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[RESULTS are up!] Contest: Create your FE: Midnight Sun weapon!

Alfred Kamon

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Well, if you say "Hell's Scourge", you can either mean "A scourge upon hell" or "A scourge created by hell". I tend to think of Hell's Bane as being "The bane of light, possessed by Hell".

You're right it doesn't make a ton of sense but "Light's Bane" on an evil devil weapon sounds lame.

In other news, I'll go ahead and submit a second weapon.5ce90a3aad.png

Icon again by Aeo '3'

literally the best submission

this better make it into the game or bust

EDIT: i might change Ascalone's icon because it looks pretty lame atm though.

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The creative process went

"Thanks for the axe icon aeo"

"No problem klok"

"Lol uh what to make next. MAKE THE BATMOBILE IN 16x16 lol jk"

"Ok making it now"

"Wait I was just kidding"

"Here it is, it's all finished!"

"...I'm submitting this to the contest"

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