyway ?
That could balance their uses power.
Or else, just make Dragonstone rarer/harder to obtain.
So you have units that are really strong, but you should manage carefully their equipment

Anyway, could be pretty fun.

EDIT : Shouldn't Frey and Norne still be on it, even if they're unobtainable on higher difficulty ?

Why will you do for non promotable units who replace promotable units ? Will they be higher leveled ?

And Ymir is a pretty great Jeigan actually. He start correct, and may ends up pretty good.

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I second Edea. Limited Dragonstones make their combat iffy as heck to manage due to quantity.

Medeus should be changed to Marth as the final.boss., totes

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This game actually will have tons of Est-like character, including the Ultimlate Est, Sedgar who would start as an absolutely useless Lv Hunter, but will max every stat except Res and Mag.

I find this hilarious, honnestly.

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I was actually intending to leave draug as a level 1 knight because it would be hirlarious

While it would be funny, you'd have to mess with his spawn position, or he'll be anywhere from very hard to impossible to recruit (depending on whether or not you'll allow Gotoh to reclass).

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While it would be funny, you'd have to mess with his spawn position, or he'll be anywhere from very hard to impossible to recruit (depending on whether or not you'll allow Gotoh to reclass).

he replaces tiki, so he's just sitting on the throne!

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Somehow, I mixed up Est and Tiki. GG me.

I think having him as a level 1 unpromoted wall thingy would be hilarious (but maybe up his growths a wee bit?)

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I've also toyed with moving knights to class A, since they've always kind of stuck out as the odd one out in class b, since no other class uses lances, so there's even less incentive to change another class b unit to a knight, and that way a knight could become a cavalier (makes some sense, no?) as well.

I haven't totally looked into it, but if I did that, I think i'd have to make dracoknights or something class B, which wouldn't be that bad since there are axe using classes already I guess.

Anyway I did chapter 3 today, Horace and Beck being Julian and Lena is hirlarious.

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Not like the RR patches are balanced anyways (FE6 having two dancers sticks out).

This isn't a good example because those patches put at least some effort into not making things completely broken (ex: do you really want level 1 Karel with 1 HP and zeros across the board)
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