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[RESULTS are up!] Contest: Create your FE: Midnight Sun weapon!

Alfred Kamon

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4th October 2014 update:



Hello, everybody!

Nice to meet you. I'm Alfred Kamon, creator of the FE8 hack "Fire Emblem: Midnight Sun".
I'm introducing the forging mechanic into the hack, and I wanted to hold a contest to celebrate the event!
If you want more info about forging, here you go:
-*-*Forging*-*- You'll be able to combine various objects and weapons to forge new weapons!
Just talk to the blacksmiths you'll find in the Tower of Trials after a certain point of the story!
First of all, these are the "objects" you can drop in skirmishes or get by beating the Trials of the Tower:
* Bronze (lv.1 weapon forging material)
* Mythril (lv.2 weapon forging material)
* Obsidian (lv.3 weapon forging material)
* Adamantium (Legendary weapon forging material)
* Magic Dust (lv.1 magic forging material)
* Spirit Dust (lv.2 magic forging material)
* Soul Dust (lv.3 magic forging material)
* Divine Dust (Legendary magic forging material)
Materials value:
- Bronze/Magic Dust: sell for 500 gold
- Mythril/Spirit Dust: sell for 1250 gold
- Obsidian/Soul Dust: sell for 2600 gold
- Adamantium/Divine Dust: unsellable
Some examples of forging:
- Steel Sword + Heal + Mythril + 1500 gold = Soothing Sword (heals 10 HP at the beginning of each turn when equipped) [materials value: 300 (at full uses) + 300 (at full uses) + 1250 + 1500 = max 3350, obtainable only through forging]
- Silver Sword + Nosferatu + Obsidian + 2000 gold = Rune Sword (1-2 range, drains HP) [max 750 + max 1600 + 2600 + 2000 = max 6950. Can be bought in postgame for 7500 -> save at least 550 gold, and get it early]
- Silver Sword + Shine + Obsidian + 1560 gold = Solaris (1-2 range, effective against some monsters) [max 750 + max 540 + 2600 + 1560 = max 5450. Can be bought in postgame for 6000 -> save at least 550 gold, and get it early]
- Thunder + Spirit Dust + 500 gold = Bolting [materials value: 350 (at full uses) + 1250 + 1000 = max 2600 || Bolting value = 3000. || save at least 400 gold with forging]
- Bolting + Soul Dust + 2400 gold = Thunderstorm (Anima tome with Brave effect) [max 1500 + 2600 + 2400 = max 6500, obtainable only through forging]
- Aircalibur + Divine Dust + 15'000 gold = Excalibur
Some examples of repairing:
- Iron sword + 330 Gold = Full uses Iron sword
- Steel Sword + Bronze = Full uses Steel sword
- Silver Sword + Mythril = Full uses Silver sword
Comparing prices:
- Iron sword: buy for 460 gold (save up to 75 gold by repairing it instead of buying a new one)
- Steel sword: buy for 600 gold (save up to 90 gold by repairing it instead of buying a new one)
- Silver sword: buy for 1500 gold (save up to 213 gold by repairing it instead of buying a new one)

-About: Entries-
All you have to do is create your original weapon. You don't necessarily need an icon, even just the concept is ok. But write your concept in a .jpg or .png pic, that'll make things easier for the poll later. Entries written in simple text won't be accepted. And perhaps don't use huge pics, make something similar to the sample
Every person can submit up to 2 entries.
Be sure to include:
- Name of the weapon
- Mt, Hit, Crit, Range, Weight, Effect (if it has one)
- Forging materials needed
- An icon, if you have any*.
*the creator reserves the right to change/make the icon for whatever reason

Here's a sample:
-About: Creation-
Choose a weapon type (sword, lance, axe, bow, anima, dark, light).
Give it some parameters (Mt, Hit, Crit, Range, Weight).
Then pick and combine any (or none) of these effects:
Brave Effect (strikes twice)
Devil Effect (can do damage to himself instead of target. Perfect for a maso weapon)
Reaver effect (reverses weapon triangle)
Regen effect (heals HP at the beginning of each turn when equipped)
Always Hits Res (like the magic swords)
Bypasses Defenses (like Luna)
Halves HP (like Eclipse)
Effectiveness (deals more damage against some classes. For example, the Hammer against Knights)
Can't be countered (like Bolting and other long range tomes. But it can be applied to any weapon. Please note that it's an OP effect.)
Cannot double
Stat boost (gives boosts to one or more stats, except Con and Mov)
Passive boost (gives stat boosts even when not equipped)
Negates criticals (the passive effect of the Hoplon Shield)
Negates flying effectiveness (the passive effect of the Delphi Shield)
Usable only by a certain character(s) and/or class(es)
Animation (if it uses magic):
Any magic animation from any FE games, including Roy's Binding Blade flames, FE7 dragon's breath, Idoun's breath (but mind that it's mirrored), Myrrh's breath and the Dracozombie breath.
Exceptions: Forblaze, Ereshkigal, Aureola, Luce, FE6 Apocalypse, FE6 Forblaze, FE6 Fae's breath.
You can EVEN combine different weapon ranks!
An example?

Venoblast (Anima B rank + Dark C rank)

Forge with: Holy Fire + Circulum + Soul Dust and 1000 gold

Mt 14, Hit 80, Crit 0, Weight 10, Range 1-2
Effect: Strong vs. spiders. Poisons foes.
Animation: Roy's Binding Blade flames.
You can even create an item or a staff, but mind that they can't use the same effects as weapons. Each new effect needs to be coded and implemented (see: it might not be doable).
-About: Forging Materials-
The current items in Midnight Sun are the following:
[spoiler=Midnight Sun items]
Iron weapons
Steel weapons
Silver weapons
Poison weapons
Agile weapons (low mt, high crit brave weapons)
Brave weapons
Reaver weapons
Devil weapons
Regen/Soothing weapons
Fire (E)
Thunder (D)
Holy Fire (C, reaver effect against Dark)
Aircalibur (C, effective against fliers)
Bolting (B, long range, uncounterable)
Blizzard (B)
Thunderstorm (A, brave effect)
Excalibur (S, stat boost)
Umbra (E)
Oblumbra (E, Faratrass only, effective against knights)
Vortex (D)
Circulum (C, poisons)
Vacuanox (C, reaver effect against Light)
Reablumbra (B, Faratrass only, effective against knights, Res+2)
Nerosol (B, long range, uncounterable)
Tetrosol (B, long range, halves HP, uncounterable)
Anathema (B)
Hirudinea (A, steals HP)
Miasma (S, Faratrass only, Pow+4, Def+4)
Apocalypsis (S, stat boost)
Armageddon (S, some other effect)
Light (E)
Judgelight (E, Shiori only, effective against monsters)
Flash (D)
Candle (C, reaver effect against Anima)
Skylamp (B, long range, uncounterable)
Judisol (B, Shiori only, effective against monsters, Def+2)
Candelabra (A)
Catharsis (S, Shiori only, Spd+4, Luck+4)
Sunlight (S, stat boost)
Holy Badge (=pure water effect)
Weapon forging materials
Magic forging materials
Bio Solvent (might be used to forge weapons/tomes that cause status)
Croissant (event item in chapter 5 lol)

-About: Winners-
Out of all the entries, TWO will be selected and inserted into the game:
- The winner of the contest, chosen by the community through a poll voting system.
- The creator's personal favorite, aka the weapon that inspired me the most. Should that be the winner of the contest, only that weapon will be inserted.
The poll will be created once I get 32 entries.
Feeling creative? Surprise us!
Alfred Kamon
-Submitted Creations-
Total entries: 32/32
user - weapon(s)
Lord Glenn - Hailfang
Fateborn - Nemesis
Alm - Yomishi
Sairento - Scythe, Phoenix Edge
BlancHammer - Hraesvelgr
Xtremekiwi - Tempest, Hell axe
ShinyPichu - Dainsleif, Mizuchi
A Nice Guy - Thunderblade, Ice Spear
deer hands - Ascalone, Dragoon
DiamondnJade - Midnight, Sun
Toa - Astral Lance, Life Icon
tuvarkz - Gàe Dearg, Tsubame Kira
L95 - Varsaul, Dragonbreath
Deino - Dramon Braker, Gluttony
DH_Ninja - Saviour
Crazycolorz5 - Farflame, Warm Staff
Soen - Sogeki, Rigael
Tryhard - Dragon Arrow, Sylpheed
Klok - Hell's Bane, Batmobile
Nemid - Devastation
Skitty of Time - Bread Knife, Jolly THWAK

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Ooh, this seems like a pretty rad concept. I would be excited to try this out sometime~.

But, uh... I would definitely try one of those dark tomes. They have some pretty cool names, but I can never think of names for dark tomes; to the point that I have to call it something in another language.

Edited by Draco
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I guess I'll take the plunge first...

(Though, I feel bad about submitting a sword - it's kinda the easy and overrepresented choice, but I wanted to include an icon with it and all of my good, unused, and appropriate in design for being forge-like ones were swords...)


(I wanted there to be some kind of trade-off between potentially great power and having to risk smacking yourself in the face for that much damage. Since it's hitting Resistance, I suppose you might be able to actually drop the Might down to even something like 9...)

(Also, you didn't say that we couldn't submit a picture that was just a screencap with gyazo/puush/etc... :D )

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iron bow + luna + obsidian + 2500 g = rift bow

3 might

80% accuracy

0% crit

range of 2

weight 6

negates enemy defense

I can't help bt think it should have more might, but for now i'll leave it.

Edited by greenminid
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[spoiler=Why] If you add the the weapon triangle thing of Sword and Lances you get: Strong Against Axe + Weak Against Lance + Strong Against Sword + Weak Against Axe = Strong Agaisnt Sword + Weak Agaisnt Lance, which is is the same weapon triangle thing of a Reaver Axe

Is there a deadline or a limit of entries per person?

Edited by Sairento
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Okay, made the weapons into pic format. Note that they don't have icons because I suck at drawing. Just so you know.

Note: Most of these are mostly just spur-of-the-moment ideas, not expecting then to pass. But, well, why not.


I want a sword that can crit at range :( Radiant Dawn finally provided, but for the GBA era...


Will these might scores finally make you give in to risk life for a taste of true power? Replace the "Demon Axe" with "Devil Axe", because I can't be bothered to remake this at the moment.

Sorry for wasting your time, if these are just bad.

EDIT: Removed a few weapons to conform to the "2 entries per person" rule.

Edited by Xtremekiwi
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I have to ask. Has this mechanic been tested and worked on?

It's already implemented, but I plan to polish it some more and release it in version 2.0.

Is there a deadline or a limit of entires per person?

Not sure about the deadline, I'll set it when I feel like I've already received a good number of entries.

The limit is 2 entries per person. Adding that to the first post.

Add to the effect pool, "Cannot Double" - http://feuniverse.us/t/crazycolorz5s-dump-of-asm-crap/216

Should be easily port-able to FE8.

Also, post this on FEU too!

Whoa, sure thing! You're great, crazycolorz! ;)

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Not sure about the deadline, I'll set it when I feel like I've already received a good number of entries.

The limit is 2 entries per person. Adding that to the first post.

ah sweet one more post then (i suck at tome icons though)


ah well

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Ooh, I've got one, even though it will most likely be ignored

have you considered doing what everybody else is doing and just using microsoft paint

or, barring that, using puush/gyazo to screen that text >_>

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