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Favorite Voiced Lines

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Hello! So, as the title implies, I want to know people's favorite voice-acted lines from the game. This can include crit quotes, confessions, birthday wishes (imuhgladyouwereborn), in-game sound clips (that were for some reason not included in supports?), and My Room lines! You can also just put whatever ones you thought sounded weird or funny with their delivery.

My favorites from what little I've heard are:

  • literally everything odin says god bless kaiji tang (but specifically MY ACHING BLOOD)
  • literally everything laslow says god bless liam o'brien (but specifically "maybe we should cuddle till i feel better")
  • Rhajat's "I want your skull as a trophy"
  • the way felicia says "happy birthday!" is just too cute kill me
  • i'm sure there's more than this but i forget

Anyway, let me know what you think!

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  • Female Kana's "Thank you." I dunno why, it just makes me giggle.

Literally every one of Odin's lines. There are no favourites. Every line is perfect.

Laslow's lines that are not conversation type sentences. Though I love the character, longer sentences just kinda throw off the voice for me and it feels weird to hear.

All archived Awakening character dialogue because Awakening bias.

Ryoma's Crit quotes. You can feel the anger in his voice and it feels really appropriate for a critical.

Xander's "Justice is an illusion." Not because I think it's a good line or well voiced... nope. Just because every time I hear it, I get a mental image of Xander saying it to my Avatar with Arthur having a heart attack in the background and that thought always makes me laugh.

Soleil's "You know what this place needs? KITTEN POSTERS!" because I agree.

Best that come to my mind right now.
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Anything Odin says.
Anything Ophelia says, but specifically anything out of character. Her normal voice is just... heavenly. "Take this maiden seriously!"

Any of the puns Jakob, Felicia and Flora say when criting/procing skills.

Anything Niles says because fuck it, I love innuendos.

Anything Oboro says, but specifically, "You are SO last season!"

  • Female Kana's "Thank you." I dunno why, it just makes me giggle.

  • Soleil's "You know what this place needs? KITTEN POSTERS!" because I agree.
  • the way felicia says "happy birthday!" is just too cute kill me

Agreeing with these.


Also Femui 1's "For Horshido!"

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Basically anything Jakob, Soleil, Arthur and Felicia say.

And if grunts/noises count...

That cute little laugh Ophelia does.

A bit of an inside joke, but Female Corrin Voice 1's cry. It sounds like they're laughing and it's kinda funny.

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When Reina, Kaden, Selkie, Hayato, and Rhajat laugh in their critical quote.

Reina's critical quotes

Selena's quotes

Everything Anna says.

Mozu's ''You smell like a goat'' and ''you're a bad apple''

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  • Most of what Jakob says, his accent is too much. "You are about to be served," and "You are excused!" coupled with that cheeky "Excuse me" ...gets me every time.
  • Gunter's unenthused "Oooohhh?"
  • Saizo's "I could have done that..." The mumbling is strong with this one.
  • Azama's "Well, that was a spirited discussion! I'm sorry that you're totally wrong about everything." Perfect delivery.
  • Takumi's "NOPE"
  • I love Rinkah's "Yeerrrr toast!!"
  • Hayato's "...Goodbye!" is perfection.
  • So is Kaden's hysterical crit laugh.
  • "FOR THE GLORY OF NOHR!!" Yes, Xander, everyone saw your crit on that helpless healer.
  • Laslow's distressed groan when you see him in the arena.
  • Leo's annoyed groan is also funny.
  • Odin's everything. "ELDRITCH SMACKDOWN!!" *chucks umbrella*
  • Everything Niles says. From "Oooohhh, yes~!" to "Ah-ah-ahh~!" to "Ohhh why not?" and "That was good for me." His delivery is perfect.
  • Elise is too cute. "I'm just too much for ya!"
  • Arthur's voice is perfection, but his laughs in particular get me, especially the deep one you don't hear often.
  • Something about the way Flora says "Time to wake up." Like you can hear the sadness in her voice.
  • Love Shigure's light singing.
  • Some of the generic enemy death grumbles are the funniest nonsense.


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  • All of Azura and Shigure's singing, anyone?

Peri's "You know what would look great on you? The blood of our enemies."

Camilla's "Just tell me who I need to kill to make you happy, sweetie."

Azura's "What were you thinking?"

Saizo's "I'm, uh, glad you were born."

Charlotte's "You're nobody!"

Laslow's "Stop staring at me!"

Elise's "You're a bad influence."

Izana's "Rest in peace, m'kay?"

Midori's "Take your medicine!"

Niles' "You can't hide from me." I know Odin and Leo say this, too, but the way Niles says it is the best imo.

Jakob's "Time to take out the trash!"

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  • Takumi's "OH, THAT'S IT!!" - I just love it every time he say it... Oh and his "proud laugh" when he get a good lv up

Oboro - Same as Takumi

Kaden and Selkie's laugh

Shigure singing "Happy Birthday"

Kiragi's "YAAAAAAAAAY!" and "NICE!"

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  • Ophelia and Odin in general. Special mention goes to "ELDRITCH SMACKDOWN!" (Odin) and "ILLUMINARY UPPERCUT!" (Ophelia)

Midori's "My diagnosis? You're done!" <- badassery right there

Her "Well the fact is..." is also cute for some reason. Also her "Mighty Midori!"

Yuri Lowenthal Corrin's "For Hoshido!!!" Bonus points if he's in his dragon form.

Ryoma's "You die! NOW!!!"

Hana's "It's all me!" and "Prepare yourself!"

Also her "I love you. No one else feels as strongly for you as I do." Gets me everytime.

Nyx' confession, as I've stated many times before.

Sakura's "Sweet dreams" and "Please forgive us..." Her confession also tugs at my heartstrings.

Female Kana's "This ends now!"

Beruka's "Time to play!" and "You won't survive this!"

Selkie's laugh when she crits, along with Kaden's.

Velouria's incredibly creepy "A-hunting I will go..."

Elise' "No more holding back!" and "You're going down, scumbag!"

Nyx again, this time her "Good night, lost child!" and "Another day, another sin"

Saizo's "Weak" and "Die"

Charlotte's "Oh! Did I do that?!?"

Shigure's "An encore? If you insist!"

Arthur's "FOR JUSTIIIICE!" Although basically anything that comes out of him counts.

Oboro's "You're SO last season!" made me laugh when I heard it the first time.

And last, but certainly not least "Ohhh~, Yes!" - Niles

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As other people above me said, anything Arthur or Odin say. An unpopular opinion here, but I like some of Nyx's voiced lines; in particular, these ones stand out: "Ugh, for crying out loud!" and her shop quotes (especially "Leave if you're leaving!"). Niles' "Oh, yes!" and Saizo's "Goodbye" get an honorable mention.

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Anything Odin says

Anything Arthur says (in particular, "EVIL HAS MET IT'S MATCH")

Selena's "Time to play"

Benny's "Die so that I live"

Gunter's "War and I go way back"

One of Charlotte's laughing victory quotes and "Sorry about this"

All of Ryoma's critical quotes


Takumi's "Die already" & "I hate to do this"

Elise's "Come back soon" (reminds me of nowi)

and of course, NOHRIAN SCUM!

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- the way nyx says "PASS"

- any of rhajat's crits

- ophelia's "take this maiden seriously"

- dwyer's "i just wanna go home"

- any of shigure's crits

- kagero

- saizo

- nina

- selena's "lo-ser!"

i think thats it lmao

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"Time to take out the trash!" from Jakob

Takumis laugh if he leveled up

"Did you come for business, or... pleasure?" from Charlotte

If Setsuna is singing her Victory-Song x,3

"Death comes for everyone" from Azama

and "You're so last season!" from Oboro~

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Anything Felicia says, her voice is pleasant to listen to.

The godly 'I will erase you!', 'you should've surrendered' and 'failure is no option from Leo.

Jakob's 'I'm afraid this will be messy'

Hayato's 'your time is at end'

Odin...no explanation needed

Azura's 'my heart is singing'

Silas' 'fall so that others may live' and '...stand down!'. Also his 'say that again' line when talking to prisoners.

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